Cimmaron: Prepare to Meet the Challenge of the New Frontier


The Cimmaron was the final nail in Cadillac’s coffin. For nostalgia-minded gun owners, Cimmaron is the final nail in a the fantasy bad guy’s coffin. But don’t get to thinking that these cowboy repros are anything less than top-tier quality or, for that matter, restricted to OFWGs who dress up like Wyatt Earp. “Market research shows that 80 percent of people who own six guns or more have a single action revolver,” Cimmaron Firearms National Sales Manager Joe Neumann revealed. “Less than 20 percent do Cowboy Action Shooting. Hell, half of them don’t own holsters.” Translation: “normal” people love these things. Exhibit[ionist] A: the Frontier . . .

Italy’s Pietta Firearms manufacturers the Frontier in three flavors (.357, .44, .45LC), two finishes (color case hardened frame and stainless steel) and three barrel lengths (3.5″ 4 3/4″ and 5.5″”). The example above boasts a blued barrel, cylinder and grip frame.

All this single-action goodness runs $530, jumping to $698 for the stainless model. The Frontier’s been on sale for half-a-year or so. Sales are exceeding Neumann’s expectations (setting process unknown). Meanwhile, how about a two-shot mini-pistol?

Cimmaron’s owner’s daughter demos one of Daddy’s derringers, available .38, .32 H&R or .22LR and .22 MAG. Jamie Harvey (also Cimarron’s Vice President of Media Relations) reckons it’s the Mother of All Backup Guns. True dat.

Also true: unlike the “standard of the world” car company, Cimmaron knows that the tighter the niche, the stronger the brand. Or, as Clint Eastwood growled, “a man’s gotta know his limitations.”