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You’ve got to hand it to American Gun Chic: she’s knows she’s a gun bunny. Maybe she twigged when someone told her that her nom de guerre’s pun depends on mispronouncing a French word. Probably not. More likely she felt the firearms faithful’s unbridled scorn and sneering derision, dismissing her as a shameless know-nothing. To her credit, AGC’s adjusted course and adopted a different approach in her pursuit of ballistic fame and fortune.

AGC admits her ignorance and chronicles her journey towards un-gun-bunny-tude. And where better to earn some newbie street cred than James Yeager’s boot camp (or whatever he calls it)? Yes, this video’s ancient history in Internet terms (last October). But it’s the one she highlights on her YouTube channel, and the one she sent me after we met in the NRA press room. In the follow-up email (the girl is nothing if not professional) she wrote:

We have really been connecting with young women and inspiring new shooters. Every week or two I get a letter from someone thanking us for making the videos in the manor in which we do. Dads, boyfriends, husbands thank us for making videos that somehow is connecting with their loved ones. My video production guy is really good. Check it out.

While I appreciate the fact that a comely lass helps bring new shooters into the fold — those not to the ballistic manor born — I wonder what you think of GB’s.

Are they useful idiots? A needless distraction that makes The People of the Gun look like overgrown adolescents — especially when there are smoking hot honest-to-God shooters like Jessie Duff on this planet? Or are they just fine, an effective way of bringing new shooters into the fold?

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    • You should do an article on how when she was a stripper, she and her boyfriend (who is twice her age) instigated a fight. When her boyfriend began losing she escalated it by pulling a gun which caused a fight for the gun and ended with a man being killed by her boyfriend. That boyfriend is now her YouTube partner for her “pro self defense channel” Just Google Brickell Clark.

      • Hoskins killed a man who illegally entered his house on 2 occasion while beating him severely. Hoskins and Brickel even barricaded themselves in a room in their own house when cook kicked down the door, at which time he was shot. The DA was friends with the dead man and even admitted that the law was crystal clear in Colorado under “make my day” that charges could NOT be brought.

      • Ive never heard of this girl before now. Did you read the DA’s summary of the case? Three people barging into your home and attacking you because of dumb shit said on facebook? Play stupid games win stupid prizes

      • The burglars showed up at their house and forced their way in attacking people twice. The scumbag that got shot punched Miss Clark in the face on the way to their back bedroom to continue the assault. When he busted in a bedroom door he attacked Hoskins and tried to pull a shotgun away when Hoskins regained control of the shotgun he shot the low life in the chest! Victory Good Guys!!! All While another one beat on a 50 year old lady after they had jumped Hoskins in his living room. A big bunch of cowards. The only negative thing that happened is that Hoskins didnt get all of them! At least he got what seems to be the scummiest one. Apparently The guy come from a family known for dealing dope during the 80’s. Its well documented. Google Theodore (Jim) Cook. The whole family is a bunch of scoundrels.

      • That doesn’t appear to be what happened. Her boyfriend(a seeming piece of shit, as are all boyfriends of strippers) worked at the strip club and lost his job, then posted defamatory things about the strip club owner(a seeming piece of shit, as are all strip club owners).

        Some time after that, AGC and her loser boyfriend were invited to a party, and so was the club owner. AGC and BF arrived at the party, were seen by someone who knew of the beef with SC owner–who called SC owner and told ACG and BF of this. AGC and BF wisely left. SC owner and two of his friends and their assorted women(and assuredly all these other people are pieces of shit) were drunk as monkeys in a bar and SC owner started antagonizing wigger BF POS into a fight. SC owner agreed to come alone to fight like men, and immediately had his entire posse pile into the car.

        When SC owner and his posse of POS arrived, SC owner sprinted to wigger BF’s house—but wigger BF was on a neighbor’s driveway watching fireworks. AGC was in the house, confronted by a bunch of invaders. Wigger BF engaged SC owner in fight, got knocked down, grabbed the eventual deceased by the leg. Eventual deceased engaged him, AGC pulled a gun, the posse started to leave, wigger BF grabbed a shotgun, confronted eventual deceased in a fit of anger, eventual deceased grabbed the shotgun, and wigger BF shot him. ACG and POS wigger BF barricaded themselves in their bedroom.

        Wigger BF suffered a broken ankle. Deceased’s BAC was .175.

        Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  1. Nothing is sexier than a girl who knows how to shoot. Not much is less sexy than a girl who doesn’t know how to shoot, but pretends she does. Anything that turns the later into the former is a good thing in my mind.

