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Michael Bloomberg’s star employee, Shannon Watts, has remarkably low standards when it comes to “progress” in her mission to disarm law-abiding citizens. America’s anti-gun Karen crowed like a rooster when she mau-maue’d Starbucks into requesting that their customers not carry firearms in their stores.

Watts proclaimed the alleged “victory” to every media outlet that would talk to her, claiming that the Seattle-based coffee giant had banned guns from their thousands of stores. But they didn’t. They simply request that customers refrain from carrying. Here in Texas, for example, stores have neither 30.06 (no concealed firearms) or 30.07 (no open carry) signs posted. Customers are still free to carry as they please and they do.

In other words Starbucks head-faked Watts with a non-ban ban to get the hoplophobic harridan to pipe down and run along.

Subway sandwich shops have apparently learned the lesson. Shannon had a hissy fit after photos were published in May showing customers carrying firearms openly in a North Carolina store. One of the customers carried an inert rocket launcher prompting much clutching of pearls.

This led to an online pressure campaign by Watts, petitions, and even a recent letter from two of the US Senate’s most anti-gun members, “Da Nang” Dick Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, both of Connecticut.

Yesterday, Subway relented and added this statement to their website:

subway guns statement

Note the language: “…respectfully requests….” In practice, then, this means…little if anything. They would like customers to refrain from open carry. That falls short of a ban. Not that the innocuous change prevented fellow gun-grabbers from claiming that SUBWAY BANS OPEN CARRY.

Concealed carry, the preferred method of most people who tote a firearm, is not prohibited at all by Subway. The important thing for the gun control industry here is that Watts and others get to claim a “victory” and…for Subway…Watts and her red-shirted horde will now move on to some other hapless target.

Anyone else feel like a Jimmy John’s sandwich for lunch?

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        • She already has a foot long’s worth of stick up her ass… What more could she want?

          Never understood what Dirk saw in that cockeyed warped horse face of her’s.

    • Sig heil nazi fraulein douchebagger shannon…mini mike bloomberg will see to it the gun carrying Americans are sent to the camps immediately per z orders of z fruher.

    • +1 on Jersey Mike’s. My lunch when I’m in the office (and if I ever get back to it).

      Expensive (when you get the extra Prosciutto/Cappy on the Italian like I do) but worth every cent.

      Mike’s way less lettuce.

      • Carm’s. Di Amato’s. Bari’s. Fontana’s. Conte De savoia. Vinny’s. Humboldt haus. Hero’s.
        Those are subs. Probably a bit far from your office tho.

  1. You almost can’t blame Subway for this. If you refuse to at least throw a bone to the leftist mob, then you run the risk of being canceled. Some corps have gone all in for SJW/leftists, but most just want to run their business and make money.

    • If people stopped throwing bones, then the cancelistas would starve and go away like the trolls they are. This sort of pandering legitimizes every dumb thing they do and demand.

      • I’m not convinced that a head-on confrontation on carry practices is tactical.

        I live in PA where we have permit-less open-carry and permitted concealed-carry. (As a practical matter, you really have to have a permit.) About 10% of adults have permits, but I hardly ever see a “No Guns” sign.

        I also have a SC permit where they prohibit open-carry but permit concealed-carry. (Getting a Non-Resident permit is onerous, but if you buy a scrap of land and pay the RE taxes, jump through the training, testing and qualification hoops, you are good to go.) But there, I see “No Guns” signs regularly.

        I can – and have – carried in the Allentown PA airport; but am sign-prohibited in the Charlestown SC airport. Which is better?

        Suppose we Pencil-tuckians all started open-carrying in our home state. My expectation is that we would soon be seeing lots more “No Guns” signs. We might even see legislation in Harrisburg to ban open-carry. We could be much like SC! Would we be better off?

        I suspect that we will be better off quietly incrementing the number of CWPs from 10% to 11% . . . 25%. At some point, the number of voters with CWPs would reach the point where we would be a force the legislators would prefer not to offend.

        I don’t mean to suggest that I’m against all open-carry. Not at all. Rather, that these demonstrations need to be carefully scripted. The point is to emphasize the normal-ness of carry; and, if doing so by a demonstration of open-carry makes that point, that’s fine. The point is NOT to emphasize the AB-normal-ness of carry by ‘going armed to the terror of the people’.

