Californians already finding ways around the state's new gun control laws
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“They can pass all the laws they want, and I can guarantee you we are going to find a way around them.” – Rich Howell in Workarounds of new California gun laws already in play [via]


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  1. I agree with Rich and I am still a classic AR style kind of guy, so I won’t go for featureless. There are ways to comply by slightly modifying things to make them legal. Would I rather not do it? Of course. I fight (with actions and funding) with many other Californians like me. I may even take the plunge and leave, we’re already considering it.

    Life was amazing in San Diego, while it lasted.

      • Nice sentiment.
        55 electoral votes goes a long way on the national stage.
        Say what you want, but this is going to come knocking on your front door unless you change your attitude.

        • Ah yes, because those 55 electoral votes could always go either way. California’s famously a swing state! Give me a fucking break….

    • I used to visit San Diego fairly frequently. In contrast to a lot of Califa, it always reminded me of Texas (a good thing) only with good weather and great beaches. For a long time I gave serious thought to moving there. No more, I guess.

  2. I’m guessing the workaround to a California ban of semi-automatic firearms won’t be quite so easy.

      • Make it a straight-pull like the British do.
        There are plenty of videos of those “neutered” rifles being fired nearly as fast as a semi-auto. Looked like fun, actually. The action spring is retained to return the bolt very quickly.

    • Californian govt. did their own work-around of the US Constitution. There are no words to describe the levels of perversion required to obliterate the very soul of liberty, but the state government of California managed to sink that low.

      May posterity forget they (CA govt) were our countrymen.

      • I guess Not until “We the People ” grow a pair of balls and say enough is a enough! Make it a capital crime for government, politicians, police ,etc…To Infringe upon Lawful US citizens exercising their rights under US Constitutional-Bill of Rights! And back it up with fines, imprisonment, and the guillotine!

    • One of the first things Gavin Newsom wants when he is governor, maybe even before high-speed rail, electric cars and suing to keep DACA/DREAMERS. Keep your eyes open for a semi-auto ban to get him national attention when he runs in 2020 and has to compete with Cuomo.

      • Newsome won’t be the one in 2020.

        The Leftists learned a great lesson with Trump, zero political experience can be a plus in running for president.

        I fully expect to see a ticket something like Tom Hanks or Oprah for pres – Elizabeth Warren or Kamela Harris for vp.

        Fatboy Micheal Moore nailed it on election night last year when he said :

        “Why can’t we just run someone beloved?”

        Nobody intrinsically hates Hanks or Oprah. They will use the same excuse like the used for Obama, no experience is not a problem, he will just surround himself with Leftist lackeys to handle the detail work…

  3. It’s almost as if Cali doesn’t understand how capitalism works. Somebody wants something, somebody will supply it with malicious compliance to the law no less?

    • If you want to risk a felony conviction for possession of an unregistered “assault weapon,” be my guest. The only way to assure you will not be popped is to never fire the gun outside anywhere in the state, which to me seems rather counterproductive.

      • a bogus felony charge for executing yr Constitutionally protected rights would be an ideal case to go all the way to the SCotUS….even if it only gets as far as the Circuit Court, it will cause a major ruckus….and… they say: there’s no such thing as “bad publicity”

        • I doubt either the police or the criminal courts will view it as a “bogus” felony, and given that the Supreme Court has already declined to review the Maryland AW ban, the odds of the inevitable conviction are essentially nil. Which means prison and a lifetime firearms ban, loss of your job, your family, and your future. Pass.

        • seems like its “pot luck” as to what the SCotUS will hear on fire-arms cases and what it won’t…..
          I guess no-one really expected them to ‘entertain’ Heller or MacDonald but they did;
          it gets back to what i said abt ‘publicity’….if enough of a ruckus is raised in the media, then, they can be forced to hear such a case…….
          the NRA needs to get off its ass and do some-thing…..
          maybe the first port-of-call would be to pull-the-plug on a lot of these so-called “mass shootings”….most of which are as suss as a $3 bill……
          its time La Pierre or some-one stepped-up-to-the-plate and called BULLSHITe on the official story of these incidents….
          he could start with “facing down” some of the putrid, lying Sandy Hook shills….
          they’re obvious targets b’cs a lot of them were using that incident as a pre-text to push for gun control and/or mouth off abt same….so…some-one was, quite obviously, yanking their chain or employing them to do such…..
          having those highly suss incidents polluting the back-ground doesn’t help in getting major gun cases heard in the SCotUS…
          seems to me its no accident that there was a plethora of these things not long after Heller and MacDonald were handed down… i forget what the cops actually call such “coincidences” but its some-thing along the lines of ‘transparent motive’ or some such….

  4. It’s crazy to me that Surefire and Zev Customs are in CA. How does that work out for them. They deal with and make products not legal in the state…

  5. Yes take something away from people who pride themselves on self reliance, inginuity, and a healthy distrust of the centrilized government. Were definatly a crafty bunch of tinkerers and fabricators on the whole. Yea were gonna work around that shit.

  6. “They can pass all the laws they want…” Ummm, no. While I’m encouraged by all those that keep coming up with work-arounds, just make the work-arounds unneccessary. This infrining sh!t has to stop.

    • There is no news. There’s the truth of the signal. And, there’s the puppet theater the Parliament jesters foist on the somnambulant public

  7. “They can pass all the laws they want, and I can guarantee you we are going to find a way around them.”

    Guarantee? The next round won’t be banning pistol grips. They’ll be banning guns.

    • They can try. Many WILL try. The point is not nor ever has been to make California safer, the real point deep down in the darkest recesses of the Gun Bigot’s mind has been to force everyone – by legislative fiat – to agree with them. That’s it. That’s all they really want: a Law declaring that they are right and everyone else is Wrong. Your non-compliance and the laws utter lack of positive results means nothing as long as they can say “my way of thinking is the best way and we have a Law now that proves it”.

