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That’s the title of this morning’s email blast, anyway. And happier about it, we could not be. We just hope no one’s celebrating the touchdown on the one yard line. Some important votes could come up in the Senate today (look! – there’s Frank Lautenberg parked outside the Senate chamber on a gurney!), the Manchin-Toomey compromise amongst ’em. Here’s the GOA’s plea:

This is it!

It would have been better if we had won the motion to proceed last week and didn’t have to spend this week fighting one Harry Reid bribe after another – all of which are intended to lure Senators into passing gun control . . .

But we believe that our grassroots’ pressure has kept Senators from giving in to the bribes. And, as early as today, there could be a series of pivotal votes on gun amendments.

The most important – and the vote which will determine whether we defeat all gun control in the 113rd Congress – is the vote on the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer gun registry bill.

This bill would require you to go to a dealer and fill out a 4473 if you put up a sign or run a newspaper ad touting your gun that’s for sale. And, once you fill in that 4473, Toomey-Manchin-Schumer would open the door to putting you on a national gun registry.

Don’t believe the loophole-filled weasel words in the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer amendment. If it passes, there will be a national gun registry.

The vote on Toomey-Manchin-Schumer will be, by far, the single most important vote today. And it will require 60 votes for adoption. If we get 41 votes against – and we are very, very optimistic that we will – gun control will probably die for the next two years. Obama’s agenda will have been defeated.

There will also be votes on two other bad amendments, but we should be able to get 41 votes and defeat these without any difficulty. They are the votes on the Feinstein semi-automatic ban and the Blumenthal magazine ban. As we say, these should die without any more effort.

A number of good amendments will be offered:

  • The Vitter/Cornyn amendment would allow concealed carry holders and persons in constitutional carry states to carry nationwide.
  • The Burr amendment would guarantee that veterans cannot lose their gun rights without a court order.
  • And the Barrasso amendment would defund state governments that release the names of gun owners.

But we need to keep our eyes on the ball: The single most important vote is the vote to defeat the Toomey-Schumer amendment. If we win on that, we will probably kill gun control for the rest of this 113th Congress. We only need 41 votes. And we are optimistic that, with your help, we will get them.

ACTION: CALL YOUR SENATORS at 202-224-3121. Demand that they vote against the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer sell-out.
Let them know that Gun Owners of America will be scoring this vote in its end-of-year rating.

TALKING POINTS for Senators:

1. Vote against the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer amendment!
2. Vote against the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer amendment!
3. Vote against the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer amendment!

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      • The two guys by the wall with matching clothing and military boots look like LEO. Not watching the run. Scanning the crowd.

        • I thought so initially as well, but why would you need undercover police (as opposed to uniforms) with all the live video surveillance?

        • Because they were tipped off about something going down. I’ve seen a number of interviews of runners, talking about bomb sniffing dogs at the start of the race, announcements over the speakers that they were just “doing a drill”, and spotters on the rooftops. If I’m being generous, they were tipped off about something going down, and put out the extra manpower to try to stop it.

    • Not my senators, I got Schumer and Gillebrand. I emailed EVERY senator with a B+ or higher NRA rating.

      And you can too!

      Here’s a page with direct links to their e-mail contact forms.

      (Deb Fischer’s link isn’t working any longer. Google her. )

      (Hint: use Google Chrome with their awesome autofill feature, and paste and your message from a Word doc will save time. Took me less than an hour to write all 55. )

  1. Ayotte was the last possible R they could shave swayed for Manchin-Toomey and that was even with all the Democrats voting yes which won’t be the case with Prior and Landreau since they would get destroyed in their elections next year.

    Very surprised Kay Hagan of NC came out in support for all this garbage, guess she doesn’t want to be a Senator anymore.

    • You mean your “surprised” when a moderate female Democrat politico stabs gun owners in the back? You must get surprised a lot.

      Don’t feel too bad though, my Senators are the dynamic duo of Feminazi fanaticism – Feinstein & Boxer. At least you folks can get rid of Hagan. In Crazyfornia senate seats are lifetime jobs. Voting is a mere formality here.

  2. I think if I contact my representatives any more they’re gonna put me on a “stalker” list.

  3. The atrocity in Boston is the perfectly-timed distraction for unenthusiastic democrats (and republicans) to let this bill just die & go away.

  4. Yay! Die gun control, DIE!!! I’ve promised my reps I’ll leave them alone (for now) once they kill this crap. Except you, Toomey… You better get your resumè ready, you bastard!

  5. I already contacted my senators …..about 6 times each. Only problem is I’m from Pennsylvania and I have toomey, who helped write the bill, and Casey who said he’d support it. Neither one seems to listen to their constituents.

  6. I think they need to work on banning pressure cookers next. Then the gardeners and canners would be up in arms.

  7. If it passes, that’s one more step down the road of tyranny and one more reason why this country is irreparably doomed.

    If it fails, the D’s start working on their game plan for the next atrocity and try again. Gun control will never die so long as we the people allow the progressive ideology to exist.

    Either way, we still wake up tomorrow in a screwed up country that’s beyond saving.

    • Do you understand how a bill becomes a law? The vote would send it to the house where we have the numbers and the language can be changed to our favor. if after the changes the anti-gun crowd did not like the changes, the headlines would read that the dems voted down background checks, something they do not want to have in the headlines.

      You have to look at the bigger picture, if this is voted out we win absolutely nothing and will just have to keep fighting the next bill and the next amendment and so and so on.