        Some of our fellows are too dim-witted to see a distinction between normalization vs terrorizing. They find it much more entertaining – to themselves – to terrorize. The rest of us – those with sharper wits – need to figure out what subtle aspects of dress and deportment, context and circumstances, tend to normalize vs terrorize.

        • I wasn’t suggesting an in your face approach – I’m suggesting that whether or not I carry should and does have naught-all to do with where I buy my cheap sandwiches, get my hair cut, buy coffee, shop for mankinis, or anything else.

          Everything is a political statement. Everything is a virtue signal. Everything is a violence of some kind against somebody. Everything has deep, life-altering significance.

          I just want a bologna sandwich made of mostly turkey.

        • You’re late.

          We did OC everywhere from around 2007/2008 to 2010 and beyond. Many still do. We also have a lot of poor concealment. I regularly see barrels and slides poking out below t shirts and grips sticking out of pockets.

          Anyway nothing happened. There was crying and hand wringing from the antis and the Karens, a couple of law suits against cops that over stepped their authority, but no additional signs, no additional store bans, no additional laws.

          We got updates on the legality of OC added to the MPOETC Act 180 annual updates that all Act 120 certified police officers have to go through every year, twice (2009, and 2013 IIRC). We got updates to all police academy and law enforcement degree program training throughout PA regarding the legality of OC and the legal details thereof.

          The idea that we should not exercise our rights to prevent people from taking our rights never made any sense to me.

          • Yes, that’s typical of me. I’m almost always late to the party.

            Personally, I don’t care one whit about printing. If someone “makes” me I don’t care. I’m not flaunting the fact that I’m carrying; I am still “concealed”. Nor do I care if my butt is exposed a bit; that object in my pocket might be anything. The fact that its a gun is no one’s business. In PA my right to bear arms “shall not be questioned”.

            I reiterate: I do NOT object to open-carry. I only urge that it be done tactically. What “tactically” means is open for vigorous debate. We ought to have that debate.

            Simply because debatable tactics in some instances were NOT followed by an adverse reaction is NO PROOF that the tactics were prudent. I’d much rather see that well-thought-out tactics be used.

            For example, an OC regiment in a Memorial Day or Independence Day parade. An OC picnic with multi-generations, women and children. A Wednesday-morning OC breakfast club. Working our way gradually from more rural gun-friendly precincts toward neighboring not-quite-as gun-friendly precincts. Dressing to impress while OC, rather than dressing to make a bad first impression.

            “The idea that we should not exercise our rights to prevent people from taking our rights never made any sense to me.”

            I agree. And, in that vein, I disagree with those who insist that we should NEVER OC. Rather, I think that a little OC ought to be a component in our practice so as to maintain the right to do so notwithstanding that we MIGHT reach a consensus that CC is the preferred practice. Suppose, for example, that the average urban dweller became accustomed to seeing one Open-Carrier once-a-week. And, that occasion served to remind her that she is probably crossing paths with a dozen Concealed-Carriers each day. That state-of-affairs would probably suffice to protect the rights to both OC and CC.

        • For the most part we all were just going about our business with our OWB holsters outside of our shirts instead of under them. But we did have a number of lunches and dinners in different places around the state back then.

          It settled down a lot after the lawsuits for Dixxon City, Corliss V Allentown, Meleanie Hain here in Lebanon, Mark Fiorino and Philadelphia, and the reemphasis of OC in LEO training, and all the news coverage we got back then. Meleanie, the OC soccer mom got quite a bit of PA news coverage.

          In PA OC of a rifle is usually at planned events, but periodically a local likes to test the waters somewhere. And we do get the odd motorcycle guy going to the range with his AR across his back.

          There was a guy who liked to walk around Whitehall, near the mall, with an AR years back. He had a number of conversations with police recorded and posted on youtube. I do not know what ever became of him.

          A few years ago there was a young man harassed for walking down a street in one of the Philly suburb communities with his AR. I think it was slung, but I could be wrong. Anyway the cops decided he needed a mental health evaluation, so a bunch of people held a couple of planned OC rifle marches in the community to support him.

          I know the Lehigh Valley Tea Party likes to hold an OC event now and then.

          Nothing much usually comes of any of it. But yes, don’t be an asshole is a good rule for life in general.

          Stuff does still go on. You should visit the forum on It’s probably the best place to see what is going on in the broader pro gun community in PA.

          The forum

          Concealed and Open Carry

          Open Carry Sub Forum

          PA Law

      • True, but expecting corporations to stand on principle instead of siding with the almighty dollar just isn’t realistic.

