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“When I hear such ignorance and stupidity aired out by someone who knows so little about so much, I don’t think there’s an appropriate place for them to be on a podium on a dais with other people who have given these issues thought and have the emotional capacity to be empathetic at the same time.” – Illinois gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy, quoted in Democrat Kennedy calls Republican Ives’ gun crime solution ignorant and stupid [via]

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  1. The solution to Chicago’s “gun violence” problem involved shoving every Demokkkrat into the lake and waiting for the bubbles to stop coming up.

    • Eh, the scavengers in the forest would appreciate some snacks delivered via airdrop.

      Over 2,000 vertical feet does wonders ‘tenderizing’ them for the grateful creatures… 😉

  2. Typical Democrat, when they don’t have the facts on their side they fall back to name calling. Is he prepared to say that having the father in the home is a bad thing? A government welfare check is a poor substitute for a father!

  3. It’s ironic that a politician is accusing someone else of being ignorant and stupid. I’m not convinced that a Kennedy (silver spoon billionaires) know more about the problems within this nations ghetto’s than many people.

    Back in the day (50’s-60’s), African Americans had far more family cohesiveness than now. This coincided with less segregation, greater economic & social mobility as well as (dare I say it) less senseless street violence.

    The welfare state causing the break up of their families as well as the importation of rivals (MS-13 etc) in the gang/turf/drug war and the revolving door justice system certainly has not improved the lot of those living in this nations most troubled urban neighborhoods.

    Mind you, I don’t think automatically having a father present is the answer, it has to be a good father and not some sort of gangster!

  4. Thus, Mr. Kennedy wants to prohibit free speech for people who are “stupid” and “uncaring”. Got it. Once again we see a self-proclaimed elitist proclaiming, “Rights for me, none for thee!”

    United States Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis provided the appropriate insight and “remedy” for the speech of “stupid” and “uncaring” people:

    … the remedy to be applied [for offensive, evil, false, dangerous, etc. speech] is more speech, not enforced silence.

    If Mr. Kennedy’s positions and policies are so right, they will withstand the scrutiny of free speech. Therefore, the only reason that Mr. Kennedy would want to suppress his political opponents’ free speech is because he is too lazy to respond or because he knows that his opponents are right and he is wrong.

    • He’s not too lazy to respond, He Can’t respond because he’s wrong so he resorts to sophomoric name calling. Progressive ideologue = REAL fascism

  5. My Dad died when I was 4 years old. My mother raised my sister and I without any “welfare” or subsidies. We didn’t have any relatives close by, so she adopted plenty of them. My sister and I were raised to be responsible individuals. I wish my father had been there, but that wasn’t a choice for me. Not having a responsible father is a serious problem for many people, but the mere presence of a male in the home is not the solution.

    Two giant steps toward actually solving the problems would be the end of welfare and all of its evil offspring… and the end of the “war on (some) drugs.” Leave people alone to control their own lives and property, and to live with the consequences of their choices and actions. And that includes self defense, of course.

  6. The first line is an illustration of any gun control argument I’ve heard: shoulder thing which goes up, “silencers”, etc.

  7. So, little Chrissy should not have to share the stage with his opponent because he has “thoughts” and “empathy”. Additionally, those who disagree with him are ignorant and stupid. This Philosopher King is raising political discourse to new heights. I bet his policy proposals to address his state’s financial troubles will involve rubber ducks and underage squirrels.

  8. The key phrase he uses in his comments is “I don’t think”. That is pretty common to most Democrats these days.

  9. The Kennedy family is a prime example of the evil that was committed by not closing the borders to all immigration in 1800. All immigration has been bad for the American people and the Freedoms given us by the Founding Fathers.

      • Except for the one Irishman who stepped off of the boat straight into a Union uniform in 1863, mine were

        • Ooo good burn! Credit where credit is due. But my non-protruding forehead and lack of a tail leads me to believe that my ancestors were strictly kissing cousins and nothing more.

    • You didn’t get the memo? Can’t point out that THIRD WORLD countries are cesspools.

      Pretty sure the Kennedy clan WERE scum that migrated to the US from Ireland. That the Kennedys were Irish doesn’t make all Irish Kennedy scum.

