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Nothing personal. offers readers a farrago of firearms statistics related to the gang-banging mayhem plaguing Chicago. The site’s stats reset for the new year, but there’s already plenty of raw data for your dining and dancing pleasure.

You can check out everything from the number of drive-bys in which three people were shot (10) and how many people died as a result (3), to the total number of people “shot in the junk” (6). The chart above shows that the Windy City’s looking at a record year “gun violence”-wise (those are all January totals).

Bottom line: gun control doesn’t work. That is all.

[h/t ML]

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  1. Not much to see here. Two years ago, our concealed carry law went into effect in January and Chicago crime was down. And the morons in the gun rights community were pointing at the new law and taking credit. The truth was hardly any carry licenses had been issued at that point, but it was an unusually cold winter in Chicago.

    Wintertime crime in Chiraq is weather-dependent. The most violent winters throughout history have been warm winters.

    Last month in Chicago saw slightly above normal temperatures, so the above normal gangbanger activity should be not surprise.

    • At the same time the “blood in the streets” and “wild west” the idiot grabbers claimed would happen hasn’t. It should also be worth nothing that there have been quite a few justified shootings that happened in January that count towards these totals funnily enough.

    • You say that as if the Bloody Shirt Wavers don’t take credit for every bullshit statistic they can contort, mangle, and butcher into falsely implying that they have real facts behind their arguments.

      • I say that because if we take credit for crime going down, and then it goes back up (which it has, in this case), we look stupid.

        We have plenty of real data, analyzed with proper controls. We don’t need to make stuff up.

    • Among the morons in the gun rights community be sure to count the losers in southern IL who vote for Rep. Brandon Phelps from Harrisburg. The flag waving patriots care about black people in Chicago when plaintiffs like Otis McDonald sign on for the Supreme Court lawsuit against the City of Chicago.

      When it comes to passing a decent carry bill, the trailer dwellers let NRA contract lobbyist Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Phelps “NRA backed” HB183 carry bill, because they really don’t care about black people in Chicago now that they have a piece of plastic in their wallets that gives them the privilege to get shot by police impersonators while mudding in their monster trucks. Most of these losers think Rahm Emanuel put DTI in the NRA bill, not NRA lobbyist Vandermyde. Yee-haw!

  2. When can we start passing laws that make breaking the law illegal? Come on, this is common sense, for the children.

      • The city council should adopt the UK’s defintion for murder. At a twelve percent clearance rate the City should be down there with London.

      • 12% CLEARANCE RATE!!! That is stupid low! The clear rate in most cities is up around 60% if not higher! What is going on with CPD?

  3. Gun rights, which does not mean one thing to criminals since they have always had them, are much much better in Illinois and Chicago. I regularly and legally carry everywhere I go in the city.

    This has more to do with the deal Rahm made with the ACLU. Basically, if a cops just talks to someone they are in for 30 to 45 minutes of paperwork that will be reviewed by ACLU lawyers looking to nail cops.

    So the cops now risk suspension, their job, and legal action because they know what a gang banger looks like in thier town so they talked with them.

    What is happening is exactly what the ACLU wants, cops sitting by and th thugs doing whatever they want.

    • Police can pump up their stats by arresting armed citizens since NRA contract lobbyist Todd Vandermyde and his hick sidekick Rep. Brandon Phelps made ALL violations of their “NRA backed” HB183 carry bill criminal. Take your choice from the garbage sandwich they wrote: will it be 6 MONTHS in jail for your first offense, or 1 YEAR in jail for your second offense of carrying into Starbucks? Thanks Todd!

      To make carrying a gun in public more exciting in IL, you have the added thrill of getting harassed, set up, arrested and killed by police criminals with Duty to Inform! Vandermyde had to make a deal with the police unions, it wasn’t his fault. Just give up your right to remain silent and your right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, and you can have your carry license. If the unelected Star Chamber review Board approves you that is. Call up Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at ILA and give Vandermyde a bonus!

  4. Exactly. Irrefutable proof that the Chicago gun violence is a direct and indisputable result of lax gun laws in the rest of the country, especially states bordering Illinois. If there were no guns in civilian hands in other states, Chicago would look like Luxembourg. As people in other states do not have crushing anti-gun laws, criminals buy guns and move out of those lax states and target states with strong gun laws, because being a criminal in a state with lax gun-laws does nothing to built the rep. If things keep going the way they are, Chicago will end up being sacrificed in order for other states (gun friendly) to enjoy reduced crime because criminals leave in order to wreak havoc in Chicago.

    • Sure, if everyone in Chicago had money it would look like that. Tell me where the money is in the inner city of Chicago; I move that it’s flat out not there.

