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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
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Yesterday, California’s oleaginous Governor Gavin Newsom signed the latest in a series of new gun control bills into law. Senate Bill 1327 takes a cue from Texas’s abortion law and enables any citizen to “sue anyone who distributes illegal assault weapons, parts that can be used to build weapons, guns without serial numbers, or .50-caliber rifles.”

The bill is both a tit-for-tat response to the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision as well as a jab directed at Texas’s anti-abortion law that’s structured similarly. This was an obvious move by an anti-gun state after the Texas law was allowed to stand by the Supreme Court (we wrote about that here, here and here).

“This puts power back in the people’s hands,” said Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting. “This creates a private right of action that allows almost anyone to bring a lawsuit against those who manufacture, distribute, transport, import or sell illegal assault weapons, rifles, ghost guns or ghost gun kits.”

Don’t be confused by the language used here. They aren’t talking about Leland Yee-type illegal guns. “Assault weapons” and “ghost guns” are already outlawed in the formerly Golden State (for now, anyway). The intended targets of he bill Newsom just signed are legal manufacturers of scary black rifles, 80% lowers and frames, gun parts and build kits that are legal almost everywhere else.

The new law will be challenged in court. This is the Firearms Policy Coalition’s response to the latest from Sacramento . . .

Gov. Gavin Newsom has again shown naked contempt for Californians. He held a press conference today to celebrate the signing of another gun control bill which threatens peaceable people with jail time.

By signing Senate Bill 1327, Gov. Newsom capped off a week of signing an exhaustive list of anti-rights legislation into law. This continued assault on the peaceable people of California, made possible by his acolytes in Sacramento, is nothing short of a revocation of the natural rights of those he was elected to represent.

Gov. Newsom has gleefully failed the people of California. In fact, he is boastfully broadcasting his latest legislative power grab in Texas in a twisted victory lap. To be clear, neither the people of Texas nor Californians deserve the rights-restricting agenda that Gov. Newsom and his ilk are set on implementing.

Without reservation, FPC will seek out every available tool to redress this legislative overreach. The fundamental, inalienable rights of the people remain unaffected by the stroke of a pen. Those in the Golden State who are interested in becoming a potential plaintiff in litigation targeting these newly signed bills are encouraged to visit

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  1. Now that the shoe is on the other foot the Far Right are screaming their heads off about their constitutional rights being raped but it was ok to turn women into sex slaves and rape their right to privacy. Naturally the corrupt radical far right court will rule against California proving that the people of the U.S. are correct when they have no respect for a court that has made a mockery of the history of the Supreme Court by going full blown corrupt partisan and are now only prostitutes of the Republican Far Right radicals in Congress.

    What goes around comes around and we know the corrupt Supreme Court will sit on its ass for years over this one because they are hypocrites to the rotten core.

      • Ironic, innit. The moron that constantly goes on about UBC’s and safe storage laws is suddenly outraged by the invasion of privacy that he feelz women must now endure.

        Mental illness is real and dacian is it’s national spokesperson.

        • Oh, yes, sorry…I’m not fluent in “feelz”, so his word salad got lost in translation.

      • Cut the incel a little slack. He obviously doesn’t understand how a healthy and happy union between a man and woman occurs. I’m sure his Daddy will come back from “going out to buy cigarettes” in a few more years and explain to him women actually have a choice who or if they want to have sex. That should make sense to an incel.

        • It explains the need for his Caravan of Death for a “comfort battalion” of little girls for the incels and little boys for the NAMBLA members.

        • You should receive your first check within a week or so. Or you can start to have them wire directly into your bank account. (Your first checks will be about $500 to $1,500 a week. Then it goes up from there.7
          Depends on how much time you spent on it…..

    • The issue of Roe vs Wade was returned to the states where it should have been all along. Funny how brain dead morons like you conflate gaining rights back to being denied rights. The only prostitutes here are you and Alfred. Soros monkeys.

      • Wrong Muck head Constitutional rights to privacy and the right of not being imprisoned as a sex slave is a Constitutional right not open to rape by radical jackbooted storm troopers who control a Hillbilly State based on anti-science and medieval religious witchcraft.

