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She thought expanding the number of Justices on the Supreme Court was a terrible idea. Not that todays "progressive" left gives a damn. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)
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A growing body of historical research has demonstrated that Scalia’s opinion in Heller is just plain wrong as a matter of originalism: The words of the Second Amendment, as accepted at the time of its ratification, were not understood to create an individual right to bear arms.

Scalia’s opinion was an example of living or “popular constitutionalism,” transfiguring modern demands into ancient rights. Yet the Supreme Court’s conservatives have shown no interest in reconsidering Heller; to the contrary, they are now on the brink of extending it. When originalism clashes with the conservative legal movement’s agenda, it is easy to guess which will win out.

In 2021 so far, there has already been more than one mass shooting each day. The United States is transforming into a battlefield, where no one can go to a store, a park, or a school without the fear that they might be shot to death.

Further, American gun culture has contributed to hair-trigger policing that results in a vastly disproportionate number of police killings of civilians when compared to peer nations, a crisis which has fallen particularly hard on Black Americans.

At least the justices have made Democrats’ options starker than ever. Congress and the White House can prioritize court expansion, adding liberal justices to prevent the current 6–3 majority from eradicating gun safety laws. Or they can watch as the majority exacerbates the nation’s epidemic of gun violence by imposing a vision of the Second Amendment that data has indicated leads to more handgun-related homicides. The choice has never been so clear. And the stakes can be measured in human lives.

— Mark Joseph Stern in The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Are Ready to Create a Constitutional Right to Concealed Carry

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    • I agree with you. The public has been led around by the elites! Just last night on Fox, Tucker Carlson said it like it it so. He says CONFRONT those wearing masks and make them take them off. Its all a Democratic hoax anyways. Donald J Trump had the Covids and he handled it like it was a cold. Those that died were all going to die anyways and the doctors lied and said it was the Covids.

      • Wifes an ICU nurse and she sort of agrees.
        People are not taking precautions they should and are over using ones they shouldnt.
        Masks are giving people a false sense of security in that they believe wearing one keeps them completely safe.
        Most of the nurses are not getting covid, it’s not because of masks, its because of hand washing and general precautions.
        They’re now finding most people are getting infected due to close proximity to others. UPMC, one of the largest hospitals in the US now doesn’t consider it a covid exposure unless you are within a foot or closer to an infected person for more than 20 minutes or they physically spit into your eye or mouth. It is not airbore and is rarely transmitted via air. It does not last on surfaces like we originally thought.
        Covid patients in the same room with non-covid patients aren’t transmitting the virus due to the beds being more than 6 feet apart.

        They’re also finding the virus is weakening greatly, people who are getting sick are generally well again in under a week or two. Extreme cases are very rare and life threatening ones are almost always due to other major health issues that would put you at the same risk if you got the flu or pneumonia.

        Hiding and distancing are only slowing the progress of herd immunity. Vaccinating everyone helps but ultimately the majority of the population needs to become sick so our systems can build immunity that causes the next infection to be manageable.

        The simple fact is that almost everyone who is getting sick is surviving fine, the media is blowing things completely out of proportion which makes perfect sense as covid has been the best thing for the news ever! It gives them constant coverage and they can provide you with constant fear.

        Don’t let fear fog your eyes. By now EVERYONE can see if this virus was as full blown deadly as they claim the population should be half as much as last year by now. Instead death tolls are nearly on par with average years.

        • I have breathing and heart problems. I have been hospitalized or treated for pneumonia a couple of times a year for the last 8. march/april 2020 I went back in after being there a month earlier. They could not knock it out – I was on oxygen for 2 months and thought I was going to die, it is real and worse than normal pneumonia.
          I agree that it is not bad in most people, I also agree that the government has been overbearing on the people, but Trump was right to stop air travel from infected areas(I wish he had done it sooner).
          Wearing a mask is the responsible to do, you could infect others who then bring it home to their family who are doing their best to stay away from others. Forcing good manners is not the government’s job, it is a responsible person’s job.

