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Our best intel: the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury will no-bill Officer Darren Wilson on November 14th for the death of Michael Brown. All hell will break loose. “Disgruntled” African-Americans will take the ruling as a sign that a white man who shoots a black man because he’s black can get away with murder just because the white man’s white. Either that, or rioters and looters will riot and loot just because they can. Only the city of Ferguson, St. Louis County and the state of Missouri are doing everything they can to make sure they can’t. As our Quote of the Day indicated . . .

local citizens have boarded up shops and tooled up with guns ahead of the Wilson ruling.

The fact that Americans are exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms ahead of the perceived necessity of armed self-defense is a no-brainer. The real story here — for now — is the way the media’s covering the Brown kerfuffle. CNN:

Lately, Dan McMullen has been bringing an extra gun to his office in Ferguson, Missouri.

McMullen runs Solo Insurance on West Florissant close to where looting and vandalism briefly broke out in early August after a police officer shot to death teenager Michael Brown.

“I bring an extra gun now only because it has a bigger magazine,” McMullen says. He began carrying it after tensions increased in the area following the shooting. He says he would never use it to protect his business, but he would use it to save his life.

“So maybe I get trapped here or something and have to have a John Wayne shootout,” McMullen says before interrupting himself, smiling. “That’s the silly part about it: Is that going to happen? Not a chance. But I guess, could it? I’m the only white person here.”

Notice that CNN writers Jason Kravarik and Sara Sidner use the word “briefly” to describe the post-Brown-shooting rioting that arrived at Mr. McMullen’s doorstep, suggesting that McMullen was over-reacting to the people looting the area around his business.

The last bit — “I’m the only white person here” — is highly inflammatory. Did McMullen say it? Certainly. Is it true and what does it mean? That’s a different discussion. Should CNN have included it? No. Not without some kind of context. Which they attempt to provide a few paragraphs down.

On Monday, Steven King, who owns Metro Shooting Supplies told CNN that customers bought 100 guns this weekend. A typical weekend brings in about 30 buyers.

“People are afraid they are gonna throw Molotov cocktails,” says King, referring to the mostly nonviolent protests that have taken place in Ferguson since the shooting.

The increase in gun sales reaches across racial and ethnic lines, he says.

“A lot of black people coming in saying they are afraid of the hooliganism,” he says.

So, fair and balanced? Nope.

CNN didn’t interview any of these new black gun owners. That would have spoiled the underlying narrative: black vs. white. Exhibit B: the video for the story ends by showing a Ferguson business that’s not boarded-up. A cafe that will be open in the immediate aftermath of the verdict. A black-owned business. Coincidence? I think not.

Truth be told, the media wants a race riot for the ratings. Also true: the vast majority of journalists are left-leaning. They sympathize with the protestors. If you don’t believe me, wait until you see the coverage on the day the ruling. The media will link any violence or looting to the ruling. Because racism.

[h/t PetitionForRedress]

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  1. What is this “CNN” you speak of? It doesn’t seem to exist on Dish. There used to be something called “Headline News” but now that channel is something called “The Blaze” with this Glenn Beck fellow. Much more interesting now, actually.

    • Went to go look. Wow, it does seem as if Dish Network no longer carries CNN or Headline News at all. Leastwise they don’t show as part of the everything package.

    • Wait! They still have television channels? And people still broadcast news stories?

      Why would anybody bother with that, when everything that’s ever happened is recorded somewhere on the internet?

    • You know, it’s that news network that hires non-Americans to tell Americans how they’re so backward. I’m not sure why their ratings are so poor…

  2. I sympathize with the protesters, too. Sometime, probably 40+ years ago, non violent marching and sit ins stopped having any effect on the government – because the government was no longer shamed by it. Politicians knew their party machines would protect them if they didn’t act, so they didn’t.

    And so now protesters have to take it up a notch. And I don’t blame them one bit. If you want to mace me for not dispersing, you God damned well better expect me to respond with violence.

      • All of it.

        Let’s not forget: our ancestors started a war that killed thousands on thousands, for, among other reasons, that they didn’t want to pay taxes. And they started that war by tearing up a private ship carrying private goods.

        These people have realized that they are functionally disenfranchised, and that they won’t have justice unless they force the issue.

