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Everyone knew Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s “Census Cowboy” was all hat and no cattle.  But it turns out, it was much worse than that.

Lightfoot appointed someone named Adam Hollingsworth, aka the “Dread Head Cowboy” to be the city’s “Census Cowboy” to encourage participation in the 2020 Census. In his spare time, Hollingsworth also rode his horse to protest gang “gun violence,” shutting down the Dan Ryan Expressway.

It’s ironic — even by Chicago standards — that Lori Lightfoot chose a man who’d been arrested nine times (just in Chicago) at the time he was hired, including a felony gun conviction and a pending domestic violence arrest, to serve as an ambassador of the city. How’s that for vetting?

Before Hollingsworth snagged the $1000-a-day gig with Lightfoot, Hollingsworth worked as a stripper “exotic dancer” and a boxer.

Adam Hollingsworth courtesy Chicago Police.

In that September 2020 interstate protest to keep poor inner-city residents of Chicago on the gun control plantation, Hollingsworth livestreamed the whole thing as he rode his horse on a 7-mile ride, mostly galloping. He called his anti-“gun violence” protest the “#kidslivesmatter” movement.

The problem was, the anti-gun publicity stunt critically injured the animal. The so-called cowboy didn’t properly saddle his horse. Even worse, he rode a horse without shoes on pavement. For miles. In the summer heat.

Guess what? The horse collapsed more than once on the 7-mile “ride.” The Independent Sentinel detailed injuries to the animal . . .

The horse did not have on proper shoes for the pavement, which caused bleeding and “extensive damage” to its health. Police began following and then the horse collapsed.

The horse suffered greatly from extreme dehydration, overheating, and lacerations to its front legs that caused “profuse” bleeding.

“The horse’s eyes were dilated to the point they looked like cartoon eyes,” Deboni said.

His attorney said Hollingsworth loves and cares for animals. If that’s the case, he’s simply a moron.

In a video posted to Facebook, Hollingsworth could be seen riding down the expressway with a motorcycle escort and yelling “kids lives matter.”

“All imma say until we focus on Kids lives matter this gone keep happening,” he wrote on Facebook ahead of the ride.

That earned Hollingsworth a felony charge of animal cruelty to add to his growing rap sheet. He has since pled guilty. CWB Chicago has the story . . .

Adam “Dreadhead Cowboy” Hollingsworth pleaded guilty to one count of felony animal cruelty Friday, bringing a sudden end to a 16-month saga that began when he rode a horse on the Dan Ryan Expressway, nearly resulting in the animal’s death from exhaustion, according to prosecutors.

Judge Michael McHale sentenced him to one year in prison, but also gave Hollingsworth credit for 232 days he spent on electronic monitoring while the case was pending. Hollingsworth is not expected to serve any prison time after receiving the state’s standard 50% “good behavior” sentence reduction.

In September 2020, two months after the city contracted with Hollingsworth to drum up participation in the decennial census as Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s “Census Cowboy,” the 34-year-old took his newfound fame and one of his horses on the road — literally.

Police arrested Hollingsworth after he live-streamed his 7-mile ride up the expressway while allegedly whipping and kicking his horse, NuNu, to keep it going. Hollingsworth said his stunt was a “kids lives matter” protest.

Two veterinarians who later examined the horse said it “suffered greatly, bled profusely,” collapsed repeatedly, and was not correctly saddled and cushioned, a prosecutor said during Hollingsworth’s initial bond hearing. One veterinarian reportedly told investigators that NuNu’s treatment was equivalent to “making an 80-year-old woman run a full marathon.”

Image by Boch via Twitter.

So there you have it.  Chicago’s Mayor hires a man accused of domestic battery with a felony gun conviction to promote census participation. The same guy also moonlights at anti-gun protests in Murder City, USA promoting gun control. He claims to be a cowboy, but cannot even properly saddle a horse. Then he rides that horse without shoes on a 7-mile ride on pavement in the summer heat that almost killed the animal.

Have these people no shame? Are they blindingly ignorant? Or are they just evil?

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  1. I can think of a much better sentence for this guy.

    There’s some old western where a guy runs his horse until it drops dead, so the film’s protagonist makes the guy run alongside his horse, running him all day until he’s near death himself. The point of it being to teach the guy what the horse felt and learnt him to never do that again. Worked in the movie, would be fitting here, IMHO.

    (BTW, I’m thinking it was a fairly mainstream/well known western. Ringing any bells with anyone?)

