California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer (courtesy
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“Since 2013, agents from the attorney general’s office have seized more than 18,000 guns, Becerra said. However, he said there still may be thousands of people who illegally possess firearms. ‘The thousands of weapons we’ve confiscated over the years essentially represent the low-hanging fruit,’ he said.”

– Bust Highlights Backlog in California System to Seize Guns [via]

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  1. Cali is just a pre-view of what is coming for the entire country as soon as the Dems swindle their way back into power on the national stage.

    • Trump might get a second term, but it’s inevitable that the Dems will eventually regain the Presidency and both houses of Congress. Unlike the spineless Republicans, the Democrats will rally behind their President and will work together. They are going to be incredibly angry as well, and are going to want revenge on all of us for Trump. You’re right, expect legislation as bad as or worse than California for the entire nation.

      • ‘Unlike the spineless Republicans, the Democrats will rally behind their President and will work together.’

        And two years later they’ll lose the congress just like last time. And the time before.

      • Comments such as these are hilarious to me because if you flip the words “Democrats” and “Republicans”, it’s the exact narrative the other side is telling themselves all the time.

        Everybody believes the other side is one unified block and their own side is a disorganized, back-stabbing rabble. This is because one is “in the room”, as in on the websites, the social media, the email lists, the TV, for all the back and forth on your side and not tuned into a fraction as much of that for the other side.

        The fact is both sides are coalitions of interests that are wrangling to push their agenda forward. It’s chaos all around and no one has a master plan.

        • “if you flip the words “Democrats” and “Republicans”, it’s the exact narrative the other side is telling themselves all the time.”

          That’s pretty generally true, not just about the political parties. If you read liberal message boards / comment sections, conservatives are the ones labeled as out of touch with the real world, etc.

          I find it both funny and sad.

        • Well, I think you’re right, but in 8 years of Obama, do you ever remember Democrats coming out and speaking out against his agenda? Think of Trump and Jeff Flake. Or John McCain. Lindsay Graham. These guys are happy to torpedo Trump’s agenda. Who of the Democrats ever assumed a position like this with Obama? They wouldn’t have dared.

        • No, I don’t remember any open opposition to Obama anywhere near what we see with Jeff Flake and John McCain.

          On the other hand, every Democrat who could, voted against Obamacare. They passed it in the House with 34 Democrats voting against it. They had 219 vote for it, so just one over the minimum necessary to pass it, and then every other Democrat in the House voted against it.

          Lesson being: they didn’t want it, they knew it was political suicide, but they supported their President on his signature legislation enough to fall on their sword and vote for it.

          Of course, their President was “Hope and Change”, etc., whereas the Republicans originally viewed Trump as a joke candidate. Some have come around, but a few remain.

      • The democrats are so rabidly insane and hateful towards anyone not like them, that if (when) they ever regain power, there’s going to be civil war and wide scale violence. There’s not a doubt in my mind about this. They are going to find some way to try an enact reprisals and punishments towards middle America for denying the Queen her rightful throne. They are going to try to use the police and military as their weapons in this reprisal, but they will fail. At this point it’s blatantly obvious no one in the military or police, is going to follow the insane orders handed to them by a bunch of psychopaths, who spent the past decade publicly trashing the military and police. But they will try, because liberals honest to God see us as an “inferior race” that needs to be exterminated. They see America as sick, infected with nationalism, patriotism, and conservatism, and that they are the doctors who must eradicate these vile inferior sub humans from poisoning their precious liberal gene pool.

  2. This is just the result of the NRA meme of “Enforce the existing gun control laws.” Instead of pushing the repeal of the laws that violate “Shall NOT be infringed”, which is 99% of them.

    • That’s silly. The NRA has been saying that for decades. The Dems only just now follow it, in only one state, in only one instance, of a fairly new law?

      Dems don’t enforce most gun laws because they want to perpetuate the problem, but posituon themselves as saviors, to justify more laws. They are only interested in voluntary compliance with the law, which only law abiding, peaceful gun owners will do. Unfortunately, there’s the rub: that group is the overwhelming majority of gun owners.

      The Dems keep this gaping, gushing gang violence wound wide open, toss the occasional band-aid over it, then use those circumstances to get us to disarm ourselves. That’s been their strategy for decades and ut has worked very well, especially at the state level.

      The NRA demanding enforcement of laws doesn’t change anything. The Dems will continue to exacerbate the problem, selectively enforcing against criminals, and continue their long march toward disarming the real Americans.

      • The NRA is certainly not “the overwhelming majority of gun owners”. The NRA reportedly has only 5 million members. There are reportedly 50 to 100 million gun owners in the US.

        • And most of them are “law abiding, peaceful gun owners”. Which is what he called overwhelming majority. Jonathan-Huston didn’t even mentioned NRA in that paragraph.

          • Yup, the very vast majority of lawful gun owners are law abiding. I was responding to your comment (at least I thought I was), not the article.
            I’m an Endowment Life Member of the NRA and although I don’t always agree with some of their stances, I do support them in most cases. Been a member for more then 4 decades and a Life Member for most of that time.