  2. Which makes you and your “customers” feel safer, Subway: chanting, screaming, cursing “peaceful protestors” armed with guns, chains, bricks, and clubs, breaking your windows and throwing Molotov cocktails, or a couple of gun owners stopping by for a sandwich? These guys may be over the top, but maybe someone should be judged by their words and actions (or lack of actual threatening behavior) rather than how they look? Isn’t that the whole premise of BLM? Maybe we need to send some Black Panther look alikes into the Subway and see if Shannon and Subway mind? Does Shannon even eat at Subway?

  3. I think Subway did a nice head-fake with their “request”. Since there’s no ban, I don’t see why they’d lose my business.

    • maybe because they produce something that is almost, but not quite, an approximation of food?

      • *snorts*

        Yeah, no fear of a boycott from I. No worries over losing business you never had to begin with.

      • Subway isn’t my first choice for a fresh sandwich, but it doesn’t make me gag…

    • I don’t see a scandal here, plus I despise cancel culture. There are plenty of corps out there that have gone all in on overtly leftist politics if people are interested in boycotting.

  4. I imagine She is sexually frustrated by the sheer number of guns being sold this year. I bet the batteries are being replaced weekly.

    • Batteries?

      A 12-cylinder Caterpillar diesel is more like it…

      • Hi look it’s Geoff ‘I eat a troll every time I go down on my wife’ PR, the sexually frustrated boomer with absolutely no friends.

        • Hey there, All Hail. If you want to try to sneak into the room wearing a different hat, try to remember that you still have the same face. Try to talk about guns while on this gun site, okee dokee?

          At least you aren’t harassing Haz the Wise this time and drooling all over the place. Geesh.

          We know who you are, ‘Dude’.

        • Dood – I’m not a boomer.

          I bet that really chaps your troll ass. 🙂

          And my friends are gonna be really surprised to hear they don’t exist…

      • Geoff throwed left over Christmas eats in the ditch last year for us possums, mess with him you mess with me, and by gawd don’t make me give you a threatening grimace and a terrible sound( that’s about all a possum can do, that and play dead) but I can call in the “coons of doom” and they’ll eat up your sweet corn patch

        • Thanks, Marsupial One, and enjoy your new eyes. Nearly being killed over a year ago allowed me to afford my new eyeballs… 🙂

  5. That’s like someone saying they won the lottery when they got a buck or two for having two numbers or the power ball…. What a moron.. But hey if all it takes is a, “well uhhh we’ll see what we could possibly maybe do”…, to shut her the hell up then damn you go girl….

  6. Watts is a Hoplophobic delusional fool.

    I’ve never had any reaction at all to wearing a sidearm openly, and certainly never when concealed, in stores, banks or any fast food joint I have been in. Generally in restaurants I only carry concealed tho due to the specifics in Arizona law about places that serve alcohol.

    I did own for a short few years a deactivated launcher for a Vietnam era M72 LAW rocket. Paid a $1 for it at a Swap Meet in Sierra Vista, AZ in the early 1980’s. Probably sold it for something like that too. Or maybe I traded it for a pistol magazine? Memory is a bit foggy on the point.

    Had thought of making a mock-up of a rocket nose cone to point out the end of it a couple of inches, then hang it in the back window of my pickup. Never got around to it tho.

    Oh well.

    • shannon could give two shits about guns. monsanto mommy is being paid to rage against guns. If the NRA offered her a raise she’d be rabidly pro gun.

      She is a phony.

      • For the right price I suspect you could get absolutely anything you might happen to want from that woman, Shannon Watts. I would suggest keeping yourself well wrapped in you know what I mean.

    • better see Sarco…if you want something that could pass for the real thing…sounds like your LAW was missing its end covers…

  7. Ah yes,Demanding Commie Mommy’s blowing hot air ,it’s what they do and nobody cares.
    By the number of NICS checks the last three months the harpy hags have lost the battle .

  8. 15 ish years ago I ate a chicken sammich at subway. Was deathly sick after. I haven’t been back since. They lost my business before or they would be losing it now.

    • JWM, I feel the same way about Dairy Queen. My father, brother and myself got food poisoning from undercooked chili. It’s not a good thing when 3 people have the trots and there’s only one bathroom. Have never eaten there again.

      • Ugg! Shortly after we got married my wife wanted to go to TCBY for frozen yogurt, shortly after we got home it hit us hard…newly married in a one bathroom apartment! I learned that projectile applies to more than firearms, yikes! Needless to say we never went back.

