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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex will say anything to further their goal of eliminating firearms from private ownership. So making up attention-grabbing statistics (90% of Americans support enhanced background checks!) is just par for the agitprop propagating course. Still, it’s nice when the numbers they shout at the top of their lungs can be exposed as the fragrant cowpies they really are. Case in point: Colorado’s first month under their new all-gun-sales-require-a-background-check law. In the MAIG-fired run-up to the Centennial State’s vote and ultimate adoption of the new background check law, anti-gunners threw around the laughable stat that 40% of all gun sales happen between private individuals and, therefore, avoid NICS checks. The reality, however . . .

is slightly different.

In the first month of expanded background checks for gun purchases, 561 people who sold guns in private transactions complied with the new law. Ten denials were issued.

And although the numbers represent only the first month’s worth of data, the total figure of private checks is far below the percentage of sales that Democrats had claimed were going unchecked.

This from the Denver Post, one of the primary cheerleaders for Colorado’s gun sales and mag cap restrictions.

State Sen. Greg Brophy, R-Wray, said the law has not made anyone safer.

“It was already illegal to sell or transfer a gun to someone you knew couldn’t legally have one,” he said.

In addition, Brophy said, during the legislative debates for the bill, Democrats claimed nearly 40 percent of gun sales were done privately, a figure far below what the CBI data show. The 561 private checks processed in July represent 2.9 percent of the total number of background checks for gun sales that month.

“So, either the Democrats were wrong in that statement or a tremendous amount of people are not following the law,” Brophy said. “I think it’s the latter.”

It seems a safe bet that a significant number of sales did bypass the new law. But over 7,000?

Does this mean Colorado’s ruling class will throw its collective hands in the air, shout mea culpa and repeal the new law as the expensive, unnecessary (and unconstitutional) waste of time it is? If you think so, I have a Boulder-based polymer magazine and rifle accessory manufacturer I’d like to sell you.

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    • “Brophy said, during the legislative debates for the bill, Democrats claimed nearly 40 percent of gun sales were done privately, a figure far below what the CBI data show.” In other words, as I interpret this, the number of private sales is far higher than 40%, and therefore, as Robert said, most sellers are simply ignoring the new law.

  1. I don’t really see how mandatory background checks on private firearm sales could be enforceable. Couldn’t you just claim that you purchased the firearm privately prior to mandatory background checks? The burden of proof would be on the state to demonstrate that you bought it after the new legislation in a private sale, since everything prior to this year is grandfathered in.

    Regardless, criminals won’t care one way or the other. If a psycho mass-murderer wants to get a gun and go kill a bunch of people, they’re going to get one whether these laws are in place or not. The police know it fully well, and that’s why they’re supporting the recall of the two clowns who spearheaded the legislation.

    • The enforcement will come when the police set up gun buying sting operations. Who will sell an undercover cop a gun with no background check? I foresee some otherwise good folks going to jail over this.

      • When it comes to private sales, I’ve always bought firearms from family or friends, or people I otherwise know pretty well. Given how the Colorado Sheriff’s Association feels about the whole thing, I doubt we’ll see many sting ops.

    • As has been pointed out before, how do you prove that a background check was done in a private sale, or even when the sale occurred without a registry?

  2. Well I have only one question. The Gun Grabbers would DO anything and SAY anything to get the government’s barrel of a a gun to silence you and to disarm you. When do we get to return the favor?

    • Good question, and the only reply I can think of is that voters who listen to these cow plops already buy into Statism and Victim-hood as a way of life. They will honestly feel better about it if you are defenseless as they. If a politician gives them a lie, they want to believe it and don’t care if it is proven false later. Even if we let them stew in their own failure, like NY or Chicago, it is still the Guns fault.

      We have a genuine socialist/fascist/communism movement to kill individual rights in the name of the “greater good”.

      The people of the gun will be scattered, worn down and displaced. Our very own “Trail of Tears”.

