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This is where racism leads. Father Pfleger of Chicago and other civilian disarmament advocates have filed a lawsuit against three municipalities outside of Chicago. In essence, the lawsuit says that black people cannot stop themselves from murdering and stealing, so people outside of Chicago have to keep strict controls on the sale of guns. It claims that lack of strict gun controls has a disproportionate affect on black people . . .

From the lawsuit(pdf):

Plaintiff Coalition for Safe Chicago Communities and the individual plaintiffs Reverend Robin Hood, Father Michael Pfleger, Louvenia Hood, Annette Nance-Holt and Pamela Montgomery-Bosley, who are members of the Coalition and residents of the Chicago neighborhoods most afflicted by illegal gun use bring this action under the Illinois Civil Rights Act of 2003 (ICRA) against the defendant local governments for allowing gun shops in their respective jurisdictions to sell guns in a manner that disproportionately jeopardizes the lives of African Americans, causes mental anguish and distress and diminishes the value of their homes  and other property.

All of the bad things that are mentioned – lives jeopardised, mental anguish and distress, and diminished property values – come about because of black people committing crimes against other black people in Chicago. There is virtually no white-on-black crime in the Windy City’s black neighborhoods.

If the crime in areas surrounding Chicago were as great, there would be no disproportionate effect. But the lawsuit acknowledges that in areas where guns are more easily obtained than in Chicago, the crime rate is much lower.

It would make more sense to sue the city of Chicago for having strict controls on guns that prevent blacks from availing themselves of their second amendment right and defending themselves. Gun control has a long racist history of disproportionately disarming black people. But the lawsuit claims, in essence, that blacks cannot be trusted with guns.

There’s only one problem with this approach. Black themselves are concluding that the way to protect themselves from criminals and predators in their own neighborhoods is by arming themselves. Legally. As a article just highlighted, are among those in Illinois with the highest numbers of concealed carry permits issued.

Police Chief James Craig of Detroit is taking the opposite tack. He encourages black people to be armed and to defend themselves. Detroit’s crime rate is falling. So we may get to see these two approaches play out in real time. Chicago’s elite, including Father Pfleger, believe that the best way to protect people is to disarm them. Police Chief Craig of Detroit thinks the best way to protect them is to empower them to protect themselves.

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  1. So when will Sharpton and the like come running to Chiraq screaming racisim?…….I’m holding my breath.

    • Rev. Al doesn’t want to compete with Pfather Pfaker. If anyone shows up with him, it’s usually Je$$e Jackson.

    • As soon as he finds someway to cover his expenses and fees for the visit.
      The wheel is spinning and we can’t slow down….

  2. Is this “Non-Politically Correct” speech? I don’t think I’m allowed to read this in California.

    • You laugh, but several of my friends report that my blog is inaccessible on their company network, but they can reach all the leftwing blogs they want. The information access game in progress is Orwellian.

    • That is correct Sir, you are in violation of the prime PC directive … It is my duty Mr. Wagner to inform you to proceed to your nearest re-education facility… Don’t worry they tell me it’s like going to summer camp and after you’ll feel sooo much better…. 🙂

      • Also remember Mr. Wagner that when the men with guns surround your house and are there to kill you for exercising your non-politically correct First amendment, just take Farago’s advice and lay down your Second.

        Then, in lock up you can experience the anticipation of having your teeth smashed out, because you clenched your teeth refusing your new indefinite neighbors advances.

  3. Hey Padre. Law abiding citizens of all colors of God in the US are capable. Stocking race as usual.

  4. Pfleger has just shown himself for the racist that he is: “blacks have no morality or self control”. Sounds like every Klansman who ever lived.

  5. We can only hope the plaintiffs are slapped down and required to pay all court costs and defendants’ attorney fees just like the Brady Bunch when they sued Lucky Gunner.

    • There is one problem: the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act does not cover lawsuits against governments. Apparently the people filing suit know they cannot sue the gun stores… so they are suing the city governments for failing to drive the gun stores out of business.

  6. Hes right blacks do steal and kill. So do whites, yellows, reds, and browns. Thats why everyone should be armed to shoot any color of human that is dangerous. The only people I hate are the ones who see only colors when looking at a fellow human.

  7. The key is in the wording… “Disparate impact”

    Using those words the government and courts have been able to call all types of not discriminating policies or laws “racist”.