        Its interesting to note that the Geramn Nazi’s did the same thing to their women as their women were also made into sex slaves as well. History repeats itself.

        • Yes, history is repeating itself. You, like your hero goebbles have not printed the truth yet.

          Where are these imprisoned sex slaves you keep fantasizing about, herr dacian?

        • Hey Dacian, find me in the constitution where it’s ok to abort a child and I’ll find you a place in the constitution where it’s ok to have a gun.

          The poorly decided Roe v Wade decision was on shaky grounds when it was voted into law, learn to read Dacian.

          Also, explain to me how the Left is now kowtowing to pedophiles and calling them “minor attracted people” do as to not hurt their feelings?

        • Dacian quote-Constitutional rights to privacy and the right of not being imprisoned as a sex slave is a Constitutional right.

          Yes this is a constitutional right to protect you from people like democratic mega-donor Jeffrey Epstein.

          Let be honest though Dacian, you’re being hyperbolic. If you’re conflating the natural bodily processes of a woman after coitus to that of slavery, you’re below scum.

        • Like I have said before, Dacian is a stooge who is paid by the Bloomberg group to troll. He is a keyboard commando who has us thinking that he is 75 years old in some posts and middle age in other posts. He forgets his lies.

        • The Unadulterated Truth is that the Burger Led Court created a “Right” where none existed before by very loosely tying that created “Right” to the 14th Amendm ent. The created “Right,” as you call it, effectively allows for the taking of a Life. The created “Right” is contradictory to every
          enumerated Right within the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

          The real Truth Dacian, is Liberals have no one to blame but themselves for Roe’s overturning. First, they’ve known since 1973 that Roe v Wade was on shaky legal ground. Late Justic Ginsburg herself, said Roe wouldn’t survive a Judicial review. For 49 years they knew this day was coming, and in spite of the many opportunities to codify Roe’s principle Right into US Code, they s remedies the pooch wasting time on other BS Legislation. Secondly, when Roe was decided, Abortion was restricted to 1st Trimester only. Not content with the “Win,” Activists kept pushing that limitation to the point there’s now very Late Term and Post Birth Abortion. While various polls show that the citizenry supports abortion by a small majority (48 – 54% depending on the poll), those same polls show an overwhelming majority AGAINST Late Term and At Birth Abortion (62 – 78%).

          It’s entirely within the realm of possibility and probability that without the Later and Later Abortion Limits push the Liberals made, Dobbs would have never made it to the SCOTUS bench. Democrats sabotoged Roe v Wade all by themselves.

    • There are 3 involved in every abortion – child, mother and father. That is the fact that turns your frantic hyper-ventilations into philosophical and legal garbage…

    • “If you don’t own a 3D printer yet, buy one now.”

      No, they cannot ‘ban’ additive manufacturing, although they would love to, and it makes them very angry that Americans have quaint ideas like ‘Rights’ that stop them.

      (I’m kinda set anyways, the next-door neighbor’s kid has a nice one he said I can use anytime…)

    • As terrible as Newsome is, he may be the best Democrat candidate. It’s going to be very interesting to watch Democrats shove their glass ceiling shattering female (whatever that is) BIPOC VP aside for a white man.

      • Yep. The Left is going to be in a conundrum, having to choose between their now-tarnished female POC who checks some of their cherished intersectional boxes, and a white man. Progress, or patriarchy?

        Country star John Rich just released this song, standing up for traditional American patriotism and telling the Left to stick it. Listen to the lyrics.

  2. So as I read that, every hardware store in California can now be sued out of existence.

    This won’t end well. I just hope the collateral damage is limited.

  3. Pretty much exactly what was forcasted following the decision to uphold the Texas bill. Going to take time for the court to clarify exactly what kind of precedent they intended to set and might cause a reversal once they realize the dangers of allowing private lawsuits over legal activities. Lawfare is not the slippery slope we need to slide down. That’s how mob rule, oligarchs, and the passions of the people can strip away rights in short order by simply bankrupting those that practice those rights.

