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From the CCRKBA:

Four more high-profile names have been added to the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms “Don’t Feed the Gun Prohibitionists” roster of businesses that support gun control by banning guns in their establishments.

CCRKBA launched the educational effort earlier this month to identify businesses, and CEOs, who close their premises or openly support gun control. “Don’t Feed the Gun Prohibitionists” initially listed almost 200 businesses and CEOs. The “Don’t Feed the Gun Prohibitionists” project has developed a dynamic list of businesses and CEOs who have been pushing for new legislation designed to impair the rights of law-abiding firearms owners. The list may be found at

“Today, we’re adding Subway, Chipotle, Sonic and Panera Bread to the list,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb announced. “All of these businesses have banned guns in their establishments, which is an insult to the millions of law-abiding, legally-armed citizens who have harmed nobody and committed no crimes.”

CCRKBA’s list includes such recognizable names as Costco, Burger King, Delta Airlines, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hallmark, the Hard Rock Café, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, Progressive Insurance, Sara Lee and Yelp. These companies and their corporate leadership that have made donations and/or advocated on behalf of gun control organizations, including sending an open group letter to the United States Senate urging additional restrictions and firearms bans.

“We’re not calling for a boycott of these companies,” Gottlieb explained, “but we are providing this information to American gun owners so they can make informed decisions about where to spend their hard-earned money without unknowingly supporting efforts to erode an important constitutional right.

“As we said earlier,” he added, “Businesses and the people who own them can support whatever kind of philosophy they want, and gun owning consumers can likewise not spend any money with those firms. Let the marketplace decide.

“Over 100 million American gun owners represent a sizeable consumer bloc,” Gottlieb said, “and they will vote with their wallets. Businesses that work against their interests should lose the benefit of their patronage.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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  1. Do they have a “no pedophile” sign that we could use? a “no murderer” one? a “no criminal” one?
    just askin’…
    if you conceal carry…they will probably never know…just sayin’…

    • I like the “no guns allowed”sign at my bank. No one has robbed it lately, so it must be working.

    • Saw this today from Colion Noir:

      The DNC is asking for $50 million for security at their convention.

      I suggest we send them a couple dozen “Gun Free Zone” signs and call it good.

      • I like your idea, I’m sure they’ll appreciate all the “gun-free zone” signs and stickers we can donate to them…lol

      • Why aren’t they just hiring some super woke social workers that know how to talk to trans people without hurting their feelings? Isn’t that what they want to replace police with? They won’t even need weapons because they’re trained in de-escalation techniques, right?

      • After Milwaukee issued their “no pepper spray” edict, all the police agencies they had lined up to provide security started backing out. But I guess you can rent a lot of mall cops for $50 million.

      • Cliff, I think you’re on to something, and the more I think about it, the more I like the thought of the DNC being deluged with envelopes containing GFZ decals accompanied by written notes saying “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

      • Although this idea is terrific, it will still cost us, the taxpayers and fine USA citizens to dig into our
        pockets for this convention. As they have the answers to all our problems and how we should run
        our lives, I suggest that the DNC hire their Antifa Mob that have brought destruction to many of our
        cities and monuments, to protect them at their convention. That should work!

        • Excellent! And make sure each representative of antifa has his own live action HD camera, full time!

    • Exactly! Lets not forget to keep Springfield Armory on the list of anti gun companies not to support along with Subway, Sonic, and the rest.

      I bought a Springfield XD before Springfield decided to fund gun control and it has been a great pistol. By a conservative guess I would have at least two more Springfield guns by now if they didn’t trade our rights for a manufacturer exemption.

      • I know, Springfield sold out IL residents as did RRA for a carve out. If they could be exempt from the gun control laws IL proposed they would go along with and not fight, so long as it did not apply to them. They are traitors and although I purchased their products in the past, never again. I moved out of IL due to the politics and companies like this not standing up. I’m loving Texas now and buy only from companies that support our rights and have backbone like Magpul.

        Go away Springfield and RRA

    • Are we boycotting colt, smith and Wesson, ruger, and many others then? You forgot to list rock river along with springfield, too, which makes me thing you don’t know what the fuss was really all about.

