Here are Both Sides of the PRIME/RUAG Dispute

People have been throwing links to this video statement from PRIME Ammunition at us for a couple of days. PRIME has apparently been in a protracted dispute with their primary supplier, RUAG Ammotec, for some time now. A dispute that has broken out into public view and, according to CEO Jim O’Shaughnessy, has put PRIME […]

Textron Delivers Next Generation Squad Automatic Weapon to Army

Textron has delivered five samples of their “next generation” Squad Automatic Weapon to the US Army for testing and evaluation. It fires a lightweight cased-telescoping round that substantially reduces the load for SAW gunners. Which, of course, just means if the Army adopts this system that SAW gunners will have to be able to carry […]

.22LR vs .223 Remington – A Beginner’s Guide

I have been involved in the rifle sports for more than half my life. I shot in my first big competition at the Camp Perry National Matches when I was a junior in high school. Since that time I have been active in raising awareness about the Civilian Marksmanship Program sports and have gotten a […]

The Fear of Teflon Coated Ammo – KTW, Winchester, and Hollywood Hype

In the 1960s, Paul Kopsch (an Ohio coroner), Daniel Turcos (a police sergeant), and Donald Ward (Kopsch’s special investigator), began experimenting with special purpose handgun ammunition. Their objective was to develop a law enforcement round capable of improved penetration against hardened targets, such as windshield glass and automobile doors. Conventional bullets, made primarily of lead, often become deformed […]

Three Rifle Rounds to Watch in 2019

When I was growing up it seemed like there were new cartridges coming and going every day. I recall with particular fondness the plethora of now-extinct wonder rounds that lived and died in the early years of the AR boom. The short magnum craze happened around the same time. Today we’re living in the make-believe […]