    • Pretty sure that Heller, McDonald say that they can’t do that. The Ninth will (and has) gone right up to the line, but it dare not cross it. Banning particular guns (e.g. semiautomatic rifles) may be a different matter, but a whole sale ban is not going to happen. And even a ban has to allow for registration of existing firearms as “assault weapons” to avoid having to pay people to buy them up. The state cannot take property without just compensation, which is why the 10+ mag ban is stayed by a preliminary injunction.

  8. The more specific you make a law, the easier it is to work around that law.
    Remember the AWB? How many ARs were sold during that ban?

    • To my knowledge, sales never slowed. The guns suddenly lacked flash suppressors, and the front sight assembly had the bayonet lug ground off (!), and voila’, they were compliant with the ban. One year at Camp Perry, a guy’s AR blew up, and he was back the next day with a new one. That is not very difficult to work around.

  9. “[Human] Nature finds a way.”
    This is what they get when lawmakers have no idea about the object f their laws. Here’s a freebee for someone: a cylinder sticking out along the axis of the barrel instead of a pistol grip, like a second buffer tube. By only cradling it with a couple of fingers, your trigger finger can stay in place while the grip slides back and forth. Essentially, a bump fire stock without any moving parts or a grip that “protrudes conspicuously below”.

  10. the spirit of Smokey Yunick lives on in finding ways to comply with the letter of the silly laws california passes, while completely circumventing the intent of those laws authors

  11. Remember that the fed judge in CA that stopped the law banning possession of high cap mags., used the argument that exceedingly few people were turning in their high cap mags. He said something to the effect that, “I’m not going to allow the state to make criminals out of a million owners.”

  12. Well until those UNConstitutional m’fers make an illegal law almost prohibiting the sale of ammunition without going to an ffl, and going through a background check… FOR NOW!

    Oooops, there goes that idea….

  13. California has already passed a law demanding the semi-auto rifles be turned in to be melted down over the next 2 years. The Supreme Court over the Maryland case refused to hear its assault rifle case giving the green light to California and all other States that want to ban them or melt them down. In other words the Supreme Court trashed the Scalia decision and the Second Amendment in one fell swoop. Its trash and its over for good. The modifications to get around such laws are exactly like a drowning man just grasping at straws. The States will simply ban the modifications faster than they can come up with new ones and lets face facts there are only so many modifications anyone can make.

    The various elections we have had in the last several months has shown public outrage over Herr Drumpf and his gang of Criminal Gangsters as they are going to be swept from power in 2018 which means an avalanche of new gun bans and confiscations. And the 2020 elections will be the final end to most gun ownership in the U.S. Dump what you have now because you will get nothing for them when they start to confiscate them.

    The new tax rape law and the repeal of the individual mandate to destroy Obama Care and give the Insurance companies a green light to once again rape the public on healthcare was the last straw that doomed the Gangster Criminal Republicans because once you give something to the people you cannot take it away from them and not suffer repercussions.

    While the greed monger Republicans were all laughing all the way to the bank after raping the American people by exempting themselves of almost all taxation and at the same time putting the tax burden on the working man as well as getting ready to rape them of all medicare and medicare benefits and destroy Social Security to pay for their highway robbery tax rape scam the end result will be a Congress that is predominately Democrat for many, many years to come.

    Who knows we just might become a civilized nation because of it bu the only down side is in order to do that the gun owners will suffer the most when they come for all of their guns not just some of them. But most gun owners now being at the retirement stage of their lives will say ” When it comes to my health guns do not even come in a distant second” for what good is a gun collection when you have to sell them to pay for your medical bills. Now that is reality for most retirees and there is no lying your way around that truth.

    • Well all that’s probably true. The thing, I’m retired and if they think they can melt my gun, I’m not to worried about my health, because it will probably be the last SS check they’ll have to send me. Maybe maybe not? Talks cheap. …. Support your Local Law Enforcement….

    • gun-owners will hafta deliberately provoke an open confrontation with the cops and the bureaucrats by some-thing like turning up @ the Governor’s mansion openly displaying AR-15s with hi-cap mags….pref. abt 10K+ of them…
      if the cops start making mass arrests, then, that should be a good pre-text to “kick off” a full-on CIVIL WAR

      • yeh…well….youse better be prepared to STAND UP to these gun-grabbing fuckers or youse’ll end up FUBAR’d like the AUssies……

    • Wow, that is a lot of words. Fortunately for me, I can safely ignore most of them since I stopped reading when you indicated you need the Govt to protect you from private entities (Insurance Companies). I doubt anything else you have to say is either accurate nor thought provoking.

  14. Ummm, when did we vote on this Rich. I think you’re wrong because it was never on a ballot. DOJ and Moonbeam Brown thrust this down our throats in 06′.

  15. These “work arounds” are no good. The laws says if you possessed one of these “assault weapons” prior to the ban, and converted to feature less. It’s still subject to registration, or get popped and thrown in the clink. Thank you local California politicrat for the horrible writing. Good I left that he’ll hole a few months ago, it’s gone full retard there.

  16. I don’t think anybody gets it..?This is Creeping Incrementalism into an authoritarian based Police-State! Can’t anyone see the writing on the wall…! This is an absolute outrage how far we’ve *lost* our Civil liberties in most of these “Left coast and Eastern Communist Bloc Police states! “

    • The west coast traded their gun civil rights for legal marijuana intoxication and legal homosexual sex. Interesting how they also support the Welfare Industrial Complex. This same leadership was ALWAYS against private individual gun ownership.

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