        • rt66paul

          I was also hospitalized around February 2020 for what they thought was pneumonia, antibiotics didn’t work, eventually they said its an unknown virus. Near death and extremely sick, eventually steroids and rest worked. We now know it was the initial strike of Covid.
          So I know where you’re coming from, but it seems to be following the same pattern of the Spanish Flu, if you research you will see the bodies initial response to a new virus causes an over reaction and kills more people than the actual sickness. Once the massive heavy hit is over it becomes a more mundane illness. We are there, now its more like the average flu. The initial scare was real but has long since reduced. MASSIVELY!
          Not saying its fake, its just manageable now, so to keep reacting like we did on day one is unnecessary.

          Don’t waste your life living in fear of something you have and can beat!

        • To rt66paul – standard medical masks do not work for viruses; it literally says so on the box. Real science even proved that regular cloth face coverings are even worse – aerosolizing anything you exhale (especially viruses).

          Also real science: Covid-19 is NOT an airborne virus and even lacks the staying power to survive on hard surfaces for long. Masks at this point are muzzles for the sheeple.

          Your case of the coof was compounded by improper diagnosis and treatment. This virus was engineered YEARS ago and is even patented (by Bill Gates, no less!) …So do yourself a favor and get up to speed on the actual science before you spread covidian fear.

        • Take a look at the COVID-19 Rt (or R0/R-naught) numbers sometime. Rt measures infectiousness by the average number of people an infected person can be expected to pass the disease to. The seasonal flu averages out at R1.3.

          At its highest infection rate this winter, if memory serves, COVID was at R1.8 or so, which if correct — big if, considering that just about every essential source of data is terminally f’ed up at this point — would be a legitimate worry in terms of the sheer number of infections maybe overwhelming hospitals, as did happen in a few hotspot locales.

          Over the course of the whole COVID thing, it’s actually proving to be a bit less infectious than the average seasonal flu — and at R0.8 in the US, it’s less infectious than the flu right now.

          If the “follow the science” people are really following the science…which means data…we’ll be seeing all the COVID restrictions lifted any day now. (Yeah…don’t hold hold your breath waiting.)

          Anecdotally, like several of you, I suffered an unusually persistent viral illness early in 2020. It wasn’t super intense, but it sapped my energy and kept resurging for weeks. It just would…not…leave. I was varying levels of sick for the entire month of January. At about the same time, a few coworkers had severe colds/mild flu that developed into severe coughs and even pneumonia-like symptoms.

          The company I work for has a global footprint, and people from all over the world pass through HQ, where I work. It *could* have been just a nasty but normal seasonal thing passing through the cubicle-dweller population…but COVID was out there at the time, and nobody was looking for it yet…and it does tend to make a guy wonder…

          TL;DR – The COVID pandemic is real…and was never as dangerous as advertised.

      • I had the “deadly covid”. It was similar in intensity to a regular cold (with slightly different symptoms).

        Take vitamin D, and zinc (before, and if you get it). They are game changers. Vitamin C and Selenium are also helpful.

        Regarding the Democrats. They have gone “full Hugo Chavez” on us. They are burning down the county. They are trying to murder/suicide America. They are insane. They are evil. Most Republicans are also pretty bad. The next decade will not be pretty.

        • The Covid is only a cold just like you had. The over 500,000 dead were people that were going to die anyway of other causes and it is Democrat doctors all banding together and lying. Not one person has died from Covid. Everyone on this site agrees. Per Tucker Carlson of Fox last night, stand up to people wearing masks, CONFRONT them, and get them to take off the their masks.

      • It’s a PLANdemic. This was planned years in advance to accomplish several things, which in hindsight we can now see clearly.

  1. At one point in time I thought Michael Savage’s opt-used line of “Liberalism is a mental disorder” was a little hyperbolic. Now days I see that it was an under statement.

    Today I think the most accurate assessment is Dennis Prager’s…
    “Leftism destroys everything that it touches”.

    • I think Michael Savage read Rush Limbaugh’s brother’s excellent book detailing the inane and incomprehensible self-destructive nature of extreme leftist mentalities.

    • The problem is, these aren’t liberals, as Dennis Prager correctly points out, they are LEFTISTS. That is to say SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS. And they’re taking the “mental illness” moniker as a challenge, to out-insane the insane s#!t we see regularly.

