CMMG’s New Ultra-Short BANSHEE Pistols Chambered in .22LR

Courtesy CMMG

From CMMG . . .

CMMG® is proud to introduce the shortest and most compact BANSHEE™ to date. This new line-up is chambered in .22LR and features a capped lower receiver with no buffer tube (receiver extension).

This ultra-compact BANSHEE is made possible by CMMG’s new .22LR End Cap – which is a new way to transform your .22LR AR15 build. The .22LR End Cap is the perfect accessory that shortens your .22LR AR15 by replacing the need for a receiver extension and buffer assembly. The .22LR End Cap is compatible with all CMMG .22LR AR Conversion Kits, as well as any AR15 that uses a dedicated CMMG .22LR bolt carrier group and barrel.

The .22LR End Cap is available in two variations: standard, with a smooth exterior and CMMG logo (.22LR End Cap LOGO), and QD (quick-detach), which has an attachment point machined into the exterior for attaching a QD sling. Installing the .22LR End Cap is made easy by securing the .22LR End Cap on the back of the lower receiver with a 3/8” hex wrench, in lieu of the buffer tube.

The .22LR End Cap with CMMG logo can be purchased separately for $24.95 and the QD End Cap for $29.95.

BANSHEE lower groups and complete BANSHEE .22LR pistols are offered with the .22 LR End Cap preinstalled: the BANSHEE 100 Series comes with the .22 LR End Cap LOGO and the BANSHEE 200 and 300 Series come with the QD End Cap. MSRP on the complete BANSHEE pistols range from $799.95 to $1,024.95.

For more information on the .22LR End Cap and all BANSHEE models, please visit


  1. avatar Prndll says:

    This looks like a much better way to create AR pistols.

    1. avatar Montana Actual says:

      If you’re looking for a bufferless AR there are many uppers that accommodate.

      1. avatar Prndll says:

        It just seems like that would make more sense for something called ‘pistol’. Particularly in .22lr.

  2. avatar No_Ones_Home says:

    CMMG is a few years late on their AR .22 pistol as this is what I did about 3 years ago (along with many others way before me).

    CMMG bolt carrier and CMMG 9” barrel. Spikes Tactical made an end cap with a QD socket just for these type of builds. Theirs didn’t work for me as it wasn’t long enough to thread with any end plate I tried. Found another company that made an end cap but it wasn’t cut for the alignment/anti-rotation key/pin that a buffer tube slots with. Ground that bit off with a hand file on an end plate that had the QD socket built in. Presto! More or less what you see above.

    Anderson stripped lower and a cheap slick-side upper. Runs like a charm!

    Would love to rebuild this using a polymer upper & lower to reduce the weight. 🙂

  3. avatar skoon says:

    Ok… so it’s a ruger 10/22 charger but not take down and more than twice the price

    1. avatar Umm . . . says:

      That’s actually a positive spin on it. If you compare it with a traditional (mag in grip) .22 pistol, it’s also twice as long, twice as wide, and 3x as heavy.

  4. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    This another of those things that make the big floating question mark appear over my head. But, okay. It’s a handgun. What’s handy about it? I doubt there is a holster made for it. That means it is going constantly occupy one of my appendages. These things also look like they wouldn’t be the easiest thing to dispatch a rattlesnake or knock over a rabbit with while wandering around the back forty. I guess it would make a decent range toy. Except, I quit playing with toys a long time ago. No thanks.

    1. avatar Jeffery P says:

      Looks like a “fun gun” to me. Something for plinking.

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        Jeffrey, I understand your point. However, this thing ain’t an M-4. I’ve been issued an M-4. Carry one in a holster? I don’t think so. Besides, this thing doesn’t even have a stock. Again, no thanks. I’ll stick with practical and useful .22 LR handguns. In fact, I’ll stick with practical and useful handguns in any caliber.

        1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Oh, half that comment was meant for arc. Sorry for any confusion.

    2. avatar arc - the annoying one says:

      Ask the military about those M4s people have to carry around. Taller people just get a leg holster for their M4s and they should fit AR pistols too.

    3. avatar Tarzan says:

      So again if you don’t have a use or need, it’s a bad idea?

  5. avatar GS650G says:

    Affordability isn’t one of its features. I get it’s expensive to engineer a new fun, make upmarket, etc but if it’s going to cost 3 times what a ruger charger does maybe it should be greenlighted?

    1. avatar Prndll says:

      You could just buy the cap.

  6. avatar Carlwinslo says:

    How much does it weigh?

  7. avatar Carlwinslo says:

    Too heavy for my socialist state as a pistol. It might be worth adding a vertical grip and registering as an aow.

  8. avatar Ing says:

    I don’t get it. But the entire AR pistol thing continues to elude me, so I guess I’m not who they’re after.

  9. avatar Doug says:

    From the article.
    “as any AR15 that uses a dedicated CMMG .22LR bolt carrier group and barrel.”

    Why does it need a dedicated CMMG barrel? The barrel has nothing to do with it.

    (I use a regular 5.56 barrel with my CMMG .22 conversion and have zero issues with it.)

    Really distressing to see the Fudds come out with their hate of the AR pistols, at a time we should be coming together to fight the threats starting in less than a month, some folks just don’t get it.

    Don’t like it, don’t buy it. We don’t need you crapping on what some other gun folks like.

    1. avatar Anymouse says:

      The CMMG barrels have a twist intended for .22 LR. We’ve found they group significantly better than the CMMG .223 chamber converter with a 1:7 twist barrel. You also don’t have to worry about gunk in the gas block or tube.