    LEARN THESE WORDS. you will hear them more and more “Disparate impact” google them…. What it means is that any policy/law/etc can be completely color, age or sex blind. BUT if it impacts a minority group more than non-minority then the Law/Policy/Etc IS violating some groups civil rights…

    An example? You set policies or rules that say no one can be discriminated against in housing loans, rentals, etc. And set for how buildings must be built (single family homes only say). Well if there are not enough black/hispanic/your pick able to afford said homes… Guess what. That is a Disparate impact. A completely color blind policy is now racist and must be modified….

    that is why they are using this here. It becomes a “civil rights” issue. It is still a weak case. But you will hear it more and more.

  8. Interesting. The clowns are suing three municipalities, but none of the gun stores that they are complaining about. This give the towns (if they so choose) the ability to roll over, play dead, and let the court fashion draconian anti-gun and anti-gun store remedies that the towns probably could not do on their own.

    The stores themselves would be almost defenseless to resist, unless they move to intervene. Such a motion might not be granted, and if it was, it might cost the stores a bundle.

    I’m not a conspiracy guy, but things like what I’ve outlined have happened before.

    • suing the gun stores would have the ISRA, NRA and others backing them. Pflager has lost to these guys a bunch of times…

      Scaring a bunch of politicians in Chicago suburbs is way easier than scaring gun shop owners who know they would win.

      • It would also have to get around the lawful commerce in arms act, which says they can’t sue gun manufacturers, distributors, or retailers for this sort of nonsense.

    • It’s not conspiratorial at all. It’s reality. Local governments use legal settlements all the time as a way to do things that they would not be allowed to do via legislation. It’s most common with land use, but the strategy is by no means limited to land use.

    • They know that they cant sue the businesses directly, as the LuckyGunner case recently proved. You cant sue a manufacturer if someone misuses an otherwise safe product, there are laws against that. But Ralph is onto something here. By suing the municipalities, they think they can bypass business owners’ legal protections and get restrictions on where and how firearms can be sold.

  9. He just agreed with the KKK “No guns for Negros”.
    Perhaps he would agree to some sort of test, to be sure that they know what the issues are at election time?

  10. After mentioning this twice(on here) I have to add a lot of black folks don’t believe in THEMSELVES either. I can’t relay the vast amounts of BS I have heard hanging out with black folks for more than 30years. “I don’t trust myself with a gun”,”the po-leece will protect you”,”when my blood is up I can’t control myself”, “the NRA lies about barack-he doesn’t want to take your guns”,”guns and drugs come from the evil white man to destroy black folks” and adinfinitum nauseum…the state of Illinois(and Chicago) are broke and things will get worse before they get better. I hope it doesn’t get really HOT…

    • It’s just so sad that after all the years of being told those things by the machine that only wants their support, they’ve internalized it. It’s almost like Stockholm Syndrome. They identify with what the people in power-who are keeping them down-are saying about them.

  11. Funny how Pfleger seems to hang with Jessie Jackson all the time. Wasn’t he side by side with Jesse when they tried (and failed) the boycott @ Chucks gun range this summer?

  12. Well, he isn’t *wrong* – when you look at the gun violence rates of whites in the US vs. whites in Western Europe, there’s very little difference between them. When you have a group of people in a country who commit violent crime at over 5x the rate of whites, there is a problem, but it’s not a gun problem.

    • Even among the blacks and hispanics, the real violent crime is usually confined to hot spots of gangs within a few city blocks. Both Cincy and indy have their hot spots and once out of them, the crime rate plunges dramatically. Many non hot spot surrounding black or Hispanic neighborhoods are fairly sedate by comparison.

      • The problem Tom is when the savages continue being savages when they are among the normal population, and not on their liberal plantations, or hot spot.

    • It’s not a question of race, it’s a question of socioeconomic class. People with no wealth, no strong family structure (with both genders represented), no education, and no real job prospects are much more likely to get involved in crime. Eliminate the government schools (i.e. prison for kids), the welfare system that destroys lower class families, and the touchy-feely mindset that says people aren’t responsible for improving their own lives, and the crime rate will drop.

      • “It’s not a question of race, it’s a question of socioeconomic class”

        That is disingenuous to say the least. It is not a socioeconomic problem, nor the lack of a two parent house hold, it is a black cultural problem.
        Where are all the poor whites burning down the cities they live in, because it is usually affluent whites that do that after their team wins.