    • We like to talk about the :Big Tent” of gun owners we’re sitting under right now – but if we look around, the tent is pretty sparsely populated and homogeneous.
      So yeah, anything and everything that can lure in more demographics to our side is a net positive: silly videos, pink-stocked guns, hideous “Muddy Girl” camo everything, whatever…
      I still think some network somewhere need to push three-gun competition as an entertainment show more: play to the “you can do this too” angle, show men and women of every stripe competing side-by-side and having a safe fun time.

      • Holding a gun properly. They totally loose me when it’s clear they have no idea what they’re doing.

        • Quote from “The Whole Nine Yards.” I don’t care whether Amanda Peet was in a modified Weaver or not…

      • Or uniforms, and even western. Those Russian, Ukrainian, Israeli soldiers….. Mmmmmmmm

        • ” Those Russian, Ukrainian, Israeli soldiers….. Mmmmmmmm”

          ‘Radio Free D.C.’ host G. Gordon Liddy related his experience when he visited Israel once.

          He was smitten by seeing the young Israeli women soldiers, weapons slung over their backs, how the magazines tended to wear a hole through the backside of their uniforms.

          I really miss the G-Man’s radio show.

          (He was the one who on-the-air advised that if LE illegally entered your home without a warrant to “Shoot them in the head, not center-mass, since they will be wearing body armor.”)

    • Gun Bunny: a comely female who likes and promotes guns and shooting sports. Often utilized by advocates and gun manufacturers for marketing purposes. The concept is targeted towards male subjects who simply like seeing attractive women and women who like seeing a woman competently handling herself in a male-dominated field.

      • You forgot the part where the majority of them aren’t good shooters, allow themselves to be trained by subpar instructors, and are nice to look at but utterly useless yet are gifted thousands of dollars by companies that know that “I pick things up and put them down” operators are gonna buy their stuff because she takes a picture of it somewhere past her enourmous cleavage for the gram.

        Damn that was an epic run on sentence!

  2. I “liked” her page on FB. So I see her posts when they pop up. Other than being extremely cute I haven’t seen any “bunny behavior”…didn’t even realize she had a YouTube channel.

  3. Here’s another way to look at it: How many “gun buddies” do you see on this site or in gun magazines wearing revealing tank tops and tight shorts that show off their manhood?

    It’s all about the message folks. If a person of either sex dresses and acts in a manner that does credit to the community, cool. If it’s just gratuitous and blatant sexual promotion, not cool.

    • “How many “gun buddies” do you see on this site or in gun magazines wearing revealing tank tops and tight shorts that show off their manhood?”

      Like that video TTAG posted a day or so back where the subject of the video was visibly ‘excited’ by the end of the video?

      Heh… 😉

  4. Being foolish with potentially dangerous equipment is never a good thing, at least to me. So as pleasing looking as the lady is I don’t get anything special out of this kind of content.

  5. This chick is an honest-to-goodness ex-stripper from New Mexico. She left after she shot dead a man in her boyfriend”s apartment (in self defense) during a fight over (you guessed it) – her.

    Said boyfriend is now her producer/promoter.

    I’m okay with gun bunnies. I’m not thrilled about the retards that drool all over them without realizing that these “badass babes” are often perpetual damsels in distress with an appetite for Internet fame of any flavor.

    TacTissy is another example. Poor girl gets thumped by her boyfriend while purporting to be a self-defense afficianado, and Rob Pincus and countless others white knight for her, effectively boosting her views.

    Suckers are everywhere, man.

    • She’s got more real world combat experience, if she shot a man to death in self defense, than 99% of the internet experts commenting on ttag on any given day.

      Makes this girl better qualified to teach a course than Yeager.

      • You are being charitable with 99%. Even grunts with combat expetience don’t really qualify since a DGU is am entirely different animal from shooting a HajI in a war zone.

      • Thanks for clarifying the details. Also: still a flustercuck, and my sentiment about internet fame stands.

        • Certainly a cluster and what happens when you mix alcohol with idiots who have never grown up. A fight over facebook comments leads to a death. The exchange of sms messages certainly looked like the three nitwits were invited to the house for the purpose of a fight. They all should have been charged and let the jury settle it.

    • you guys keep flapping your lips about there stripper and murder days, but no links!

  6. a) It doesn’t really matter what I think. The girl is taking actions to learn how to better defend herself and her loved ones, so good on her.

    b) The more the merrier, and the fact that she didn’t let being a newbie discourage her shows what she’s made of, and I’m sure helps others take that step as well – to get past the initial learning curve.

    c) I am repressing all of my urges to blurt out my usual pig guy comments, cause she pretty hot and I naturally want to say comments of a sexual nature because I am a total dog and hot chicks with guns gets my testosterone flowing – but she deserves more respect than that, so I’ll keep it zipped.