        • The core issue of the American Revolution was taxation WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. This is in stark contrast to the Ferguson protesters (rioters) who are not only represented by duly elected representatives (who they are free to vote for or against), but a large share of them receive more in welfare than they pay in taxes. The Ferguson protests were fueled by a misconception that the (white) ‘man’ is keeping them down and they can’t succeed even if they do try. It’s pushed on them by the race hustlers who profit from inciting racial animosity. It’s the soft tyranny of lowered expectations. So when a white cop shoots an unarmed black man the racial bias instilled in them since birth overpowers any sense of reason and fairness. No, they can’t wait for an investigation, there are people who had nothing to do with the shooting that need to be robbed. For justice.

        • Actually, what is happening in Ferguson is closer to the Bolshivik revolution than the American revolution. Marxist entitlement is not the same as a desire for fair taxation. Edit: seems like the Governor beat me to it.

        • There’s nothing legitimate to protest in Ferguson. An unarmed felon who fought a cop got shot. So a protestor who wants to right social injustice by stealing my stuff stands an above average chance of getting hit with a barrage of 00 buck.

        • “There’s nothing legitimate to protest in Ferguson.

          Which is exactly the problem. Had this been one of the dozens of completely unjustified extra-judicial executions that are carried out by spastic Ricky-Rangers every year, I just might be on the line with the protestors. Passing out gas masks. There would be support from all sorts of mainstream folks, from all political stripes. Something good may actually come from all this mishegos.

          This? Wilson did exactly what any reasonable person would do when alone and being assaulted. Brown got what any sane person of any color would expect after committing a strong-arm robbery, then assaulting an officer – shot.

        • Is Time Warner and by extension CNN a servant of the NWO?

          1) Scare-up a big riot for ratings, the vast majority going into the pockets of NWO supporters.
          2) Scare young black people into a self-defeating pessimism and nihilism which grows the courts and the prison industrial complex keeping them ready for the next stage of the NOW
          3) Scare middle class whites into increasing centralization and militarization of policing power and surveillance which will eventually be used by the NWO
          4) Scare everyone away from personal use firearms, which is high on the priority list of the NWO.

          I know, it sounds a bit crazy, but a lot of crazy things have come to light.

        • Let’s not forget: our ancestors started a war that killed thousands on thousands, for, among other reasons, that they didn’t want to pay taxes. And they started that war by tearing up a private ship carrying private goods.

          Is this what common core produces for education in American History?

          These people have realized that they are functionally disenfranchised…

          Functionally disenfranchised? Really? They can’t vote? They can’t run for office? They can’t apply to work for the police department? They aren’t disenfranchised, functionally or otherwise. They just choose not to participate, and to act like petulant children (at best) and criminals (at worst) instead.

          We are not a nation of mob rule. We are a nation of laws, comprised of law-abiding adults. Those who choose to act otherwise disenfranchise themselves.

          …and that they won’t have justice unless they force the issue.

          And what will burning down a QT, and looting private businesses owned by people not disenfranchising them, do to “force the issue”? Stealing hair weaves and flat-screen TVs really “forces the issue”, eh?

    • So, you are you are for lynch mobs and hangings….which is what this is all about….except now blacks do it to whites…

      • Has a black lynch mob ever hanged a white person? Has any white person in Ferguson been harmed in either the looting or protests? This is not about lynch mobs or hangings. To even suggest it, shows a complete lack of awareness and perspective.

        • TT, When you speak of being informed, you might want to actually have some clue of what actually happens outside the classroom. I like NPR, but it ain’t my only news source.

          There are constant threats to ‘kill all da whiteys’ and such by the ‘peaceful protestors’. Michael Brown’s mother sent a ‘hit squad’ to beat up someone selling Mike Brown t-shirts.

          Were she white, it’d be a guaranteed felony theft charge. Please, spare the ‘enlightened’ viewpoint. If you actually lived anywhere near Ferguson, or had any idea what actually happens there, you’d be rapidly disabused of your kumbaya illusions. One way or another.

        • So TT, Google “Knock out game” on you tube. Also “flash mob”: also the book “white girl bleed alot”.

          I think you will find that people being attacked solely based on racism to a certain color of skin is alive and well in America.

          But now adays it’s a certain class of blacks attacking random white and Asian people. Then it’s a certain class of blacks that feel entitled to “flash mob” a store or business and strip it bare like a swarm of locusts. And in Ferguson, random businesses being looted and burned, mostly owned by whites and Asians.

        • No kumbaya here.

          The point is about how easily so many white folks get their panties in a wad whenever some black people get all uppity (in their view).

          As for Reginald Denny, no he did not get lynched. You have no point. When it comes to race-based violence (or destruction of property), the score is something like whites 1,500,000; blacks 15,000.

          Playing the white victim card is just ridiculous. “Wahhh! I’m getting lynched now! Wahhh!” Except you’re not getting lynched. That’s what makes it ridiculous.