        Where are all the poor, young whites hunting for unsuspecting black people to attempted murder with a haymaker.
        Where are all the poor whites forming destructive mobs, which hopefully next time turns into a defensive gun use, but it would be racist to kill misunderstood youths in the commission of a felony.

        The only white neighborhoods you have to worry about getting shot are in rural areas in November, unlike every major city with derelict black neighborhoods.

        • I respectfully disagree. It is socioeconomic. Poor whites have the same level of unwed pregnancies drug use etc.

          Now I agree on this. There aren’t organized white drug gangs warring on each other.
          Whites don’t tend to protest. 401K stolen by Michael Millekin? Silence. GM jobs moved to Mexico by White business owner? Silence. MD Eastern shore jobs given to illegal immigrants by Perdue? Silence.
          Whites don’t complain. You know why? Go ask around. See if this isn’t a commonly held belief. You don’t complain about the rich because you may be rich one day. Read “Deer Hunting With Jesus.”
          Whites continue to vote against their own self interest. So do Blacks!

          There is a school deep in Harlem that requires all the kids and parents to give 100% involvement. The plan is to give those students not only a top drawer education but tennis, chess, theatre like the upper crust white students get. Guess what? Those students score the highest in the nation.

          While I don’t agree with destruction of property I do support that acceptance of the rage.

        • Excellent points H. You are correct about middle and upper class whites being complacent and that is for the money and level of comfort they have, which allows them a guilt free conscience to say they are not the bad guys, when they are. Being around poor people like I have it is amazing how stupid most of them are, but I would rather be around a Real poor person than a Fake rich one.

          “While I don’t agree with destruction of property I do support that acceptance of the rage.”
          Are you going to support that rage when it is being delivered by American’s who are Christian and white, along with their Asian brothers.

  13. Sounds like his idea of a good law would be a sign required on gun store windows near Chicago that say no blacks allowed.

  14. I am so sick of this, it isn’t even funny. However this is the norm in chicago, but that doesn’t even matter. It SHOULD not take place. American’s ALL American’s are entitled to and should be armed no matter what color they are.

    • Remember that the next time Shawntavious or Jermaine sticks a gun in another White persons’ face.

      • Racist much? Those black criminals are much more likely to use their guns against black victims. Law abiding blacks have just as much right to self defense as law abiding whites, purples, greens, etc.

        • Law abiding blacks have just as much right to self defense as law abiding whites, purples, greens, etc.

          Yes they do, and they may have an even greater need for firearms than the smug whites and black rabble-rousers who seem intent on rendering good black people defenseless.

        • If understanding that I am much more likely to be violently victimized by a non-white than by a white, per voluminous amounts of FBI & DOJ data, makes me a “racist” (whatever THAT means anymore), then hell yeah, I’m a racist.

  15. These folks are SO stupid and all that is missing are the white peaked hoods of the KKK. The good Padre is a RACIST by his words and deeds…

    • These people, just like Sharpton and Jackson, need the violence and inequality. Without they have no relevancy or cause…if suddenly, all of the aldermen, the mayor, labor leaders and the rest of the machine that sucks the life from the city were removed, and business flourished, people had good educations, jobs and had no need for gangs…what would these people do for a living? They need this..they don’t really want things to be better or they’d be out of a job.

  16. The lawsuit is fascinating. The claim is that 3 gunshops sold 20% of weapons used in the commission of crimes in Chicago within a 3 year period. No mention of where the other 80% came from.

    The suit claims a violation because other municipalities fail to enforce Chicago’s gun laws. Note that all are in Cook County and subject to Cook County’s requirements. The suit does not claim that any of the stores fail to conform to Illinois, Cook County or local ordinances – only that they fail to meet Chicago’s regulations.

    The suit implies that the gun stores are complicit in straw man purchases, but offers no proof. One would think that Cook County or Illinois officials would have attempted a sting operation were there any truth to the claim. Nope. No such action.

    What really concerns me is the impact to taxpayers in 3 Illinois suburbs. Assuming the plaintiffs loose, who pays the legal costs? A priest, a minister (Rev. Robin Hood – real name and his wife), and a Chicago resident probably don’t have money to bankroll the suit or pay settlement costs. Then what?

    • A. There’s a shyster lawyer betting the municipalities just settle to make it go away. Best case, they settle and he gets paid for his efforts. Worst case some free publicity…

      B. Bloomie or another third party is bankrolling it.

      Either way the public is screwed. They lose or settle, they pay. They win, the Reverand/Father are going to cry poor mouth and default on a judgement for legal fees.