    • d) She should just embrace the fact that she’s a brunette and ditch the fake blond thing. I’m sure she’s plenty hot as a brunette

      e) She should consider going somewhere else for training next time, instead of Mr tacticool’s day camp

      • This, this right here.

        Very pretty girl, except for that hideous “hombre” dye job on her hair.

        Re. gun bunnies: Yes, very yes. Not because they’re pretty, but because we ensure our gun rights by welcoming more demographic groups to our side; and because women like this are the people who really need to be armed. I read where black women are buying guns — that is the best news any of us have heard in a very long time. They’re the most likely victims of black-on-black crime, which is rampant; and they’re 5% of the population — get them to vote pro-2A, and we will never again have to worry about our civil rights.

  7. As my wife falls into that category I have nothing against them.

    I just want to know why in the actual fuck the girl in this video is beating on a weight bag with her pistol. Oh, because James Yeager, the Leroy Jenkins of the “tactical” community.

    I guess that’s what they call a “tactical response” to an violent, aggressive, roid-raging… weight-bag.

      • *snicker*

        Yes, but here’s my point and this is why I say you need to vet trainers hard.

        This is some high speed, low drag bullshit.

        Realistically there are two possibilities here.

        1) She’s shot the guy and he’s down. At that point it’s going to be pretty hard to justify jumping on the BG, attaining full mount and bludgeoning them with your now empty sidearm.

        2) The gun isn’t firing because she’s out of ammo, it jammed or whatever but she hasn’t shot the BG. OK, it’s gone to the ground as something like 80% of fights will. Great, why are you not employing actual ground fighting techniques, of which beating the guy with your non-firing weapon is about 95% of the way down a very, very long list? She’s not even in a good position to maintain a mount and she probably doesn’t know that because the trainer doesn’t know it.

        This is training to fail. You look cool doing it but you still fail.

        • I guess she paid for “gun training” exclusively… even if it’s unloaded and no longer a useful weapon.

    • Yeah, if we’re really being honest, as cute as they were, those punches/elbows weren’t doing sh!t. If you’re really out of ammo and you’re gonna pistol whip someone, keep your finger on the trigger and come down on their head with the trigger guard/bottom of the frame.

    • I have to agree with you Strych9 regarding the Tom Foolery in the video. As a part-time gun bunny I see a few things really wrong with this video:
      1. If you are close enough for full mount ( as sloppy as it was), your attacker is close enough to take your sidearm from you.
      2. Why not switch to knives?!?! They are designed for close combat and make you look like Rambo.
      3. You are sitting on a guy whacking away with the whole gun when you could just use the magazine as a fist pack thus reducing the chance that the gun will be taken from you and also making your strikes more efficient.
      4. Unless you have an above average ground game (or at least have some ground smarts) you have greater mobility on your feet. If given the opportunity you can run to find cover or escape…In real life, it is better to run away and stay alive then have a 30 second YouTube video showing your “tacticool” skills before you get you face pushed in.
      So, trained gun bunnies with common sense yes. YouTube 30seconds of Fame for stupid behavior, gun bunnies, no.

  8. A gun bunny who is genuine, honest, and responsible is a GREAT way to bring new people into the fold.

  9. Yes or no what? There’s even a question about inclusiveness regarding 2A advocates? There are 100 million gun owners in the US. If we really had a big tent and made a better effort at including more of them into the “gun community”, we’d have much fewer democrats in power and much fewer gun control regulations. Outside of the Manchin/Toomey debacle, you’d be hard pressed to find even one piece of anti gun legislation written/presented/supported in the last 20 years that a democrat wasn’t responsible for.

  10. White knights unite!!! The need to defend the gun bunnies is upon us brothers.

  11. Her shooting was ok for a beginner. I did worry that she (and the other students) were going to shoot a leg during one of the “on your butt” drills.

  12. I think the comments above are a great illustration of why employers have mandatory sexual harassment training to show people what is and what isn’t acceptable to say. Yikes.

    Let’s focus on the video.
    1. Why can’t yeager clean up that facility? There’s like a year’s worth of shotgun shells on the ground. Get a rake.
    2. Laying on you back and shooting in a beginner class. Why?
    3. Throwing smoke bombs? For what?
    4. Punching a dummy with a gun? You should have shot it long ago and if it got to the point where your attacker was that close and you were out of ammo, then something went really wrong and chances are you won’t be on top throwing punches.
    5. No photog downrange, maybe he was off that day.