    • stay away from the places with the flies!….some of their stores do have a problem with that…

  9. Have noticed a few businesses take down their “No Weapons” and “No Guns” signs. A shopping mall still makes that claim on its website, buried in a Code of Conduct. But nothing shows publicly.

    I think some businesses are now just checking the box, leaving the language so they can use it if some ill mannered yahoo has to be evicted, but otherwise not wanting to get into this argument at all.

    • Malls mostly get much better insurance rates if they have a no guns policy. They actually don’t care what you do as long as you don’t cause problems.

      If you conceal it will never be an issue and if you OC then some Paul Blart type might bother you or some Karen may compel an otherwise disinterested mall cop into feeling like he has to do something.

      Back during the heyday of it her in PA I OCed many times in malls with supposed no guns policies and never had an issue myself. I know other guys who did have issues, so YMMV.

      • Very bad advice if you piss off the wrong person you will at a minimum get asked to leave and at worst arrested or cited with trespassing.

  10. Only thing they’ve “accomplished” is damaging those outfits bottom line! They still think we’re a minority fringe!???

  11. Having worked for one of the main U.S. suppliers of Subway and other companies meat products. Wouldn’t eat there if you paid me. Not so much the quality of the product. The processes producing the product were often disregarded in order to attain demand. Just like most all producers. Sometimes corners are cut in order to meet customer demand.

    • There’s a commonality within, it eventually effects every business, once the accountants, or those directly accountable to them take over the helm. Margins > quality, is the order of the day. For the sake of greater profit, at the ever greater expense of the customer while the product quality falters.

      Rare is the publicly traded, or very successful privately held business that they themselves don’t fall into this self destructive trap at some point. To big for your own good is an oft occurring thing.

    • I don’t care much for Starbucks. Any time I ask for the biggest Black coffee they make the want to clarify the size and ask if I want room for cream in that. Still I have asked the three closest Starbucks and two said they didn’t care, one said their owner didn’t want to have guns in the store.

      A Buffalo Wild Wings opened up and posted a sign, the wrong size and not at the entry point. I asked their manage about it. He said he knew the sign was illegal, didn’t care if we wore guns, open or concealed, but the sign was there so he could ask us to leave if other patrons complained.

      • Buffalo Wild Wings corporate enacted a no guns policy ages ago, but individual franchises can decide their own policy. Another head fake to keep the harpies at bay. The location in Lancaster PA has no sign that I can find and never said anything to me about it.

        • Not so, it applies to all Buffalo Wild Wings ate at one and the table of cops next to me all had empty holsters. Wish I had taken a picture, at least they were abiding by the law. Unlike some LEOs who like to scream bloody murder when they have to be subject to the same laws ordinary citizens do.

  12. These same authoritarians think requests and suggestions to wear a mask are enforceable law not to be trifled with. If I had a dollar for every idiot in town here who worried the cops would haul them off if they were seen without a mask I could retire and no longer be subjected to said idiots.

    It’s like they get off on their fascism fetish so hard they can’t accept that we’re not all living in the DPRK.

    It also explains why a simple conversation with these psychos is impossible because to them any interaction can go only one of two ways: total agreement with their ideas or violent hysterical fit

  13. But let’s be honest, while legal, was it expedient? What good would come of wearing a rocket launcher into SubWay? Just because you can, don’t mean you should. And because he did, SubWay responded with “Please” don’t, the next time a patron raises a hissy-fit, it could be “Don’t” or “No open or concealed”.

    Something you might want to try is to write the corporate or local headquarters and something I do is ask the manager after they post the sign, What measures they have taken to ensure my safety besides putting up a sign. If you take away my right to self-defense, you become liable for my defense, what have you done beside stick up a sign? You’ll probably get a deer in the head light look from them. And no real answer.

    We need to be the least bit pro-active before they ban us from everywhere.

    • How about you stop complying.

      Fucking Subway dude… All these private owned places that would do this shit don’t deserve gun owners business in the first place. They are just trying to stay relative because they are bleeding money. It could take 20 years, it could take 5, but it will happen.

  14. I open carried in subway once. You know what they said to me? “What bread do you want with that?” . Some kid even asked me about my atf American Terrorist Foundation shirt. I told him to look up operation fast and furious. This was in a lefty part of idaho and nobody cared. Total non-issue. Carrying arms openly while not being a douche should be the norm.