    • The Texas law is intended to protect life. Newsom’s new law cannot be proven to protect anything related to citizen liberty, so it will be challenged and likely struck down as a vendetta. His very own words stating it was crafted in retaliation to Texas’ pro-life stance will work against him.

      He publicly stated he signed the bill into law “because we must do everything we can to protect our children”. I wonder if he’ll be called out for his conflicting statements in which he trumpeted that he’ll do everything he can to ensure and even expand abortion. He no longer refers to the atrocity as “choice”, but as “abortion”, which – no matter where one stands on the issue – results in the death of a human life. I wonder how Newsom would respond to that question?

  4. So, I guess if some drunk in a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, Kia, etc., runs a red light and kills someone, their family can now sue the car manufacturer and dealer in California.

    If a doctor kills someone on the operating table, the family can now sue the companies that made the medical instruments.

    Etc. This is going to be a shit show.

    • You can also sue California under this concept. They have now assumed a duty to protect by doing this.

    • “can now sue the car manufacturer”

      How about the parts manufacturer? Automobile companies don’t make all of their own parts.

  5. Just top selling guns to anyone with a california address.

    This is just proof that the Socialist Progressive, the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left, will never leave you alone. You can leave the city or county that they control. And still they will come after you. You can move to another state and they will come after you. This reminds me of the North Carolina bathroom law. Banning biological man from using the women’s restroom. In California they went bat guano crazy.

    Whatever you’re getting out of Living in the state of California? It’s just a simple tradeoff for giving up your individual freedom and giving up your gun civil rights.
    California has been an anti-civil rights state just like any of the former Confederate States of America.



    • I thought you were crazy with your all caps and shrugged it off a just your quirk. Sorry to find out you’re a fool.

    • For nearly 200 years, Serial Numbers weren’t required until the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act. Did Tyranny reign Supreme during that period of time? No, far from it. Does having a Serial Number solve the crimes committed with Firearms? Very little, and actually a Statistical Rarity.
      So what does the Serial Number really do? In effect, it allows the government to tie a serialized gun to a US Citizen, which in turn is a Post Ipso Facto Gun Registration.
      And you’re on board with that apparently.

  7. This is just proof that the S0ci@list Progressive, the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left, will never leave you alone. You can leave the city or county that they control. And still they will come after you. You can move to another state and they will come after you. This reminds me of the North Carolina bathroom law. Banning biological man from using the women’s restroom. In California they went bat guano crazy.

    Whatever you’re getting out of Living in the state of California? It’s just a simple tradeoff for giving up your individual freedom and giving up your gun civil rights.
    California has been an anti-civil rights state just like any of the former Confederate States of America.


      • Yes I do remember reading that fact back then. And there have been other examples of these, sexual Liberation activists, being child molesters. They’re groomers. And they swing in all sexual orientations.

        • Tit for tat huh? Avoid Commiefornia-don’t vacation there. No gun manufacturing there. No sales to any government agency. Let there Sequoia’s burn. They are hemorrhaging good folks while actively importing illegals & perverts. It works both way oh oily one…who suffered a recall election.

  8. Loved the adjective “oleaginous” to describe Newsome. Especially his hair. It looks like he uses used motor oil to hold it in place. I wonder what his pillow cases look like. No wonder Kimberly Guilfoyle divorced that slimy bat turd.

    • All manufacturers should stop shipping to cali.
      Including to government agencies. Until this works through court.
      Will people be able to sue gun companies when a cop shoots someone? No guns, ammo, repair parts, nothing even if it breaks a contract. Probably cheaper than the alternative.
      Can they be sued because the cop pointed a scary gun at them and they felt intimidated?

      • “All manufacturers should stop shipping to cali.
        Including to government agencies.”

        Barrett (who makes wonderful .50 BMG ‘toys’) did just that :

        “All Law Enforcement orders must be shipped directly to a department. Barrett will not sell to or service any California, New York or New Jersey government agencies.”

