Devega: In America, Guns Mean Whiteness, Patriotism and Toxic Masculinity

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In response to discussions about an assault weapons ban after the mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, Sen. Lindsey Graham told Fox News’ Chris Wallace, “If there’s a natural disaster in South Carolina where the cops can’t protect my neighborhood, my house will be the last ones that the gangs will come to, because I can defend myself.”

The next day, Graham circulated a video of himself shooting an AR-15 assault rifle at a South Carolina gun range.

For many progressives, liberals and other Americans who are not part of the MAGAverse, TrumpWorld or America’s gun culture, Graham’s performance of gun-toting hyper masculinity was laughable. His comments about defending his family from “gangs” were also criticized as being especially ill-timed given the recent mass shooting events. But again, as is so many other instances, those outside of the right-wing echo chamber were not the audience for Graham’s performance.

The South Carolina senator was speaking to a right-wing culture, moral universe and imaginary where guns, whiteness and toxic masculinity are tightly if not immutably linked together. He was channeling the idea of the white American male as defender of his home and family — and of heterosexual white (right-wing) male power and privilege — against some type of “criminal” or “invader,” generally understood to be black or brown. This enemy to be defended against may be a “Muslim terrorist,” an “urban” black male or a “Latino gangbanger.” He may also be a member of “antifa,” the right wing’s current bogeyman.

Lindsey Graham’s assault rifle and others like it are also central to end-times survivalist dystopian fantasies of societal breakdown and failed government that involve “race war,” environmental collapse, another pandemic or other such disaster.

— Chauncey Devega in Gun crazy: For too many Americans, guns are tied to masculinity, patriotism and white power

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    Everything but the racist bullshit. Toxic masculinity is not white privilege, it’s male privilege.

    • devaga is an ignorant pasty mouth race baiting Jim Crow Gun Control lint licker. Why if firearms were not an obstacle for perverts like him they would have a much better chance to succeed at rape, child molestation, kidnapping, etc. Ain’t dat right devaga?

    • We have a culture among us wherein young men go out every night and shoot each other to death, so often that the major media outlets do not even MENTION it, and this doofus thinks whites are responsible for “toxic masculinity”? You have to study for years and years to become that stupid.

      • According to the government young men are not necessary. And according to left-wing activists young men are not necessary. They were replaced by a welfare check. And the fathers to these young men were replaced by a welfare check. And the father’s guns were replaced by a big city police department.

      • Rad, I thought the Leftists were supposed to be all about “valuing and respecting cultures other than their own”.

    • Come on man you know better, whites can’t be persecuted due to power and privilege and you know the thing.

      • Congrats on NY pistol being granted cert… 😉

        • Thank you and on to Part 2 lets hope if it has to go for a trilogy we at least get enforced shall issue 😛

        • I couldn’t be more excited. Let’s hope the SAFE Act and other AWBs are next on the chopping block.

  2. Funny the people burning down cities, compelling the gov to endlessly print cash, open national borders, and defund police and who think kids knifing each other is perfectly normal and acceptable insist “societal collapse” is a fantasy.

    They either know exactly what they’re doing or they are far dumber and crazier than anyone ever thought.o

  3. That awkward moment where there are or have been black, latino, outlaw biker gangs as well as muslim terrorists (tried to sell a stinger missile to an undercover FBI agent) and antifa all in Albany the most boring city in America.

  4. Fools and the fools that follow them.

    Think what you will.

    The human race is the master race as all life matters (to include black lives). AR15’s are not assault rifles. The gun does not know who is pulling it’s trigger. The only thing in this that is TOXIC is this idea that guns are only for white mean and that white men are the problem.

    As a species, we are losing touch with reality and are dancing on the edge of losing our history.

    • I think that would be “throwing away our history” rather than losing, the process seems quite intentional.

      • Given the way things are going, you and the cockroaches may be eating well before too long. And after that, you can eat the cockroaches! Life is good for the possums.

