Justin McCall. Courtesy Okaloosa County Sheriff.
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Cops say Florida Man™ Justin McCall, who was out on bond for two previous burglary arrests, stole a handgun during yet another vehicle break-in. That gun proved his undoing later that evening.

Wearing a woman’s boots from the earlier burglary, he negligently shot himself in the leg while committing yet another vehicle break-in.

McCall, aged 28, narrowly cheated the Darwin Awards committee thanks to a nearby neighbor who heard his cries for help. He admitted to suffering a self-inflicted gunshot wound and the neighbor called police.

WinkNews has the details . . .

A man accidentally shot himself in the leg during an alleged attempted vehicle burglary in Okaloosa County.

Justin McCall, who was out of jail on bond, allegedly stole a firearm from a vehicle and was trying to break into another, authorities said. That’s when he accidentally shot himself. A woman outside her nearby home heard him say he had been shot and she called the police.

When police arrived, they found 28-year-old McCall with a gunshot wound to his leg, and he was taken to the hospital for treatment…

McCall had no business being out among the law-abiding public.

McCall was out of jail on bond for two burglaries, and he was on felony probation for a previous theft of a firearm. A day after the shooting, he was arrested on charges of grand theft, burglary to a structure, car burglary and felony violation of probation.

He has had 13 felony convictions in the state of Florida since 2012 — six for burglary, four for grand theft, and one for grand theft of a firearm, the sheriff’s department said.

Thirteen felony convictions and he shoots himself in the process of breaking into a car while wearing stolen women’s boots. He needs to spend more time in the big house for his own good…or move to Chicago where they don’t catch criminals at all, much less prosecute them.


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  1. I see a great opportunity for the perp to sue the gun owner from whom he stole the gun: negligent storage, lack of sufficient safety features on the gun, creating an attractive nuisance by having a gun in a car, reckless endangerment of whomever is in the car.

    Surely, a real lawyer can come up with a dozen more complaints.

        • “Judging from that photo he doesn’t read.”

          You might be onto something. It is illeteracy at the heart of the failure of gun control laws (and all other laws as well). Those disposed to societal norms cannot read the very law they are about to violate.

          Mental illness isn’t the problem, it is lack of ability to read. We need Select Committees in House and Senate to study the matter, and impose a solution.

    • dacan change his account name ??

      I know your being sarcastic but that’s the kinda lunacy he would post.

      • “I know your being sarcastic but that’s the kinda lunacy he would post.”

        It is the kind of thing I expect to happen with every self-defense shooting.

      • Must not have been a Ruger then, because he’d have known to read the owner’s manual before attempting to operate the weapon.

  2. So instead of letting the scumbag bleed out, some do gooder called for meds!? Thanks a bunch!!

  3. lol
    Too much intelligence!

    We have been told so much by the left as to how we all need training and how we shouldn’t even have guns in public but then the ones that create the real problem are more likely to to do dumb things to themselves. They are a threat to everyone to include their own life. Kinda reminds me of the NFAC.

    Who are the judges and lawyers responsible for him being out in the first place? Keep the animals in their cages and the world will be a better place.

    • Criminals (esp. career criminals) should have an experation date. maybe a barcode Tat on their neck…( hey, a tat is a tat to these people). 20+ crimes Zap! Criminal “deactivated” or 28 times in prison “Zap” recidavism no more. They just can’t help themselves today. The happless perp in the Tex Mex eatery last week “Promised” his mutha ,the day of reconning he would “Try and do betta”…..um, Zap! he got . What do you guy’s call it? the newest member of the Chaulk line club? I luv it!

  4. He was led out Because the libertarians liberals and the left were afraid he’d catch covid. At least that was the excuse they made back in 2020. Since they said there are too many people locked up in American prisons and jails.

  5. Neck tats. Need I say more?

    “The cost of my incarceration will far exceed any taxes I may pay in my life.”

  6. Low IQ: Check.
    Tattoos: Check.
    Prominent brow ridge: Check.
    Cross-dresser: Check.
    Extensive criminal history: Check.
    Out on bond instead of rotting in prison: Check.

    A fine representative of a Democrat core constituency.