      • Ruger took a huge PR hit when it got in bed with the Clintons and was boycotted plenty. Since then it has worked to make amends and has changed hands. Smith and Wesson? Perhaps you have missed on every article about their revolvers where people comment that they won’t buy one as long as they have a Hillary hole?

        Stop trying to excuse a company for selling us down the river because others have done it as well.

      • Hell yea I’m boycotting Colt too! There are way too many other good companies out there for me to waste time with a company that abandoned the civilian market for mil/Leo contracts but comes crawling back when they need money. Bill Ruger was the Fudd and he died a long time ago. No one at ruger is pushing for mag caps anymore. If SA got new people then I would probably start buying their products again. I didn’t list RRA because honestly it’s not that relevant. I hadn’t heard about it until they supported gun control and idk if I’ve ever seen their rifles in stores anyway.

    • The thing about boycotts is that they HAVE to be seen to end when the company stops doing the thing you’re boycotting it for.

      If you tell them you’re going to boycott them FOREVER, then they have no incentive to change.

      You’re not helping.

  2. How can Sonic ban guns in their establishments? Are they going to tell you to leave if you walk up to the window while open-carrying?

    • Good question… guessing that I can’t park there and place an order with a .45 in the vehicle while parked next to an old truck that has a “Buffalo Bob’s Huntin’ Club” sticker on the rear window?

      • I have bought at Sonic many times, I’m pretty sure that every time since the mid-1970s I have had a gun in the car at the time. This is not serious, never has been.

    • Sonics aound St. Louis are all drive through and car hop served. Haven’t observed them searching cars for guns….yet. With this article listing, won’t be there to find out. Adios, Sonic, Panera Bread (they couldn’t even provide clean dishes/cups/silverware pre-CV19), Other than, Microsoft, haven’t ever been patronizing any businesses on even the initial list.

  3. I ask that everyone who supports the 2A does their part in supporting only businesses that stand with us in protecting our 2 Amendment. In addition to that, what I’ll do to businesses like Costco, Burger King, Dick’s Sporting Goods, the Hard Rock Café, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, Subway, Chipotle, Sonic and Panera Bread, is to visit their locations, place a big order of as many items as possible, then when it’s time to check out, I’ll bring this article on my phone and ask them why they chose to betray one of our most important God given rights, and then just walk way and leave everything at the checkout line for them to deal with having to re-stock all the items, and in the case of Burger King, the Hard Rock Café, Subway, Chipotle, Sonic and Panera Bread, they’ll incur a financial loss by having to discard the ordered food items that they cannot put back to sell to other customers. Spread this idea with your friends, and you can all make plans to visit one, two, three or even more of those locations as a large group, when you have some free time, and imagine how much greater the loss would be when all of a sudden they have to deal with cancelled orders from 10, 20, 30+ customers that walk out at the checkout counter.

    • Do I really need to explain all of the reasons that is a terrible idea, especially at the food places?

      • What do I care about some franchise that obviously does not care about the 2A and forgets why they were able to successfully establish their business in the greatest country in the world. If they are willing to bend over backwards to the cancel culture and the carry the extreme far-left’s poisonous mentality, then why should I care if they end up with great financial loss. I’ll take my business somewhere else, and support the local mom and pop’s stores/restaurants. But anyways, this is my way of payback to those money hungry sellouts, you and everyone else are welcome to do your part in any way you think is best.

        • Corporate won’t know what you did, only the local franchise owner. The poor workers will have to deal with what you did. Even if they contact corporate, the letter will go into the circular file. They’re more afraid of the antifa protesters’ demands, than they are of you.

        • But when the local franchise owners keeps sending those letters and putting pressure to corporate, and they aren’t able to get their monthly franchisee commissions, they’ll have to put some serious thought about their 2A unfriendliness… Corporate will hurt as well, as they only exist by the monthly sales commissions they receive from each local franchisee.

        • Keeping in mind not all of these stores are owned by Franchisees. Many are corporate owned stores. Besides this works more to the point than Cancel Culture, because the impact is immediate and the message is personal. Especially if you ask to speak to the manger before exiting. I’m less inclined to do this in food establishments. Simply because I hate to waste food, but other box stores are open season.

        • I know all Chipotle restaurants are corporate owned, so the financial loss will be felt directly by corporate.

