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Surefire 60-round magazine courtesy

There are a couple events brewing on Facebook where Colorado citizens are preparing to thumb their noses at their state’s lawmakers. Around 100 people have signed up for an event on July 1st where they will sell and transfer their “high capacity” magazines on the steps of the capitol building, in direct violation of the newly enacted “high capacity” magazine ban. It will be interesting to watch how the police react, and if there’s any media coverage of the event at all. Maybe if we get more than three Obama supporters there, members of the media will deem it worthy of mention.

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  1. I understand the need to make a statement, but depending on how the police react, I can see this backfiring catastrophically. Or not.

    • Let them arrest people, in public, for nothing more than an unconstitutional law. Then when it is thrown out by the courts the people can easily show damages. Very few plaintiffs in the major “pro gun” cases have been ARRESTED over the law. Its much easier to show damages if you have been arrested and deprived of something less abstract than simply a “right” in the courts.
      How do you assign a value to the fact Mr. McDonald could not own a handgun for decades in Chicago? Tough to say. Much easier of the plaintiff has been downright persecuted over the case in question. I hate to say it, we need some figurative martyrs.

  2. Civil protest
    Let the beast bare his fangs to the nation, attacking unarmed men, women and if needs be, children. Let the nation see the nature of the beast in power

    • All you need is a few. Then you can sell the same ones over and over again for a dollar or nickle or whatever. Whoever ends up with it when it’s time to go home, wins!

  3. Ban goes into effect on July 2nd I believe, but I could be wrong. Found a Sr9 17 round mag in perfect condition the other day at a garage sale… 10 bucks. Sold!

  4. The question is being asked of all men who value liberty for themselves and more importantly for their children:
    What price Freedom?
    For in the absence of Freedom there is only utter, abject Slavery. Slavery for you, Utter Slavery for your children, Political, Educational,Physical, Sexual, SLAVERY

  5. It’ll be interesting to see how this works. I do believe the coiffed politicians and limousine liberals underestimate the enthusiasm that responsible gun owners have for their 2A rights. If the event becomes large enough, there is no way that the police can enforce the mag cap law.

    • Did the politicians in CO exempt themselves and their families and staff from their edict? Lots of people have magazines that have been dropped one time too many or left over after a gun was sold, how about a mail in campaign along with repeated calls to Law Enforcement reporting the possession of illegal magazines?

  6. Well announcing it on Facebook sounds…retarded. Conspiracy to commit a firearm related felony? Or perhaps it’s an Adam Kokesh style sham?

    • It’s called ‘Civil Disobediance’. It’s how you illustrate how evil tyrants are.

      The alternative is to give up and just start shooting people in government, which nobody wants to happen.

  7. The problem is that the conviction lasts forever and the state government most definitely has the means to convict as many protesters as it wants.

    • From what I have read none of the penalties under this law are felonies; in some states a “gun” related misdemeanor might keep you from getting a CC permit. Could also be an issue for certain professions but I don’t see anything that allows the cops to take away your RTKBA under any penalties of this law.

  8. For the protest, participants could use ten round .50 Beowolf magazines…which fit 30 rounds of .223. Immune from prosecution while pointing out the stupidity of these laws…..

    • Actually it’s the .458 SOCOM and 5.56mm (.223) that use the same magazine. A 30 round 5.56 magazine will hold 10 rounds of .458 SOCOM ammo without modification thus making Hickenlooper and the Democrats complete fools.

      • .458 would also work, but so does .50 beo. That’s the common choice in Canada at the moment to up our 5 rounds of 556 to 15.

  9. Or how about the “continuous possession” portion of the HB 1224? If everyone had unloaded PMAGS in their battle vests, walking around doing our normal business, there’s no doubt that arrests would be made and the courts would be forced to a decision.

    That is, if Sheriff Maketa doesn’t beat us to it….


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