      Seriously, who honestly thinks that MILK is RACIST as the leftists claim?

  2. Lol. The left is demanding “originalism” from the court.
    Originalism as they see it of course.

    • Good morning Shire-man

      …and the god Progressivism spake thusly “I shall remake the World in an image suitable to my minions. Where toil, strife and heartache are numbed by really good weed, booze and designer drugs. ALL shall suffer equally!”

      Thus the Word was given from the bully pulpit in the Year One of our Lord Biden on 20 January 2021 (old date system).

    • When the professional left doesn’t get its way, their go-to strategy is to redefine words to mean new things. Court packing. Originalism. Violence. Peaceful. Protest. Insurrection. Shall not be infringed. Etc. Etc.

      1984 was, apparently, an instruction manual for these people.

    • Dims suck. Water is wet. And the census is out…Dims LOSE seats. Republitards gain House seats. And the 2nd shall not be infringed!

      • The only reason California didn’t lose more is due to immigration, both legal and illegal. Yes, people that aren’t American citizens help to change the makeup of Congress which affects all of us. Joe had an EO on day one to make sure illegal immigrants helped California keep as many seats as possible.

        “…reapportionment shall be based on the total number of persons residing in the several States, without regard for immigration status.”

    • If only we could all be big goverment progressives admired by Marx, like the Republicans. Then lil Debbie would be happy.

  3. This “growing body of historical research” does not exist. Not does he explain what a “collective right” even is, as distinct from a power of the state. The “collective right” argument is a pure invention of 20th century academia.

    • “W-ww-wha-what? The 2A doesn’t say ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!’ It says ‘the right of the state national guard to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!’ The militia isn’t made of ordinary p-people. H-how ridiculous. So long as some people have arms, everyone does. Collective right! The agents of the state have them and we all know they have our best interests at heart, so no peons like us need g-g-g-guns. I’m not just scared of guns and in denial! You’re in denial!”

      -every one of my liberal area public school teachers but one

    • As far as I can tell, the collective rights theory did not exist until after the Supreme Court decision in Miller v. US, where some very sloppy writing suggested it–and other sloppy writing suggested that it was an individual right. To argue that a collective rights theory existed in the 18th Century is pure nonsense that can be supported only by selectively reading the old laws and history, as the Ninth Circuit did in Young v. Hawaii, to reach a conclusion that there is no individual right to keep or bear arms. It is academic and historical revisionism.

  4. The words of the Second Amendment, as accepted at the time of its ratification, were not understood to create an individual right to bear arms.

    Wacked. The founders make a long list of rights guaranteed to the “person” and “people” but they didn’t really mean the 2nd was for individuals despite that the wording says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”.

    It’s this type of “thinking” that is now being taught to your children in kindergarten through graduate school. You REALLY need to remove your kids from public schools.

    • I grew up in liberal area public schools. This pretty much was their take. I spent a long time wondering what primed my teachers and most of my classmates to accept this, and I came to the conclusion that left-leaning education systems focus a lot on empathy but absolutely none on developing any form of self-esteem. Hence they don’t believe they can own guns responsibly, so they extend that to others who aren’t soldiers or ~maybe~ police. Around enough people who think the same thing, that becomes “anyone who thinks they can safely have guns is lying or wrong and they’re hurting people (because there is no safe gun ownership) so they’re either delusional or sociopathic.” Hence why they think people who like guns are crazy, dangerous or both. They’ll search for anything to retroactively deny the rights guaranteed by the 2A for that reason.

      • Self esteem was the educational fad around the time I entered middle school. What was missing in the efforts to raise it was that while self esteem derived from self actualization and accomplishment was a good thing, self esteem for its own sake leads toward sociopathy and false confidence.

        • A sociologist friend of mine from back in the day (very anti-gun, of course, but smart in many other ways which didn’t endear him to the leftist campus establishment) loathed and despised the “self-esteem” movement. He was fond of pointing out that as a group, incarcerated prisoners consistently score much higher than average in measures of self-esteem.

  5. “The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Are Ready to Create a Constitutional Right to Concealed Carry”

    We’ve always had the God-given right to concealed carry. The government has been infringing on that right for a very long time.

