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Five years after Sandy Hook, still no new gun laws the headline at proclaims. I bet I don’t have to tell you that the Public Radio International article is bemoaning rather than celebrating the fact. Well, it’s not a fact, is it? California has introduced plenty of gun control laws in the last five years. Oregon too. New York? You betcha! Maryland? Them too. Still . . .

Constitutional carry has swept the country. Open carry is making inroads. Following the Lone Star State’s lead, Arkansas and Georgia passed campus carry (despite the moaning Moms at the NRA general meeting). Arizona passed a law banning “universal background checks” at gun shows. Where freedom rings, firearms freedom is alive and well.

Not to mention the fact that Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected. And Neil Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court. On balance, how are you feeling about gun rights in your state and throughout these United States?

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  1. I will not view my country’s gun laws in a positive light until the NFA is repealed. I am hopeful that will happen though.

    • Preferably the 1934 NFA and the 1968 GCA will be repealed in entirety, but for a first step I would settle for the NFA going away even in part. But to hold such political sway currently and be doing absolutely zip as far as gun rights go is maddening!

      • I’d like to add the Hughes Act and for the powers that be, breaking up the 9th circuit. Also maybe the feds going after California States unfair laws and challenging their constitutionality.

        • I’ve heard realists proclaim that Hildebeast has the presidency in bag, that Illinois will never get concealed carry, that constitutional carry will never happen outside of Vermont…etc.
          All of these prognosis are self fulfilling if we do nothing.

  2. Red states are getting redder. Blue states are getting bluer. For the time being, it’s looking good for the red states. My fear is when those blue states reach maximum blueness, a lot of people from them will move to red states, and start voting for the same type of people that ruined their previous homes.
    Also, someone tell me when the trolls show up.

    • ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
      This is exactly what’s happening in some parts of Georgia, and it is sickening. Atlanta is turning into the Los Angeles of the South, and dontcha know, ALL these brilliant, edumacated-beyond-their-intelligence newcomers know what’s “best” for us locals.

      As for my confidence in 2A rights, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Trump is NOT a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative; he’s nothing more than an opportunist, who will cut any deal, with anyone, to get what he figures is most expedient for himself. To get the Presidency, that meant hitching his circus wagons to the GOP. But to get something else, he could well sell out gun owners, NRA support or no. Sure, he’s not the Hildebeast, but nor is he a great savior for the Cause. This guy will turn on a dime, damn whoever gets run over in the process, including us.

      This is _not_ the time to breathe a sigh of relief, or take our eye off the ball.

  3. Kind of funny how Betsy Riot parked that sign truck right by the the park where Undersexed Housewives need a Pet Cause were holding their rally, about a mile away from the actual convention. These keyboard commandos didn’t even have the balls to get closer to the convention, just show up around like-minded individuals and pat themselves on the back in their echo chamber.

    • This Betsy Riot sh!t is comically pathetic. They tell themselves they’re these punks chicks with attitude fighting scared little man Childs with penis substitute guns. What do they do put stickers on stuff? That’s it. They’re about as punk rock as Avril Lavigne. And woefully inept as well. God bless ’em. Check out their website for a good chuckle.

  4. I’d pay good money to see that a headline about the guy in that truck being shot and killed in a car jacking gone wrong.

  5. It’s all relative I guess but I’ll say that I feel lots better than I would have if the wicked witch was sitting in the White House. Right now I’ve got some breathing room before my reloading bench has to run marathon sessions and I’m buying 80% lowers and 30 round Pmags for cash again. Yeah I know that I’m on a bunch of lists anyway but I’ll make them work just a little.

  6. I won’t feel comfortable about gun rights until Kennedy and Ginsburg are replaced.

  7. Weren’t Betsy Riot the ones advocating violence against us? The 3% group guys need to sue the crap out of these turds for libel.

  8. I can’t allow myself to feel confident until Schumer, Fauxcahontas and all the Democrat Deplorables stop wasting our oxygen.

  9. For the country as a whole things are improving. For Oregon they aren’t. The democrat party controls all state-wide offices except Secretary of State and they have big majorities in the legislature. Even the democrats that represent the areas outside of the compounds of Portland and Eugene still continue to vote as a solid block on gun control and most other issues. That’s in spite of the will of their constituents. Our Governor can’t wait to become the next California and announced all her big plans to control the use and sale of firearms prior to her being elected last fall. It’s only a matter of time before I have to choose between living in an area I love or enjoying my 2A freedom. Actually, there’s no choice because I’ll move.