  5. “The South Carolina senator was speaking to a right-wing culture, moral universe and imaginary where guns, whiteness and toxic masculinity”

    Umm, yeah he was, because as a group we in the conservative South do not trust him. Sure enough only a couple of days later he delivered some pro H1b immigration crap for the Chamber of Commerce.

    Graham is a fair weather friend who is not trustworthy on the 2nd Amendment or any other conservative issue.

      • That is Devega’s word, correctly quoted. I presume the editors at Salon have loose standards, on many levels.

    • The author really has a problem if he sees Lindsey Graham doing anything as being masculine, toxic or otherwise?

      • Lindsey Graham doing anything as being masculine, toxic or otherwise

        No shit, chuckle, chuckle…

  6. This is article is complete race baiting, anti-American, anti- white b.s. Every American has the right to own a firearm (unless a felon or wife beater). Anyone can & should defend their home against invasion and crime. Facts show most gang activity is committed by blacks and hispanics.. facts dictate the narrative. Quit trying to disarm law abiding citizens so the criminals run rampant.

    • Would be less and less surprised if your last sentence is exactly what they are going for nationwide with all the woke nonsense being the propaganda cover.

    • Article says far more about Mr. Devega’s prejudices and willingness to indulge in fantasy than about the mindset of gun owners.

  7. I agree with Haz
    Where is the problem with being a white, patriotic Man?
    I am also a gun enthusiast and read the bible.
    These are all mainstream American values.

    • +1

      Unfortunately, both gun classes and the Bible were removed from schools decades ago. And look where we are today…

  8. Devega is the Left’s Uncle Tom. Either he doesn’t know of or deliberately omits the blacks who owned guns to defend themselves, their families, and their community in the south.

    • Wonder if Chauncey DeVega is aware that, during our recent historic spike in gun purchases, (i) new gun owners were disproportionately represented among purchasers, and (iii) blacks, asians and other ethnic minorities were also disproportionately represented.

      Speaking just for myself, who couldn’t be any whiter if I ate Wonder Bread, I applaud that – “Come on in, folks, the water’s fine!” I have a policy that I recommend to other POTG – if I become aware of a noob that I have a connection to, I invite said noob to my range, cover their range fees and ammo, and POLITELY give them a basic safety lesson, and give them information to sign up for more training.

      The more gun owners, the better, and I couldn’t give a rip what color they are.

      • I think deVega is very aware that people of color are leaving the plantation, and that’s why he (and so many like him) are trying to “educate” the rest into making no effort to free themselves.

  9. Damn, i love being a patriotic white man. And the more you’ll hate me for it, the more i’ll enjoy it.

    • He uses Lindsey Graham as an example of “toxic masculinity”?!? In a stand-up comedy screed? Kudos to Graham😏

      • I wasn’t going to mention that, but . . . when I picture “masculinity”, Lindsey Graham ain’t the first thought that comes to my mind. Or the 51st. Whether you agree or disagree with Lindsey, he ain’t exactly John Wayne or Charles Bronson.

  10. This is not the first time I have heard of the name Chauncey Devega coming up. I know who he is. And I’ve been to his websites.
    Chauncey devega is a perfect example of a black person who is comfortable being a slave of the white socialist progressives. People like him can complain about the police all they wish. But he is comfortable being a disarmed black liberal.

    You have to be a very racist liberal who believes that only white heterosexual men have guns. I heard white gay people say this kind of crap all the time growing up in California. Which explains why they keep electing other homosexual gun grabbers. Even when a pro-gun gay candidate, ran against Nancy Pelosi several years ago. They couldn’t help themselves. They voted for the “breeder” Pelosi. Because gays are socialist Progressive in their political orientation. Just like Chauncey Devega.

    The Racist liberal. Black, white, or whatever color. Straight or gay. Is the worst kind of human being on planet Earth.

    A good guy with a gun. But he is the wrong color for Chauncey Devega.
    From 2018

    • “You have to be a very racist liberal who believes that only white heterosexual men have guns.”