    • I much prefer this “created” right to the one that gives us the right to murder unborn children.

    • Ya gotta love that “concealed” framing of the “debate”. Setting pre-conditions. Last I checked, 2A does NOT specify CC or OC. Where I live, you can do either. Under Constitutional Carry, you can do either without any kind of bureaucratic permission slip (because that too is an infringement).

      These POS commies are all wrong and all need a damn helicopter ride!

  6. What is this “growing body of historical research” this numbskull is referring to? Does it include the writings of Thomas Jefferson, who said “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms”? Or George Mason’s “To disarm the people was the best and most effectual way to enslave them”? Are they aware that the purpose of the Bill of Rights is not to enumerate the rights granted by a benevolent government but to constrain a burgeoning tyranny from oppressing the people? Can we please stop pretending that these leftists deserve even a modicum of respect or courtesy from us?

    • It’s this shit: Public Meaning Originalism

      You ignore anyone literate and wonder what the average guy digging a manure pit would have thought about something then conclude what you think he thought must be what it meant because nobody can prove the pit digger didn’t think that way.

      Publish a bunch of corroborating papers ala a 90’s webring to act as supporting documents and you’ve created the history you need to support the present you want.

    • “What is this “growing body of historical research” this numbskull is referring to?”

      TTAG did a book review a few years back where the author claimed the idea of the “Wild West” was a complete fabrication by gun companies to sell more guns. It was written in a way that mimicked a serious scholarly work.

      I’m dead serious.

      The TTAG peanut gallery was *highly* amused by it, and laughed at the stupidity of the author. I opined that they better not laugh, that book was laying the ground work for dismantling the Heller – Mcdonald decision in the not-distant future. We are going to see that book referenced in a future Leftist SCOTUS decision destroying the 2A.

      That book and others is an example of “Tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”

      We had better be taking it seriously…

      • The claim of a “growing body of historical research” is half true. It’s not legitimate research; what it’s about is how leftists in academia and ‘journalism’ cite each other in their work product to build a constellation of ‘consensus’ around any one of leftist’ tropes. They make suppositions and claims that are circular and there is no original research cited, but when they do, it’s junk science or rigged polls, or whatever.

        What they’re doing is manufacturing consent. Building a false foundation to advance the communist agenda! Yes, we need to counter that – assuming this doesn’t go to guns first.

        • As long as they are able to rewrite history and then research what they have rewritten, this will be true.

        • They have done the same thing with global warming. Two flawed studies that fit a particular narrative, but not real data. Scientists that support that narrative take the “evidence” and run with it, yep yep yep yep, just like those Martian Muppets. If it wasn’t so dangerous, it’d be hilarious.

        • Obama promised to re-write history. Now documentaries “prove” that it was the black race that won war of independence, war of 1812, civil war ,First and second world war. We won them all….. After Harry S. Truman integrated the armed forces how many “wars” have we won? I’ll exclude Granada.

      • The leftist “scholar of the American west” who wrote that book (if it’s the same one I’m thinking of) taught in the English dept. where I went to grad school. I never had to take a class from her, thank God.

    • Jolly Roger’s statements are directly on point. George Mason had other choice statements on the topic too.

      But for goodness sake, the individual right to bear arms is made clear, albeit indirectly, in the Federalist Papers #46 written by Madison. Near the end, Madison talks about the possibility of war between a Federal standing army and the militias organized by the states. He states, “Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, …” He’s talking about all adult Americans as potential militia members.

      He also assumes that the Fed. standing army would be relatively small because the Federal budget is so limited. Ha, ha! He couldn’t envision the income tax and the Federal Reserve Bank.

    • The founding fathers wrote down every damn thing they did or planned, then went stark crazy describing why they did everything they did in the Federalist Papers, and none of that has been secret for a long time. I used to read “Shotgun News” religiously in the ’80s and near every page had quotes from the Federalist Papers on it. Now some fool claims the body of evidence is “expanding”? Who is in charge of creating the new “historical” body of evidence? Is ANYBODY stupid enough to believe such crap? These were our country’s leaders, not a bunch of misfits in their parents’ basements, and thus the body of evidence has not expanded in over 150-200 years. What has expanded is liberal/progressive lies.