        • Yeah, you would commit a crime to make a political statement? Have fun in jail.

          On the other hand, the public sidewalk does not belong to these businesses. You and all the friends you can muster may gather there, protesting their gun policy.

        • How is deciding not to proceed with the purchase of merchandise a crime? If you change your mind at the last minute, you are NOT obligated to buy the goods, and are free to walk away and go spend your money somewhere else.

        • All these companies are committing crimes against the BOR and should be jailed. Unfortunately as usual Enouch has the wrong people in jail. Typical leftist twit.

        • I think we can all agree that this ‘Joe’ fella is an unreasonable asshole who we probably don’t want on our side.

        • And you can go f**k yourself along with the rest of the P.O.S. in this country that don’t give a damn about those trying to destroy our 2A.

        • Don’t waste your money trying this at a fast food place. You WILL get stuck with the order. You do remember how you have to pay for it BEFORE they give it to you, right? Aside from which, it’s not like they wouldn’t just put your order back under the heat lamps if by some chance you were successful.

          I like the spirit, but you didn’t think this one all the way through.

        • I wonder how a customer would get stuck with the order, if he/she REFUSES to swipe my his/her credit card at the checkout?

        • enuf says:
          August 1, 2020 at 14:38
          Yeah, you would commit a crime to make a political statement? Have fun in jail.

          On the other hand, the public sidewalk does not belong to these businesses. You and all the friends you can muster may gather there, protesting their gun policy.

          As ensuf cheers for the BLM/antifag terrorists arioting. What a fool.

        • “I wonder how a customer would get stuck with the order, if he/she REFUSES to swipe my his/her credit card at the checkout?”

          Someone’s never worked in fast food.

          Other than places that make it in front of you like a Quiznos or a Subway, that stuff is all the same unless you ordered it customized. They’ll just put it back in the warmer and put it on a different tray or in another bag and sell it to someone else. At absolute best you’ve created a minor annoyance for someone on the front line who really doesn’t care anyway. “Oh noes, I have to move my arm a bit and talk to someone else! The humanity!”.

          In either case you’ll just get blackballed after the first time you pull this. We did that to people all the time. Didn’t matter if you were just a dick, had a message, tried to scam the system or wanted to chat about Christ. Fuck you, we’re business, you’re annoying, now walk on before we call the cops for trespass.

          You might get away with it twice with drive thru but then it’s over.

          In a regular restaurant you’ll get arrested and if you try to leave beforebthe copsbshow up, possibly get your ass kicked to boot. “Oh, I’ll shoot ’em!”? Lol. Have fun in prison. Under the law you’re the criminal here.

          Retail will ban you from the store and charge you with tresspass if you return.

          A message for anyone who thinks this is useful: You’re not that important and there are ways to get rid of you. Push it and you’ll be talking to the 5-0. All you might accomplish is to annoy a wage worker, but they’re probably too stoned to care for more than 10 seconds after you leave. The manager might “give ’em a talkin’ to” in front of you but as soon as your gone literally everyone is laughing at how you’re a stupid asshole. If the “discipline” takes place after you leave, it never takes place. They just proceed to hating on you.

          This just isn’t workable. If you want to do something don’t patronize the store. Something visible to cost money? Picket.

        • Current illustrations say, protest with stupid signs while standing in the middle of the access to the parking lot/drive thru. Actually shut off their business.

      • Joe,

        I stand beside Crimson in saying that’s a poor suggestion. When you order your food, you’re providing an implied intention to engage in commerce. Your submitted order to the restaurant is your permission for them to expend their resources (materials + labor) in order to fulfill their end of the agreement, while doing so in the expectation that you will fulfill your end and provide payment. If you submit your order and knowingly allow them to waste their resources, then abandon your order without payment, you have acted in bad faith and placed POTG in a poor light.

        That, and the fact that it would show you as being an untrustworthy person. If one of us cannot be trusted in a small matter, he/she cannot be trusted in anything. Luke 16:10

        • “If one of us cannot be trusted in a small matter, he/she cannot be trusted in anything. Luke 16:10”

          You know what, I’ll take it all back. Thanks for your comment. I’m just tired of seeing all these businesses bending over to the anti-2A extremists in this country.