  10. Another Kennedy carpetbagger only THIS one is the tail-end of Bobby and Ethel’s DNA. We’ve been invaded by dumbotards running for guv’ner in Illinoisistan…😩😖😡

  11. from the article…

    As expected, Ives was frequently at odds with the Democratic candidates, and she occasionally drew the scorn of the audience as she repeatedly suggested city and county residents share in the blame for such issues as crime, high taxes and a lack of quality public education because they re-elect Democrats.

    “That is your problem. Your taxes are too high and opportunity’s not here,” she said. “We need jobs and opportunity, and we’re not going to get that if you keep electing these same people as before.”

    the truth hurts.

  12. Since 1967 I’ve noticed that the liberal elite practice a three step process when dealing with issues and people they cannot logically defend or defeat. First you are ignored. You and the issue cannot be seen by them and are not worthy of their attention. Next, you are dismissed. You are cast aside as a squeaky little voice form the nether regions of society that only morons listen to. And when the squeaky little voice becomes too much to dismiss they then attack with unwarranted ridicule. Over night you become the racist homophob they assume all who think differently from them are. You become the Antichrist to their religion of social progressiveness. Their platform becomes a continuous flow of caustic hypocrisy naming you as the heir of doom and distruction.

    Mr. Kennedy is yet another in a long succession of east coast liberals seeking to buy votes from those that he convinces are victims of oppression. When he lashes out at an opponent he is admitting he is defenseless on the issue and is deflecting his illogic. When all he can do is ridicule his opponent needs to keep punching with logic and fact. Even his most ardent followers will understand he’s empty.

    • Felixd,

      You described the standard operating procedure of Progressives/Liberals.

      Please note an incredibly simple and insightful observation that Ben Shapiro has published: when Progressives/Liberals finally respond to their political opponents, their response is always a claim that their political opponent is stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt.

      In this case Mr. Kennedy claims that his political opponent is stupid and corrupt (where “corrupt” in this case equals not caring about the plight of poor urban folks).

      Unfortunately, this strategy is fairly effective as it short-circuits the reasoning process and exploits a fundamental human characteristic: that we do not want to be in-league with stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt people. Saying it another way, a lot of people would rather support a “good guy” who has bad policies than support a “bad guy” who has good policies.

      • I content that sound logic, without emotional vitriol, can sway voters. The more the elite fail in their machinations the greater the shrill voice and the more obvious their ineptitude. The obvious example is Hillary Clinton who became every husbands nightmare. Equally obvious however is the inability of many on the right to preserver when ridiculed. They seem to sometimes melt when called a name. When facing a shower of hatred those who stand will prevail.

        • And ain’t it a shame? The Republicans we elect to try and fix things are so toothless and spineless that as soon as they are called whatever “ist”, then they immediately back down; kind of like when I was a kid and someone would say “don’t be gay” if you had a difference of opinion, you’d do what they wanted just b/c of that. Republicans are the same way. I know I am not the first to feel this way, but why not just embrace it at this point? Yep, I’m a sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic whatever. Oh yea, we can’t go that route because too many of our fellow citizens will then immediately shut us out for fear of association.

  13. Wow, Chris sure looks like his Uncle Ted (D-UI).
    I wonder what his father would have looked like if he’d lived to that age.

  14. He and the left can’t afford two parent households. Stable, caring families are to the left as holy water is to vampires.

  15. He’s a Kennedy. Doesn’t he have campaign worker to drown or an intern to screw or a plane to crash or a woman to rape or a young girl to murder with a golf club or something?

  16. Soooo……did Mr. Kennedy storm out of the room and denounce the speaker as stupid and ignorant on 2008, when that speaker identified black father absenteeism as a major contributing factor to crime?

    “Children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime, nine times more likely to drop out of schools and 20 times more likely to end up in prison”, said presidential candidate Obama in Chicago in 2008.

    What’s changed since then, Mr. Kennedy? You disagree only because this time it’s a conservative Republican making the observation, which is an occasion for you to score some cheap political points. Really, judging people by their political party affiliation? Whatever happened to the dream of judging people by the content of their character?

    Well, the dream isn’t completely dead. After all, that is exactly the standard by which I judge Mr. Kennedy.

  17. Exactly. He’s a Shitcago political machine cog. He doesn’t *want* solutions. He wants cogs in the Democratic political machine. Mindless Democrat voters, end goal.

  18. Look at the stats…young black men are responsible for a HUGE portion of shootings. WAY out of proportion to their percentage of the general population.
    Facts are NOT racist…sorry.

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