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“Gentleman, I’m for your bill. I’m all for getting out there in the Capitol hallway and having a shootout or whatever. But I don’t think the people of Mississippi would want to lose the SEC over this.” — Rep. Michael Evans, D-Preston quoted in They said it: Lawyers, guns and urine — quotes from the Legislature [via]

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  1. Tell the SEC to grow a pair, then we can talk. ANY organization that is against you exercising your Rights and Liberty in the name of entertainment (and YES, even college football is ENTERTAINMENT regardless of how seriously you make it out to be) is trying to control you. Piss on em.

    • Pretty sure football is just a children’s game that some scammers figured out how to monetize. Could just as well be hopscotch, ring around the rosey, dodgeball. Screw the SEC.

  2. oooook. How are those even related? Did I miss something in the rule books stating that to be an SEC school you had to be totally gun free on campus? Also I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna be in a gunfight in the Capitol hallway. Hallways (anywhere indoors really) suck for firefights y’all might ought to take that crap outside.
    Here’s a better thought, why don’t you go out in the hall and have a firefight with yourself and the SEC can go suck start a shotgun. Let the kids experiment in all the freedoms they have as American adults not just the ones your liberal masters deem acceptable.

  3. Robert. When are you going to tell about the photo of the damned car?

    Dont post shit you’re not going to follow-up on…….

    • Specialist38: My sentiments, also. “Details at 11” doesn’t make me stay up to watch. (actually, nothing does, it’s MSM telling me they’re spinning BS into gold. Rumpelstiltskin already did that.)

    • Robert doesn’t know what’s wrong with the car, he’s asking” what’s wrong with this car?” Like I could fix it.

  4. Because, clearly, some dancing monkeys tossing a little ball back and forth is more important than constitutional rights.

    • While I agree with the sentiment pwrserge, you have to understand this is college football in the south…. It’s like a religion along with college basketball (Go Cats!). State legislatures and the legislators elected to them would be tarred and feathered if they ever messed with a state school’s conference standing. I’m sure if they did enact campus carry and lose their spot in the SEC conference there would be a massive reckoning come election time. College sports around here are tradition in my little corner of Kentucky UK reigns supreme, and for good reason, there are whole businesses devoted to just selling UK sports gear.

      Better yet if you live in a state with its own pro sports team you’ll know what I’m talking about. Just imagine if say the Carolina Panthers lost their spot in the NFL because Carolina voted to allow carry in their stadiums. Imagine the pandemonium if the Chicago Bulls lost their spot in the NBA because Illinois did a 180 on gun control. People would fall all over themselves to get back into those conferences and enact any number of asinine laws to get that revenue back.

      • I have nothing by unbridled contempt for both college and professional sports. These “athletes” (along with most of Hollywood) seems to be under the impression that they are something other than amusing bears on unicycles. While occasionally fun to look at, I don’t ask the bear about it’s political opinions, nor do I much care.

        • again I agree but, you have to realize not all gun owners think like you some of us are fans of sports and movies and can ignore the political bs some performers spout or we pull for performers and athletes that share our values.
          True I’ll never understand why in the hell we grant weight to an actor or athlete’s political leanings because really I’m about as likely to ask Slash which candidate to vote for as I am to ask Donald Trump how to perform the guitar solo from Welcome to the Jungle. Apparently though the media and some of the less intelligent among the population seem to enjoy knowing that they share at least a little something in common with their favorite actor/ singer/ ball flinging trained monkey riding a bear on a unicycle. Sure they’re still dumb as a rock, poor, and never held a job that didn’t require them to ask if you’d like fries with that but dammit they voted for the same person George Clooney voted for and if it wasn’t for all that toxic masculinity and wage discrimination they’d be in Hollywood too banging starlets left and right with Harvey Weinstein. Instead they just couldn’t manage to overcome the toxic climate Republicans have created in this country and have to settle for part time shift work at McDonald’s where they’ll screw your order up every single time because it’s just so hard to remember what all comes with a #2 and which drink you wanted.

  5. Did I miss something? Were Texas schools kicked out of their conference after campus carry went into effect about a year ago. How about the other states that allowed campus carry before that? I guess he knows about the rivers of blood running through these schools since these laws went into effect that the media doesn’t want to report on.

    I better be careful, my comment may be used as a source for a “dossier” proving the evil that is concealed carrying of a gun.

  6. Does the Ole Miss football program make money for the school or cost money? If it’s the former, the administration will suck anything it must to keep the money rolling in.

  7. Well…. Since the good (D) Congressmen’s Democratic constituents are rapists, armed robbers, drug-dealers, and murderers; its no surprise that he’s concerned about shootouts…. Just “Democrats being Democrats”…

  8. I thought this one was worse:

    “As a protest against the law, I started carrying weapons in the chamber.” — Rep. Charles Young Jr., D-Meridian, on how he protested guns being allowed at the Capitol by carrying one. On Thursday, he protested a gun rights bill by displaying his pistol on the House floor.

    Please arrest that representative. Possession in a gun-free zone and brandishing. The stupidity and hypocrisy aren’t chargeable offenses, unfortunately.


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