        • Pay homage to, and live by the sacred words of, the unmatched ‘I Haz A Question’. Pay no mind to those who besmirch him, no matter how convincing their point may seem…

        • @Joe,

          Well done. It takes a level-headed person to accept advice or correction in stride, so kudos to you. I myself got some much-needed admonishment from LifeSavor a few months ago when I got out of line during a conversation with a former TTAG troll. I was out of line in my retort to Mr. Troll and needed that.

          Prov 12:1
          Prov 17:10

        • Bull, Haz. I regularly carry into prohibited establishments here in TX, losing a lot of my concealed caution as the meal goes by. I am simply waiting to be discovered and ordered to leave, which I plan to do without hesitating at the cashier, instead saying a cheery “thank you” as I leave, including when I have various family members with me. Been doing that for years, hasn’t happened yet, there is zero attempt to actually enforce their “no gunz” nonsense.

    • Yes, make sure you make life as difficult as possible for 16yo part time high school student. That is the best way to make sure everyone is on board with 2A supporters.

      • Hey, if the “cancel culture” can do their part, then I sure can do mine as well…enough is enough with those idiots doing their best to get rid of us…that is what I choose to do to fight back, whatever you guys decide to do or NOT do, that’s your sole business…

        • Most of us agree that cancel culturist are ass holes. Joe wants to be like a cancel culturist so Joe’s true nature is coming through.

      • You’ll never change that 16 year old’s mind by those tactics but he will appreciate that food after the boss tells him to eat it or throw it away.

        • All too true, I am hearing daily that all 16-year-olds are starving since schools are not handing out free lunches.

    • Joe, it won’t work.

      They get your money first before they submit the order to the kitchen…

    • Real mature. This is the solution a 10 year old would come up with. How about just don’t spend your money there, and tell others. No need to be a moron and punish minimum wage workers while pissing me off in line behind you.

      • OK, I think most of us agree that the proposed order and walk policy that was proposed was a nice thought of how to mess with these abhorrent companies. It seems that most also agree that in practice, that policy illustrates a lack of integrity, honesty, and actually hurts the public appearance of we who take defense and protection deadly serious (no pun intended).

        That being said, can we steer the thread away from petty bickering with Joe for his idea/comment and focus back on adult discussion of the article? Joe was man enough to change his position when presented with Scripture by another out of love for their fellow human (the Bible tells us to gently correct those we see doing/acting/behaving in a manner that does not reflect the propped values it outlines). That was done well and without malice. Thank you Haz, and thank you Joe for responding with the right heart. I applaud both of you for behaving as the Lord instructs us to behave. You both showed an unusual (these days) level of maturity.

        Now, can we drop the petty personal bickering and get back to actual discussion about the article? Thank you.

        • And thank you for taking time and understanding that I was just venting out after reading the article and seeing what’s going on around the country with the idiotic “cancel culture” and everyone else attacking us 2A supporters/conservatives.

        • And thank you for taking the time and understanding that I was just venting out after reading the article and seeing what’s going on around the country with the idiotic “cancel culture” and everyone else attacking us 2A supporters/conservatives.

  4. Well, damn. Subway and Sonic? I liked those two. Why ultra left wing Panera is only now being added to the list is mind boggling.

      • That’s how most places do it.

        BUT… you never know when a manger will decide to make a deal of it with you there.

    • Our local Subway franchise location was blatantly cheating people by overcharging tax (in CA, sales tax is applied to food only if any preparation service is done to it, such as heating or opening a container). This store was taxing any and all sales, including the most-common takeout orders of cold sandwiches, which are the majority of the sales. The management only needs to report the “prepared” food sales to Sacramento for annual Sales/Use Tax returns, so they were illicitly padding their bottom line by +9% for most of their sales.

      they continued this for months, and I confronted them three times, to no avail. They finally stopped within a week after I filed a formal complaint with the CA Franchise Tax Board, who sent an agent to the store to investigate.

      This incident, plus the fact that their sandwiches are **not** healthy at all (the sodium content for their breads and meats are off the charts) are what convinced me to stop giving them my business.

      • Yes I agree with you, the local subway stores around my way never recognize any of the coupons and/or TV advertised deals, always making some stupid claims. So I decided to take my business somewhere else, and have also told everyone I know about that scam they’ve been running for quite some time.

