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Who cares about a bunch of murdered Mexicans, anyway? Probably just another billboard designed to rile up the locals with a little anti-immigrant red meat, right? Not exactly. is getting some attention where it’s located in Clovis, California. But anyone who visits the site soon sees that it’s actually a nascent compendium of Fast and Furious facts and figures, including ways you can contact your Congresscritter “to help bring justice to those responsible.” A response to the all-too-predictable whitewash? Could be. But someone clearly wants to let AG Holder know that “cleared” or not, this isn’t going away.

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  1. Where was all this wailing and gnashing o the teeth when the ATF was doing the same stuff under the Bush administration?

    Admit it, this isn’t about the ATF, it’s about the guy with the D after his name.

    • I have not noticed the major media’s wailing and gnashing their teeth about F&F. Rather, it appears that they have downplayed and not objectively investigated F&F and then parroted the bit by the Dept of Justice’s own IG report finding Holder not guilty. I suspect the mass media has mostly ignored and downplayed F&F because Obama and Holder are democrats.

      I detest Bush and the republicans as much as I do Obama and the democrats. I think the Obama & Holder F&F Operation went beyond in scope whatever Bush did.

    • The program under the bush admin tracked the guns, had the knowledge and cooperation of the mexican government and made actuall arrests and accounted for the guns.

      On barry’s watch it was mostly keystone cops with a side of murder thrown in. Not really the same.

    • I’m not the biggest fan of Bush whatsoever, but I’ll be the first to tell you that Operation Wide Receiver run by the ATF under the Bush administration:

      1. Collaborated with Mexican law enforcement to arrest firearms smugglers.
      2. Utilized tracking devices to locate firearms.
      3. Actually ARRESTED PEOPLE for gun-smuggling.

      Holder’s ATF did none of the above.

      Just my thoughts.

  2. Hundreds of Mexicans die, nobody notices.

    A schoolyard bully makes fun of a gay kid, front page news and national tragedy.

    • If I had been sipping coffee when I read your comment I would have spewed it out laughing at the absurdity of modern society.



  4. Mexican narcoterrorists are not selective. They kill anyone and everyone, usually in the most gruesome way possible. In contrast, Chicago gang members kill rival gang members, typically by shooting them, with only the occasional “collateral damage” thrown in just to give Rahm a weekly dose of agita. So what Mexico really needs is a better class of gang member — like Chicago’s — which would straighten out all of the problems south of the border. I suggest that the Mexican government should import some Chicago hoods — call them Los Crips — to put the whole situation to right.

  5. Have to disagree with you about the poor rural white areas having less crime. Appalachia is where I come from. Lot of crime, just a lot of it goes unreported because of a lack of police and other officials.

    Lots of meth and all the attendant problems that go with it.

    and don’t get me started on welfare. One of the reasons I moved to California was to give my kids a chance to find honest work. A lot of their cousins are on welfare. I’ve seen generations of white families on the dole. My father always worked an honest job and so have I, but I can tell you of people that got out of high school and straight onto the dole.


  6. Damn RF, you deleted half the comments in this article. You don’t think you might be out of touch with what the TTAG community considers to be acceptable conduct?

    And just wondering but why is bais against race or religion so bad, but bashing on liberals is perfectly acceptable? You can change you political ideology as easily as you can change your skin color or religion.

    You’ve told me you would perma ban me at least a dozen times now, and you know i’m just going to post more stuff in a future article. How about you either do it, or stop issueing idle threats. You still havent stated how you would ban people utilizing proxies or anonymous VPNs either.

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