        • One niche company isn’t enough. I mean all.
          The big 4 ammo companies.
          The top 6-10 handgun companies.
          That might get their attention.

  9. “California’s Latest Anti-Gun Law is Patterned After a Texas Abortion Law”

    Haven’t we known this for months?

  10. I dont think California is going to change the way we raise cows in Kansas.
    I dont think they’re going to drain the Mississippi to supply water to California.

    • We’re thinking on how to do just that. We need water. Why let the Mississippi go to waste growing the Gulf?

      As for your cows. First of all its creepy to think of a marsupial in boots and spurs and secondly those guys are just differently enabled humans. They gotz rights too.

  11. Why should Texas be the only STASI-state?
    If overturning Roe sends a settled law right back to ‘states where it belongs’, then why not ALL of our rights?
    Let the people (aka vigilantes) enforce it too…worked out so well in East Germany…

    • Doesn’t matter what appears to be “settled.” Bad law is bad law. Roe was bad law. Just like Dred Scot and so many others where the Court got it wrong.

  12. The Texas law explicitly barred government from enforcing the abortion ban, allowing only private civil action. This was the novel legal theory that was upheld because there was no state action and therefore the threshold for a constitutional challenge was not met. (Can only sue for constitutional violation of the government acts.) The difference is CA still has government action–the government did not repeal its authority to criminally sanction for firearms violations. This there is still state action involved. Thus this law is distingushable from that is TX and will be subject to legal attack. Just my opinion.

  13. If the legal principle is valid for Texas, then it should be valid for all states.

    That’s why principle should take precedence over policy.

    Well you made your bed, so now lie in it.

    • the legal principle is not valid in california because california did not eliminate state action as they did in texas. a true copy of texas would include eliminating government enforcement of gun laws in california. they did not do that this in california and there is still state action. completely different.

    • You Tube Podcaster “Salty Cracker” coined the best name for the Abortion Activists I’d ever heard.
      He called them:
      “The UNF**KABLES.”

      I spewed coffee all over my screen when he said it. Looking at those Demented Demons, I had to concur that I’ve never been drunk enough to climb on anything like those heifers.

  14. @Tired of the bs
    “One niche company isn’t enough. I mean all.
    The big 4 ammo companies.
    The top 6-10 handgun companies.
    That might get their attention.”

    Why do you think that hasn’t happened, already?

    The Cali market is that huge, that profitable.

    The business of business is business.

  15. This law is idiotic but is the entirely foreseeable response to an equally idiotic Texas law.

    Hopefully both are struck down. The state trying to use citizen lawfare instead of its own enforcement powers, such as they are, is not a success for anyone. “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” -Henry VI

    Never empower politicians to do something without first considering how others- or your own- will use it against you.

  16. Are you delusional?? Showing contempt for Californians??

    Bullshit Californians voted him in in the first place and they can vote him out again can they not?

    California is, as an individual entity, the fifth or sixth largest economy in the world as calculated by GDP and that gives it very considerable clout indeed and whether you approve is immaterial. .

    In the past California had lead the way with all kinds of unpopular legislation that has been then taken up by the rest of the USA whether you like it or not> The proof, as they say, is ‘in the pudding’ and if the measures taken by California are seen to work in reducing the truly number of deaths due to Gun Crime [ 22,000plus and rising per annum last count!! and oanother 27.000 plus suicided!]] in America then those measure WILL spread

  17. I hope to get my home state to pass a law allowing us to sue Coliformians who attempt to interfere with legal in-state commerce using this egregious . breach of sovereignty.

    For 20k…

  18. Albert, you can quote all of these old stats all you’d like, but the simple fact is California is hemorrhaging Big and Small Businesses at a rate that should scare the State’s Leadership. Over 40 companies have left the State. Tesla, Hewlett Packard, Chevron, CBRE and Norton/Symantec to name just a few who’ve left since 2020. All cite California’s Anti Business policies among their reasons to relocate to other States.

    Let’s see how Cali’s GDP does when all that’s left is Actors in Hollywood and the Illegal Aliens that mow their lawns are left.


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