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“This Forum event examined gun violence through a public health prism,” the YouTube caption asserts. “Panelists talked about patterns of violence, including social forces such as the grinding violence, crime and poverty that disproportionately affect disadvantaged communities. Panelists also discussed President Obama’s recent announcements about gun violence prevention, prompted by a series of mass shootings as well as ongoing urban violence.” So why wasn’t Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership or another pro-gun rights group invited? Ask Harvard and Reuters, who put on this civilian disarmament circle jerk.

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  1. Not quite common knowledge, but good old Mikethegunguy Weisser founded and runs ‘National Medical Council on Gun Violence’. His ‘Advisory Board’ comprises a lot of names like Palfrey, Hemenway, Wintemute, Teret, ad nauseum.

  2. I was about to discount the recommendations until I saw they were “expert” recommendations – then I was all ears.

  3. Silly stuff about our republic in conversations far removed from reality, trying to solve problems made by past and current policies, with the hope transitsing to a belief a collective can make a better world.

  4. Did they talk about how grinding poverty is caused by a pattern of behavior that glorifies violence and criminality, that insults and demeans anyone of their racial group that attempts to get a good education, and blames their high rate of incarceration and poverty caused by this behavior on “white privilege”?

    No? Then it must be the guns fault.

  5. They should watch a real expert explainwhat really caused all this.

    “Good Intentions” with Walter E. Williams – YouTube

    • Williams, Friedman, and Sowell: The guys we should’ve have listened to 30 years ago, but didn’t.

      • Sowell’s booK “Black Red necks and White Liberals” gives a good picture of the unholy marriage of the “gangsta culture” and the enablement of this culture with progressive programs and attitudes.

    • Our nation would be so much better if everyone would follow the advice of Williams and Sowell.

  6. By all means, let’s open up the list of concealed carry licence holders. Then we can see which Democrats in Congress want to take away the guns of the average Joe, while keeping their guns.

  7. Once you have government controlled health care, everything becomes a healthcare issue, to be regulated by the government.

  8. Shooting my various firearms is one of my favorite pastimes. I love each one for different reasons: their mechanics, accuracy, challenges, look and feel. When I am shooting I am fully engaged and feel “on purpose”. Not for any intention of violence or harm, but in awe of how they do what they do, like driving a fine car, viewing a well made film, reading a great book, listening to classical music, visiting a fine art museum, enjoying a fine cigar, sampling an excellent vintage, admiring a great structure, and so on. In my 53 years of gun owning and shooting, none of my firearms have ever been used to threaten, harm or kill another Human and only twice to kill an animal (both times in an act of mercy to a terminally injured creature that was suffering and dying), My health is good for my age. I am happy (the vast majority of the time). I have no stress over my ability to defend myself and my loved ones from criminal predation in my home, but surely wish I could carry that stressless feeling with me in Public wherever I go.

    Frankly, I don’t need any self-appointed “experts” grinding a Statist agenda to tell me how firearms affect my health, or how I might affect the Public Health, because I know from my direct experience they benefit and balance me.

    To answer your question: No pro-gun group was invited to this event because the tyrannists that sponsored it want to impose their will on everyone else and are too cowardly to risk any viable opposition to the conclusion(s) they have already determined to extract from their so-called “discussions”. They fear their opponents because they know their agenda is about seizing power over other Humans and, in so doing, they are purposely wrong from the outset. They are cut from the same verminous cloth as any tyrant you can think of in history or find in the present.

  9. The answer to “gun violence” is taking away the guns from the people who didn’t do anything, and giving more free sh!t to the people who did. Just ask any Demonrat.

  10. If they can be too ignorant to know what the F really needs fixing, we can call them out on being too stupid to fix it. If they say that means we “want crime”, then I say F-yeah we want crime just as much as you do. You’ve convinced us.


  11. Me and my pals convened a panel the other day, too. We settled on a unanimous motion that guns are inanimate objects, and doctors portraying them as disease vectors are charlotains. A bunch of self righteous harpies (our wives) somewhat nodded in agreement, too, so clearly we are mandated to pass new laws to harass them out of existence. It’s science.

  12. “Panelists talked about patterns of violence, including social forces such as the grinding violence, crime and poverty that disproportionately affect disadvantaged communities.”

    Excellent. Kudos to them for noticing that “gun violence” occurs as a subset of “violence”, which is the actual problem. Someone shot to death is no deader than someone beaten to death.

    So, where can I find their proposals for dealing with these antecedents to violence, which will, if effective, reduce all kinds of violence (Good, I presume), and pretty much make people’s lives better in general. (Also good, I presume.)

    “Panelists also discussed President Obama’s recent announcements about gun violence prevention, prompted by a series of mass shootings as well as ongoing urban violence.”

    I presume, given the preamble, that their discussion was mainly about the lameness and irrelevance of President Obama’s actions and rhetoric, in focusing on one particular instrument (guns) vs. the broader fundamental problem (violence); in engaging in “administrative actions” that amount to gestures, ineffective in reducing gun violence, as admitted by the White House press secretary, and one assumes ineffective in reducing violence in general; and in failing to address the “grinding poverty”, culture of violence, lack of opportunity, poor eduction, and similar that were identified as antecedents to general violence. (I assume they referenced the recent study identifying violence-prone sub-populations in urban settings, and some characteristics of this population. See the study referenced via TTAG, among other places.)

    “So why wasn’t Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership or another pro-gun rights group invited? Ask Harvard and Reuters, who put on this civilian disarmament circle jerk.”

    Obviously, because they didn’t want a discussion, rather mutual reassurance of what they’d already decided was right, followed by a proclamation. I do wonder, if they’re so sure, why do they have to get together an validate each other so much? And if the evidence holds, why so much work in proclaiming the conclusions, vs. putting the data out there. If they’re so sure, people will convince themselves, which is far more durable than conversion-from-exhortation.

    At the least they could have included some number of Occupy folks, BlackLivesMatter advocates, or representatives from Baltimore’s inner cities. As I understand their position(s), a big chunk of “gun violence” particularly impacting urban minorities, could be eliminated by simply disarming the police.

    That would have made the transcripts more fun, but I wanna see the transcripts anyway.

  13. Want to stop gun violence? Get rid of gun-free zones, soften weapon laws and self defense laws drastically, teach adults and children about gun safety and gunfighting rules, teach them to be prepared to face their possible attackers and to fight back, promote weapon culture and civilian weapon ownership. Gun culture cannot exist when civilian gun ownership is demonized and when gun enthusiasts are portrayed as potential mass murderers. Safe society cannot exist without the right to bear arms and without the right of self defense.
    Gun control and gun-free zones only increase gun violence. Unarmed, law-abiding civilians cannot defend themselves against armed criminals who don’t follow any laws.
    There is a statement I like. Unfortunately, I don’t know who said it. “Why do almost all mass shootings happen in gun-free zones? The same reason they don’t happen at gun ranges.”

  14. Medical health process: education, individual help, and integration with healthy individuals.
    “Gun health” process: misinformation and lies, severe legal ramifications, and isolation.

    Guns as a health issue makes as much sense as forks as a health issue.

  15. According to the US service, health care occupations and industries are expected to have the fastest employment growth and will add the most jobs between 2014 and 2024.20 Health care workers deal with occupational health and safety hazards, putting them at risk for musculoskeletal disorders, infectious diseases, and mental stress.

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