        • NRA has 58% approvals among all Americans in the latest Gallup. It had 40% 30 years ago. it sure is approved of by the overwhelming majority of gun owners! and more so than EVER

      • A fairly new law? Hardly. These gun owners are prohibited persons under federal law and state law, many because of involuntary mental health commitments, others because of domestic violence convictions, and the last–and probably largest group–are convicted felons. I shed no tears.
        What is really happening is that the AG decided to start enforcing the confiscation laws, which got a big budgetary boost when she (former AG Kamala Harris)snagged millions of dollars in DROS overcharges (with the assistance of the Legislature) to fund more positions. Confiscation is a difficult task, since California’s gun registry does NOT provide probable cause to believe that someone possess guns. Usually the AG’s LEOs are able to get consent to searches, as warrants are so hard to obtain. These are the less prone to violence “low hanging fruit” referred to in the quote. Our paper reported yesterday that when they went to seize one man’s registered gun, a search turned up 25 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

    • Yep, divide and conquer. The NRA is probably the only formidable obstacle to leftists squashing the 2nd Amendment. The lefts strategy for removing obstacles is divide and conquer, which is why they engage in identity politics so viciously. So, has the Democrat Party thanked you for being such a strong supporter of their agenda?

    • None, of course, because sanctuary! Anyone suggesting otherwise must be a climate change denying, gay bashing, trans hating, Trump loving, gun owning, anti woman, anti science, anti environmental cultural appropriating right wing conservofacist.

      And our feet stink.

      Do I actually need to mark this with a /sarc

  3. Thousands you say? So that means you will concede that thousands of guns didn’t commit any crimes this year, or last, or the one before that( add infinitum)? Or did they and you guys just let them go? Oh yeah in Soviet commiefornia both can be true or false depending on how the “facts” align with your politics… Comrade.

  4. Laugh all you want, you didn’t help us-
    Soon you’ll have a waiting period and registering fees for ammo in your state, too!
    The NRA abandoned us, not realizing how bad it could be.
    Do you think it’s gonna get better under when Newsom is in charge?
    Because that POS is going to win the next election.
    I can’t pray for a flood fast enough.

    • Actually the NRA has taken the lead on a large number of high profile cases, but with limited success due to the massive antigun animus of the Ninth Circuit and the refusal of the Supreme Court to take any of the cases. It does have a lobbyist, but that is a pretty useless position. Any pro-gun bills are shot down in the Public Safety Committee that is dominated by anti-gun Democrats, Democrats who almost unfailingly pass whatever anti-gun bills are proposed, no matter how stupid. Legislative hearings at which the NRA and other pro-gun supporters appear are perfunctory, and I recall in particular one particular hearing where the witness, a physician, was insulted by panel members. To be blunt, we can expect nothing on the Legislative front, and as you say, it is going to get worse under Noisome.

  5. 1/3 of all homeless people in america live in california

    how about fixing that first

    thats an actual real problem

    • For the most part, the homeless are drunks and drug addicts who commit petty crimes, car theft and burglary to support their addiction, but commit very few violent crimes. Most of the murders are gang related or DV. Then there are always a few crazies who kill their neighbors, like the guy out in Rancho Tehama last year who tried to take out the whole village.

      • Auto theft and burglary are “petty crimes”? Obviously you have never been a victim of such crimes. Burglaries often become violent crimes such as when the victim comes home during the crime or when the victim is home at the time. Auto thefts can become violent when the victim catches the suspect in the act and tries to stop them.

        • Per capita auto theft has been falling for 25 years. the only number on auto theft that is flat and not falling is “theft from auto” which is virtually always non violent smash and grab of pocket change, forgotten purse, backpack or phone in car in the middle of the night.

          80% to 90% of violent crime is by prior arrested for violent crime, a small subset of about 0.5% of the population with serious prior criminal background commits for example 75% of US murder, be it with knife, gun, beating etc.

          This is why violent crime in the US, Australia, Canada etc has NOT varied with either gun control or gun confiscation — but with incarceration rates. Put them away longer and violent crime drops

      • Gang violence and the drug trade are connected. Why would stopping the consumers of illegal drugs that support the drug trade that the gangs feed off that leads to extreme violence be a bad thing?

  6. You can keep your strap on dildo’s, well fitted for public attire.

    You can keep smoking pot legally.

    You can have sex acts in public on days the government gives you permission.

    But turn in your guns because you don’t need guns. The government that lowered morality standards for you wants your guns as payment.

    Growing up in California in the 1970s the sexually liberated and the pot heads were always anti gun.
    The only pro gun left winger was Harvey Milk.

    • Strap on dildos and sex acts in public? Really? Please give an example.

      (Note that I don’t support California in any way, I just want to confirm my own suspicions and get a laugh out of any pictures of their depravity.)

      • “Strap on dildos and sex acts in public? Really? Please give an example.”