        • I unfortunately know the owner of 23 subway locations. I can say with certainty that this person fits the bill to a “t” when it comes to being a bottom dweller, and conducts all his locations in a similar manner to the above description of the useless subway company. If I want a lunch meat sandwich, I will make it. I certainly will not go somewhere with all the ingredients sitting out on the counter all day and have some poor hygiene kid make it for me for 10 times the cost. The workers wear those plastic food service gloves to look sanitary, but watch them. They just touch everything all around them with the gloves, then touch the nasty food ingredients (rather than only touching food with the gloves) . They might as well just be bare handed.

          As far as the scum I know with all the regional franchises, he does not know what honesty or integrity mean. Very untruthful, is dishonest when it comes to even little things, and is an all around waste of a man. Men do not lie to your face and act fake, then go gossip to anyone who will listen behind one’s back. He and his locations are exactly as others describe above. They cheat, lie, and do not honor promotions. Since I met this person (he served on the board of directors at a company I spent 5 years as the ceo), I quit even considering subway a choice for food. I guarantee that the little weasel is lockstep with corporate about the gun free stale sandwich zones in his 23 locations. I have tried to be a witness to this lost soul, and was strongly rebuked for even mentioning it. You just cannot polish a turd I guess. Despite all that, I do still hope he sees the light one day and changes his life.

          Still, no subway for me. The no gun list is just one more in a mile of reasons why I feel nauseated even thinking of eating food from there.

      • All gave some, Haz gave all. Thank you for your brave service sir! Without you Karening the poor workers at that Subway, they probably could have earned their shitty wages in peace. But you assured that wouldn’t happen on your watch. Rest easy, Haz. We got it from here!

        • Wouldn’t have cared, except that I was a regular customer for many years since I watched that location being built. When the original owner sold and new management came in, the cheating immediately started. If it was happening to you and I wasn’t a customer, I’d walk away and let you handle it. But as I was one of those being cheated out of money, I voiced my issue and provided them with three opportunities to stop (illegally) cheating me/us out of our wallets. When the manager finally stated he didn’t care while looking me in the eyes, THAT’S when I took action.

          If I don’t like your sandwiches, I simply stop buying. If you accidentally overcharge me, I disregard it because it wasn’t intentional. But if you willingly and knowingly cheat all of your customers by overcharging again and again, and continue your charade by lying to the government so you can keep that extra money you pilfered from me/us, then you’ve gone too far. And yes…I will say something.

          Being upset because your steak isn’t cooked exactly to your liking is being a Karen/Kevin. Stopping criminal activity committed against you and your buddies is not.

        • Whether he’s enthusiastically ferrying wary guests to the shooting range or hassling a Subway manager who lives out of his car over a nickel, I Haz A Question consistently shows us that not all heroes wear capes!

        • “Some of us wear red-white-and-blue Speedos”

          Funny story. My jet ski ran out of gas in the middle of a lake on Independence Day. The only person (lake was packed and I was waving my arms) that was kind enough to stop and ask if I needed help was a guy wearing stars and stripes Speedos. He towed me back.

    • While I am against Sonic’s corporate’s policy, I will still visit the local Sonic, as the franchise owner is at the local range about as often as I am. He is very supportive of the local school and charities. Being a small business owner he is not responsible for the official corporate policy.

    • IIRC, Panera announced their ban in 2014.

      But last I knew, the Panera on Monroe Ave in Grand Rapids MI still supports Open Carry.

      Individual store owners might not always agree with Corporate.

      Does anybody know if Panera or Subway donated to the Marxist political organization behind Black Lives Matter?

  5. “We’re not calling for a boycott of these companies,” Gottlieb explained

    Indeed not, they are calling for their own boycott. I’ll honor their fervent plea.

    • Of course they are calling for a boycott. Otherwise they wouldn’t have said anything. This is just marketing.

      • I’m alright with the SAF marketing, and that was a bit of sarcasm towards them. As this is the interwebz, probably should’ve tagged it as such.

        Subway’s is a 1/2 assed attempt to get the shrill din out of their ears without any actual substantive teeth behind it. Appearances can be deceiving, and they are in that case. Doesn’t matter except in the abstract. Partaking in their low quality products, regardless, is something I avoid.

