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  1. Imagine for a moment that this isn’t a Police shooting range.

    How would the ATF react? How many people involved would avoid going to prison or felony convictions?

    We all know the answer, and it’s disgusting.

  2. If you search Bing/Google you will see many such stories many from gun unfriendly states which makes sense. Where there is a demand and some crooked cops have the means, they will try to make a buck. Even Radio Boston had piece a year or two ago that many guns illegal in MA had been sold by various MA PD.

    I am not cop bashing, but if we say that cops are just people too, then I disagree when they are allowed to have special privileges regarding guns that the rest of us do not when off duty.

  3. Investigate and prosecute if appropriate. Sadly, this probable example of police corruption is minuscule compared to what has been going on in the US military with losing track of hundreds of billions of dollars in military aid and weapons over the past several decades. Some of it was probably slipped under the radar to a foreign country without any US military personnel profiting. Yet, in many other cases, weapons from automatic rifles to more advanced weapons have been sold for personal profit.

  4. Its ok, they’re cops they know what they’re doing. Selling parts illegally to anyone is probably for the greater good. Why would cops ever do anything that’s not good and righteous anyway?

  5. It’s Cleveland. It’s Mayor hates guns so much it took the State Supeme Court to get him to stop trying to ban them. So now he has the police selling off theirs…

    • I Agree, there is a level of gun hate here in Cleveland “proper” aproaching Chicago’s.

      Fortunately, we are in the Midwest (minus Illinois) and common sense prevails. i.e I can carry in Cleveland just like anywhere else in Ohio w/o fear of prosecution – and I do.

      Most of Ohio is beautiful wooded farms and parks, but Cleveland is just desolate inner city typical bu**s*it. There are Art galleries, stadiums, the opera, theater etc… but man,… they should just doze the east side and be done with it…

  6. Shooting targets 1 foot in front of you should be standard practice for anybody, police or civilian, that packs a gun. It’s the whole “bad breath” distance encounter. You should also practice weak hand shooting, which they appear to be doing as well as one handed shooting.

    You never know when you may be fighting with one hand and shooting with the other.

  7. No need to worry, folks. They’ll all be extended the “professional courtesy” they’re expecting and everything will be back to normal in no time. And, by normal, I mean a stark difference in the consequences they would face versus what we would face for the exact same actions.


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