      • Well I don’t understand. We still live in a republic and not a democracy of majority rule. Even if there was a majority that voted and said that I don’t the right to self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms, I still have that right. The majority’s opinion totally irrelevant, null and void. For instance when the majority said the Blacks or Women could not vote, they were wrong because morally Blacks and women always had that right even before the government said they did. So if the govt says I can no longer have arms, I still get to resist. As a matter of fact, there was a motto I heard said during the colonial times, “Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God”.

  3. They have an agenda and will do whatever it takes to advance it including but not limited to lying, cheating, stealing and by any other means they can conceive.
    They are pure evil and cannot be trusted in the least.
    Their goal is to disarm America and everyone with a triple digit IQ should know by now what comes after that.

  4. Make no mistake…. The Colorado background check is now a disguised TAX on gun sales. Every background check requires a $10 payment to the State – even if you had another one an hour before.

    Yes, they make up statistics and ignore facts and opposition. Throw the bums out!

  5. The Democrats are Professional Liars,tremendous truth stretchers,common sense idiots,pollster liars,stupid as brickers complete boneheads and those are their good traits.

    • This is all a game to the grabbers; they’ll just keep throwing crap out there and see what sticks. They don’t care how outrageous it is; the grabbers know that their media cheerleaders and the sheeple voters will for the most part just lap it up as gospel because it’s what they either want to hear or want to believe.

      The grabbers can’t lose; it doesn’t matter to them if their lies are eventually exposed because by then they have gone on to other lies.

      The democrats and grabbers also can’t loose on this count because:
      A. They have no moral scruples, and
      B. They know that:
      1. The pro gun crowd will be perpetually playing catch up with the truth, or trying to expose the rest of the true story, and
      2. That the pro gunners won’t make up lies because it’s not their nature and they won’t risk being caught fabricating facts especially since the cost would be far too great if they were caught by the media stating anything that wasn’t the absolute sterile truth.

      • So how can folks like that be exposed? What you are saying is very true in many ways that hit home for hubby and me. How can a person fight folks that act like that. We live in Maryland. They are all like that. Mostly the Church folks.

  6. All of these numbers are pretty much bullshit, anyway. Sales between private individuals are, you know, private, so how would the CBI have any idea how many private sales are occurring to begin with? Maybe tens of thousands of people are skirting the law, maybe only 561 private sales took place in a month. There is essentially no way to know with anything close to reasonable confidence.

  7. oooooh, 10 people who did not realize what was in their file. Or, have a similar name as some other people. Surely the CBI will step forward and say how many were appealed?

  8. The liberal progressive/socialist/communist/statist- they are all of the stripe; they either want to control or be controlled by others.

    They essentially hate themselves. They see themselves and all others as worthless, with no ability to manage or be able be responsible in their own lives.

    This is why they hate guns so much; they are the tool, a symbol of a responsible and mature adult; to be able to respond to the worst that life can provide; a direct and lethal threat to the very life they hate and fear so much.

    And that is why they(the slaves and their masters) hate and fear the people of the gun; we represent everything they have rejected as free and responsible people; they; in their incestuous and perverted relationship; see us as the direct and emphatic rejection of their twisted relationship; and want to see us destroyed.

    They will try; but I know how this ends; freedom will ultimately prevail. “Free men(and women) can never be defeated by slaves”

  9. The background check for private sales law seems so unpopular and unenforceable on it’s face that it was a law clearly meant to be broken.

    Perhaps if you were effecting a sale to a total stranger and were concerned either that he had nefarious plans or might be an under cover cop you’d comply but that’s not how most private sales (at least around here) go down. In my extensive experience buying selling and trading locally you’ve come into contact with the buyer either because you’re related, work together, are long term friends, have a friend in common or were introduced via relatives. In any of these situations you know the buyer isn’t a cop and is highly unlikely to be a felon. It’s not exactly protest to the law but rather inertia, there just isn’t any point in taking the extra step and so most people wont. Some buyers might even see it as an accusation or an insult while many sellers will suspect the buyer may feel that way.

    Fortunately no such law exists here, but if there were such a law I can envision it being ignored wholesale.

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