    • This.

      But I am concerned for your health, since you chose to eat at Subway in the first place. Go to Jimmy Johns or some shit dude.

      • Jimmy John’s? Possibly the only major franchise sandwich shop worse than Subway? GTFO would choose not to eat if those were my two choices.

        • ok… why? You know that some JJ’s allow their workers to carry, right? It’s franchised. The food is good. What’s your beef? I am honestly curious as to why you think they are so terrible. I mean, subway, yea, we all get… but JJ’s? What about Firehouse? Personally, I go for the local stuff 99% of the time, or just make my own… but I like to grab a Gargantuan from JJ’s every now and then.

  15. I ditched Subway years ago for Firehouse Subs. I don’t think they’re as ubiquitous nationwide but there’s plenty of them in FL. We don’t have open carry anyway (except under limited conditions) so it’s not really an issue here, other than Firehouse is lots better.

  16. This is way down on the page, so I don’t know how many of you will even see this (lol), but I wonder if here in CA I would get into trouble for exercising my First Amendment to protest anti-2A gun laws by openly carrying my orange-colored plastic training gun (one of those replica G17s) in my OWB Kydex? I recall some news stories about some people quietly protesting via 1A expression by displaying empty holsters on their hips. I’ve seriously contemplated doing the same, but I wonder if “upping the ante” by inserting my trainer (the one I call “Orange Gun Bad” 🙂 ) would violate any laws or regs? I haven’t found anything in our Penal Code regarding the display of replicas (I know re-enactors are allowed to, such as at Civil War or Old West festivals).

    If anyone has any thoughts or links to P.C. references, I’d appreciate it.

    • Good question. There are a bunch of Cali cases involving the brandishing of fake firearms, but what you’re asking about does not involve removing the “gun” from your holster.

      Being that most cops are humble, courteous and respectful — just delightful people, really — I’d say that the real answer is that you may beat the rap, but you won’t beat the ride.

      • It’s past 11pm, and I just remembered that this same topic came up a few months ago. Someone (I don’t recall who) suggested and excellent idea…stick a small paper copy of the Bill of Rights in the holster.

        Forget I ever mentioned the orange trainer. The BOR idea is the way to go.

    • openly carrying my orange-colored plastic training gun (one of those replica G17s) in my OWB Kydex?

      You’ll probably wind up getting shot by some under trained rookie cop working for half pay and pissed off because some Marxist politician decided to cut the cops budget again…

    • Wearing an empty holster is not illegal. And Orange plastic training gun is not a firearm, so it is not illegal to put it in your holster. Under California open carry laws, a “handgun” is any pistol, or revolver; or any firearm capable of being concealed upon the person. The basic components of such a firearm are:

      Any device that has a barrel less than 16 inches in length, or designed to be interchanged with a barrel less than 16 inches in length;
      The device is designed to be used as a weapon by expelling any projectile;
      Through means of any explosion or other form of combustion.

      But this in no way suggests that someone will not call 911 to report you as a “man with gun!!!!” The police response to such calls, depending on where you live (like the Bay Area) was often excessive during the days of the “open unloaded” era that ended January 1, 2012 with the effective date of Penal Code section 26350, the law that covers open carry and lists about 9 exceptions, as I recall.

    • Let’s say for discussion that California law does NOT criminalize carrying an orange plastic firearm replica. Be aware that clever criminals have attempted to disguise actual firearms as toys (using brightly colored paint and/or brightly colored plastic panels). That being the case, law enforcement sometimes decides to verify whether that brightly colored thing really is a toy or is actually a functional firearm. So, be ready for law enforcement to challenge you if you wear it in public.

      The really fun question is how nice or nasty the cops will be if they challenge you.

      • Oh, I completely get it, and am not planning on doing anything absurd. In all likelihood, I’ll stick with the empty holster route. But even if I do choose to add the Orange Gun Bad, it would be in a limited situation (e.g., no children, no public parks, etc.)

        Certainly don’t want to ruin things for POTG in CA by doing one of those dumb “2A checks” I’ve seen others do on YouTube.

        I’m just wondering, is all.

  17. Just say you’re cosplaying. There’s got to be a character somewhere who carries a rocket launcher!

    • Actually, he was. Tons of people were. They made a total joke of it from cardboard cutout guns to muskets, because they knew the media’s agenda regardless. If every single person that day carried an airsoft rifle, the media still would have pulled that shit. Actually, it would have been a total win to do so…. although, not the smartest carrying a “toy” that looks real. Still, if it’s a way to shut the media up about gun control and how we are all just waiting to be murdered, I think it’d be great.