  10. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Doug, I’ve been called a FUDD on this site more often than my mother has called be by my Christian name. Let me be clear. I don’t hate AR pistols. I think of myself as practical. And the 1/2 dozen or so .22 LR handguns I own are probably the most practical I own. I’d rather walk out the door not wearing my boots than leave my S&W Kit Gun at home when I go deer hunting. It’s been the demise of many a ground nest raider. I love my quail and turkey. When I see an AR pistol it reminds me of my old army buddy Tex (he’s from Lufkin.) As Tex would so eloquently put it, “That’s as fucked up as a hot soup sandwich!” But, hey! If it floats your boat paddle away.

    1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      I should have said the instrument of demise since it can’t do anything without me at the controls.

    2. avatar Doug says:

      Well I am glad you embrace being a Fudd. It is still a derogatory term when directed at folks with your attitude.

      It is not helpful with the fight we are facing, in fact it is detrimental. It gives the enemy of our freedoms opportunities to divide and thus conquer us later.

      I am well aware of some of you wanting to appease the tiger in the hopes it eats you last. (Yes, you, the hunter only crowd, don’t need anymore stories about you shooting your vermin to eat.)

      Open up your mind and maybe you will see that your needs are not universally shared and that others can find uses for things you don’t.

      I know it will be hard at your advanced age, but try anyway for the good of the rest of us.

      1. avatar The checker says:

        Lol….. thai gadsen idiot is a harmless moron….
        He would be no help in the struggle….. matter of fact, he would hurt the cause…..
        When you hear these people open their c0cksucker you should consider them the enemy…..

        1. avatar The Gadsden is an idiot FUDD says:

          You are mostly correct, I am sure some believe the feces that comes from his post rantings. Those blind ignorant folks vote and talk to their lawmakers.

          Some posters need to STFU and he is one of them.

          Yet he seems proud of being something negative………..

      2. avatar Montana Actual says:

        He’s totally embraced the FUDD mentality. No change. No remorse.


    3. avatar mrlyle says:

      Amazing how many people read without understanding. Mr. Flag stated his opinion. He said nothing along the lines “nobody needs one, only morons like stuff like this”. He did say if you want one go for it, too heavy and awkward for me!

      1. avatar Montana Actual says:

        Apparently you’re new.

  11. avatar andrew lias says:

    The only thing it probably has that my Ruger Standard doesn’t is more mag capacity, a bit more velocity and longer sight radius. Perhaps the ability to bolt stuff on. Otherwise the Standard is a better gun in almost every way.

    Not against AR pistols in any given way (have a 450 bushy pistol) but this seems silly.

    1. avatar Prndll says:

      Just curious. Is it silly for being .22lr or for not having a large protrusion sticking out of the back end? Perhaps it’s the price?

      For me, what makes this gun silly is the fact that it’s .22lr with a forward assist and a handguard that seems a bit oversized and cumbersome (just like it’s magazine). All of which would be just as silly if it were 9mm.

      1. avatar Mercury says:

        It’s the fact that it does the same thing as a Ruger Charger, but it’s heavier, more expensive and less portable. Unless you specifically need a .22 replica of your super shorty AR to save ammo on practice, this thing has no purpose (or at least not one that isn’t better served with the Ruger.) Even then, that price tag will buy you a whole lot of practice ammo for the tiny gun you’re hypothetically using this one as a trainer for, so I really fail to see what market this gun is supposed to serve.

  12. avatar sound awake says:

    pound for pound and dollar for dollar in the pc carbine we made the least sensical firearm in america in the last 10 years
    hold my beer

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      Luv my Ruger PCC. Two other people who tried it bought their own. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the pistol version next year.

      But go ahead and buy a CMMG or whatever you like.

  13. avatar possum says:

    Why would a person want that, maybe in .22Mag maybe. It does look neat and would be fun to play with if someone else owned it.

  14. avatar Scott D. says:

    I’m going to stick with the one I built. CMMG dedicated bolt with a 4.5″ barrel and a suppressor slid under the handguard. Throw in a binary trigger and a 50 round Black Dog drum and you used to have a cheap day at the range. Still half the price of their MSRP. Nice and compact and a bunch of fun to shoot. Now it’s just another victim of not being able to find food for it anymore.

    1. avatar No_Ones_Home says:

      Have you had many issues with the Black Dog drum magazine?

      I’ve been tempted to get one but it’s a little pricy to purchase & not have it run. Black Dog’s 25-round mags run great (along with CMMG’s). What I like better about the Black Dogs mags vs. CMMGs mags is that Black Dogs set so much tighter in the mag well (Anderson lower). CMMGs stay in but just rattle so much back-n-forth and side-to-side.

      1. avatar Anymouse says:

        I’ve had no issues with my BD drums, and I run them in FA receivers. I didn’t even need to change the spring tension. The issue I did have was with bolt bounce on the CMMG .22 dedicated bolt, even with the anti bounce weight. I replaced the light POF trigger with a HiperFire Hipertouch Auto, and that problem went away.

  15. avatar Pete says:

    Now do one in 9mm!

  16. avatar Grim Reaper says:

    Yo Gadsden Flag

    ++ No shame in seeming to be doxed by the likes of

    Doug/The checker/The Gadsden is an idiot FUDD/ ship of yankee fools, ALONG with TTAG’s resident meth man > Montana Actual

    Montana Actual does have an appropriate avatar now, as a monster/loon.
    andrew lias says:

    The only thing it probably has that my Ruger Standard doesn’t is more mag capacity,

    Mercury says:

    It’s the fact that it does the same thing as a Ruger Charger, but it’s heavier, more expensive and less portable.

    ++ AMEN on both points … My charger with five 25 round mags towers over this CMMG thing. And is so much cheaper and uses the reliable ruger mags. Five ruger mags for 125$ looks better and better now.

  17. avatar Jasbir Sandhu says:

    How much is this one ??

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