  10. When the SAFE Act is overturned by a court, I’ll start feeling positive. Until then, it feels like groups like the NRA have abandoned us.

  11. NO…I live in Illinois. Where’s that big box list of stores aligning with Springfield and RRA?!?

  12. I feel confident about gun rights in pro-gun states. The Trump presidency has thrown the left in such a hysterical rage that the anti-gun states are attempting to #Resist him by passing more legislation. And they’ll probably try it again as a way to repeal his legacy in their own minds.

  13. Reasonably well, though not as confident as those who live near me. Great deals on used ARs and AKs.

  14. I moved into a different area in my state due to the increasing gun ownership without proper criminal and mental health checks caused *surprise surprise* crime to INCREASE and still climbing to this very day.

    Combined with the fact the idiots in my former area who posted “gun rights” signs or slogans such “come and take it” and “due to the increase of ammo price…yada yada yada” had their houses broke into and their precious penis-compensators get stolen. (Still tried the “gun free home sign” experiment again and my house still never got assaulted or robbed).

    All “Illegal” guns started off as “legal”.

    I’ve also noticed that states that passed pro-gun laws watched their crime and murder rates explode and with the ever increasing violence caused by right-wing nut bars and doomsday survivalist nuts who think that some “left wing liberal conspiracy” force is out to get them all because you support a illegally rigged election that is going to screw this country over and the irony is that all the riots, suppression of free speech and assembly, assaults, arson, physical and sexual assaults have been caused by *drum-roll* conservative snowflakes who support this.

    Meanwhile, Europe, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Norway and Japan seem to be doing fine without “pro-gun” lunatics terrorizing them.

    • Do let us know how you turn out after using kind words and virtue signalling to show a knife-wielding, inner-city thug who’s boss. We’ll wait…

    • Glad all that anecdotal evidence you laid out is not even close to being based on facts or reality.

      • At least my facts and truths are not based on myths and fairy tales like “dgu” or “good guys with guns”

        Which like little red riding hood, Is a fairy tale.

        • So the CDC report conducted under the leadership of your lord and savior Obama is a myth? That’s funny as hell! I’m glad you moved away from the regular humans so you can leave the rest of us alone.

    • Lol, keep at it bud! I love your posts. They help bring our community together! Like the Onion, but for guns specifically. Your over the top attacks are fantastic. This page is even more pro gun for your posts. And for that, I thank you


      But if there is anything Im good at is being grounded in reality and fighting to protect the rights of Americans to be not be killed by nut bars like you who think everyone is out to get them and the world is turning towards something out a post apocalyptic film.


        Also, the FBI says knife attack survivability is in the 30s, but gun shot survivability is in the 80s. Since earlier you claimed how much easier it is to survive knife attacks

      • This is some fabulous material, here. Really, really funny. I don’t know if I’ve seen such a pitch perfect satire of the anti-gun movement all year.

    • LOL

      still wiping up the morning coffee off the computer from your post—-all so funny and untrue!!!! LOL

      more anti gun laws in cali and crime has soared up up up and up!

      • To be fair California’s crime rate has gone up because the state followed the faux Libertarians’ advice and decriminalized petty crimes and released “non violent” offenders. The only part #theresistance played was to stop the police from policimg. However, faux Libertarians also support this as well. California needs to stop listening to both of them.

    • Crime increased in the localities controlled by #theresistance. It continued to decline elsewhere. Crime only increased in red states if they have a major city or cities controlled by #theresistance.

    • directed toward “”theresistance”” I’m not sure but do you really believe the things you say?

    • Norway is in Europe. Any specific reason to mention it twice?
      About the other wild claims, show us some proof or be laughed at again.

  15. Since they sell aborted babies body parts to finance their dream Lambo’s,

    i;ll not be lectured by psychopaths, big war coming, stock fat and deep.

  16. “….Feeling Confident About Gun Rights?”

    I just read an article where Toomy, or maybe it was Machin, said ‘they won’t rest until they get their gun control passed.’

    So No. I am not feeling confident about gun rights. Not even slightly.

    They will never rest so we can never rest.

  17. I feel better than I have in a long time about gun rights. I got into this in 68. Who knew then that we would see Illinois with shall issue?

    In 10 years, or less, we will have nationwide constitutional carry as it was meant to be. 2asucks, cisco kid and the rustistance, amongst others will just have to learn to live with it.