  7. Shoulda putta anudder scar in ‘is far-head…. Look @ dat neck tata ..how many crimes (unreported) did he hafta committo a’ford dat? 228? he looks like 40+ already, lastly, he should be a’loud to wear doe’swomen’s bootie’s in prison …the boyz would lov it and him…Can you say “hey, I dropped my soap girlie, get it NOW!”…… ouch

  8. I guess when you get a neck tattoo you’re not expecting to live to receding hairline age.

    As an aside old folks homes are gonna look pretty weird once this wave of “random tattoos make up for my lack of personality” NPCs hit their golden years.

    • One of my grandfathers got a forearm tatoo while in the Navy. By the time of his passing at 93, it had been reduced to an unintelligible green blob.

      • I used to work with an old dude that was in the Navy. He also had a tattoo in that same location that was a blob. He worked because he liked it. He was already twice retired from government work.

      • my maternal gr. father had several he acquired all around the world in the USN and merch. marine. He passed at 98 in 1999. by then I’m not sure he remembered what they all were. they looked like you said faded green blobs

      • My dad had a USN tattoo on his forearm that always reminded me of Popeye’s tattoo. Maybe because he was like Popeye. I thought it was cool, and it was fitting, growing up in a Lake Erie fishing family. He didn’t quite make 80, so it was still fairly legible at the end.

  9. @muckraker
    “Cuz he might go for that lawyer idea and a lawyer would be happy to do it too!”

    Well, golly. It would just be good fun, and nothing really intended to be serious. Lawyering keeps us all entertained. I mean, would a real lawyer really try to prove the perp is really the victim? Really?

    Tsk, tsk. How did you come to have such a low opinion of barristers? “Dick the Butcher” wasn’t an actual person.

  10. He should have looked down the barrel and pull the trigger just to confirm the weapon was clear…

  11. If I found someone suffering from a gunshot wound that had facial or neck tattoos I would out of pure altruistic concern for their well-being sit with them for 20 or 30 minutes before I remember that I need to call an ambulance.

  12. He has had 13 felony convictions in the state of Florida since 2012

    And that’s just the stuff he’s been caught for. Yeesh!

    • Note that his criminal history starts when he was 18. I’d bet that he has quite a history in his sealed juvenile record.

  13. McAll have every right to be out and about according to the law. It has no bearing on criminality, That is a seperate consideration for which he has paid the price . The fact that he accidently shot himelf in the leg is not divine providence it’s a bloody accident. HE’sback in the pokey where he belongs.

    • “McAll have every right to be out and about according to the law.”

      “HE’sback in the pokey where he belongs.”

      Now there’s a non sequitur for you. This is my shocked face.

      • somebody needs to take the time to put some very secure locks on the Hall closet door. then put Al Hall into that Hall closet and lock it. then “lose” the key.

    • And that is how Oncegreatbritain floats in the 21st century. Sad, very sad. Why did we save their butts TWICE in the 20st century?

        • I once read that the average height of the typical Brit fell by some inches after WWI. They drafted all the best physical specimens for the war that started in August and was going to be over by Christmas. It was only after the Germans had slaughtered all the best specimens that they started drafting the runts. The Germans called them “Lions led by donkeys.Same thing in WWII. The only reason they managed to best Rommel was because his fuel supply from Europe was cut off. And, yes, I am old enough to remember WWII.

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “McAll have every right to be out and about according to the law. It has no bearing on criminality, That is a seperate consideration for which he has paid the price . The fact that he accidently shot himelf in the leg is not divine providence it’s a bloody accident. HE’sback in the pokey where he belongs.”


      He has every right to “be out and about according to the law” but now “HE’sback in the pokey where he belongs.” ?

      He didn’t belong in the ‘pokey’ before? Him not being in the ‘pokey’ is what led to him having 13 felony convictions in the state of Florida since 2012, and now his latest.

      So basically you are saying he had every right to “be out and about” committing felony’s.

      Is that like your ‘violent domestic abusers’ and rapists in the U.K. ? They too seem to have “every right to be out and about according to the law’ so much that 33% of the female population in the U.K. have been raped and 1 out of 4 females has been violently attacked by a criminal for other than rape and ‘violent domestic abuse’ against females, is so rampant in in the U.K. that preying on females in the U.K. rivals ‘national sport’ status in favorite pass time. dacian calls this a ‘civilized country’.

