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The wheels of justice grind slowly in Illinois, but a Willowbrook man has finally pleaded guilty to gun and drug charges in federal court. Biden’s US Attorneys negotiated the charges down on counts of illegally selling guns from his popular food truck to simple possession of firearms by a felon. Terry Ferguson, 58, will be sentenced in May.

‘I’ll have a salami on rye with a side of Beretta’

That’s right, Ferguson’s food truck, “Chicago’s Finest Deli on Wheels” allegedly sold at least 23 firearms, illegally, according to the folks at BATF while operating in locations including downtown Chicago serving the lunch crowd.

Chicago’s Finest Deli on Wheels via Yelp.

Two others implicated in the case already pleaded guilty. One was sentenced to “time served” and another awaits sentencing.

The Chicago Tribune has the story . . .

On the morning of his scheduled jury trial, a suburban man pleaded guilty — again — to narcotics and weapons charges alleging the sale of two dozen guns from the back of his popular food truck more than seven years ago.

Terry Ferguson, 58, of Willowbrook, entered his plea to one count each of cocaine distribution and possession of firearms by a felon during a hearing at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse, where a pool of prospective jurors had come in to fill out questionnaires for his anticipated trial.

Ferguson faces a mandatory minimum of five years in prison, though prosecutors have said federal sentencing guidelines call for up to 18½ years behind bars.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly set sentencing for May 15.

Ferguson’s plea agreement included allegations that he brokered the sale of 23 firearms from his food truck, Chicago’s Finest Deli on Wheels, in November 2015, a transaction captured on video by an undercover agent for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives…

The cache of guns, which included 10 rifles, four shotguns and an array of pistols, had allegedly been stolen by one of Ferguson’s associates from a home in the Canaryville neighborhood on Chicago’s Southwest Side near where Ferguson’s mother lived, according to court records…

In addition to the food truck transaction, Ferguson admitted in the plea agreement to trafficking cocaine over a three-year period beginning in 2016 and also fencing an array of stolen goods from his warehouse in Hickory Hills, including snap-on tools, deck furniture, lawn mowers and pallets of dog food.


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    • The NRA, FFLs, and law abiding gun owners made the poor guy sell those guns. Somehow. Don’t punish this guy, he’s nice and makes a good sammich!

  1. Universal background checks would have prevented this. Somehow.

    Good to see another felon committing what many zealots believe is the most dangerous of crimes gerting a sweet plea deal.

    • tsbhoa.p.jr,

      Why would you want a club…too primitive and not much range…even the Desert Eagle club (although I did not know they made one). Guns are easier to conceal, also.


      • deagle is a club.
        “i’ve got a good mind to go out and join a club and beat you over the head with it.” -julius henry marx
        helluva business model. we’ve got a laundromat tavern too.

  2. Another stone cold case for mandatory Safe Storage Laws which would eliminate most of the smash and grab quickie robberies of firearms. But the full blown nut case paranoia of the Far Right has consistently fought tooth , nail and claw against such commons sense gun laws that the entire rest of the civilized world has had for decades resulting in their way lower firearms thefts and murders.

    • I mean, the result here would most likely be exactly the same, except the robbery victim would be catching some charges as well. We’ve had safe storage here in Ca forever and all it does is make people lie on an affidavit about having a safe. Can’t legislate responsibility.

    • @dacian

      “Another stone cold case for mandatory Safe Storage Laws which would eliminate most of the smash and grab quickie robberies of firearms”

      do that’s why safe storage laws haven’t stopped 80% of stolen firearms from being stolen for firearms stored according to safe storage requirements in various areas not even in gun stores… because ignorant idiots like you don’t understand the reality and don’t listen to the various pro-gun groups that have proposed actual secure storage.

      you apparently do not know the difference between the anti-gun “safe storage” law they want vs actual secure storage. ok ill tell you.. Basically the anti-gun “safe storage” is focused on keeping the owner and others in the home away from the gun where actual secure storage is gocysed on keeping the gun away from theives AND others except the owner and those the owner authorizes.

      you’re an ignorant moron dacian.

      • Once again Booger Brain you lie between your blackened teeth.

        You cannot bullshit me on this one. I raised two kids and always, always had my guns locked up in a safe. I could access a loaded gun out of a safe in less than 1 1/2 seconds with time to spare. A couple of times when I did need a gun I simply kept it on my person until it was not needed and then it went right back into the safe.

        Sorry you fell right into the shithouse on this one you demented paranoid liar.

        • @dacian

          You evidently still do not understand the difference between ‘safe storage’ and ‘secure storage’

          Its not BS dacian, its the truth. Its got nothing to do with ‘access time’ you idiot. And if you did raise kids I feel really sorry for them.

          The democrats and anti-gun come right out and tell you what I wrote – listen carefully to them talk about “safe storage”, every time it comes back to the ‘keep the gun locked up away from those in the home including the owner’ thing and they start throwing in children and suicides – that’s why they call it “safe’ and not ‘secure’ you moron. No one needs to BS you on this, you do it just fine yourself.