    • In support of the passage of the Bill of Rights Tench Coxe wrote in 1788 “Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American”.

      Apparently Mr. Stern is relying on history from an alternative universe.

  7. Mr Stern is a completely ignorant when it comes to the Bill of Rights. ” not understood to create an individual right to bear arms.” None of the first 10 amendments grant or create rights. They put restrictions on government interference. Mr Stern needs to read the preamble to the Bill of Rights which clearly states this concept.

    • “Mr Stern is a completely ignorant when it comes to the Bill of Rights.”

      No, he is a ‘useful idiot’ deliberately pushing a fake news narrative.

      Don’t laugh, that material will be on the test down the road…

    • This is EXACTLY right. This is clear to anyone of intelligence and objective thinking if they investigate “the growing body of research”.

  8. Ah, I see the Biden approach is now the standard. Just lie, and count on censorship to make sure no one can contradict you.

    • The media and Big Tech make it possible. We should have seen this coming when there were reports years ago that Google and Facebook were censoring in China on behalf of the CCP.

      Time back in 2016: *Yawn* Facebook HAD TO make some “moral concessions” so they could, you know, make ALL the money. Now they’re doing it over here on behalf of the Democratic Party.

      “Still, the news is surprising. It reflects both the pragmatic desires of the world’s most valuable social network to expand in a market of 1.4 billion people, and the moral concessions it must make in order to be everywhere for everyone.”


  9. To the Left, SCOTUS is only packed when it’s not in their favor. The guy talks “originalism” when it comes to the Second Amendment, but the Left wants to ignore the Constitution in other areas. The Left’s cognitive dissonance is on full display.

  10. For all the “common sense” gun safety laws that are going to be eliminated – why aren’t we safe already? Eliminating something that does nothing for safety doesn’t seem to be anything to be worried over – oh, wait, it’s about control not safety – never mind.

    How about this – we eliminate all gun safety laws that didn’t make us safer – common sense. How about we eliminate all gun laws that are not being enforced – more common sense.

  11. Remember when the left was all about the “Constitution is a living document”? Peppridge Farm remembers.

  12. That’s a mighty fine piece of doublethink right there. Using “originalism” to argue against Heller.

  13. Well, besides being a 100% wrong, the author didn’t provide evidence, just opinion. Of course a liberal isn’t going to mention Natural Rights or God Given Rights, because to them, all “Privileges” (Rights) come from a state grant by politicians, which can be changed as needed. Of course Killing Tyrants and their Minions is what the 2nd Amendment is all about, not hunting, not target shooting, etc.

    The most laughable statement is that the original 10 Rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights created Rights, which it did not, it merely recognized re-existing Rights that pre-date the Constitution or the establishment of any government on Earth.

    In the case of the 2nd, it admonished the government of the day and future governments, that the 2nd Amendment “Shall not be Infringed”, which is pretty clear, as are the phrases to “Keep” – Own, Possess, Have and Bear – Carry, have or Possess.

    From the founding of the Republic in 1789, until 1934, the elected Federal governments stayed true to the instruction, “Shall not be Infringed”. Certain corrupt states and local governments did infringe on civil rights and still do, like New York, Chicago, California, etc. This makes them law breakers and it is a shame that these people face no criminal penalties for their criminal acts, as defying the Constitution is a form of sedition, at the very least.

    Bottom line, no one cares what this Numb Nuts Thinks, we all know what the words mean. The fact that our Rights are said to be in the hands of 9 lawyers who wear black dresses to work, should frighten us all.

    P.S. Want to not be killed by the Police; Pay your car registration and they probably won’t pull you over. Be polite and cooperate. Don’t use drugs and get drunk in public. Don’t commit crimes. Don’t hurt others, like beating your girlfriend, wife, baby momma, etc. Finally if you don’t want to be murdered by others or killed by the Police, don’t go to bars and be home before midnight, as nothing good really happens after midnight. Escape from toxic relationships as the crazies will either kill you or get you killed.