      All that will happen is the “noise” will continue until “something” is done and that ‘something” may be way worse than what we have today.

      You cannot always take an absolutist view on everything

      • I’d rather stand the righteous ground and fail compromise with evil. They never relent and nothing is ever enough for them until they have total control.

        Not one more inch to to the anti-rights crowd.

    • I believe Silver is looking at the big picture. As he said, either way we are screwed. Gun control will never die. It will either pass today or it will be delayed. The only way to kill gun control is to rid our society of the filth that is progressive democrats.

  8. I wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment that the defeat of the Manchin-Toomey amendment would end the debate for 2 years. Gun-grabbers are out for blood. If they are denied even a drop, they will not stop until they have it.

    Manchin-Toomey is not perfect, but when you weigh the benefits against the negatives, it truly is a gun rights bill. Protections for interstate travel, protection against any federal registry (and not just against the AG. The bill levies steep penalties for any federal employee who creates something that can be construed as a registry), continues to allow private sales without background checks, protects gifts, allows CCW permit holders to use their permit in lieu of a NICS check.

    The point is, allowing Manchin-Toomey to pass will give the grabbers the “win” they are looking for, and will shelve the debate. I find that scenario far more likely than Bloomberg, Obama, Biden, and the Disarmament Activists simply giving up if this Amendment is defeated.

    • I don’t get it. What you’re saying is that if M-T passes and the gungrabbers get their win, they’ll go way, but if they lose they’ll keep fighting. Do you understand how utterly preposterous that is?

      If M-T is defeated, the gunbgrabbers will be back. If M-T passes, the gungrabbers will be back. Any other train of thought is insanity.

      I don’t hate M-T. There are some good things about it. But I’m not supporting it because the potential for mischief is far too high.

    • Although I agree that this isn’t going away for the next 2 years if it fails today, I think you are being very naive about the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer amendment. It DOES greatly restrict private sales and open up a Pandora’s Box of legal jeopardy for gun owners selling private party. The safe travel features will simply be ignored by states like NY and NJ, which already step all over similar features in the FOPA. Lastly, giving the gun grabbers a win just shows weakness and emboldens them to grab some more. If you give them your pinky finger they will demand your arm next and settle for just your hand.

      If Obummer ever signs SB 649 in to law I guarantee you he will be demanding more gun control at the signing ceremony before the ink is even dry. Crazyfornia is a perfect example of that observation. All the Fascist gun control crap Obummer wants is already law here and yet there are 2 dozen more active gun control bills in our legislature right now!

      • Absolutely. The favorite saying of any gun-grabbing politician after another bill is introduced, passed, or signed into law is, “We know this won’t fully achieve our desired goals, but IT’S A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.”

        And we ALL know which direction that vector is pointing.

    • Yes, they need to appear powerfull to their sheep. If we show them for the bumbling asswipes they are the sheep will not hold the almighty guberment in such high esteeme, Randy

  9. Everyone who reads this NEEDS TO CALL NOW! I was EASILY ABLE TO GET THROUGH TO MY SENATOR. This thing needs to die and the phone lines should be shut down!!

  10. Die it should, however, never underestimate the
    cowardliness of RINOs. I expect more than a few
    to proudly proclaim that they “crossed the aisle”
    to provide us with safety protections.

  11. As long as there are people alive who think they know better than everyone else, gun control will not die. This movement will continue forever. The best we can hope for is to put it to rest for a little while–until the next tragedy. Maybe a few months, maybe a few years, but it’ll always come back. Each time, a little stronger than before. Stronger because–like it or not–the antis are winning, one person at a time.

  12. Being from Texas I have a pretty decent idea on how my Senators will vote, I’ve contacted them already (and regularly). What’s the “etiquette” for talking with other Senators. What would be the best way to approach that?

    e.g. “Hi, I don’t live around here, but your vote affects me, can you please vote no to this so you’re not a kill joy? K, thanks.”

    Just a general question.

    • How about: “Hi, I don’t live around here, but your vote affects me and I can donate money to your opponents in the upcoming primary election.”

  13. The fight still wages on in the states. California just approved a boat load of tyrannical bills in committee yesterday. Several of which had died in committee in years past, others are worse than similar bills defeated last year. One hopes Brown vetos any that pass (and he might…he is an odd duckling, as AG he filed an amicus in McDonald urging the court to incorporate the 2nd amendment, arguing that Californians deserve to have that protection and they lack it in the CA constitution…), but he may not, or he may sign a token one. It depends on pressure fellow Dems put on him. He thinks we have enough laws and is focused on the goals he already had. He may sign just to move things along in order to start talking about other things…who knows. One of the bills makes reality what never has been except on TV…mandatory registration. The same bill bans the Ruger 10/22, and any semiauto with a detachable magazine. Oh vey.

    And similar matters in other states. And it matters, to all states. An attack on the freedoms of fellow Americans should not be brushed off. They will just move the attack to the next state, and you know, the are more gun owners in CA than any other state other than Texas…dismissing the fight in CA is like a general blowing the brains out of 1/10th of his soldiers. A severe handicap.

  14. THIS IS NOT THE END! DO NOT LET DOWN YOUR GUARD! This was just the opening salvo in a FOUR YEAR assault against our 2a rights. As long as the Dems and company are in power, we will be fighting for our rights on the Federal and State levels. Today may be a battle won, but the war is far from over…

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