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Fixed stocks aren’t necessarily “cool” these days. The market seems to be demanding stocks that are more adjustable than a contortionist with hidden compartments and other nifty features. But for some people a fixed stock is good enough for their needs (or even required for competitions) and for them Magpul is introducing the fixed length MOE Rifle Stock.

Unlike their adjustable brethren the MOE Rifle stock uses the standard A1/A2 buffer tube assembly and stays at the standard A1 stock length, meaning it probably will pass muster at a CMP / NRA High Power competition. Like the A1 and A2 stocks the buttplate swings out to reveal a spacious compartment, perfect for stashing cookies or cleaning supplies (but not at the same time. Ew.) for easy access on the range.

Stocks will be available in black, FDE, sage and OD green and will fit the AR-15 and AR-10 platforms. MSRP is about $70.

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  1. I just saw the same stock and kicked myself for ordering an A2 two weeks ago. I’ve got a close-up photo we can add.

  2. cookies or cleaning supplies (but not at the same time. Ew.)

    I’ve eaten sandwiches that were kept in the same bag as the Hoppes No. 9 and cleaning rags. The vapors did not hurt the flavor at all. Enhanced it, in fact.

  3. Damn. And I had such high hopes after the first few sentences. first, if i wanted a stock that was rifle length I’d get a friggin a2, I want a SHORT fixed stock. Why can no-one understand this? I want a compact stock without all the weight and moving around of an adjustable stock. I can’t be the only one. What with how Chris and travis love the CTR all the way in like they do you would think this would be a no-brainer.

    • Not if you’re 6’5″ you don’t….an M4gery with an A2 is like a toy in my hands. It’s why I have a PRS on my RECCE set-up, for better length of pull. Although I think the VLTOR A5 fix is a better solution, you get a better buffer, and retain your shortness if you want. This is absolutely going on some of my builds, super duper absolutely.

      Plus they make LOTS of fixed stocks out there that are short, or just blind pin a collapsing stock….

  4. I’ve love to see Magpul branch out to start making more accesories for the already fine tuned product line up. Like a mono-pod for the PRS to give an option other than Accu-Shot. Perhaps a MOE pistol grip with a palm rest base for the long range semi auto setups. I love my CAA grip and palm rest, but I’d switch to Magpul out of loyalty in a heartbeat.


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