  2. Horse lives matter!

    The extra stupid thing is, I’m quite certain that most people who are accustomed to caring for horses could have made that ride, with no harm to the steed. A couple preparatory steps would have made things a whole lot better, like coordinating with the police department to shut down the high speed traffic. Proper shoes – those rubber slip-on shoes are really interesting to me. And, maybe learning how to saddle your mount? Make the ride during cooler hours, before that pavement gets blistering hot.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. Don’t allow any dreadheads near your horse.

    • Paul,

      The rider failed on multiple levels:

      1. NEVER ride a horse on pavement without steel horseshoes (especially at a trot or faster).

      2. Never make a horse gallop for seven miles unless the horse is (by some miracle) in condition to do that.

      3. Never ride a horse with a saddle without proper padding and fastening.

      4. Never ride a horse without blinders in traffic.

      Note: I am anything BUT an export on horses or riding and even I know the above rules.

      And then the rider should know better than to go seven miles unless the horse was properly hydrated before starting out–and should have had water ready at the end of the ride.

      • Paul, exactly what I was thinking. When I saw the picture of the canter on the road my first thought was NO!

        My uncle used to do endurance rides, where the horses are vet checked at every section. He said it was like running a marathon because at least half to two-thirds is you running beside the horse.

        I’m hardly an expert either but I did learn a lot from working at a riding school on weekends in my 20s.

    • From what I read in the article this a**hole will never do any jail time. He should have received a year for every mile he rode that horse.

      Maybe somebody would have bent him over and given him a good “riding “.

  3. Mayor Lightfoot is famous for being a lesbian.

    So, why did she hire a male stripper? Does her wife know about this? Inquiring minds…

  4. Usually you want people of good character with clean backgrounds to act as your standard bearers, moral compasses and martyrs.

    Seems like certain populations are hard pressed to find that sort of person or at the very least assume somebody with this individuals baggage is of good character and worthy of being a moral compass. Bar height is relative I suppose.

    • “Usually you want people of good character with clean backgrounds to act as your standard bearers, moral compasses and martyrs”

      no. people want someone just like them to represent them.

      he’s perfect.

  5. If anyone ever needs a “real world” example of the consequences of “the soft bigotry of low expectations” here’s it is – giddy up cowboy!

  6. I actually thought there was a new federal law ( under 10 years old ) that made it a federal crime to abuse an animal. Why hasn’t the feds chimed in on this. This guy is a poster child of the word duffis. Ok spelling may be off but you get.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        “…‘Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act’ – it pertains to ‘animal crushing’…”

        For those who may not know, ‘animal crushing’ is a sick sexual fetish video of a shapely woman’s leg in stockings and high heels stomping on a small furry creature like a mouse or a hamster until it is dead.

        Yeah, that sick.

        (And probably something my brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll has an extensive video collection of to masturbate to… 🙁 )

  7. “Never attribute to malice that which is explained by stupidity.”

    He’s a thug who probably never learned critical thinking, or much else.

  8. Dunno whuts worse. Lightthing or cowboy. How about call it a tie of infamy? Road horses at 18 with my girlfriend at her rich family friends estate. Summer of 72′. Got pretty good(she didn’t). Best thing outa that relationship🙄

  9. Horses and I have a strict, mutually agreed upon, non-interference agreement…it’s worked well since I was a teen.

    That said, anyone who intentionally abuses one should be treated the same way. Dread Head should double-time run 7 miles, barefoot, in the heat, with no water, carrying a pack that is equivalent to 20% of his body weight.

    • I came to say almost the same thing. I don’t ride horses and they don’t ride me. I could never find the handlebars plus I’m a little frightened of them. I’ve been around horses a lot and you can tell when you look them in their eyes they are smart and sensitive animals.

      Anyone who abuses a horse that way ought to be run till they have a heat stroke.

      • “I could never find the handlebars plus I’m a little frightened of them”

        me too. last time I rode the animal bolted, completely ignoring me and the reins, and ran under a low branch. I was actually thinking “how do I turn this thing off?”, but there was no switch.

        • You should be carrying the switch. Use sparingly, because it’s one way only.

          As for Hollingsworth, they should give him a ride in the BioLiquidator, along with his horse’s carcass.

        • rant7,

          Hah, I had the EXACT same experience when I was a young teenager trying to ride my neighbor’s horse for the first time.

