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The Cimmaron was the final nail in Cadillac’s coffin. For nostalgia-minded gun owners, Cimmaron is the final nail in a the fantasy bad guy’s coffin. But don’t get to thinking that these cowboy repros are anything less than top-tier quality or, for that matter, restricted to OFWGs who dress up like Wyatt Earp. “Market research shows that 80 percent of people who own six guns or more have a single action revolver,” Cimmaron Firearms¬†National Sales Manager Joe Neumann revealed. “Less than 20 percent do Cowboy Action Shooting. Hell, half of them don’t own holsters.” Translation: “normal” people love these things. Exhibit[ionist] A: the Frontier . . .

Italy’s Pietta Firearms manufacturers the Frontier in three flavors (.357, .44, .45LC), two finishes (color case hardened frame and stainless steel) and three barrel lengths (3.5″ 4 3/4″ and 5.5″”). The example above boasts a blued barrel, cylinder and grip frame.

All this single-action goodness runs $530, jumping to $698 for the stainless model. The Frontier’s been on sale for half-a-year or so. Sales are exceeding Neumann’s expectations (setting process unknown). Meanwhile, how about a two-shot mini-pistol?

Cimmaron’s owner’s daughter demos one of Daddy’s derringers, available .38, .32 H&R or .22LR and .22 MAG. Jamie Harvey (also Cimarron’s Vice President of Media Relations) reckons it’s the Mother of All Backup Guns. True dat.

Also true: unlike the “standard of the world” car company, Cimmaron knows that the tighter the niche, the stronger the brand. Or, as Clint Eastwood growled, “a man’s gotta know his limitations.”

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  1. Wow. A $150 premium for the stainless? What’re they making the blued version out of? AISI 1010?

  2. I bought a Ruger Single Six because it’s a damn fine pistol and cool to shoot. Everyone who tries it says it is a wonderful piece of machinery.

  3. Cimarron = Junk

    God have mercy on your soul if you’re unfortunate enough to have problems with one of their guns. You’ll never get your money back, or the problem fixed.

    If you want a Pietta, get it from a better source such as Dixie Gun Works, or Taylor’s.

    • You are so right Cubby. I had a problem with my six shooter a while back and had to deal with the rudest, most unhelpful man I have ever run into in my 67 years of living. My firearm was still under warranty. Sometimes the hammer would not fully cock back and the gun was thus locked up. He was not at all interested in helping me and seemed put off by the fact that he had to send me a mailing label free of charge so I could ship the gun back to his gunsmith. He also was not free with any information to help me out and seemed to resent me calling and emailing him as to the status of my repair request. I will probably never buy another Cimarron firearm just because of him. And you probably know who I am talking about and he is in charge of Sales of all places!!! He couldn’t sell me anything with that attitude he has!! Hopefully, I will never have to deal with him ever

  4. I have an Uberti 1873 Cattleman which fulfills my .45LC cravings every now and then. They really are fun guns to shoot.

  5. First handgun I ever bought was a Colt Peacemaker in .22lr and .22 mag. These type of guns are a hoot to shoot. Pretty gun in the picture.

  6. I have a Tanfoglio TA-76 in .22, fun little plinker. At the range while everyone is firing their pistol from a Weaver stance or Isoceles, I felt the need to fire it from one extended arm like you see in the movies with some generic Old West music playing in my head.

  7. soo Roberto you backed away slowly from the owners daughter’s lack of trigger finger discipline while snapping the shot or …did you call her out?

  8. Er, Dave J, trigger discipline and derringer are terms that one generally does not expect to find together. For that matter the word holster is a non-starter too. It appears, however, that this sucker does have a trigger guard. I bet it still has a pull greater than the neighbor kid’s IQ.

  9. I bought a Ruger Bisley Vaquero .45 Colt several years ago as a companion piece to my Blackhawk. Swapped grip frames, and the resulting Blackhawk/Vaquero is the smoothest handling, most well-balanced 6 shooter I’ve ever held. Also own a Marlin 1894C .45 Colt, and a Winchester 1894 Legacy .45 Colt. Picked up a Bond Arms Ranger .45 Colt/.410 3″. Well set if Apaches raid. The Winchester is just to pretty to shoot; best walnut I’ve ever seen on any levergun. Buy the imports if you choose; I’ll take American.

    • If you want American go Colt, USFA or AWA. There is Brazilian Rossi 1892 for around 400.00 vs Japanese Winchester for 1000.00 or so.
      Welcome to America everyone!


    Cimarron Arms; Just a word of caution for any of you that are considering purchasing any products from Cimarron Arms. I just want to tell you that I purchased a new, matching set of sixguns that came from this company several years ago (2006), and after many efforts and frustration over the past couple of years, I’ve given up. I had several issues with these guns, from double stamped serial numbers and mis matched base pin to white pearlite grips that turned yellow in just a few short years. They have not made good on any of it. They won’t even contact you to tell you they can’t do anything about it. Also, one of the reasons I purchased these guns was sort of as a collectors item. I doubt they are worth half of what I paid for them. Get your products from anyone but them!

  11. I bought a new Cimarron 1885high wall doubleset triggers custom stock chamber 30 40 Craig and I am handloading 150 and 165gr bullets to shoot equal to 308 an greater it’s the best gun long range that I’ve ever shot a tack driver at 100 yes it’s great

  12. I bought a new Cimarron high wall doubleset triggers custom stock chamber 30 40 Craig and would like to add handloading 150 and 165gr bullets equal to 308 an greater it’s a tack driver at 100 yes it’s great

  13. I just bought a Cimarron Pistolero in 357 Stainless Steel. I can not find any information on any Stainless Steel Pistolero’s. One thing I found is that the Pistolero was only in production for a couple of years. But this is all I have found. Anyone have any reviews on the stainless Steel Pistolero?

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