    • Mauser,

      I was scrolling through the comments, planning to end my trip by making pretty much the statement you just made. The Bill of Rights “created” absolutely NO rights, whatsoever. What it did do was tell the government, in no uncertain terms, what NATURAL rights they were supposed to keep their filthy mitts off of . . . and since 1792, the politicians have been doing their best to deliberately misinterpret those rights (and, no, I don’t exempt our Founding Fathers from that statement – where the hell, exactly, did George Washington find the “constitutional authority” to put down the Whiskey Rebellion??? (Pro tip: such authority does not exist.)

      But, as Ben Franklin and others warned us, if we fail to preserve these rights, that’s on us. Our Founders KNEW that policians would trample the people, if they could. We were supposed to stop them, and we seem to suck at that. Either we’ll grow a pair, or my grandkids will be subjects. I’m ready to start watering the Tree of Liberty.

  14. I went and read the original article, the author makes wildly unsupported assertions that fly in the face in the face of reason, facts, and history. However, when opening the original article you discover it was published on Slate, the unfunny sad leftist version of Babylon Bee, so perhaps it was just a failed attempt at satire?

    • Poe’s Maxim states that it is impossible to create a parody so egregious that it cannot be mistaken for truth by at least some readers.

      The corollary is that sufficiently advanced groupthink can become indistinguishable from parody — and the American left is proving it.

  15. Interesting that court packing is claimed to be the only ‘solution’. The constitution outlines the legitimate method to alter a constitutional amendment, but nobody is going there despite all their claims of having the support of most of the population.

  16. There is a right to carry in some fashion, if not openly then concealed. If not concealed then openly. Constitutionally, it’s historically the latter. Naturally, it’s whatever way you want, in every place you have a legal right to be.

    • That is an interpretation without any visible means of support. Prohibiting CC is an infringement, thus prohibited. Prohibiting OC is infringement, thus prohibited. Eighth grade level reading comprehension allows very easy understanding of those 27 words, it requires far more study to “understand” something exactly opposite from what they say.

  17. You really have to do some mental gymnastics to get to Stern’s supposition.
    2A explicitly affirms the PRE-EXISTING RIGHT of the people to KABA, and does NOT grant a right; it is a BAN ON GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE IN THAT RIGHT.

    They keep reaching, I keep reloading…
    If they try to take the guns, we will have a 2nd Lexington & Concord, you know what follows.

  18. Moronic, as usual.

    The authority of local, colonial and state governments to assemble militia for their security pre-exists the Constitution, with documents outlining their composition and justification dating back to the 1600’s. Further, in the part of the Constitution detailing the powers of Congress, the last two paragraphs outline its relationship with the pre-existing militia. If the Second Amendment were to reestablish the state’s authority to raise militia, it would be a redundancy. There can be no other interpretation than an individual right.

  19. Every shooting is a “mass shooting” according to the MSM to enhance their narrative, while blacks and latinos continue to gang-war unabated and un-reported.
    Oh, and lest we forget the number of abortions each year in Amerikill, care of the Democrat and feminists, etc..
    more people are waking up to the idea that they are their own first-responders, they alone can be responsible for protecting themselves, and the Marxists are losing their sh*t over the idea.
    The new Bolshevic/Mao’st revolution is coming, they want to kill all who dont comply, conform, lick the boot, kiss the ring, beg for scraps and say thank you, and think hive-mindedly.

  20. On an unrelated note:

    Tucked inside the thousands of pages of bureaucratic jargon of this year’s COVID bill is a shocking restriction – states that accept federal money are PROHIBITED from cutting taxes in their own state budgets.

    The Democrats and the elite powers behind them want every American to be totally dependent on the dole-outs from a central, all-powerful, government…sound familiar (and we thought that Communism was a proven failed ideology).

    I guess this is another Pelosi “pass it so you can read it” scam. We’re still paying through the bleeding wallet for the Obamacare fiasco while these corrupt Democrat bastiches are denying States their 9th and 10th Amendment rights…again.

    More lies and tyranny from the U.S.’s elected aristocracy.

  21. Tax stamps are infringement.

    Permits are infringement.

    NFA is an infringement.

    Carry laws are infringement.

    There is a reason that statement in the amendment is so short.


    Sounds a lot like… “SHALL NOT KILL”

    doesn’t say its ok to kill as long as its for a reason that benefits everyone else or its ok to kill if the baby is going to be a burden to your career as a model…..