          I learned that horses can be very stubborn and like to test new riders. I also learned that I should have pulled the reins HARD to one side or the other to stop that horse. (Don’t pull the reins back or the horse is likely to rear-up and throw you off.)

        • I had one bolt, too. I was 14 yrs old and pulling on the reins did nothing. It ran to the barn door and stopped on a dime. Someone said that the animal knows when you’re a newbie. I agree, an “off switch/reset button” would have been nice.

        • “You should be carrying the switch. Use sparingly, because it’s one way only.”

          I was thinking off switch, not kiill switch.

      • There smart alright.
        A former girlfriend had a Paint, kept pawing the water out of the water through, I come up with an idea to lace some light rope around the trough so it would get its feet tangled if it tried to paw the trough.
        Horse watched me doing all this and when I got done it reached down, took a bite on one of the ropes and snapped it. So then I used bailing wire and the horse gave me a look like, ” you fcker”.

        • sounds about right!

          I mentioned above that horses can be stubborn and like to test their handlers/riders. You highlighted another fact: horses can be surprisingly mischievous!

        • Horses are at least as intelligent as dogs. And can get up to mischief just to prove they can. But at the same time they can be as loyal as dogs to their people.

      • It’s very technique heavy. Horses can read the riders by how they sit. There is a reason why experienced riders sit like they are slumping. It shifts their weight down on the horses back and a trained horse will know that as stop or to stay when stopped.

        At the riding school I was given a horse to use for trail rides because he had a reputation for throwing riders. I rode him as I was trained and he was great. He became my preferred horse for the trails. I worked with him instead of fighting him.

      • @Klaus Von Schmitto

        Handlebars – yes…reins – not so much.

        Trials, Enduro and Motorcross…survived all of them from age 11 until our third child was born that’s when the Mrs. said I needed to grow up some…well, that and we sure did need the $$ for family stuff.

        (wish that I still had my old Montessa Cota 247 Trials bike…riding that bike was like figure skating on two wheels. Too much fun!)

  10. I think they should put a bridle with bit in mouth on Lightfoot, and force her to run that same 7 mile trip on hands and knees.

  11. well well, Hollingsworth has a GoFundMe set up supposedly to introduce horseback riding to city kids. Its here >

    he raised $88,575.00 but is no longer accepting donations.

    It also turns out he has two horses, Prince and Bella, and the third in the pic with this article is NuNu. This man should never be around a horse again, he obviously doesn’t know how to care for them properly.

  12. I looked the pic of the horse over a little bit closer, it ain’t even got a saddle blanket, who the fck saddled that horse?
    Man that’s bad.
    If I was Holeinthehead I wouldn’t show up to no rodeos for awhile. Some little Cowgirl barrel racer might stomp the living sht out of him for that.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “Some little Cowgirl barrel racer might stomp the living sht out of him for that.”

      When we lived in southwest Oklahoma, both of my sisters had horses and competed with them, barrel racing. My younger sis with her Appaloosa made it to the state finals at the Oklahoma state fair in 1977…

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          They put in the work and made their horses faster. Lots of hours…


    (McHale is the Judge)

    Hollingsworth vigorously denied mistreating the horse.

    For the next sixteen months, Hollingsworth hired and fired two attorneys, then served as his own lawyer. His lack of training as a barrister sparked many awkward moments.

    A motion to dismiss Hollingsworth filed on his own behalf last August was just five words long: “My constitutional right was violated.”

    During one hearing, Hollingsworth and McHale went back and forth about exactly which farm animals Hollingsworth was prohibited from being near.

    “Is it — horses is the only animals that I can’t be around?” Hollingsworth inquired.

    “Right,” McHale confirmed. “I didn’t say any other animals. Right. Just horse…”

    “Other farm animals? I’m allowed to be around them?”

    “Yes, you are. Yeah. I said no horses. So. Dogs, cats, goats, pigs, yeah…”

    “Donkeys?” Hollingsworth asked. “Mules?”

    “I really don’t want to get into splitting hairs about donkeys and mules and burros and anything else, Ok. So, please just behave wisely…No HORSES.”

    “Yes, sir,” Hollingsworth acknowledged.

    “No ponies, either,” McHale warned.

    “I know. A pony is a horse,” Hollingsworth agreed as another defendant awaiting their turn the Zoom call — seated in the Cook County Jail — rocked back and forth in laughter, shaking his head.

    The novelty of Hollingsworth’s amateur lawyering wore off and McHale ran out of patience when Hollingsworth showed up unprepared for trial.

