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(not a sponsored post although it should be and sure reads like one) I’m a huge fan of the LaRue Tactical MBT (Meticulously Built Trigger). Last year I sold all of my Geissele triggers and replaced them with LaRue MBTs. You can read my full review here. From time-to-time LaRue Tactical offers the MBT at a special price. This is one of those times . . .

LaRue MBT trigger (courtesy

When ordering you have two options that will determine the price. First you have the “I got [sic] plenty of time” option which will run you $99. If you don’t got plenty of time then you will want the “I gotta have it now” option which adds $75 to the price bringing it to $174.

The normal price for the “I got plenty of time” option is $124.99 — a great value in the high end AR trigger market. At $99 the trigger is a steal, S7 tool steel to be exact.

The trigger ships with two springs, one with a final pull weight of four-and-a-half pounds and another at six pounds.

I have two rifles with LaRue triggers. One has the 4.5 pound spring installed, the other has the six pound trigger. According to the Dvorak TriggerScan my 4.5-pound trigger actually breaks like a glass rod at 3.7 pounds. The reset is short and well defined.

I’ve never experienced any light primer strikes with my LaRue triggers even when using steel cased ammo, something I can’t say about the Geissele.

I have always ordered the “I got plenty of time” MBT and order normally takes a few weeks to ship. Do yourself a favor and go pick one or two up here. You won’t regret it.

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  1. “a steal”
    That is exactly what’s its gonna be, when the .gov comes to confiscate it after they pass the Bump Stock+ Ban if we let them.
    *Larue must have some Insider Trader Knowledge,

  2. Bought one awhile back on this same deal. Amazing trigger for this price. Just bought another one. You won’t be sorry.

  3. This is probably a solid trigger. I’ve got nothing against LaRue. Not sure how I feel about the different price points based on ambiguous ship time. That’s awkward. Plus about $8 shipping in my cart.

    But you sold all you’re Geissele? Come on. Really? Advertise if you must, but don’t insult us.

    Unlike this one single LaRue model, Geissele has quite the variety. I prefer the SD-E. The first stage is about 8% less compared to this LaRue. Not a deal breaker, I suppose. But the second stage is about 40% less. That’s substantial enough for me to keep my Geissele.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Geissele go on sale, too. I got mine for $184.99, plus free shipping and another $20 off once my order hit $200 on Brownells last November. They ship fast for me.

    Plus Geissele just rolls off the tongue. Geissele. Mmm. Yeah.

    • It is a solid trigger. And if you’re looking at a Geissele SSA specifically, you’d be crazy not to consider an MBT even if you didn’t care about the price difference.

      • The SSA is one of many. I like the flat design of the SD-E, but if thats not important to you, you could check out the Geissele B-G2S-E or B-GRF. Each for completely different applications. Shipped free and in srock. Both are on sale for cheaper than the “gotta have it” Cold Stone Creamery, I mean, LaRue, trigger. Which I can’t seem to add to my cart unless I’m willing to wait an unspecified amount of time.

        Geissele. It tastes like any combination of toppings I want, every time I say it.

        • Yes. LaRue makes *a* trigger that compares very favorably to *one* specific trigger out of the many triggers Geissele makes. And, if you can wait a month for it, does so at a price where you can buy it AND one of Geissele’s cheaper triggers for the same cost as that SSA.

          You’ll have to explain the Cold Stone Creamery bit to me.

          • Ah. Sorry. So Cold Stone Creamery sells ice cream in three sizes. Like it, love it and “gotta have it”. Not like I stand anything to gain here, but Larue’s “gotta have it” might be copywrite infringement. I’m no expert there. But it lacks originality at the very least.

            What also lacks originality is the alleged weight where each stage breaks. So it’s like LaRue is mimicking the engineering feats of Geissele, and marketing that with Cold Stone’s wording.

            And since we’re this deep into the ice cream bucket, it’s worth mentioning that at Cold Stone, you pick and choose which “mix ins” you’d like. Candy, fruit, whatever. Lots of variety, much like Geissele. I don’t believe there’s any legal ramification to providing customers with variety tho.

            On the subject of your fixation with the SSA comparison, the SSA was developed around ’06 I think? So that was a huge deal 12ish years ago. When did the MBT get released? Last year? It’s not in stock anyway, but let’s call it last year. A more relevent comparison would be to compare new triggers to other new triggers, in my mind anyway.

        • My “fixation”? The SSA and MBT are near-identical apples. Of course I’m comparing them. You’re the one throwing out oranges and ice cream and copyrights and Brownells shipping times and coupon codes.

          Next you’ll tell me that ALG’s QMS is a better single stage trigger than the MBT. (I mean, it is, but not really the point, is it?)

          • Don’t get mad at me about ice cream. You literally asked me to explain it to you. And the in-text advertisements on TTAG go directly to Brownells, so please forgive me for trying to share comparable products at competitive prices on a reputable website. My apologies.

    • Yes I sold all of my Geissele triggers.If this insults you then you are maybe little sensitive to be on the internet. This is not a paid post. I get absolutely nothing from this. I just thought a good deal on a great trigger was worth sharing.

  4. TriggerTech is working on an AR version of their Diamond trigger. Would love to see a review of that when it comes out. According to an article at 70% of the top 10 finishers at the PRS Finale were running the Diamond trigger. Might consider seeing how it is vs. My SSA-E and my Elftmann triggers ( I think both are amazing triggers).

  5. Here’s an idea, instead of chirping about how all-inspiring the MBT is, how about you give some detailed information? Pull weight? Stage type? Adjustable?