      • Owning, carrying, using a gun for self-defense is racist, bigoted, elitist, and condescending to the poor. The poor cannot afford to defend themselves. Anyone who has wealth enough to buy a gun is displaying rude, blatant, heartless and uncaring derision of the poor and minority poor,

  5. Yeah I saw this all over the local news. AND it’s bound to get much worse with the “new” kinder gentler po-leece. That’s what happens when you charge a cop with 1st degree murder (manslaughter tops)for shooting a drug-addled punk on a crime spree-brandishing a knife. And the objection was for 16 boo-lits… “But my baby was only 17-dindonuffin’ “…anywho I plan on avoiding the city. Unfortunately the city is wending it’s way down south to my neighborhood. Oddly the murder rate is MUCH lower than even the 90’s-but shootings are higher…

  6. Unfortunately this information will be used by the Second Amendment destroyers to prove this is exactly why we should ban all guns. Of course sane people know criminals will always get weapons but a low mentality general public that never owed a firearm will solemnly nod their heads in complete agreement on how an immediate Utopian Society will emerge the sooner we send in the Gestapo to confiscate and melt down all guns and they seem as of late to have the backing of every judge on every court as the judges are constantly legalizing all the latest gun ban laws that are being passed. Taxes on each bullet, limited magazine capacity etc. etc.

    • They also ignore the indisputable facts that the victims and the perpetrators are concentrated in certain subsets of the population that ignore the law, period.

    • I won’t get into insane union contracts that are unsustainable; that’s a whole other topic. However, the schools are a reflection of the communities that surround them.

      Find an area with lots of gangs, a no-snitch culture, majority single parent households, who hate the police, the fire department, and all the services and entitlements that tax payers provide and there will be a nearby CPS school that is a failure.

      Find an area where people care about the neighborhood they live in, the schools, pay taxes, have solid families, etc., and there will mostly be very good public schools nearby.

  7. Constitutionalist occupation of a wildlife refuge in Washington for the month of January has resulted in 0 shootings (unless you count police shooting the occupiers).

    Gangs and “youth” occupation of Chicago for the month of January has resulted in 57 shootings.

    Yep Constitutionalists are the biggest threat to America right now.

  8. So much for Taking it to the alleys for the gang bangers. What kind of public official makes a statement like that, An ass hole that’s what kind! The mayor of that city is horrible Let’s these criminals get away with this kind of crap. And then blames it all on inanimate objects.

  9. But you haven’t given Chicago a fair chance yet. Enact strict gun laws in the states surrounding Chicago Illinois and then it will work. On the off chance it doesn’t there’s no reason to undo those laws, I mean, we just need to try harder, clearly. If it still doesn’t work by the time you banned and confiscated guns from all known gun owners in the US then don’t worry, there’s still some magic legislation that’ll do the trick, we just have to keep trying until we get to Utopia to there.

    Your security is worth trading your freedoms in for, or do you like dying or something?

  10. Every time you get on an airplane, you undergo an unconstitutional search in the name of “public safety.” It’s time to declare martial law in the ghetto’s of Chicago, have a mandatory shelter in place, and go door to door to rip peoples houses apart and collect the firearms these people are possessing. Think there is no precedent for this. They did it in Watertown for the marathon bombing suspect where no one was allowed to leave their house and SWAT teams went door to door clearing homes one by one…

    • The (D) machine that runs The City won’t do anything to jeopardize their grip on the power they have at city hall. Inserting the Nat Guard would admit defeat and that their policies have failed.

      Generations have been numbed to the idea that (D) is “Da Chicago way”. Nevermind that IL has a junk bond rating, teachers union is anti-education, and Tiny Dancer runs around pretending to know what to do.

      “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    • people have every right to those firearms. Especially those that live in bad neighborhoods. When we start strongly prosecuting violent offenders, the crime numbers will drop. As it is now, many violent offenders are out on the street within months after being convicted. It’s silly.

      unfortunately things are moving in the wrong direction with the ACLU receipts that police have to give to anyone stopped. Leadership is actively looking to hang officers out to dry.

  11. Obama has an explanation. The thug life crowd just piles into their hoopdiemobile, cruises on down to Indiana and loads up with all those gun show loophole gats and then drives back on up to the Windy City.

    Except of course that NEVER HAPPENS.

  12. Reward of one half-finished case of Busch Light found by the roadside but not too dirty for Joe or any ISRA or NRA member who can read the press release from October 14, 2010, from the office of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald re. conviction of NRA lobbyist Donald Todd Vandermyde’s former boss William Dugan, president of the Intl. Union of Operating Engineers local 150 in Countryside, IL. Hey it’s just federal charges, kind of like making moonshine.

    Beer reward will be delivered to the doorstep of their trailers if they can read the press release about Vandermyde’s boss without moving their lips, otherwise no delivery of beer provided if they have to enlist the help of their kinfolk to read it (if they can read at all.)

  13. Natural selection going on here! The cancer of our society eating away at itself! Obamalamadingdong aka back door Barry isn’t going to do a damn thing about it because it suits his agenda and besides is it really such a bad thing if there are a few less cockroaches aka Hillary voters around?

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