          And in case you missed it, and you obviously did, “safe storage’ laws do not prevent thefts of firearms. No law prevents the act of a crime you moron, if they did there would be no crime. You evidently do not understand what a law is, laws do not keep a crime from happening and they only penalize the act after the fact.

          I also shudder to think that you had or have access to a firearm. You don’t realize it, but you are the very radical extremist type that you complain about being only on the right and its all over your writings here – everything from endorsing and cheering tyranny to doing away with a constitutional right to advocating for government unlawful actions to outright lying about your obvious desire for anti-gun and anti-‘wrong’-people and racists agenda in a socialists utopian world. You, dacian, are the very profile of the radical extremists violent left.

        • “……..you lie between your blackened teeth.

          You cannot bullshit me on this one.

          Sorry you fell right into the shithouse on this one you demented paranoid liar…… ”

          Once again, the lil’dtard gives everyone on TTAG a Masterclass in projection.

          👏👏 Bravo lil’d, Bravo 👏👏

        • No you couldn’t… I have a vault that probably cost more than the car you drive, and it still takes me five seconds to get into it.

      • More B.S. by Booger Brain

        Your rant against safe storage is really bizarre. I told you what it ment on the 6th grade level and if you cannot understand it have your wife explain it to you.

    • More than “safe storage” this is the perfect example of a US Attorney’s Office taking the easiests of paths, most likely because they doubt their abilities to secure a conviction on all counts.
      AUSA’s with “stones” and competent criminal investigators don’t rollover like this.

    • Modern abrasive wheels will cut through any safe in a few minutes……unless the walls are 9″ thick and beyond the saw’s depth of cut. You need to get out more.

  3. What possible use would a photo of a sandwich next to a pistol have? That question, no doubt asked of the photographer who took it, was answered today.

  4. All would be forgiven for a New York style pastrami sandwich. Those out here in the Lehigh Valley just don’t measure up.

    That being said, I will never go back to NYC. Not for the knish, not for blintzes, not even for the pastrami.

    • I went once years ago. Will never go back.

      Oh, and the rumors about the taxi drivers being bat-crap crazy are real. Mrs Haz and I were white-knuckling it during our rides between the airport and our Times Square hotel. Driver was from Jamaica, and clearly practicing for NASCAR. Never again…

      • Haz,

        NYC Cabbie Story:

        I took a cab and told the cabbie I was in a hurry…
        He said “No problem!” and starting speeding through the streets. We came up on a yellow light and instead of slowing down, he sped up and shot through the intersection.

        I asked “Hey, shouldn’t you slow down a bit?”

        “Don’t worry about it. This is the way cabbies drive in New York.”

        We came up on a red light and again he sped through the intersection.

        I’m seriously concerned for my life now “Would you please drive more carefully.”

        “Don’t worry about it. Really, this is the way cabbies drive in New York.”

        Then we came up on a green light and the cabbie came to a dead stop.

        I got curious “Why are you stopped at a green light?”

        “Oh, I gotta be careful; there might be a cab coming on the cross street.”

        Badump, badump!
        Symbol crash.

      • Or a Pastrami Ruben on Russian Rye, with ‘kraut……..and coarse ground spicy mustard. Stella A in a frozen mug. 👍

        • The worst hangover of my life was thanks to 30 or so Stella Artois… 🙁

        • I’ve found the 1st Stella A tastes great, the 2nd tastes good, the 3rd starts to taste bad.

          Can’t imagine drinking 30. 🤪

  5. What?!? They didn’t charge him with not having a FOID card? The nerve of them! Why, that would have sent him up the river for life!

  6. “Chicago Man Sold Guns With Along With Salami Sandwiches From His Chicago Food Truck”

    Did you have a stroke when you wrote the title?

  7. I used to work near a bodega that I’m pretty sure what a drug front but they made the best bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches.

  8. The BATFE ehhhh, we’ve gotta find out how their finding out. Been my experience its always snitches.
    I What pisses me off about people turning in people over gunms is I always think of Cuba. For sure ,felon or pope, has the right to sale whatever they want.

  9. Rokurota seems to be commenting on the prescient photographer who had faith that someone, some day, would want a stock photo of a gun and sandwich, not on the story adorned by the stock photo.

  10. Walking up to the food truck, “What are go to have”? “I’ll have a ruben on rye with a Sig P210 on the side”. “You want some 9mm rounds on the side”? “OK”. “Here you go, that’ll be
    $1,638.25.” “OK”. “What?, no tip?” (Wish it was that simple}.

  11. “allegedly sold at least 23 firearms, illegally, according to the folks at BATF”

    Who knows how many died at the hands of the criminals that purchased those stolen guns and he may only get five years? What a joke and why I will never give up my guns. Stupid pols.

    • Are we sure all those gunms were sold to criminals?
      Some may have been sold to X? felons , but X shouldn’t count.
      I guess though once a criminal always a criminal because the system works hard at keeping it that way.


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