sb tactical stabilizing brace
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sb tactical stabilizing brace
Courtesy SB Tactical

Eighty-nine members of Congress sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr and acting ATF director Regina Lombardo yesterday. They’re objecting to the ATF’s vague and arbitrary proposed “objective factors” for determining when a pistol with a stabilizing brace magically qualifies as a short barrel rifle.

Here’s that letter.


Did your Congresscritter sign the letter?

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    • Mine didn’t either (Mike Garcia – R), apparently. Rather disappointed, seeing as he ran his campaign heavily as a pro-military, pro=2A conservative.

      • In my state we only rank one worthless congressman and he didn’t sign the letter because he is a un American Marxist,POS.

    • Ralph, all our reps and senators are democrats, as we know. Looking forward to the Red Wave in two years!

    As long as he doesn’t turn out to be an asshole, He just secured my future reelection vote.

    • Mine also signed this letter. This is a surprise we only hear from him is when he has a favorite project!

      • Ditto! My representative signed. He is a bit old school, but he is a retired engineer and generally a good guy. Not really cover for him as WV1 rep he knows exactly where we stand on any new gun control issue. Assuming we are against it is a no brainer.

        • +1 for Fred Keller from central and rural PA. He’s a good guy…I’ve talked to him a few times at different meetings when he was campaigning. Looks like WV was 100% Thanks. Can’t say that for PA with some of the (*(&^(*) dirtbags elected in the cities.

    • My guy is on there too. He’s pretty cool, and a staunch defender of the RTKBA. Even told our governor to buzz off a few months ago.

  2. My congressman signed, but the ATF will not be intimidated unless there is enough support in congress to threaten them with cutting funds or dismantling them if they do not reverse course. I don’t think the ATF has anything to worry about. Most signers are just taking political cover with this, lets see if they back it up with action.

  3. No my Congressman, Thomas Massie, did NOT appear not to have signed. Quite a disappointment considering he touts himself as the head of the Second Amendment Caucus. It will be interesting to see if he offers an explanation.

  4. All the Republican reps from my state signed the form. The only one who didn’t is the lame duck Democrat. I’m really surprised by the number of reps with M.D’s behind their name who also signed. Glad to know that not all doctors are anti-gun.

    • I would expect M.D.s to support 2A at the same pace as anyone else, they don’t listen to the crazy M.D.s any more than I do.

  5. …mother may I? Please!

    How many Fudds will turn in their neighbor, family and friends?

    How many will get pinched on something and roll over to get a lesser sentence or an amnesty deal and turn in their neighbor, family and friends?

    The feds only need to raid a few, play whackamole and we will all self-regulate, acquiesce and soil our diapers and comply. Doubt it? Just watch.

    How many LEOs will enforce it? Enough. Its all about pay and pension for most, some relish killing, arresting you and taking it from you. Doubt it? Just watch.

    Until we en mass do not comply, nullify and vote virtually everyone out of office we have no chance, its all rearranging decks chairs on the Titanic. Since neither is going to happen why waste the ink on a “mother may I” letter that the commie acting director will wipe her butt with? Trump fiddles while Rome burns, keep the circus clown show going, it feeds his ego. I used to say a choice between slojoe and trump was like choosing ebola or aids. Its more like ebola and mouse pox now. Happy 2021! Look forward to more mass info ops, psyops and disinformation. Order out of chaos and all.

      • Snitches get stitches and wind up in ditches.

        Unless there is an actual crime with a victim I am not reporting anyone to the cops for anything. Even then I probably won’t bother. The few times I have needed cops in my life they have been reluctant to come and do their job. But God forbid I hit 70 in a 55 on a long straight stretch of highway in good weather. Then they are right there to write that ticket.

  6. Mine is listed, and I’ve written to him about this and other issues. However, it’s all just so much sabre rattling, unless a majority–better yet, veto-proof majority–sign it. And, if we manage to get to that point, I would hope they would simply repeal instead of sabre rattle. Not holding my breath because it’s awfully difficult to repeal an entire body of law and dismantle an agency.

  7. My Assho i mean congress critter is tim ryan so I don’t have to read the list to know he did not sign it. Worthless POS !