          The basic attitude is “we’ve been super-nice to those people for at least 40 years now, when are they going to start behaving themselves?”

          Criticize the people who don’t handle themselves all you want, but spare me the white victim BS.

          P.S.: 16V, it’s entirely possible the two attacks you linked to happened. It’s also entirely possible they didn’t. One is a picture of a tweet from someone who was not present, the other is a selfie video of a man who says he was attacked.

        • So TT. So where did you get the “whites, 1,500,000” and “blacks 15,000″?

          At least you don’t deny that the Knock out Game” is going on. At least you don;t deny that “flash mobs” are robbing stores blind.

          Although getting viciously attacked with potential for permanent brain damage and possible death, or getting your business burned down is more than just being “uppity”.

          I like the part where you basically are saying that white people deserve to get beaten, abused and burned out because of past injustice, and if you complain about it, your just being a big baby. Nice.

          As for me, I don’t believe in being a victim, this is why I carry a gun.

        • P.S.: 16V, it’s entirely possible the two attacks you linked to happened. It’s also entirely possible they didn’t. One is a picture of a tweet from someone who was not present, the other is a selfie video of a man who says he was attacked.

          I posted definitive evidence of both incidents. You can’t seriously be this delusional. At this rate, you’re going to tell us that you believe the convenience store surveillance video shows Mike Brown paying for his cigarillos.

        • ITT: Suburban whites hyperventilating over headline sensationalism and contorting themselves silly trying to convince others that whites are being targeted.
          Talk about race baiting.

        • You’re correct TT, no kumbaya, just complete ignorance and denial of the facts.

          If we’re going to be keeping score, I can carry a beef from the black guy that spit on my mother innocently walking down the sidewalk from a bus back in 1972. Not to mention (from various generations) the Chi-Com Koreans, the Germans, the Russians, the Spanish, the Mexicans, and all the way back to the Brits attempting to kill my relatives back 240 years ago since we founded this country.

          Rational? Not in the least. Uppity? What is this, 1950? These are people nonsensically protesting a completely justifiable act. Were they protesting the execution without trial of that poor mentally ill man with a penknife (which was posted here maybe a week ago) I’d be 100% on their side.

          The fact remains that in factual terms, what you want to believe from your middle-class suburb means sweet FA in the real world. The fact is that whites are being attacked on a fairly regular basis using this latest excuse known as Michael Brown. The fact is that you never set foot in those “scary” neighborhoods, for fear of what might happen to you, all the while holding onto the ideal that somehow these are equal human beings with the same moral values. Protip: they aren’t.

          Please feel free to factually refute any of the incidents captured by myself and a few other posters in this thread. I know you can’t, but I’d love to hear your latest logical fallacy.

    • I don’t think you understand that the neighborhood is actually on Darren Wilson’s side. They live in fear of all the Michael Browns who terroruze them. The so called protesters and looters are mostly gang members and their supporters. The people are tooling up for the punks not the cops, I doubt there will be much of a riot. It will be too cold and gangbangers know that the people are ready.

  3. Communist News Network of course fans the flame of anything to cause trouble. The Castros of Cuba only allow Communist News Network as the only English speaking news broadcast in their communist government owned and managed hotels, resorts, and places of lodging. Need not say any more.

  4. Looks like a hot time in the old town tonight! Burn baby burn! As for the merchandise, don’t burn it baby! I think we should sympathize with the rioters as we know they really do need a new color TV or a laptop. Hey we gotta move that microwave oven, we got to move that color TV, mova, mova! Looks like we are in Dire Straights.

  5. Molotov cocktails are serious business. Easily made, deadly enough to burn down a whole building (including the people inside).
    If I owned a business there and I saw someone with one outside, they would be on the ground with their hands restrained or dead within seconds. No fooling around.

    If you want evidence of that look no further than the Rodney King riots or the 2011 England riots (especially the latter where gun ownership is nil-zip)

  6. If there are riots, we will see how many of the rioters are actually from Ferguson and how many are the kind of outside agitators and racial arsonists that seem to sprout up in places like Ferguson like toadstools after a rain.

    Maybe Pres. Ebola will send his good friends Al and Jesse down there to spray gasoline on the fire. Eric Holder will do in a pinch. Or maybe POTUS should just do it himself.

  7. Seeing how the citizens and business owners are “tooling up”, perhaps these “peaceful protesters” will think twice before the savage fator kicks in.

    Looters/Rioters, and otherwise unruly savages can and will be shot this time around.

    Think Koreans on the rooftops during the L.A. Riots…..It worked.

