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“In the end, the much-heralded, much-maligned Office of the Inspector General’s report on the “Fast and Furious” gun scandal tells us what we already know: Attorney General Eric Holder should resign if President Barack Obama wins another term. Even viewing the documents and investigation in a light most favorable to the current head of the Justice Department, even discounting the conspiracy theories offered by the Administration’s most ardent critics, the Inspector General’s report tells us that Holder ultimately failed to do what he absolutely had to do at Justice when he succeeded caretaker Attorney General Michael Mukasey in early 2009.” – Andrew Cohen, contributing editor at The Atlantic and legal analyst for 60 Minutes

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  1. Eric Holder .. another Saul Alinsky flunky .. a mind is a terrible thing to waste .. a study in partisanship vs citizenship .. carefully hear .. carefully consider .. carefully live ..

    • I dislike Holder for reasons others than F&F, but I would truly like to see the man out of that office, just as you would. But I was wondering about the claim that he is “another Saul Alinsky flunky.” The man’s work as a prosecutor lead to president Reagan appointing him to a position as a federal judge. I am not sure Reagan would have done this if Holder was an Alinsky stooge.

      Your use of “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” colors the way others might read your post.

  2. Holder was the top man. It happened on his watch. He bears responsibility just as Bloomberg bears responsibility for the problems infesting the NYPD. “The buck stops here.” has meaning.

  3. Eric Holder’s background includes defending international agriculture corporations that hired mercenaries in South America to oppress, intimidate, beat-up, torture, and murder hundreds (if not thousands) of peasant farmers. He is a strange choice to serve as the US AG by a former social activist playing president.


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