  6. Add Progressive Insurance and Hagerty Insurance. Both are large scale donors to far left wing candidates.
    Stay away from Social media: Facebook, twitter and what ever the others are.


    Any major media. ABC, CBS, NBC

    Movies from Hollyweird

    Add more to the list……

    • Yes that is absolutely right, I don’t care much about social media anyways, as they are contributing to the problem in this country, I switched my insurance provider so no more Progressive either. I only watch the Fox News network (Carson/Hannity), and movies I only watch for free as I don’t patronize the Hollywood dirty political machine either.

    • While we’re at it, let’s just abandon all of modern western culture, science, technology, and media and go sit in the woods by ourselves. That’ll show ‘em!!!

  7. As I quickly scanned the list I saw no Banks listed. From what I have read, there are banks that refuse loans to the gun industry as well as not accepting transactions via credit card. To me that should be viewed as a major blockage to gun rights as well as supporting the anti crusade.
    If I am wrong about the banking industry please forgive and/or ignore me.

  8. Thanks for this info…..I will definitely keep this in mind….
    I will probably still have to buy Levi’s though…. those are good stuff…. lol

  9. I find it funny that people will get so upset about this as they tweet over their iPhone.

    All this says is that they don’t want any attention from people with guns except criminals.

  10. I try to avoid anti-2A scum…China is the biggie. I don’t use Amazon so I guess I can virtue signal THAT. Whoopee😏

    • I minimize my footprint instead of trying to completely 100% avoid all companies with which I disagree. Heck, even my own employer posted a pro-BLM statement on our website (embarrassing facepalm).

      Whenever possible, I purchase in person from a local store, with cash. From time to time, I buy something from Amazon if it’s the only place I can find the widget I need, which is uncommon.

      • My company did the same thing in regards to putting out a statement. They even did mandatory sensitivity training which I luckily missed as I was on PTO when it happened.

      • I have NEVER bought anything off Amazon…wanted to slap a certain pos billionaire through the tv a few daze ago. As far as guns & gun related crap goes I want a LGS or 2A friendly place(Cabelas)I can take back my purchase without drama. Or get help with a problem. I had a LGS work for nearly an hour trying to get a mount to fit my AR light. I had a different shop unjam my shotgun for a half hour. No charge! Amazon won’t do that!

        • Little tidbit I recently realized while scouring my Ebay and Amazon accounts not long ago:

          Ebay keep record of your purchases for the past three rolling years. Anything past that disappears.

          Amazon keeps everything for…ev…er… I saw my purchases going all the way back to the beginning, almost 20 years ago when Amazon was a smaller company, the Interwebs was new, and nobody gave much thought to the uncomfortable possibility that your footprints are etched in stone with some companies. Amazon is one of them. Hence the preference for face-to-face purchases with cash whenever possible.

    • Direct link to that lousy photo:

      The short little pipsqueak is too little for all that gun. The huge fat dude looks like he could about swallow that AR whole.

      This is what hurt us, images of dummies like those two.

      There have been better days for open carry events. Such as an extended family and their neighbors reserved seating for about 30 in a family restaurant. They arrive on a weekend, moms and dads and kids and grandparents and uncles and cousins and aunts and their friends too.

      All the adults armed.

      Some customers complained, someone called 911. Cops arrived and the restaurant manager made it plain, we didn’t call, those people are paying customers eating a lot of what we sell here. End of story.

      That’s how you do it, show up in family mode, enjoy a good meal. Make every Hoplophobe’s reaction to you look just as silly and foolish as it truly is.

      Not liek these clowns:

  11. Sonic, Chipotle and some others have stated they never wanted to get into this but people showing up carrying long guns into their businesses and patios caused a flood of complaints from other customers. So most of them reacted by banning the open carry of any firearm.

    The language can be kind of cagey, hinting at but not saying “if we can’t see it…”, but some are stating complete bans.

    Panera Bread is one. I emailed back and forth with them via their corporate website when their ban was announced. They made it very plain, my many years of being a customer mean nothing to them. My background checked Concealed Weapon Permit does not reassure them. No guns, no how, no bread for you!

    So, fuck ’em, I don’t eat there.

