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Ana Lobo, honoree George Kollitides II, Caitlin Leszuk (courtesy

“Stephen Feinberg and other partners of the private-equity firm that put a gun manufacturer up for sale after the Newtown, Conn., school shootings last year are forming a bid for the gun company,” reports. “although they remain prepared to sell it to a higher bidder.” No conflict of interest there—in the sense that Texas women are so ugly they could make a train take a dirt road. “The quick decision to sell the company raised the possibility that Cerberus would receive lowball bids . . . With that concern in mind, some Cerberus partners have joined forces to submit their own bid to create a floor in the auction.” In other words, Cerberus’ investors take a bath, Cerberus’ owners (including NRA Board Member wannabe and self-appointed CEO George Kollitedes, above center) buy the Freedom Group for a song, break it up, sell the various pieces and make a killing. Personally. And the brands live to fight another day. Or die another day, depending. How great is that?

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  1. The good news is that firearms designs are public domain. It would be a shame if legacy arms makers go out of business, but the market has demonstrated the demand, and companies will fill the order.

    • If firearms designs are public domain, why does S&W have to pay a royalty to Glock for every Sigma they sell?

  2. In the words of Mel Brooks, “It’s good to be the King!” Or in this case self-appointed CEO.

  3. It’s difficult to read an article with that picture above; not a complaint, just something I noticed.

  4. Pity, I was hoping Freedom Group would be sold to someone with an interest in making reliable firearms.

  5. Wait, what? So they’re bidding on it not as Cerberus execs but as a separate group they made minus the responsibility to shareholders? If I’m reading that right, isn’t that a giant conflict of interest?

    • Nope. The commerce laws make a giant nest of rattle snakes look like a child’s maze on the back of a McDonald’s place mat.

      • What a mess.

        I had a particularly self-righteous angry comment hating on the financial sector that seems to have gotten eaten along the way. Better this way.

  6. Well that sucks…after shuttering the Marlin plant and consolidating select models into the Remington plant it would never be the same. I seriously doubt that Marlin will ever rise from these ashes intact…the factory is gone, the skilled workers are gone, the product tooling and such has been taken so it does not look good. RIP Marlin

  7. I think if the companies become independent competitors again rather than brands under a single roof this could be a good thing.

  8. While looking at the nice eye candy on each arm is fine, it only serves to distract from the rat in the middle. George seems like a shady guy at best IMO, gun guys tend to pose with blue steel and walnut.

  9. When TTAG wrote about the current CEO appointing himself, it smelled bad to me back then. With this situation, the smell is only getting worse. I sure hope that the legacy companies survive and get into the hands of people that actually care more about making quality firearms, and less about partying with the “ladies”.

  10. We don’t want to be associated with something that’s against public opinion, but in the end, we like money.

  11. So, let me get this straight. TTAG is upset and feels that capitalism should be regulated (“conflict of interest quote”) but when it comes to guns…nope. You guys are f’n hypocrites. Keep government out of Capitalism. Who cares what people do with their own money. None of use have the money to buy the group. And, if you do…place a bid.

  12. The comments blow me away more than anything. Important article but you focus on the picture. Which is especially scary as the one on the left with the longer dress is pretty, but nothing spectacular. The one on the right (with the shorter skirt) with that horrible duckface is brutal looking. A typical example of made up Jersey trash. If that serves as a distraction from this fine article, for reasons other than how horrible it is, you need help.

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