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In the video above, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy tells the interviewer that he and some of his big city LEO BFFs put their heads together and came up with two reasons for the recent uptick in “gun violence” in urban areas. “Repeat offenders, right? And lazy laws that are not keeping repeat offenders from being out on the street to commit more violent crime.” Why that’s exactly what the NRA has been saying for what, five decades? Not surprisingly, McCarthy tips his hat to gun control, but then stays on-message about the importance of locking up the bad guys. Like this . . .

Some people think that everybody needs more guns all the time . . . Um, I endorse the Second Amendment but this is about illegal guns and how those get into criminals’ hands and kill people. And at the end of the day we have an obligation as leadership and policing to do something about it. And we can’t just say that more guns is the answer because we’re seizing more guns than anybody else in the country and it’s not going to change the gun violence on the streets until something else changes both legislatively and within the entirety of the criminal justice system.

I wonder what Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would make of that. Nothing, probably. Obviously?

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    • Political realities, in cities where the Democratic Party has a death grip on elections, prevent any politician or political appointee from ratting out their lazy, incompetent, corrupt comrades. Bad stuff goes on, for years. Everyone knows about it and no one has the stones to speak up.

      • Truth said.

        Democrats and their bootlicking sycophants are probably more adept at being ‘good ol’ boys’ than ANYONE simply because of the vindictive, unforgiving nature of the Democrat psyche, particularly among those wielding political power.

    • Freaking perfect! Anita is a POS State’s Attorney, between comments about a certain rape homicide being necrophilia (despite no evidence) and prosecuting people for exercizing their 1st amendment rights against both State and Federal enjoinments against her and then getting sued $600K in her personal capacity and having the county pay it I would say she has run her tab up. Not to mention practically defined the revolving door concept. McCarthy needs to GTFO of Chicago, I hate these appointed CLEO’s but I hate them even more when they are just transplants that aren’t even from the area. McCarthy has a sketchy past too, he’s pulled the tin out more than once to get himself or family members out of tickets or DUI’s from what I’ve read and even heard.

  1. Good people need more guns to protect themselves from the human refuse that inhabits this world.

    Whats the solution? Long term storage of said trash? Financially unsustainable.

    Until the trash is picked up and eliminated, instead of housed and then dumped right back on the street, the cycle will continue.

  2. No, putting more people into cages is not a viable answer. Especially putting people into cages for bogus “mala prohibita” activities. Most “gun crime” arrests have nothing at all to do with actually harming other people, just as most “gun laws” have nothing to do with preventing that harm. What is the actual clearance/conviction rate for murder, rape and assault where you live? Why not concentrate on that?

    When people are truly free to take personal responsibility for themselves, defend themselves in whatever manner they choose, and left alone to live with ALL the consequences of those choices and actions, the incidence of actual crime will likely plummet even faster than it has recently.

    • The reason why the government doesn’t focus on clearing violent crime is that it takes real work and they may come into contact with violent people. As opposed to dealing with small nonviolent offenders, who aren’t violent (wouldn’t you know), who are usually capable of paying fines and fee, the real target of police work (other than keeping opposition to those in governmental power off balance). I read an essay about a guy who sat in traffic court one morning and figured that all the courts in that building just that day were fleecing the public for millions. One building, one day, for nonviolent traffic violations- MILLIONS. The truth hurts.

    • heard recently, and I cannot remember the specific source, sorry, that violent crimes, including crimes committed with firearms, are in the great number of cases committed by a small percentage of criminals, most of whom are known to the police and criminal justice system. If the laws they break were aggressively enforce and this small percentage was locked up for the duration of their sentences the violent crime rate would fall precipitously. No need to lock up LOTS of people, just identify the really bad ones and keep them in cages.

      Anyone able to help with the cite?

    • “You put more guns on the street expect more shootings. I don’t care if they’re licensed legal firearms, people who are not highly trained putting guns in their hands is a recipe for disaster. So I’ll train our officers that there is a concealed carry law, but when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire and were going to have tragedies as a result of that. I’m telling you right up front.”
      –Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy

      Remove Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy

      • I agree McCarthy should be unemployed as soon as possible, but what good does a petition to Congress do? They have no authority to fire a police superintendent in Chicago.

  3. Chicago proves that gun control, disarming the law abiding, results in higher violent crime rates, regardless the weapon of choice, and increased levels of public corruption. Nobody gets elected in Chicago on a platform of cleaning up public corruption and support of second amendment rights of citizens in Chicago.
    The enemy of the corrupt is the armed shop owner or citizen. It is much harder to extort “protection” from those who can protect themselves.
    In MA, the police departments use the call logs as a fund raising list. If the police ever get called to your address, within days you will get a call from a “charity” in the name of the local PD.

  4. CPD seizes so many “illegal” guns because guns are essentially illegal in Chicago.

    The FOID card system is tedious and time consuming even with computer access. How about people without? Those people still have a right to defend themselves as well.

    How about the fact that “a” gun store doesn’t even exist in the city? You put desperate people in dire circumstances and wonder why they acquire guns the way they do.

    And meanwhile you “buy back” guns no questions asked and end up paying gangbangers to turn in their dirty guns to turn around and fund clean ones.

  5. I’m not surprised that McStreetlight uses the term ” illegal” guns. I’ll allow that guns can be illegally possessed, but as MamaLiberty points out, it’s all mala prohihitum anyway.

    I like his guns get into criminals’ hands and kill people. All by themselves or does the criminal need to operate the trigger? Just asking.

    BTW RF, I believe that he says “lax” not “lazy” (as stated in your synopsis).

  6. What does the Second Amendment have to do with illegal guns? More guns, in the hands of responsible, law abiding people does indeed make those people, on balance, more safe.

    That his officers are collecting any number of illegal guns, has nothing directly to do with anyone else lawfully owning guns.

    • Ok, time for education in liberal/progressive mental processes (an oxymoron, I know).

      All guns are bad/evil because they are designed to kill people; a bad thing.
      Guns do not intimidate attackers/deescalate threats, guns kill, intentionally or not.
      People who possess, or want to possess, guns are by extension bad.
      Bad people do bad things with bad guns.
      More people possessing guns (legal or illegal), means more bad people doing bad things.
      Bad things and bad people are bad, bad, bad.
      If no one has a gun, no one gets killed through use of a gun.
      Guns are bad, bad, bad. People with bad things are bad people.

  7. Chicago again-it’s too EZ for me to comment. So I’ll just say stopped clock/right 2X a day…McCarthy survived a black-led call for his firing recently. And even the tiny dancer had a hard time being re-erected…

  8. As Cam of the NRA’s Cam’s Corner sez, “If gun control worked, Chicago would be like Mayberry not Thunderdome”.

  9. Superintendent Numbnuts and his big city BFF’s put their heads together and still could not come up with a single functioning brain cell between them.


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