      Females are the favorite prey for violence in the U.K. Of course you would know a little about that being one of the predators. According to a past post of yours, your assault on a female using deadly force by use of your hands by knocking her out when you intentionally assaulted her using, upon examination of your post turns out to most likely be a contrived excuse to do so. Placed her in the hospital too for at least three days in a comma according to you, the concussion was so bad – you intentionally inflicted serious, near grave, bodily harm and that is basically the very definition of use of deadly force. And you posted basically bragging about it as some kind of contrived example of ‘proportional force’ in trying to fabricate a parallel example and demean people for conducting actual legal and justified no other choice defensive gun use against criminal attackers.

      You are representative of the very reason innocent law abiding people in the U.K. should go armed with a firearm.

      “The fact that he accidently shot himelf in the leg is not divine providence it’s a bloody accident.”

      divine providence or not, that he suffered the same fate by his own hand as he would inflict on his victims is a blessing that could in a way be termed “divine providence”.

    • You’re an idiot, Albert. Any SOB who routinely victimizes people at random has no rights. He is deserving of either spending what remains of his life at forced labor, or a bullet in the ear. If you’re not smart enough to figure that out, maybe you’re deserving of a bullet in your own ear. It’s people like you who enable the SOB in the story. Do you really enjoy your vicarious victimizing?

  14. That thing dacian says never happens in ‘gun ban’ countries because they are ‘civilized’ has happened again, this time in the U.K. what is by our U.S. anti-gun standards a ‘mass shooting’ …

    Euston: Child in ‘life-threatening condition’ and three others injured after shooting outside funeral > https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/euston-child-in-life-threatening-condition-and-three-others-injured-after-shooting-outside-funeral/ar-AA16lqyc?OCID=ansmsnnews11

    Note: In reality, in the U.K., and most all gun ban countries, multiple shootings take place every day. Its mostly criminals shooting other criminals, and mostly the ‘innocent’ civilian population is left out of it because the criminals know their legal systems will not be as easy on them as the legal system here in the U.S. if they do involve the ‘innocent’ civilian population. However, even then there are still many shootings of the ‘innocent’ civilian population by criminals but the body’s are (generally) disposed in such a manner as there be no direct tie to the criminals so without that direct tie its not seriously investigated if it is even investigated. Its only when its sensational and affects the ‘innocent’ civilian population in public view or in public knowledge does the governments in these countries report such in stats and let the media report on it. For example, in the U.K. (a dacian supposedly ‘civilized country’ with no or low gun violence ’cause a gun ban) in London there are dozens of shootings by criminals every day and the U.K. media doesn’t report on it and if its between criminals the government doesn’t care and the police don’t investigate – and the public at large doesn’t find out about it.

    • While the yakuza in Japan, of course, have access to guns, they prefer knives and swords to do their wet work. With a knife or a sword, the likelihood of an innocent bystander getting involved is greatly lessened. The Japanese cops don’t get particularly excited if one yakuza dispatches another. Sure, they work the case, but not with the vigor, diligence and vengeance that they use if a non-criminal is hurt or killed. They think nothing of rounding up everybody for suspicion and holding them incognito for 15 days while they grill them. They are no longer legally allowed to use physical coercion to get a confession and the Japanese Supreme Court said that they can’t grill them 24/7 for the 15 days they can hold them without charging. No commenting on my view of the Japanese legal system, just buttressing the comment about cops in other countries not getting really excited about one b.g. expunging another b.g. B the way, I haven’t studied England’s police practices, but it is my understanding that they don’t have a murder until a jury finds somebody guilty of murder. Without a jury finding, it is just another unsolved death. Makes for better crime stats and keeps the civilians mollified.

      • “I haven’t studied England’s police practices, but it is my understanding that they don’t have a murder until a jury finds somebody guilty of murder.”

        Same in the US. Prior to adjudication, we have “homicides” (which the govt, media, and gen pop declare to be “murders”) when convenient.

  15. His record isn’t that unusual and you can bet your retirement fund that his juvenile record is even lengthier. People say we can afford to keep scum like this numbskull in prison for life. My rejoinder is that we can’t afford not to keep him in prison for life. That’s the purpose of the three strikes law. This felon has been busted twice for gun possession. If one wants to cut down on gun crime what better way than locking up felons who are busted with a weapon for a very long period of time? I worked for a judge who said he never considered rehab in sentencing. He said it was like a drunk you can put him in all the programs you want but until the drunk himself decides to sober up none of the programs are going to work. He said his only consideration was, considering the seriousness of the crime being sentence, how long he should protect society from this felon. My kinda judge.

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