    The words were chosen for a reason.
    We have lost that reason.

    It SHALL return.

  22. Good is bad and bad is good. Bad actors will carry their guns regardless of the law and after some point good people will start carrying in violation of the law to counter this.
    They care more for the lives of criminals than those who bend over backwards to stay on the right side of the law.

    Since that’s the case, fvck’em.

    Go ahead and pack the courts. Maybe finally conservatives will start biting back and get more active when legal recourse goes out the window.

  23. Any attempt to pack the court should viewed as a blatant declaration of war on our constitution and citizenry. It would simply be a coup, the final nail the coffin for our republic.

    • Yep. If you take the overall US crime stats, and you remove the data for the historically Democratically run jurisdictions, then the remaining US crime rates of all sorts would be nearly zero. Comparatively no crime among half the population. What’s that Hee Haw song? If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. If it weren’t for Democrats, we’d have no crime at all.

  24. “A growing body of historical research has demonstrated that Scalia’s opinion in Heller is just plain wrong as a matter of originalism: The words of the Second Amendment, as accepted at the time of its ratification, were not understood to create an individual right to bear arms.”

    This is a lie. There are volumes of letters and writings from the Founders proving they meant for the people at large to have arms so as to preserve their ability to form together to resist tyranny…in other words, to revolt.

    Mark Joseph Stern is a statist and an elitist who seems to believe the government is the master of the people and not the other way around. He’s typical of the sort of Mandarin class that doesn’t trust ordinary citizens and, in fact, despises them and wants to render them powerless.

    • Whenever communists are losing the debate, they redefine the fundamental meaning of words so they “win”. Words like ‘originalism’. They ignore reality and create a new narrative, then they cite themselves to claim “a growing body of historical research”.

      Stern earns 100 pinnochios for this baloney, by the WaPo pinocchio metric.

  25. In 2021 so far, there has already been more than one mass shooting each day.”

    -No, there has not. Or anything close to it.

    “The United States is transforming into a battlefield, where no one can go to a store, a park, or a school without the fear that they might be shot to death.”

    Only if they buy into your hyperbolic nonsense.

    • Now wait right there ! In my neck of the woods, occuring every morning the police pair up , driver and shooter, and go out hunting black Americans. They most likely do it where you live but you just don’t know about it. Yes everywhere police gather there is a hunting and shooting party aimed at the black race. The number of bodies is staggering but there is always a place to dump the bodies like Chicago, Baltimore or St Louis. You don’t think those losses come cheap, do you? if I have to add /sarc forget it.

  26. It is way past time to apply the vast scope and breadth of First Amendment jurisprudence to the Second Amendment as well as to the First Amendment. Both amendments recognize our basic and pre-existing civil and personal rights. You may not like viewing signs or tee shirts displaying “four letter” words or seeing someone openly carrying a pistol on their hip, but if one right is recognized so then so must be the other.

  27. Scalia was a full on, hard core constructionalist when it comes to the Constitution. As far as what people thought about it at the time it was written, try reading the appropriate Federlaist Papers, and you’ll see that people believed in the right to keep and bear arms personally, as well as for potential militia duty. All able bodied males were subject to call up for militia duty at that point in our history.

  28. It clearly WAS intended to be and is an individual right. The Founders were very clear about that and mentioned it a number of times.

    Also, groups by definition, do not possess “rights”.

    In addition the US does not have “one mass shooting a day ” that is false. And why did he not mention that a gun is lawfully used over 5700 times a day to stop a crime?

  29. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! All Rights are individual by nature, because only people (not ‘persons’) can have rights. BEWARE THE LEGAL FICTIONS USED BY LIBERTY THIEVES (LAWYERS)!!

  30. Paying state taxes that are used to support the national gaurd makes me part of a militia whether I’m a combatant or not.
    Fish and water. Take the water you have no fish.

  31. “The words of the Second Amendment, as accepted at the time of its ratification, were not understood to create an individual right to bear arms.”

    Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason and Patrick Henry would disagree. Even later Thaddeus Stevens disagreed with the ill informed author of this historically inaccurate screed.

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