    • “Now we need them to vote in the right direction.”

      Kinda doubt it, but you don’t know.

      Offer of few of the new owners some initial training, and put the bug in their ear. Remind them that the unnecessary hassles they went through to buy it were a result of bullshit gun laws…

    • We get one of those here every few years or so at a gun range.

      And I suppose doing it there is better than doing it at home and leaving that to be discovered by the families…

    • Lol, bet it tastes the same as “fresh” over the counter, once you get past the hair caught in your teeth.

      O w8, that’s the procedural modus operandi at the counter as well. 😀

  18. Meh…haven’t eaten Subway in at least 20years. Bad service and lousy “food”. I don’t open carry(illegal in ILLinoyed)anyway. No counters open NOW. TONS of better submarine sammich places south of Chiraq anywho!

  19. Unless businesses post signs in states where they have the force of law, it’s just a gesture. Management would have to be pretty stupid not to realize that some of their customer will be carrying concealed. They’re fine with that because out of sight means out of mind. It placates the anti-gun hysterics without driving away their pro-gun customers. They get to focus on their business instead of being dragged into the gun control controversy and that’s all they want.

  20. What fucking idiot eats subway? Might as well scrape the sewers for food.

    Also, I saw “requests” in there. I request you mind your own business and make some sammiches.

  21. “Open carry has been going on inside @SUBWAY’s for years.”
    Okay, and how many crimes has that caused over those years?
    Right, and how did it suddenly become a problem?

    • and how did it suddenly become a problem?

      This is what happens when some overly educated, systematically brainwashed, worldly Snowflake feels “threatened” and suddenly your Constitutional rights take a back seat to their “feelings”…

  22. There is enough stupid on both sides. Stupid is protected by The Constitution. Carrying a SPG is not. Carrying a cannon is not. Carrying to intimidate is not. Anarchy is not. But, it’s all done anyway in the cause of “freedom”. When The United Socialist State Republic takes over The Constitution will be void. They’ll take back your “freedom”, then we’ll be back to stupid. “Freedom” is not only a right, it is a responsibility. This country has no sense of responsibly any more. Not since LBJ. It is not the fault of any individual, it is the fault of “Society”. A criminal is made by society, therefore we have no right to the means to protect ourselves from that which we have created. “The Great Society”.

    • You mean the guy who said “We’ll have n***ers voting democrat for the next 100 years.”? And referred to civil rights bill as the n***er bill… Also, your comment reads like someone who would get destroyed by Steven Crowder. I don’t even think you know where you stand, let alone have the capacity to generalize where societies stand.

    • You mean the guy who said “We’ll have n*ggers voting democrat for the next 100 years.”? And referred to civil rights bill as the n*gger bill… Also, your comment reads like someone who would get destroyed by Steven Crowder. I don’t even think you know where you stand, let alone have the capacity to generalize where societies stand.

  23. Subway? Who cares??? Subway is sinking faster than a flooded subway full of rats.
    In 2019, Subway closed over 1,000 stores nationwide, and it has announced more closures in 2020. Subway closed more stores than it opened in 2016, and it closed more than 900 stores in 2017. Some have estimated the chain will be closing a similar number of branches as it did in 2019 by the end of 2020.

    As I see it, subway would blow Ronald McDonald if it could them some free press, any press, even banning open carry…as if anyone eats that shit anymore. I sure don’t

      • This. Even Jared won’t eat that shit anymore

        Yeah I heard they don’t serve that stuff in child molester prison… On pleading guilty to having sex with minors and possession of child pornography, as quoted in “Jared Fogle, ex-Subway spokesman, sentenced to 15 years in prison” by Rick Callahan in CBC News report. (19 November 2015)

  24. This is not an accurate article. I am the owner of 6 Subway restaurants in Ohio and conceal carry is completely allowed in all of our stores. 99% of Subway are locally owned and operated by hard working folks in every community and each store is at the descretion of each owner on how to handle policies like this. Most other owners that I know in Ohio are open to conceal carry.

  25. Houghton/Watts does not give a damn about firearms but she loves the cash from donations, members and Bloomberg. She enjoys armed protection as much as any American-her red shirt followers are being duped but they will have to figure that out on their own. “Mothers” is only relevant in the context of Frank Zappa.

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