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Chinese food
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Most people who stroll into a Chinese restaurant want potstickers, some General Tso’s chicken or maybe an order of moo shu pork. But the dood who walked into the China Kitchen restaurant in Columbia South Carolina around closing time recently had cabbage on his mind.

The first clue there was a problem: he was dressed in black, wore a mask, and was holding a gun. When he demanded cash . . .

One employee tried to grab the gun away from the man.

A struggle ensued and another employee shot the burglar, according to police. That other employee was carrying his own gun, police said.

Let’s see if we have this right. This was a masked, armed robber holding a gun on some restaurant workers. They then fought back and one of them who had a concealed handgun shot the criminal in self-defense.

That’s a real black swan event. We know that because we’ve been reliably told by the smartest people that situations like such as this virtually never happen. Huh.

Anyway . . .

When police arrived on the scene at the Forest Drive restaurant at about 11 p.m. Thursday, they found a man on the ground who had been shot in the upper body, according to the statement. …

The suspected robber was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to the statement.

According to the report from, the employee with the gun who shot the masked man won’t be charged. That’s because (s)he had reasonable fear of death or grievous bodily harm and was defending himself and his co-worker. That’s pretty much the textbook definition of justifiable self-defense.

All’s well that ends well.



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  1. Thank goodness the scum is dead. Yes, I do celebrate the death of scum who intend harm to others. Good. Excellent. He’s dead. Where he belongs: no longer on this planet.

    And as you said, there ARE no actual defensive uses of guns in this country. It’s all a myth. Thus, the scum’s death didn’t happen either. The use of the gun didn’t happen. The employee didn’t have his own gun. None of it happened because, according to the communists, these things didn’t happen.

    I love fairy tales like this. Great start to Saturday.

    • And the taxpayer didn’t have to put out a million plus on court, attorneys, doctors & prison or parol…..It never happen and best of all the news media will never report it.

      • Michael Brown refers to this as a “Taxpayer Relief Shot” and includes these stories in his weekday broadcasts on local radio.

        • Now I like that…..“Taxpayer Relief Shot” I will definitely remember & use that in the future. Now if someone named their new & improved self defense ammo that….Well maybe not.

  2. Well, since it hardly ever happens(according to the TV watchers, anyways), and even if it did, having a gun is no guarantee of safety, the TV worshippers will say carrying one is idiotic.
    One thing is for sure, when this kind of thing happens to you, you’re much better off with a gun than without one. The thing that the TV watchers can no longer fit in their heads(too full of reruns of American Gladiators and Gilligan, is my guess) is the idea that there is no such a thing as safe. This is a dangerous planet that has thousands of ways to kill you in an instant.
    The best one can do is try to mitigate the risks as much as one can. And we’ve done it so well that many, many sheeple can’t now even imagine(imaginations too, burned out by Gilligan and American Gladiators) the idea that a crazed drug addict might wake them out of their bed at 0darkthirty tonight. But they will, in many a house, all over the world. Tonight and every night.
    Sleep well, sleepy sheeple. Or grow a pair and some claws…

  3. Since the anti-gunners claim that defensive gun use almost never happens then can we claim that school shootings almost never happen either? Hey, it’s worth a shot.

      • Unless you’re black, in which case homicide is the 5th leading cause of death, and most of those due to gunshot wounds.

        For the rest of us, yes, death by gunshot wound is so unlikely as to not enter the consciousness.

  4. Glad to see this Attempted Robbery/Assault ended on a positive note. Not only did the perp get his just reward. It was accomplished in the cheapest possible fashion. Approximately 25 cents based on current ammo prices. Thus saving the taxpayers of South Carolina 100’s of Thousands of dollars in legal fees and incarceration costs. Money which now can be used for more constructive purposes. This is the type of solution goes much farther toward the reduction of crime than jail time. It also guarantees no recidivism on the part of the criminal. Keep Your Powder Dry… Good job TTAG. After doing my own sourcing. This is a legitimate news article. Not just a Story. Keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

      • Hopefully, they shot him on tile/vinyl flooring. It can get costly to get blood out of carpet, and a wood floor pretty much needs to ve replaced if it isn’t sealed properly. Even tile can be a pain if the grout isn’t sealed. The restaurant should sue the perp’s estate to recover any costs.

  5. Preaching to the choir here: the anti gun crowd has difficulty ignoring and denying these documented and reported, shots fired events. I suppose they just bury them in the homicide statistics.

    However, they (and apparently the CDC) actively try to suppress the huge (and obviously unreported) number of incidents where the gun was presented in self-defense, without being fired, and prevented violence.

  6. A Chinese restaurant? He is lucky he didn’t get butchered, cooked, and served up as the evenings “special” …. lol

  7. You know, this is going to go down as another gun violence statistic. Doesn’t matter that it was justified and all that. The body count is going to be used by the Left for their own purposes.

    • Yep, it surely is.

      There’s something truly abhorrent about an ideology that not only fails to distinguish between good and evil, but reliably gets it backwards.

  8. All just a misunderstanding, his sista done said dood just wanted to trade dat gun fo to get some dat Chinese cooking fo his fambly. Then they tried to take his gun and then they fried him! Just when he was trying to get rid of dat gun and turn his life around!

  9. I bet there is a newspaper in Chicago that is ready to say that one (more) defensive guns use does not justify concealed carry.


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