    • Sort of makes you wonder what the media will say when black residents and business owners gun down their own people.

      • Remember all the media outrage after the first, second, third child under 10 was shot in Chiraq this year? Or the year before that? Me neither.

        • It is sad, the number one killer of young black males is other young black males. And yet media and the leadership of the Democrat Party do nothing to change that. Each time anyone does point it out they are immediately vilified by the race-baiting poverty pimps. Funny how that works.

  8. How the heck can they report on 2 weeks of riots, fanning the flames, then go back and call them brief and largely peaceful?

    • Because they’re the liberal/progressive/state-approved media and so whatever they say is automatically true and 100% accurate no matter what reality and the actual facts are.

    • You make the projection that they want truth because you want truth. As difficult as it may be to accept, they want to advance an agenda. Being honest and ethical journalists is no longer a top priority; hell it’s not even on the priority list anymore. The sooner the public come to grip with this, the better off we will all be.

    • How the heck can they report on 2 weeks of riots, fanning the flames, then go back and call them brief and largely peaceful?

      That’s easy to do when you’re both brain damaged and a pathological liar. Like the copy editors at CNN.

  9. If I owned a business within a hundred miles of there, I would be camped out on the roof with water, food, rifle and tons of mags jammed with something in 7.62.

    • Mine is a standalone 4200 square foot building about 30 miles away, and 5.56 out of a suppressed SBR is my choice. I don’t expect to see this type of nonsense, at least en masse, in my neck of the woods, but I’ve already been trying to visualize how I will need to react to whichever circumstance presents itself.
      When this is announced, there will be destruction and blood for sure. I hope it is short-lived and not widespread.

      • Unless your 30 miles away translates into ESL (in which case you’re prepared everyday) you have nothing to worry about. There’s no significant minority of black folks (let alone close to majority) even 10 miles away in most directions. All the county black folks that I know see Brown as a thug who got what he deserved. They sometimes use more expressive language.

        Besides, it’s November in da Lou. It’s gonna be cold. The animals don’t like being uncomfortable, especially since many of them aren’t even Ferguson residents.

        • I looked it up and discovered I overestimated by 5 miles. I’m 25 miles due west, and I don’t think there will be any tolerance from the citizenry for shenanigans of any significance here, and I don’t expect much anyway. It’s getting cold for sure and I don’t think it’s entirely an accident that the pronouncement will come down when the temps are around freezing.

        • Wentzville, Chesterfield, wherever. We have nothing to worry about that hasn’t been on the radar for forever. It’s as scary as living in Laguna during the LA riots.

          Sure I’ll have a 2M with me during this weekend’s deer hunt. I am also 99.9999% sure it will never activate and have someone tell me bad things are happening anywhere near West County.

    • Actually you want a semiauto shotgun with #4 turkey shot. You can put out a cloud of 200 pellets in about two seconds. You are not facing a determined military force. Just a bunch gangbangers looking for easy loot. After encounteting the turkey shot they will move away very quickly, at least those who can still move. Wouldn’t want to be holding a lit Molitov cocktail when the shot comes my way.

      And I wouldn’t worry unless you live close buy. Outside if Ferguson’s gangbangers nobody gives two $ H1ts about Michael Brown

  10. And who employs Al Sharpton? Rioting to protect the “gentle giant”…was he related to Rodney King? Good luck in Missouri and don’t be the next Reginald Denny…

    • Al Sharpton employs Al Sharpton. And that’s the only person on earth The Snitch gives a tinker’s dam about. Don’t ever forget that.

  11. IMHO….and Please!

    I’m white and 60. Brought up in the South by Christian parents. I never heard a racial bias in that home. My dad used the ‘N’ word once to tell me it was an evil word and never to be repeated. Until he moved the family to Illinois I’d not heard that word used openly.

    I do remember Gov Faubus standing on the steps of the public H.S. in Little Rock proclaiming no blacks would ever go to school there. Every Sunday morning hearing the American Negro College Fund advertising ‘The mind is a terrible thing to waste. As a child I always wondered about that. I was an average student. Family had no way to send me to college. Was my life wasted? More importantly were black minds wasted?

    My mom, now 85, only cried openly when Dr. King was assassinated, JFK and her own father. There was never a mention of Democrat or Republican.

    As a child I picked cotton right next to the black people! You got paid by the pound….didn’t matter the color of your skin!

    My parents were better than I deserved and I will never live up to the example set by the “Greatest Generation.”

    The problem in Ferguson, as I see it, is the capitulation to the race baiters.

