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McAuliffe-Bloomberg, courtesy Politico/AP Photos

Virginians take note! Democratic Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe, who has an “F” rating from the National Rifle Association, recently met with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in an effort to get support from the billionaire politician, Politico reports. Whether McAuliffe is looking for an endorsement or just a cash infusion, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to come up with the other half of the quid pro quo going on there. . .

Gun Rights Across America, a gun owners organization, has called for a nationwide demonstration by every gun owner in the country on Oct. 19 to highlight what it calls the right of citizens to own arms under the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Called “Guns Next Door,” the demonstration invites proud gun owners to spend an hour hanging out in their own front yards wearing holstered handguns and carrying slung unloaded rifles outside the home. California residents will wear empty holsters for their part. No mention is made of how aptly this would serve as a “checklist” for area goblins, either marking the homes with guns to steal (or avoid), or marking the ones without guns for easy targets. CSGV has their own take.

Ammunition giant Alliant Techsystems Inc. (NYSE: ATK) has entered into an agreement to acquire Bushnell Group Holdings for its branded sports optics, outdoor accessories and performance eyewear. ATK, who announced the acquisition of Savage Sports Corp. in June, is already a massive company, with ammunition brands such as Federal Premium, CCI, Fusion, Speer, Estate Cartridge and Blazer, as well as accessories brands BLACKHAWK!, Alliant Powder, RCBS, Champion targets and shooting equipment, Gunslick Pro and Outers gun-care products, and Weaver optics and mounting systems. The acquisition of Bushnell will bring another 19 outdoor brands into the fold, including the Bushnell brand itself plus Primos, Bollé, Hoppe’s, Uncle Mike’s, Butler Creek and Serengeti.

I wonder what they’re going to do with all the backpacks? Remember MAIG was going to deliver those backpacks full of petitions to that list of legislators? One of them was Rep. Gary Miller (CA). Chris Marsh, Miller’s district director, said the office could not accept the backpacks, because of House rules on accepting items of value, but he did accept the petitions on behalf of Miller, who was not present at the district office on Wednesday. I wonder if emptying out and then packing up all the empty backpacks to take them home looked as pathetic as it sounds.

And finally, you’d think that the United Nations would have bigger things to worry about, what with a Syrian war imminent and all. But apparently, some of them still have time to get into the Trayvon Martin issue. The United Nations Working Group of Experts of People of African Descent (I did not just make that up) has called on the United States Government “to finalize without undue delay” the on-going review of the case involving the death of Trayvon Martin in February 2012, along with “the delivery of justice and appropriate reparations.” See how that statement presupposes that justice has not been delivered and further, that reparations are warranted? Certainly they’re not talking about paying George Zimmerman’s expenses for his poorly thought out and failed prosecution, are they?

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  1. Saw the article earlier about the UN. I wish this country still had a backbone and would tell them to pound sand.

  2. The United Nations Working Group of Experts of People of African Descent. Rolls right off the tongue. UNWGEPAD.

    “Sir, we’re from UnnnWedgePad. You’re going to have to come with us.”

  3. This is probably part of a strategy where they try to make an important “red” state into a “blue” state.

    They did this successfully with California. Now they’re trying to do this with Texas, and apparently, Virginia. If I were a Virginian right now I’d be worried. Texas, may be a bit harder to do to make it into a “blue” state. Virginia on the other hand, will be easier to convert to a blue state.

    Tony Goicochea

  4. McAuliffe is up in the polls and getting significant help from the libertarian candidate. Libertarians: the single best thing to happen to the democratic party, ever.

    • QUIT yer bellyachin’ about the libertarians. They’re a WHOLE lot more interested in preserving your basic Constitutional rights than some sunny birch like BONER. Or ERIC CANTOR, that miserable collaborator, that TURNCOAT, that SNAKE-IN-THE-GRASS.

      • They’re also incredibly short sighted on the topic of elections. The libertarian party has precisely zero chance of winning any major election but they aren’t bright enough to make common cause with the GOP. When a third party runs, all they do is insure the victory of the major party to whom they are most opposed.

        • You’re full of crap; the GOP WON’T HAVE THEM, BECAUSE THEY’RE THE SAME AS DEMOCRATS. Two criminal gangs excluding the one that’s different.

          Tell ya what, DON’T listen to reason, ya SIMPLETON!

        • Well, I’m a libertarian and I vote GOP only because a slap in the face is better than a kick in the balls. Would it be too much to ask that the GOP return the favor sometimes and be bright enough to stop making common cause with the Democrats? As the saying goes, “If you give voters a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat, they’ll pick the Democrat every time.”