      Yes, I’m sure my wife, who is a female of Hispanic heritage and enjoys shooting rifles and pistols, would have some choice syllables for Devega. And, Mr. Rozier probably isn’t black enough for Devega.

      And as for Devega, who does he think has been buying so many guns this past year or so?

    • Neat! Time to start getting the unrestricted upgrade application together especially if NYS tries to duck the lawsuit through mooting the issue again. Going to be a fun week of hearing most of downstate and all the governors men upstate complaining about civil liberties existing for the peasants.

      • I hope Leftist scum across this great land are having a mass aneurysm even as we speak… 😉

        • It is entertaining in a horrific kind of way (yes they actually have people that believe in what they are saying)

    • “Cert finally granted. This applies to both open and concealed carry.”

      Hold on a sec –

      LKB says it does *not* apply to both.

      The Court re-wrote the question to be settled.

      And *that* may be why is was locked into conference purgatory for as long as it was.

      They may have been forced to do that by the vote they needed before they risked granting cert……

  11. Likely America has the highest numbers of armed women and minorites in the world, so to say guns are only about white males ignores their voices. Gun control in Democrat controlled areas has been a limiting factor for blacks and other minorites that might desire to own weapons, and that is by design.

    • Interesting concept for discussion. I suspect Israel may have a higher percentage of women who are armed, but nowhere near the raw numbers compared to U.S. I cannot imagine what other country might come close in either category. Suggestions?

      • I don’t know of any non-western (nonwhite) society, that allows all its citizens access to guns. Like the US does. And even the European nations have really only supported gun ownership for the very wealthy. And American women in general, are really the only women in the world who are actually encouraged to learn about guns.

  12. Lindsay needs an AK , he had way to much trouble with that AR.
    Hey at least hes shooting a gunm, how about that Wayne LaPierre, he can shoot a gunm. Maybe you should try it sometime.

  13. “He was channeling the idea of the white American male as defender of his home and family”

    The author seems to be dismissing the notion that white men should defend their homes and families. Is he saying this because he believes caucasians do not have a right of self- defense? Curious: would the author defend his family from a home invasion? If, how so?

    BTW, I am assuming the author is not caucasian; his clear hatred of white men is the clue.

  14. Chauncey DeVega?

    It’s name is misspelled. It is, Chauncey De Verga, as in Come V***a.

  15. This is one of those articles that leave one absolutely dumbfounded at its ignorance. The person who wrote that and those that read out and agree with whatever “points” it was trying to make are so foreign from me that we’re separate species. I am flabbergasted, gobsmacked, and left floundering for how one can miss any sort of a mark that entirely.

  16. Do they really believe that I’ll shoot a black person who invades my home, but I’d let a white person slide b/c they’re white? I don’t care what race you are. I’ll shoot all of you.

      • Criminal vermin comes in all colors and form

        Apparently, this dick thinks that criminals are non-white? And wanting to defend your family from them is somehow racially motivated (a WHITE thing) AND unpatriotic…? So, I assume that in HIS Utopia we would ALL give up our guns and allow criminals in general rob us, murder us, do what they will with our families and IF we happen to survive just carry on til the next assault, robbery, rape or murder occurs…? The FUN part comes when you have NOTHING left to steal and that pisses off some psycho who decides to chop you up into little pieces with a Machete, Good times….

  17. Damn… The ONLY thing this CLOWN didn’t do was come right out and shout “Hey everybody, look at ME… I’m an ignorant, racist fuk…” I must assume that he missed the part where WHITE women as well as MILLIONS of non-white MEN and WOMEN also own guns to protect their families’ from home invasions (yes Devega, THAT is a REAL thing)… So, does that mean they ALL want to be “TOXIC, WHITE, PATRIOTIC, MEN… I can think of WORSE things to be, like a mealy mouthed anti-gun, pro-Socialist, anti-American, UNPATRIOTIC, man that identifies as a 13 year old little girl so he can use the womens restroom at Target…

    • Devega is just another commie critical theory SJW puke. Somebody get this POS a helicopter ride PLEASE!!