      The municipalites should sue the respective churches for damages since they are filing as Father/Reverend, which implies they are acting on behalf of the church.

      • If the law in Illinois is at all similar to California, the communities are immune from liability for failing to enact an ordinance, in which case the communities file appropriate motions to dismiss and the cases go away. Cheap. Even though it is a “civil rights” action, and there is a bilateral attorney’s fees clause, under USCOTUS authority defendants are rarely allowed their attorney’s fees (costs yes, fees no) in such actions. I think that Phlegm is hoping these towns will just roll over and write new ordinances, because otherwise he hasn’t a leg to stand on.

    • Yeah, I thought the Chicago gun grabbers were claiming all the crime guns were from straw purchasers in Indiana.

      They need to get their lies straight before the press conference, next time.

  17. He reminds me of Reverend Cole from “Hell on Wheels”… just a bit on the not quite right side…

  18. the lawsuit says that black people cannot stop themselves from murdering and stealing, so people outside of Chicago have to keep strict controls on the sale of guns.
    That statement quantifies what the big city gun grabbers have been saying all along. This is why Chicago is always blaming Indiana, the NRA, OFWGs, gun shows, gun shops, gun owners for all their crime problems.

    • If, on the off chance it doesn’t get tossed right away, and they were to get a judgement in their favor, you can bet the Illinois AG will try to sue Indiana using it as a precendent.

  19. Because of the latest Baltimore shooting, I went to the Baltimore Sun interactive murder web site map, with a pin for every murder in the last year. It can be sorted for race, sex, age, and even method of killing. If you know anything about Baltimore, it is instantly apparent that there are very few murders in the largely white areas to the east of downtown, whether the old working class areas or the urban gentrification areas that seem to be taking over those neighborhoods. Almost all the crime is black on black, in black areas which have been bad for decades. This is really a function of drugs and gangs — I am sure that there are thousands and thousands of black people in these neighborhoods who go to work every day (or night) in fear of these hoodlums. Clearly the police cannot be on every corner, and if they were, the activists would be out complaining of racist policing. I so wish that some of the law abiding people in those neighborhoods could be organized into their own neighborhood watches and yes, be armed and trained at the expense of the city. I bet many of them served in the military and are more than capable. Some will be women. An armed Iraq, Afghanistan, or Vietnam vet deputized volunteer at every street corner in the crime plagued areas. Why do I think the crime rate would plummet? And if a hoodlum were dumb enough to try a drive-by, all Hell would break loose on the neighborhood hoodlums the next day.

  20. Most of liberal/progressives policies to “help” minorities are racist.

    Affirmative Action. Racial quotas based on the belief that black and Hispanics can’t compete equally with whites on an even playing field.

    This is true for getting jobs, getting into schools and universities, loans, buying houses, ad nauseum.

    All racist.

    “White Privilege” is an extension of this racist belief. That if your not white, you can’t compete equally against whites.

    Even with all the special treatment of racist quotas, ie Affirmative Action.

    Of course, the success in this country of the Chinese and Vietnamese, as well as those from the Carribean, India, the mid-east and those fresh from Africa not indoctrinated in this destructive belief gives a lie to this “theory”

  21. Not to give fadda plegma any ideas but I wonder why they’re not going after the gun store in my town or the awful store in Glenwood,Illinois? They are both in Cook County. I don’t see how the others are an ez mark-or are they just arrogant/stupid?

  22. Let’s face it, the Priesthood has no business accusing anyone. Given the Church’s systematic cover-up of clergy who sexually abused thousands of children over decades, their public outcry falls on deaf ears. And last time I checked preventing forced sodomy was a legitimate use of deadly force, if you catch my drift….

  23. By his logic, Priests should have their hands cut off to stop them fondling the alter boys.


  24. How does one assemble the argument FFL’s are selling firearms to the black murderers? This guy is neurologically disconnected. Cognitive dissonance? If I were a member of his chirch I’s stop coming as his rant could attract a nutjob attack. Is in his twisted mind what he is looking for? To be a martyr to try and prove his unfounded point?

  25. Reverend Robin Hood?!! You have got to be kidding. That’s funny stuff right there.

  26. This guy is a joke. It amazes me the people that work their way up to “community leader” in Chicago. The media just keeps giving them the mic and the platform to make the city a bigger joke than it already is. I can’t believe he has the audience he does. Just a disgrace all around. So glad I moved to Indiana. People like this just get ignored here.