  18. I no longer concern my self with anti gun laws. I’ve decided that I won’t give up my constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It is after all a personal choice everyone must make. There will always be people who are for or against gun ownership. Some will be politicians some judges and some just everyday citizens. If you believe the Constitution gives you the Right To Keep and Bear Arms. Then you must decide to fight to preserve that Right or lay down and be subjugated. Our Founding Fathers put their lives on the line for that Right as well as many others. Everyone who truly believes in those principles has a duty to do whatever is necessary to preserve them. I know words are cheap and actions are expensive. I simply choice to act if and when necessary.

  19. Feels like the accelerator to tyranny has let up a bit but the cars still rolling down the same road it always has been.

  20. Explanation of my lukewarm feelings about firearms in my state:

    Positive points:
    (1) I live in a shall-issue state.
    (2) My concealed carry license is good in 40 states.
    (3) My state is constitutional open carry.
    (4) There is no waiting period for firearm purchases.
    (5) No magazine capacity limits.
    (6) All firearms (e.g. military style rifles) good to go.
    (7) NFA items are legal with federal tax stamp.
    (8) Statewide firearm law preemption (mostly).
    (9) Castle doctrine and Stand Your Ground.
    (10) I can purchase firearms at FFLs using my concealed carry license as the “background check”.

    Negative points:
    (1) A LONG list of places where the state calls me a criminal if I carry concealed.
    (2) Concealed licenses cost over $100 every five years.
    (3) Concealed licensing process is arduous.
    (4) State takes a long time to distribute licenses.
    (5) Only people over 21 can get concealed carry licenses.
    (6) Concealed carry license ONLY applies to handguns.
    (7) Duty to inform law enforcement when armed.
    (9) Long guns must be unloaded and inaccessible to vehicle occupants.

    I think I have actually provided enough information for people to determine which state I call home. Any guesses?

    • Everything you said seems to line up with Michigan, except Constitutional Open Carry (Michigan requires a permit to even possess the handgun in the first place, 20 years ago when a friend loaned me a handgun we didn’t realize we were committing a felony).

      • FedUp,

        Oh, good catch: if you don’t have a concealed carry license, the state says that you must get a license for each handgun before you acquire it and possess it outside of your home.

        Therefore I concur, my state does not have Constitutional open carry.

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but handgun registration was only in one of the 100 counties and done away with, including records destroyed.

        • I must have guessed wrong about the state; based on your answer to someone else is the answer Michigan? If not I am curious to know. Thanks.

        • junkman,

          I can tell you this much which basically screams the answer … I do not live in any of these states:
          New Jersey
          New York
          North Carolina
          Rhode Island

        • No, I do not live in Pennsylvania.

          I will help with an additional hint: we just had frost overnight.

  21. Things are going the right direction here in Georgia and nationality as well. The slave states are still struggling against freedom, but overall we are winning!

  22. Not confident at all…as somebody so eloquently commented above, the calm before the storm. I live in deep red South Carolina, so I’m not much worried about threats coming from Columbia (though, we still have a ways to go to achieve true 2A compliance here), but federally, it’s just a matter of time before the swamp fever, anti-freedom left gets power again and when they do, things are going to get ugly fast. So, I’m still stocking up.

  23. Everything you said seems to line up with Michigan, except Constitutional Open Carry (Michigan requires a license to even possess the handgun in the first place).

  24. No confidence at all. What is the name of the program(s) funded by the cook county il ammo tax ? Is it even in the budget ? Where is the money and what is the status of the lawsuit against the tax ? The dealer licensing act is but one of many shenanigans being perpetrated on the law abiding of Illinois

  25. Feeling confident about gun rights? Guns don’t have rights. “gun rights” is a dumb phrase. Self defense is a human right. Heck, it’s a universal, all-species right.

    I’d feel better if we called it “defense rights” or “civil rights” or “human rights” rather than “gun rights”.

    As for being confident — I’m confident that this country will rip itself in two over the next few years. I’m confident that just as GWB spawned Obama, and Obama spawned Trump, that Trump will spawn a true communist after him, and then ALL our rights are headed straight for the sewer, unless we split. Civil War II is unavoidable. We behaved gentlemanly when the opposition had power (Obama), but they are waging violent warfare against us when our side has power. As they establish the precedent, it seems inevitable that our side will respond in kind when power shifts again. This house divided so thoroughly against itself, cannot stand. We will either have an amicable divorce, or an unholy Civil War II.

    Either way — the new Red America will have much stronger self defense rights than the current America. And the new Blue (not)-America will strip the public of any right to defend themselves against criminals, terrorists, antifas, ISIS, or jack-booted thugs.