    There is no white LEO on Black evidence, at least in any measurable amount. The whole of the problem is that the Blacks in America refuse to integrate. Vietnamese did. Indians, Pakistani, Germans, Polish, et al….

    Integrated and have excelled…they speak perfect English….and IMHO the influx of legal immigrants is necessary simply because they appreciate the opportunity that America stands for. Much more so than us born here! They’ve seen what ‘the other side’ is like!

    So, you tell me why we have this type of situation….I blame it on reverse discrimination. Taught in schools and in black churches. Parents blame their plight on whites…children see that…and they then learn to be racists themselves and that attitude keeps them from the dream as espoused by Dr. King.

    I live close to Ferguson and know quite a few folks from there or in the community surrounding the area..

    One and all, black or white, hope the cops unleash hell on any rioters!

    The real reason for the Grand Jury delay is the hope of cold weather and not the excuses you see in the news. Well, cold is here….Thanksgiving only 2 weeks away.

    IMHO, water cannon will be better than bullets…and I’d pay to see that!

    • “…refuse to integrate…”
      I would edit that to say, “unable to integrate…” What other group in America has more opportunities, and less excuses not, to integrate? I’ve lived my entire life listening to why I am the problem. I’m sick to death of it. The dialogue keeps changing every time it’s proved to be a lie. The latest, before Prez Barry, was that black people had no power. Now that’s changed to “white privilege.” For Pete’s sake. STFU and stay out of my neighborhood. Burn your own neighborhoods down, like you do, and we’ll be fine. Come to my quiet, safe, thriving suburb, and I WILL defend myself and my family. Keep that in mind please.

      • Thank you for the refreshing honesty and not cowering to political correct b.s. Plenty of Americans who happen to be white are starting to question why we must support a group of people who hate us and are not smart enough to realize how they are being conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to serve their community masters. If they riot into civilized neighborhoods the bells that will be rung won’t be to make the animals drool. When poor white people move to an area at least they don’t bring down living standards of entire cities as other groups continuously do. I strongly dislike those folks who spout nothing but excuses for people who constantly prove they are incapable of the desire to better themselves through the easy steps of accepting personal responsibility and having respect for others(not stealing,burning, or expecting my taxed wages to raise their offspring). Instead they feel it is owed to them for my ancestors making the mistake of buying them for farm equipment from their ancestors. These people know they are being used but choose to continue down the path of dividing and disdaining this county, which is why it is hard to view them as anything more than African-Americans, instead of as Americans.

        • I’m getting blamed too, and I don’t even have a dog in that fight. When your ancestors bought them for farm equipment from their ancestors, my ancestors were trying not to be shot, bayoneted or blown up during the incessant wars in Europe. I am SO tired of the B.S.

  12. CNN had huge layoffs last Friday, in DC no less. This craptastic channel is on where I work and I saw all the pre-Ferguson coverage last week. They will not be content without full on rioting with fires and injuries. A few deaths would suit CNN just fine.

    First was the NJ bridge story, then the missing airplane, now it’s this. They should just show music videos all day like MTV used to, I’d watch it all day long.

  13. I see CNN’s reaction to things like the comments Mr. King and Mr. McMullen made and think of how children would point fingers at others when they cursed or something and go, “Oh, you said a dirty word! I’m gonna go tell!”

    It’s more or less the same thing after all.

  14. “I bring an extra gun now only because it has a bigger magazine,” McMullen says.

    But according to MDA and Fienstein and Bloomburg there’s no reason to have “high capacity” magazines…. Civil unrest will never happen…..

  15. “Truth be told, the media wants a race riot for the ratings.”

    Truth be told, the media wants a race riot because black nationalism is a potent Progressive force in the US.

    Pour la canaille: Faut la mitraille.

  16. Man, the coming chaos will be even worse than the Zimmerman riots!

    …oh, wait, nothing happened after Zimmerman was freed, except for Robert apologizing for making a billion posts about the inevitable race war.

  17. I am so sick of Progressives lying about supposed acts of racism that I no longer believe any accusation of racism.

    • No, CNN is praying the Chinese are sucessful in their slow, systematic search of the bottom of the Indian ocean for that 777.

  18. cnn desperately needs race riots in order to bolster their circling the toilet ratings, and they will do all they can to see it happen.

    Funny, all the articles with pics I have seen show “people of color” boarding up their businesses. How can that be? They are disenfranchised and eternally mired in abject poverty! President Ebola says so, it HAS to be true!!!!!

  19. Oh, and I removed cnn from my news list in bookmarks several months ago, and I called Dish and thanked them for kicking Ted Turner in his fecal stained teeth.

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