    The final straw for McHale was Hollingsworth’s preposterous claim that he didn’t have prosecutors’ evidence against him because his dog ate the flash drive. McHale sentenced him to 90 days in jail for contempt.

    Records in the animal cruelty case’s court file include a “horse bill of sale” that shows Hollingsworth sold one of his other horses, a 14-year-old Quarter Horse named “Prince,” for $1,500 cash two days after he was arrested on the Dan Ryan.

    In an affidavit of assets and liabilities filed last August, Hollingsworth said he paid $1,000 a month in child support, received Link benefits, was trying to get a job as a tire shop delivery person, and owned a 2018 Jaguar.

  14. People that support gun control are criminals at heart. Why are we surprised when these types would abuse a helpless animal?

  15. “Have these people no shame? Are they blindingly ignorant? Or are they just evil?”
    i believe “stupidly evil” are the words you are looking for..

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      That’s what I would like to know. I’m surprised it didn’t mention the horse was put down… 🙁

      • Cowbro needs to be put down a deep dark hole for the next year.

        “All imma say until we focus on Kids lives matter this gone keep happening,”

        See kids, this is what happens with SJW’s, they adopt a ’cause’ then will let others bleed so they can have their way. You don’t want to be hurting anyone so do not listen to these people as they do not have your best interest at heart. The BLM SJW protestors do it, Cowbro does it, Lightfoot is doing it by putting violent criminals back on the street and caring not who lives or die as long as she gets her way. Parents, do not let your kids follow these people as role models and if you want to save their lives from these literal human-monsters of death and harm if you live in Chicago then leave as soon as possible.

  16. We never shod your 27 horse & ponies.
    We just kelp them off the pave, even on trips of over five miles.
    We stayed on the shoulder all the way to the next dirt road.

  17. I myself was once arrested down in Mississippi under the alias of “Mr Ben Dover” for molesting a dead horse. As I explained to the judge, the horse was alive and well when I began to molest it. I guess that I was a little rough with it. I was going to be even rougher with Fletch when they put him in my cell, but they let me out.

  18. Saddle that shithead up and let the horse ride him the full 7 miles…..without proper shoes, water, and saddle blanket. Wonder the horse didn’t slip on the pavement breaking a leg.

  19. Riding on pavement without proper shoes, and allowing the animal to collapse from exhaustion and dehydration? Can’t print what I would like to do with the fool. Just let it go that he would never ride another horse without feeling a bit of discomfort and would never forget to take care of the animal first. There is no reasnon to mistreat any animal. My horses work and are healthy well cared for partners on my homestead. Been working with large animals most of my life. No reason to be afraid of a horse, but you should have a healthy respect for them.

  20. Is there literally ANYTHING that the blacks don’t completely ruin and destroy?!?!
    When are finally going to do what should have/must been done decades ago?!?!?
    Come on, people! We all know what MUST be done!

    • @Truth Hurts

      WoW! White Supremacist through and through aren’t you, part of the problems with threats to their 2A rights gun owners have now because that’s part of how anti-gun people picture us in a ‘guilt by association’ manner even though its only a very small subset of people with hatred the majority of us want nothing to do with. You are part of the problem.

    • Pretty sure there is no “country” in Africa that wants the US welfare blacks coming in. They all want our US$ but that is it.

      • My own experience in Africa is that the locals in govt don’t want to deal with American blacks much, figuring that they are descendants of “losers”… So they told me…

    • Not all blacks are Lightfoot or Hollingsworth, just as all whites are not Perry Smith and Dick Hickock. Thankfully, in both cases.

  21. My mother may not approve of my gun owning hobby, but she is a Horse lover, and that is by Texas Standards. And I am pretty sure she would support a hanging (NOT A LYNCHING just to be clear) or some Frontier Justice for this “Cowboy” over what he did to that beautiful animal.

  22. They’re just evil. You don’t punish law abiding citizens who simply want to protect themselves while letting criminals roam free to hurt innocents unless you are evil. Hiring this piece of human trash and what he did is par for the course.

  23. Violent convicted felon criminal paid to protest guns and tries to kill a horse. Yeah, Lightfoot needs to have her butt kicked out of office.

  24. I think this batsard got off WAY TOO LIGHT-foot, no doubt. For what he did to that poor horse, he should have served his time in Joliet. It doesnt surprise me that that evil woman hired this guy and abetted his actions.


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