    I used to believe that the Supreme Court was the ultimate protection against the left. I am calling that into doubt now — they simply do not care about the law, they do not care about the Constitution, they don’t even care about basic biological facts or simple observed evidence in nature around them. They will indeed shred the Constitution, just as they have the border — and when they do so, the Supreme Court will be no protection at all.

  26. NPR and PRI are tools of the left and should be stripped out of the Federal Budget.
    Let wealthy liberals like Soros fund them. Email your congressman.

  27. Not that confident. Yes, we’ve made some BIG strides in Red States but Federally we’re are at best stagnant and that is all balancing on a razors edge. The Presidential election was CLOSE….10,000 votes here….10,,000 there and we would have had Hillary. And we all know what that would have brought. The same with Congress. My guy says the Democrats as so riled up by Trump and Conservative Republicns will be so let down by Trump/Ryan/McConnel the the Dems get the House and Senate if not in 2018 the for sure in 2020(probably with President Warren). The “version” of the Democratic party that governs will be incredilby leftist and incredibly anti-gun. You saw it in this election. Before they at least pretended to be pro-gun or neutral and this time they were openly hostile.

    Fact is the future is demographics so at the State level we are screwed as well. 1 in 4 children in the US now areimmigrants(legal and illegal) or have parents who are. You an bet the vast majority of those are growing up in a Democratic household and will NOT be pro gun. The demographics in some very Red States are the same. From

    In many states the increase in the number of immigrants and their minor children from 1970 to 2015 has been nothing short of astonishing:

    In Georgia, this population grew 3,058 percent (from 55,000 to 1.75 million), 25 times faster than the overall state population.

    In Nevada, this population grew 3,002 percent (from 26,000 to 821,000), six times faster than the overall state population.

    In North Carolina, this population grew 2,937 percent (from 47,000 to 1.43 million), 30 times faster than the overall state population.

    In Arkansas, this population grew 1,831 percent (from 12,000 to 228,000), 34 times faster than the overall state population.

    In Tennessee, this population grew 1,823 percent (from 28,000 to 537,000), 27 times faster than the overall state population.

    In Virginia, this population grew 1,150 percent (from 114,000 to 1.42 million), 15 times faster than the overall state population.

    In Oklahoma, this population grew 1,139 percent (from 37,000 to 458,000), 22 times faster than the overall state population.

    In Texas, this population grew 1,084 percent (from 582,000 to 6.89 million), 7 times faster than the overall state population.

    In Arizona, this population grew 1,019 percent (from 131,000 to 1.46 million), four times faster than the overall state population.

    The level off immigration coupled with urbanization and the Millenials is going to flip a lot of these states. Texas isn’t as Red as people think. It’s really pretty purple. As the older whites die off(and stop having large families they used to) it will flip. Viriginia has gone from SOLID Red to purple and soon to Blue. Florida will follow shortly after that. Georgia seems very Red now but with Atlanta, etc growing that will flip. North Carolina is going that way as well. In 20 years the old solid Red left will be the middle states like Kansas, Nebraska, etc.

    So yeah….we are basically living in the proverbial calm before the storm.

    • There is unfortunately a lot of truth in this post. In the next 20 years the demographic shift across the country will be pretty dramatic. The only way for the 2A to live on is to ensure we pass it on to whomever will listen. Spreading the gospel us the only way to make it work. Gun rights can’t be seen as an OFWG club (I’m one by the way…or quickly getting there). If we are not successful there will come a point in the future where enough people may see the 2A as antiquated and “must go”. We should work hard to see that that day never happens.

  28. Never become confident about anything; things can change in the blink of an eye to a situation you never saw coming.

  29. I can’t read all the information on the billboard van in the pic, but I hope someone will find out and make sure to let gun owners know so they will never do business with the company that spreads that kind of propaganda. I don’t care what filthy lucre they received.

  30. This depends on perspective. If you live in a free state you have probably seen a lot of freedom gains made over the last 5 years. If, like me, you live in a coastal state, you’ve probably seen your freedom reduced.

    Hopefully we can get some positive SCOTUS decisions soon striking down weapon and magazine bans but I am not holding my breath on that since I see the court still 5-4 anti gun. We need Ginsburg or Roberts to die.

  31. Feel confident about gun rights or feel good about what you’ll need to do (to the people that took them) to get them back. And their families, and their sh_t, and their friends, and people that know them. Kinda like Sherman’s March to the sea.

  32. Everyone should look at the children and what’s being pumped into their heads in the school system and being ignored at home by worthless parents trying to buy their way to happiness with the next techno gadget. This scares me a lot more that any legislature ! They are the next generation of politicians who won’t even have a clue when the country was free.


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