    I was unaware of Sonic, I’m rather fond of their SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito (hold the jalapeno). I know for certain I’ve been there with a carbine openly showing on the passenger seat. No car-hop has ever said a peep about it?

      • Somebody here suggested CDNN for 33 round Glock mags to fit my Ruger PC Carbine. That was a good suggestion, could find no better price from any online seller.

        Today I received my ten new 33 round Glock mags, and learned another true fact….

        I need a magazine loader for Glock mags!

        Man do my thumbs ache …

    • The very name “Supersonic Breakfast Burrito” conjures the image of a gastronomical nightmare.

      We don’t have any Sonics nearby here in SoCal that I know of, and I’ve been here my entire life. The only two I’ve ever seen were in OK and NV.

      • Sonics corporate headquarters is in OK and they got their start here. It’s hard to find a town in Oklaho.a that doesn’t have a Sonic. I prefer their food to McDonald’s as it just tastes better IMHO. Burger King was a surprise. I really like their new impossible whopper.

      • Nope, have to say it’s of moderate size and nothing crazy.

        I’ll say that Whataburger is better though, for breakfast burritos tho they do not call them that..

  12. There is only one problem with this strategy – most of these businesses are owned by franchisees who might not be 2A prohibitionists. In fact, the franchisee near you might support 2A. Driving one such as that out of business is not productive. Instead, urge the franchisees to buck the corporate policy of depriving Americans of a fundamental right. However, if your local franchisee agrees with the corporate policy, by all means send the commie bastard to the poor-house!

    • I don’t know the rules everywhere. In TX, the franchisee can choose whether or not to post the signs prohibiting arms. The home office can pound sand. If it is posted here, then I ignore it, otherwise it is not binding here and I therefore ignore it.

      Look, guys, we have literally thousands of people attempting to burn down a federal courthouse, every night for two months, and absolutely nothing happens to them. If you are confronted with a “no guns” sign, just IGNORE it!

  13. I don’t eat out any more, anyway. The food sucks, and I don’t like being served by moronic tattooed freaks with hardware in their noses.

  14. Subway didn’t ban guns. They didn’t even ban open carry. They just said they would prefer if you just covered up. I am sure if you walked into a subway in Cheyenne they wouldn’t even bat an eyelash. My local Panera isn’t posted. We don’t have a Sonic or Chipotle’s. I am ok with a business that requests as long as they don’t back it with a sign. To paraphrase MJ gun grabbers eat fresh too.

  15. All I know is nobody in my neck of the woods at any of these places would tell someone no open carry in there. I have been in Panera, only because I was eating lunch with my mother who I had not seen in a while and that’s where she wanted to go. What mom wants, mom gets. This was over a year ago. I didn’t know about their no gun thing. I could care less what a sign says and never saw one anyways. Unless someone makes a big deal of it, then I’ll just walk out. But I let her know Panera is a no go now. All that said, I remember when Starbucks made it a thing, I was in VA, and the first thing I did for a week was visit Starbucks open carrying indoors. Not a peep from employees. Maybe some people just look like assholes when they open carry? I mean, I have seen some cringeworthy shit here in Montana, so that makes sense. But starting in about 2014 I started realizing that open carry was the only way shit was going to change. You have to break their comfort bubble. Fact is, not enough people do it, too many states infringe on your rights, and too many people are scared to because they have allowed themselves to be manipulated long enough to believe the whole “easy target” thing. I do conceal, I get it. You are not entirely wrong. But if every gun owner still open carried, it wouldn’t even be an issue. That whole wild west argument is bullshit. Nobody is fucking dueling in the streets anymore than before because of open carry. People are more likely to be assholes to each other when they think they can just invade your personal space and choke the life out of you with their hands. Showing them otherwise incites politeness or silence. I prefer both. Whatever you do, always carry. ALWAYS. CARRY. But just know that if your state has made open carry illegal, and you got off your asses and organized massive open carry protests the size of VA in those states and did not back down until they acknowledged you, very few would try to stop you. Especially now. Especially since we have proven to be ACTUALLY PEACEFUL. So what are you waiting for? Those of us in states that allow open carry will travel nationwide in less than a day to join you, you just have to start it. It’s your neck of the woods, not ours, for a reason. Your choice. When you break that barrier, it goes nationwide. So lets get it done already, together.