  18. RINO Graham is laughable but not for the reasons the commiecrats claim. This swamp rat clearly was virtue signaling and his handling of the AR15 shows it. He put his finger on the trigger before he even shouldered the rifle, and because of safety first, he was handed the rifle with the safety on. But when he shouldered the rifle, he never thought of the safety being on as evidenced by his failed attempt to fire. Only then does he look at the safety selector, realize the rifle was on safe, and move the selector so he could fire. Moron.

    Everything this guy does is pure political calculus for the sole purpose of getting re-elected again and again and again. While he’s better than a commiecrat, I would take a hardcore freedom fighter over him any day of the week if I lived there.

    As for Devega, he can take his racist marxist critical theory SJW shit and go fornicate himself and the horse he rode in on. Guns are for every peaceable American; there is no “whiteness” or “toxic masculinity”, etc. attached to them. Maybe Colion Noir, Antonia Okafor & Lauren Boebert could bitchslap this SOB back to reality, but I doubt it.

  19. Who does this f**king idiot think he is? I’m an old white dude, on a fixed income. I’m also a combat veteran, and a patriot and a gun owner. I don’t care one bit what color you are, what your religion is, or what your politics are. I believe in the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Period. If you come to my house and try anything funny, I’ll shoot your ass full of holes, no matter who the hell you are! If somebody is attacking my neighbors, or trying to molest a kid or a woman, I’ll shoot your ass full of holes. What has that got to do with anything but what’s right or wrong? You want to come and try to take my guns, go for it if you feel froggy.

    • go for it if you feel froggy.

      WOW, the “TOXIC MASCULINITY” in this one strong is… (sarc)

    • Ditto here. Come to take our freedom, come to take our ability to defend ourselves & those we care about, and I too will put pin to primer. IDGAF if those who tread have fancy decorations pinned to their chest, send bachelors only and an equal number of body bags.

  20. Kiss my ass. Since when does being an American Patriot who proudly served his country, and whose family has been in American since the Great Migration of the 1630s have to apologize for anything? Members of my family have been ministers, judges, senators, and military officers as well as farmers and businessmen since before the Revolution up until current days. We’ve shed our blood for this country and the Constitution, and I’m proud of that fact. If my loathing of the spaghetti spined, weak livered, liberal scum that is damaging it is too much for you to take, move to Canada, or the UK or some other place that makes socialist assholes feel at home. Me and my “toxic masculinity” will do just fine without you.

    • If THAT was meant for me, then GFY… I was making a fucking joke… As far as YOUR “heritage” is concerned you are NOT that special… There is an old graveyard in Plymouth Mass that dates to the early 1600s (prior to 1620) and is heavily populated with my family name… Sad for you if you don’t understand the the difference between a joke and somebody actually being a “socialist asshole”… Could be you need to work on dialing back some of that “Toxic Masculinity”…

      • I’m fairly certain his comment was directed at Devega.

        Devega is jealous of genuine masculinity, so he calls it toxic as a defensive mechanism. Maybe he shoulda laid off the SOY when he was younger…

      • Context is everything, my man. There was no indications that was a joke, and I don’t read between the lines. If I misread what you posted then maybe that’s because you didn’t provide the context to indicate it was a joke.

        • MY REPLY: WOW, the “TOXIC MASCULINITY” in this one strong is… (sarc)

          (SARC)= SARCASM, AKA: A JOKE, placed at the end to “indicate” I was being sarcastic, joking…. What do YOU require to recognize something that was said in jest? Hell I even wrote it in a stupid star warsy way… Oh well….

  21. They hate the image of a samurai warrior. They hate the image of the American Indian warrior. They hate the image of any example of strong male leadership in the family. Which is why the Left disagreed with the Christians. When the Christians said a father is necessary in the family. The Left says a father is not necessary. Its “Toxic Masculinity”.