  27. I hope that finally people will see this and wake up.
    They basically attack the entire south and accuse us of being racist and tear down our monuments and flags and any other symbol of the south they find while they write laws like that across the Mason Dixon.

    Why do politicians tent to name laws that literally do the opposite of the title?
    Putting anti or un In front of the titles would be much more accurate.

    • You are very close to the target. After the flag it will be the southern gun culture that will be the next issue.

  28. Here’s what the good, law abiding people of the West and South sides should do. Take a page from our liberty loving neighbors from the South, the autodefensas groups in Mexico. These groups of citizens should ban together, tool up, open carry and patrol their own neighborhoods… And exercise their constitutional right to “maintain the security of a free state”. All the while thumbing their noses (and AR safties) at both the gangs AND the forces of local disarmament… Including Mayor Rahmfather, Chief “Streetlight” McCarthy, Pfleger (he doesn’t deserve the term Fr.) and Jesse.

    Me thinks the shootings would drastically subside once the gangland cowards start seeing pickup truck full of armed, motivated citizens taking back their neighborhoods.

  29. This white christian is part of the problem just as the godless are part of the problem. The godless support ending the war on drugs. They say it will help black people. The godless also support giving welfare they say to help black people. The godless totally support single black teenagers having children with lots of government welfare money. The godless say there is no need to get married with the government welfare support.

    The godless support homosexual marriage but not heterosexual marriage in the black community. The godless like making sure a black father is not around with the government welfare policy in place. The godless like using government money to interfere in the private sexual relationships of people.

    The godless want to make it easier to get intoxicated and give welfare and take away the gun civil rights of black people. Some White Christians like Pfleger also support this. The godless are racist just as the Christian Pfleger is a racist.

    Many years ago the guns in the black community were all legal. Then with welfare and public housing guns became illegal.

    If the welfare was stopped the natural creation of a normal black man and woman family would return to the inner city. There are many people who don’t want that to happen.

    • Would it be a stereotype to say that Kentucky is full of bible thumpers who feel Christianity is the superior faith? ISIS loves god, so did that p.o.s. who shot up all those people in NC recently. Jails are full of people in love with god. God wants the “good guys” to win wars (every side is the good guys). Don’t think it’s a “god” issue. The problem is easy to identify….those who are unable to instill morals and values in their spawn, and financially provide for their own offspring, continue to procreate at an alarming rate, thus perpetuation continues. Happens all around the world. Now, what is the fix?

      • I’m not surprised at your dishonesty. The godless have been using government money to interfere in the formation of black two parent families. The godless do worship one thing. The dead body of Karl Marx.

        Another group of people who are against the heterosexual black family formation is the “government welfare industrial complex”. Not all but most of it is operated by godless people. They have no moral compass. You would never say it is wrong for an 11 year old to have sex would you? To you it is a good thing for a 16 year old to get pregnant by a 30 or 40 year old since it was all consensual sex. You are non judgmental, you’re incapable of saying something about sex is wrong.

        On this subject “The truth about guns” is the formation of a traditional family built gun culture, spread gun culture to others, and it is gun culture that has kept the peace in much of American. Instilling morals and values has always been a two parent responsibility. The godless would prefer only one parent do this with the aid of welfare.

        Having been born and raised in northern California I know a great deal about godless straights and gays, and the political machine they created. Back in the 70s and 80s they were openly honest about their hatred of the traditional family.

        Kentucky as you say has bible thumpers. You forgot to say they cling to their guns also. In godless San Francisco they have banned the 2nd amendment. Government Homosexuals tell you what to do with your firearm while in your bedroom.

        Government Homosexuals tell you how to store your firearm. I thought homosexuals wanted government out of the bedroom?

      • A fix would be to dismantle the government welfare industrial complex. This would put many government workers out of a job. Would you support this? It was churches using private money who helped people in need before government interference. Would you support the church? The Mormon church still does this. Do you support the Mormons?

  30. So…..
    My lawabiding son-in-law and daughter, the former an active duty soldier, the latter retired from the Army, cannot be trusted with gun ownership???
    How many wt folks shoot each other?
    This is the stupidest statement on record….

  31. This dipsh*t is the epitome of the biblical term “Reprobate”. He is an imposter and a disgrace to the human race… Sad to see people getting hustled by this Sharpton want-a-be…

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