    Pretty much a standard yeager video.

    • The answer to all your points except 5 is, as I’m sure you know, “because James Yeager.” Only video of his worth more than a fart in a wind tunnel is his buddies universal hot/crazy matrix. The guy is a con man just out to make as much money as he can.

  13. Hey whatever, it’s all about attitude. There are some gorgeous women out there who know bout guns and some that don’t. If it’s a beautiful woman in a magazine spread or handing out swag at a gun show, she’s just working a job. I’ve seen fine women handing out logs of Skoal at races…something tells me though that they don’t dip.

    If it’s a fine woman who knows jack but acts like she does, that is just as annoying as when a guy does it, attractiveness notwithstanding. Whatever sex they are it gives the whole community a bad name. But i will never be down on someone with a genuine interest and curiosity.

  14. I see trouble, if she shoots. it was not, “not in fear for her life, jail time”. Who knows.

  15. Everyone who is safe, has fun and just sometimes puts in some effort is welcome and an asset.

  16. I don’t mind them at all and follow a couple. BTW, whatever happened to Kirsten Joy Weiss’ postings here? I thought her articles were good ones.

  17. We 2A advocates have a big tent that no good looking women may enter. That’s the message I’m getting from many of the comments. Are you sure that you guys aren’t Taliban?

    As for me, I say “Hoorah!” for pretty women who like guns.

    • I get the impression from a lot of the people that bother to comment on ttag that they want gun rights to be exclusive to white men that are conservatives.

      An attitude that is a quick way to lose yet more of our rights.

      Fortunately there are tens of thousands that don’t comment. I can only hope they have brains enough to do what is needed.

      • so-called gun people who vote for non-conservatives or who vote for Dems or Rinos are idiots, because non-conservatives, Dems or Rinos WILL VOTE TO TAKE YOUR GUN RIGHTS AWAY.

        Get it now?

  18. Female shooters? Yes. Shooters with you tube channels? Yes. Terms like, “Gun Bunny?” Drop please.

  19. I’m all for GBs…and this one seems honest, sweet, attractive and because she has the right attitude, progressing quite well. I’m simply not biased against good looking people of the gun.

  20. 1. If that’s what they choose to do, LET ‘EM!
    2 As long as we’re not being shown empty-headed-appearing bimbettes mishandling
    weapons and/or intentionally having them put into positions where they encourage
    mishandling of weapons (just so’s we can see some titty shake) or tell them to just
    ‘grab it and rock!’ never mind what will likely happen…

    THEN FINE!!! I can think of few things sexier & more erotic than a hot woman PROPERLY USING A FIREARM, especially if she exhibits comfort, ability & confidence as she uses the weapon(s). If there’s a bit of ‘accidental’ or tastefully-exhibited sideboob, butts in Daisy Dukes, (or whatever your womanly fetish is – mine, clean soles…!), it’s a positively glorious TWOFER!

    I mean seriously, Jessie Duff ( or any of the pro-gun women around, competitive shooters or not ) in Daisy Dukes and a thin ‘wife beater’ hitting an obstacle course or shooting three-gun? Geeeeee-zUSSSS!

    NOT to say Ms. Duff-or anyone- SHOULD, but we get Michelin calendars, Snap-On pieces & so forth, but titillation aside, it would show definitively that you don’t have to be a plain-looking, overly endowed or be a burly guy to be beautiful AND skilled with a gun/guns!!!

    I was in advertising…I know “sex sells” as well as anyone. But let’s do it RIGHT and respectfully, and honor & respect the sport, the people, and the Second Amendment right conferred to us. Don’t cheapen it by going over the top!

  21. You call this chick a bunny? She has a set of fake boobs but doesn’t have a very pretty face and has stupid looking hair!!!

  22. It’s great to see anyone take the initiative and get trained. Glad to have her on our side. Hopefully they taught her to stop shooting with her eyes closed and how to better manage recoil.

    That said, am I the only person that gets the borderline “special” vibe from her? She sounds confused every time she speaks. She looks cross eyed at times. She has a nervous tick where she’s constantly messing with her hair.

  23. Her bolt on tits are a distraction, and the fact that her now husband/producer/videographer is more than twice her age, means she probably has daddy issues. You have to give her credit for trying, but I think she doesn’t do well at retaining what she has learned. I think she’s a bubble head. One thing for sure…if she flops with her gun channel(s), she can always go back to the stripper pole.

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