    The Left is always about weakness. They want you to have weakness standing before the government. They need men to be weak. The sissification or the wussification of the American male has been their never ending goal to achieve. The Left has always hated the image of a strong heterosexual male. For some reason the Left equates gun ownership as a heterosexual Act???

    Perhaps that is something that only a psychiatrist can unravel and understand.

    • They need men to be weak. The sissification or the wussification of the American male has been their never ending goal

      AND they are winning…

      • No. The election of Donald Trump to me at least shows americans are in this to fight back. For decades the Christians have said there is a cultural war in this country. It’s when you tell the truth, that when the Left starts to describe you as “toxic masculinity.”

        Trump is an alpha male. They are terrified of him. And other men like him.

      • I’ll go with Kentucky Chris on this. This nation is full of alpha males. This is why the Left is desperate to break down the family and destroy the values of this nation. They HATE America! They hate Americans even more – every generation has a warrior culture that builds upon our military heritage. This nation was born in battle from an attempt at a massive gun confiscation. This nation will be reborn the next time (SOON) they try it.

        I’m older but not out of it. I’m looking forward to killing some commies with fellow patriots. THE LIBERTY TREE IS THIRSTY!

        • You don’t even have to be “alpha.” Most men aren’t. You just have to be willing and able to think for yourself and defend yourself; that’s an offense in itself to the “progressive” left. Worse is the willingness to join others in doing so.

          People think of betas as losers, but that’s far from the case. (You want losers, think gamma: SJWs, incels, and sexpests are almost exclusively gamma males.) A beta male generally loses to an alpha in any direct contest (mano a mano, as it were), but is not by nature incompetent — far from it.

          If you’ve ever seen the value of a great right-hand man; if you’ve ever noticed how some people don’t attract much notice until they’re gone, and then suddenly nothing is working like it used to; if you’re familiar with the “glue guy” in team sports; if you’ve ever heard of the concept of the all-important “first follower”; then you know how essential the beta male is.

          The leftist elite are beside themselves with fear that all the American beta males might start following the “wrong” alpha, or at least decide to stop participating in the societal rape-in-progress. A bunch of scattered alpha-male types are no real threat. When the beta males start seeing a need to fight, sheeit gets real.

        • to ing
          I agree with you. I think perhaps we need to look at the term alpha male in a broader sense. The successful organization that Donald Trump created wouldn’t be successful without the small office leadership down to the basic level. An alpha like Trump attracts other Alphas. And they’re all working for him down to the lowest level of his company.

          And you’re right if all the beta’s started to follow in his direction. The Left would certainly panic because teaching a person with a beta personality how to improve themselves, is not what the Left wants.

          The best Alpha in the Gun World tries to avoid a gun fight. Sometimes it’s best to avoid the fight. And that doesn’t make you weak. And it doesn’t make you a beta male.

        • Chris: Just wait till the people who want to be left alone get involved…

          We failed at avoiding the inevitable gunfights because we failed to see the real threat for what it is. We let communism get a foothold in our own country!

  22. Wow this tyranny of the whiny ass LibTurds is really bringing me down. I got to get my wife and go down to the range and blow through a few cases of ammo and read the Bible while she shoots, to feel better about my white heterosexual male Christian-ness! Bless your Hearts!

  23. I doubt someone named “Chauncey” knows anything about “masculinity”.

    • “I doubt someone named “Chauncey” knows anything about “masculinity”.”

      I dunno. ‘Chauncey Gardner’ “liked to watch…” 😉

  24. Graham didn’t say guns were exclusive to white males. He isn’t a trans female Asian-African-American, so he can’t show how inclusive he is just by existing.

  25. He hit on all the libbie dog whistles except the original insult to gun owners. He forgot to compare it to genital size and or function. If he keeps this up they’ll start making him pay for his lattes at Starbucks.

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