  8. Wait a minute “shall not be infringed “ you communistic anti constitutional bureaucracy! Up hold the constitution!

    • It is worth noting that Steve Scalise signed it. Remember him? On June 14, 2017, Scalise was shot and seriously wounded during a baseball practice.

  9. Last I read, only 21,000 gun owners commented on the ATFs website protesting this measure. I don’t care if you have one or not, you should voice an opposition to this. It just might be your favorite something they attack next.

    It’s shameful how separated we gun owners have become. We have done exactly what they expected. Break up the rank & file. Make smaller groups to attack, 1 by 1. Eventually each other watching the other groups fall because we don’t have skin in their game.

    Gun owners better wake up and stop being such pussies. Stop fighting between groups and either learn to support all things firearms or sell your stuff and move to the left like a coward.

  10. The outgoing A hole in my district in Iowa Was a long time Democrat so he didn’t sign. The new Rep. (R) hasn’t been sworn in yet, but is Pro 2A.

  11. Signing an impotent letter is a lot easier than actually passing a law when you have both houses and the white house I guess

  12. The easiest way for the ATF to resolve their pistol brace consternation is to remove short barrel restrictions from the NFA.

  13. Looks like two of the 7 Republican Congressmen in Tennessee signed it (2 Democrats didn’t as expected. Scott DesJarlais and Mark Green. I’ll be writing letters to the other 5 to ask for an explanation. Probably a waste of time but what the heck, it’s Christmas.

  14. UPDATE BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE WON. To all of you who said comments were pointless and our voices wouldn’t be heard, even before the end of the 2 week comment period, the BATF has withdrawn its brace letter. For now, it is over.
    One small victory in a long war ahead, but to those of you who contacted your representatives and the White House and made comments on the Federal Register, pat yourselves on the back.

    A GREAT BIG thank you to Mitch McConnell for helping to make this happen, without him and the 90 Congressmen who also stepped up this wouldn’t be happening either.

    (Source Military Arms Channel)

  15. My congressman is there. I just sent him this email;

    I noted your name on the recent letter to the ATF regarding pistol braces. As someone who owns a braced pistol and does not intend to register or surrender it regardless of ATF’s decision, I appreciate your support of my rights, and my continued non incarceration on this matter.

    Thank you.

    I submit that the current pistol brace situation, and the fact that only one has ever been used in a violent crime, indicates that the NFA classification of short barreled rifles and shotguns, stocked pistols, silencers, and AOW’s (cane guns, umbrella guns, wallet guns, etc.) is ineffective in preventing or deterring crime. It is an outmoded and outdated idea and is rooted in the fact that the NFA was originally intended to control handguns. The thought was too prevent criminals from simply cutting down rifles and shotguns to a concealable size and using those in place of handguns. When handguns were dropped from the NFA bill before passage, SBRs and SBSs were left in. They should not have been.

    We have seen the spread of licensed/permitted carry, both concealed and open, across the United States throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Following that, we see the spread of “constitutional Carry”; states legalizing the open or concealed carry of a firearm, by a person who is not prohibited, without a license or permit. It is now normal and common for people to carry concealed and unconcealed weapons all of the time in almost every setting. Therefore it is clear that the carrying of a concealed weapon is not the concern that it was in 1934. It is not the purview only of criminals, but is an activity that many law abiding citizens engage in. In that light measures against other concealable weapons no longer make sense.

    I hope that you and your colleagues would take up the cause of removing SBRs, SBSs, AOWs, and silencers from the NFA and regulating them as any other firearm.

    Thank you again.

  16. Why isn’t anyone citing the ADA? The Americans with Disabilities Act seems to apply to pistol braces. Hmmmmm – maybe proponents of ADA are anti-2A?

  17. I think the letter from congress probably did more than the 50k comments.

    When you combine them both I think it made the ATF thick twice and realize they could only be two years and a midterm election away from being busted down and made a section of the FBI

  18. Living behind the lines is a blue region of a southern Red state both my congressional representatives are clearly gun grabbers, including the RINO. My state will go Communist Blue next election so I am looking to move 2 families somewhere in the gun friendly freedom loving mid west. Texas once was on my list but now its a shaky as my home state. Where to go ? Need schools and Jobs, preferably for the local LEO.

  19. Their letter would have carried more weight had not many of the same signed onto the Supreme Court case trying to overthrow an election which has been proven to have had very little fraud. 🙁

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