    • The truth is that most people don’t notice. Of those that do most don’t care. Of those that care most assume you’re a cop.

      I OCed in Santa Fe, a hippie Left city, for a long time. Had someone care exactly once. The vast majority were too wrapped up in their phone or something else to even notice a full size pistol and spare mags.

      Heck a year or so ago I watched a guy OC a stainless SR1911 in a Denver Metro grocery store. His route basically was the same as mine. So far as I could tell I was the only one who noticed, but if anyone else did they didn’t care at all.

      • My experience open carrying is the same. Few people have enough awareness to notice. People get so out of shape about printing. If concealed carriers thought about how unaware the general public is the sale of subcompacts would plummet.

        • Printing is only a thing if you wear a bunch of skinny thin shit. Personally, I have never had a problem. I have stood in front of the mirror for hours, walking on a make believe runway at times, and done half a workout just trying to purposely print. Never anything any random person would notice. It’s all about what you wear, how you wear it, what you carry, and where you carry it… so basically, everything. For some, it’s a learning curve and their wardrobe changes drastically. I only had to increase the pant size a little, as I wear collar style shirts beit polo’s or button downs. Winter certainly makes it easy lol, but a thing most people forget is the more layers you put on, the more you have to maneuver through to deploy it. Dry train, train, then train some more. I feel like most people are just scared their significant others, family members, or anyone that might walk in on them dry practicing might look at it the same as they would catching them masturbating. LOL. I didn’t care, and I didn’t try to hide my dry rubbin…. I mean, dry training.

      • Same experiences here. One weird one, guy was obviously mentally unstable, and we were waiting in line at Cabela’s (which I will never go to again after my experience with them in 2020 – more later) and he was a line over but looking everywhere, twitching kind of weird shit going on. And I think tourettes had something to do with it, but he straight up blurted out after some other random thoughts of impatience “I’ll just get this guy to shoot me with his gun”. Nobody cared though. Obviously unstable.

        I really think it’s all about how you dress. I have seen a lot of random people carrying, and I always notice my surroundings and typically when I look at someone, their hands and body are the first thing I notice. Then their face. Mostly the occasional cell phone holder or shiny pocket clip on the knife. I have struck up multiple conversations with people who carried and looked professional. Those who don’t, I simply don’t acknowledge because I’d feel like they should be paying me for giving them advice on how much of a shit sandwich they look like. One big boy was wearing a “fuck you” something or other tee shirt, carrying OWB, looked like a solid carry – position, height, holster etc, but just the loud statement was like “hey, look, I’m an asshole!”. Another carrying a SERPA (nothing wrong, just outdated) on his front pocket. I have no idea how it was clipped in there, but it was flopping around and all kinds of cringe. A guy who frequents our shop and used to work there in the front office carries a nylon leg drop holster and a beretta, but it’s on the front of his leg… odd. So yea, that’s Montana… Even some of the guys we get at meetings, usually newbies or random friends of friends, have some odd choices, but most can at least shoot and someone is always willing to help them get on the right track.

  16. Sonic and Sara “You’re too fat to CCW” Lee shouldn’t be patronized regardless of their stance on firearms.

    • I feel like that goes for 99% of companies that make this list to begin with. I’d rather go to the grocery store and do it myself. The off occasion I do get “fast food” it’s either a meat sub or dairy queen, and I’ll be honest, I splurge a bit at DQ. Usually something extremely unhealthy like a fire burger, fries, and a blizzard. Once a month or so. Can’t help myself.

  17. F’ their signs, they are suggestions. Unless it is an airport or federal building, I wont disarm. If I want a panera over- priced crappy sandwich and im carrying concealed, ill do what i want and go buy one.

    A bunch of pansies debating this issue.

    Be alpha male warriors, we dont ask permission and are not looking for anyones approval.

  18. Hopefully everyone remembers all this on Nov 2020. Or everyone will be saying good morning to President elect “Sleepy Joe *Potato-Head * Biden…Along with the rest of the DNC cronies, BLM Marxists, Violent SJW SoY-Cuck ANTIFA-Tards, etc….Then prepare to an endangered species if that nightmare comes true…


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