        Well, maybe not Cali on some of it, but it has happened.

        the Leftists decided to ‘protest’ campus carry by wearing holsters with dildos inside. Really ridiculous dildos.

        Part of the hang-up Leftists have with guns and genitalia…

      • “…and get a laugh out of any pictures of their depravity”

        A laugh? LULZ, dude you are one innocent soul. Until you take enjoying truly dark shit on the internet to my kind of level you ain’t gonna get no laughs out of things like that. Cringes, sure. Laughs… you’re not there yet young Padawan.

        • You’r right! It’s gonna take me a week to “un-see” all of that!
          That cracked me up, the naked dude on the bicycle. What do they call him? “Needle dick, the “Bug Fugger”, and the the broad with the tits hanging below her waist line, I gotta switch brands, or quit drinking!

      • Up until 4 years ago, I lived in Oregon most of my life. An Oregon state judge ruled that sex in public was protected speech, and I suspect that opened the floodgates.. Once was in downtown Portland on business and inadvertently witnessed the Naked Bikeride, and let me say that there is not enough eye bleach in North America to scrub away that vision. Oh, the stories of crazy Oregon I could tell. Anyhow, truth be told, Oregon’s liberal fascist enclave does not do anything unless it has been done in California first. Usually, Oregon looks to San Francisco for inspiration, so look there to get your answer.

  7. Just remember when they show up to confiscate, bullets first and once all ammo is expended, then use the gun as a club in your glorious trip to Valhalla

  8. Any mention of confiscation brings up NEW JERSEY , where legislators were caught on tape planning it ……… TODAY 2 /8/ 17 , NJ is trying to pass S-63 to Force Rutgers to do anti-gun study. — At TAXPAYER cost.

    NJ senate live cameras are DOWN , for law + public safety committee …. what luck !

  9. Low hanging fruit. So that’s what we are? I wonder how many GUNS have been confiscated from dreamers, ILLEGALS, career criminals, MS 13 types? Of course we cant leave out the lowest of the low, LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, especially VETERANS.
    Becerra, you’re a slime bag lefty hack. We know what your real goals are. Go F yourself!

  10. I’m unclear which point the Cali Overlords are making with this piece… about tons of guns that never existed within the law, “confiscated” without ref to a person to person crime.

    – Making guns “illegal” didn’t get rid of them.

    – Lots of “illegal” guns out there doing nothing, let alone used for ill.

    – All this confiscation not reducing crime; nor much help with other quality of life.

    So, their attempted ban by ruse wasn’t very ban-y, piissing off the “No guns for you!” social engineers, while the ham-handed “enforcement” shows the real game n pisses off the “reasonable compromise” pros, plus clues the persuadable middle that it doesn’t work, and these martinets aren’t to be trusted.

    Truly clever.

    (We are fortunate in our enemies; nearly as inept as our allies.)

    • This isn’t about confiscating “illegal” guns, this is about confiscating guns, legal or otherwise, from prohibited persons, i.e., persons convicted of committing a disqualifying offense or who have been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility. I suspect few are MS-13 members; those guys usually get snatched up by ICE and deported after their felony convictions.

      • Time and time again though form all the confiscation programs we know this does not affect violent crime rates.

        What reduces crime is programs that go through the criminal lists and make strong efforts to arrest people on open wants or warrants. Criminals require guns when they are confiscated. And it is prior criminals, lots of whom have wants or warrants who are the perps of most violent crimes.

        Rather than make it about guns, which is already established to have no effect, Cali would do better to confiscate the criminals freedom.

        In my city a similar gun seizure of disqualified persons was done about 10 years ago. it had no effect on violent crime and we actually did worse in our trend to national average after that. jurisdictions that make an effort to jail people who should not be on the streets actually reduce violent crime

  11. Kalifornia is a lost cause. Born and raised there and as soon as I retired, I moved out of that ‘shithole’ and never looked back. I voted with my feet as many, many others have done. I now live in a very pro gun state and I don’t much worry anymore about my Constitutional rights being violated by my state.

  12. How many of you are spending these few months training? Didn’t think so. The Deep State has no intention of ‘losing’ just look at the number of unnatural deaths surrounding Pedowood , the Vegas mass shooting, Clinton Foundation, the opioid crisis, human trafficing

  13. OK let me see if I can get this right:
    1911: Turkey; Citizens disarmed-1.5 million Armenians slaughtered
    1929; Russia, Citizens disarmed- 20 million Russians murdered
    1935; China, Citizens disarmed- 20 million Chinese killed
    1938; Germany; Citizens disarmed- 6 million Jews murdered
    1956; Cambodia; Citizens disarmed- 1 million “intellectuals” killed
    1964; Guatemala; Citizens disarmed- 100,000 Mayan Indians massacred
    1970; Uganda; Citizens disarmed – 3000,000 Christians put to death
    When will they ever learn? (an old song)
    2025: USA; Citizens disarmed- 48.9 million US Good Citizens slaughtered.
    A government so great that can take a life before birth is one so big they can come for your guns and your life. Vote them out, and be careful who you vote for!

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