          While you’re at it, you might ask your party leadership to stop alienating conservatives, also. Once you’ve made it clear to libertarians, conservatives and Tea Partiers that you find them terribly declasse, all you’re going to have left is the country club Northeast wing. That ain’t much of a base.

          In sum – if you’d like us to vote for you, give us a reason beyond “We hate you, but you hate the Democrats more, so vote for us, loser.”

          • “only because a slap in the face is better than a kick in the balls”

            Since when did this change occur?

      • I wouldn’t say Big Bird, but rather some sort of chicken. Like when you go to a fair and see the roosters in the cages.

    • He’s getting even more help from the republican candidate, who, by toeing nearly the same big government political line as the democrats, turns off people who used to vote republican.

      • Seriously. I am faced with choosing between somebody who wants to “control” my gun, and somebody who wants to control my “gun”. Really. Cuccinelli is on the record as wanting to criminalize sex between married partners that he doesn’t approve of. I’d say what, because it’s perfectly ordinary behavior, but I doubt it would pass the spam filter.

        Not happy about this election.

        • Good Ghandi! Is he really trying to reintroduce s0ddomy laws?

          It’s guys like this which cause me to identify as a Democrat.

          And no, I did not vote for Obama lin Biden the second time. You’ve some apologies for the first time ’round, but IMHO no sane person wanted Palin within ten miles of the Presidency and not being from Illinois I had no fu¢king idea.

          All the anti-gay, anti-atypical-straight, anti-secular and anti-Constitution stuff is killing the GOP, and that’s doing none of us any good.


        • There’s a Libertarian candidate on the ballot; I’ve forgotten his name, but you could look it up if you need to. At least it a vote against Gun Control.

          Cuccinelli is such a friggin’ bad actor; he actually stood up and said he wouldn’t return his questionable campaign contributions, which are much the same as the ones the governor gave back. And those already cost the governor the next election.

          Kenny-Boy must be tur… er, tired of being Attorney General.

  5. I will vote for Sarvis and I hope Cuccinelli loses by a smaller margin then Bob gets. Either we become a viable option or we prove to the G.O.P. they need us.

  6. To all the Virginians — especially Libertarian Virginians — on this thread, WE NEED TO DEFEAT McAULIFFE. Will Cuccinelli make the ideal governor? No. But Virginia with McAuliffe as governor would be far worse. Yes, it’s the lesser of two evils argument again. But in my opinion, this election is more serious:
    1. First of all, please don’t get distracted by the whole sodomy thing. It is a DISTRACTION stirred up by the (sigh) liberal media. If you read the background of the case, Cuccinelli, acting as Virginia’s AG, defended our anti-sodomy law in an attempt to uphold a conviction of an adult accused of sodomizing a minor. It is not some puritan crusade to take away your right to have anal sex.
    2. Even if it is (and I admit, the Cooch is a bit on the puritanical side), which is a more likely scenario? a. Cuccinelli is elected, bans sodomy between consenting adults, then sends SWAT teams to pull adults out of one another’s beds? b. McAuliffe gets a magazine capacity limit and “assault weapons” ban passed and sends SWAT teams to round up unregistered guns? Think about it.
    3. For all his imperfections, Cuccinelli has been a tireless crusader for your gun rights. He is more strongly pro-gun than McAuliffe is pro-sexual freedoms. I know the system is imperfect for libertarians, but Cuccinelli is strongly pro-2A, economic liberty and religious freedom, whereas McAuliffe is a lockstep statist.
    4. A McAuliffe win would send a terrible signal to Obama and Democrats. In 2009, when we elected McDonnell, Obama “got his ass kicked,” in his own words. And now we’re just throwing our hands up and handing the governor’s mansion to the Clintons’ stable boy? I know you will argue that a vote for Sarvis is not a vote for McAuliffe, but that’s not how Obama and the media will spin it. They will be further emboldened down their mad statist path. The media will crow about how the red states are falling, and it will smooth the way for a Hillary Clinton presidential run and win in 2016.

    Cuccinelli is not cool. A vote for him will not make you popular at parties. It will make you a slackjawed mouth-breather in the pages of the Washington Post. It will identify you with a pinch-nosed, Catholic Tea Party birther. But it will keep what remains of Virginia’s freedoms intact. Vote for Sarvis if your conscience so compels you. But don’t write off Cuccinelli too quickly. And beware if McAuliffe wins.

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