    The whole,”It’s so great you should go buy it” is just stupid.

      • I’m sure Casey and Daniel know what a link is. But in their defense, I think a lot of us learn to ignore hyperlinks on TTAG. A lot of words here get hyperlinked without the Author or Commenter’s intention.

        For instance, in this articletizement alone, if I tap the words Geissele, LaRue, trigger or spring, I get sent to a product search on Brownells. Which, ironicly brings up Geissele triggers for me.

        For someone with a slow internet connection, accidentally tapping or clicking these words can really put a damper on user experience, so they’ll likely learn to avoid hyperlinks even sooner. For all they know, the word “here” wasn’t meant to be a relevant link, so they pass right over it.

        This obviously isn’t your fault, Jfly. But it sure would be nice if TTAG addressed it.

        • “I’m sure Casey and Daniel know what a link is.”
          They were just too lazy to actually read, but still arrogant enough to comment. Catering to people with poor reading comprehension or a complete lack of attention is not the right answer. They should be ridiculed, not coddled.

          • Aren’t you a contributing author on TTAG? Why would you call folks with enough courage to comment “lazy” and literally encourage their ridicule? We’re the folks generating ad revenue and bringing other readers back by promoting conversation. Maintain perspective, tough guy.

        • Because there is a big difference between arrogance and courage. And yes, I am a contributing writer here. You can continue to expect me to contribute by pointing out stupidity, arrogance, and laziness every chance I get.

        • Y’all know, if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, that JWT does not appreciate pointed comments associated with poor reading comprehension. I’m also pretty sure he’s past worrying about what we think of him.

          • My perspective on reading comprehension and tough love are similar. That, we can agree on. As I mentioned above though, it’s entirely possible for folks to pass up a hyperlink on this website because of the in-text advertisements via hyperlink we learn to ignore. For that reason alone, those guys deserve some grace.

            As for what I think of Mr. Taylor, I don’t know enough to reach a conclusion. My critique wasn’t personal, but more from a business perspective. I’m even aiming beyond TTAG. This industry is in a slump right now. The last thing our 2A culture needs to do is alienate each other via petty insults.

  6. I have multiple MBTs and Geisseles. They are absolutely comparable. The SSA-E is certainly lighter, but the SSA and MBT are very close. The trigger shoe on the MBT is extra wide and, though curved, flat faced like the inside of a cylinder. I’ve found that on precision rifles, I actually prefer the MBT. On SBRs, and other toys, the Geissele is much faster to operate. But, if fast is your game, a 2-stage trigger probably shouldn’t be on your list.

    • Agreed.

      Having owned multiples of both MBT-2S and SSA and SSA-Es, I find them very comparable with some slight differences that, I think, would come down to preference by user.

      I don’t own any non-E SSAs any longer, only MBTs, a few SSA-Es, and one Geissele HSNM (in a whole different category with the adjustments) for 2-stage units. Based on my own likes, I’ll probably be phasing out my remaining SSA-Es to be replaced with MBTs for one use, and Geissele HSNMs for another.

  7. “we’ve” got a couple of build kits from 22mods4all and 80%’ers from some carolina outfit that makes steel targets. after they go together i’m thinkin’ i’ll prolly wanna upgrade the clicker. i think i’ll slowroll two of these.
    brand loyalty is fickle; around here many of us refer to each other generically as “larue,” as in johnny larue for city council, or cooking with… so there.

    • Any chance you remember the name of that steel target making Carolina outfit? It’d be nice to be able to buy from an in-state company.

      • i’ll post it later tonight. i can’t access gunbroker on this ‘puterbox and i’m not seeing it come up on a search.
        many sources do come up, however. try northcarolinagunowners for a list of suppliers.

      • I’m always disappointed when the best deal is in Texas because it will cost me an extra 8.25% (or I’d have to ship it to a relative out of state). The whole sales tax across stte lines thing is stupid.

      • apologies. it was not a carolina outfit. but here you go: out of virginia.
        the lowers seem fine, the jig appears to be excellent with steel inserts (not disposable) and the complementary steel target they sent is solid and rings well from pellet hits.

        • None needed. Your comment got me to look around and I found a small company about an hour drive from me. It’s an area I go to about once a year anyway so it works out. And the sales tax will be cheaper than the shipping I won’t have to pay.

  8. Let them come for our guns. The worst thing that could happen is that you’d die. There’s lots of things worse than dying. In fact getting shot in a gun fight would save you the misery of an assisted living home, or a slow death from a terrible disease. Relax. If you missed out on Vietnam or Iraq and Afghanistan you still have a chance to show you’ve got balls!

  9. Something a lot worse than dying would be living in a country where guns were illegal and it was run by ass wipe democrats. Dying doesn’t sound too bad compared to that does it?

  10. I ordered an MBT during their last sale and chose the “I’ve got plenty of time” option for the $99 price. It arrived within a week so can’t beat that. They even threw in one of their frames that you can mount the trigger in to practice dry firing before installing in the rifle. These triggers are fantastic and at $99 they are a spectacular bargain. Just wish they would offer them in a single stage as well for my carbines.

    • Wow, what’s not to like? I was wondering what the typical turn-around is but I wouldn’t expect a week. That’s almost taking advantage of the people who “gotta have it now”. The frame sounds like a nice bonus too. That’s a $10 value!!

  11. Alright Chris, finally ordered one 10 days later based on your review and my own research into. So I guess they should give you commission or at least throw new products your way to review.

  12. I see a lot comparing MBT’s to SSA’s. I’ve never tried an SSA, so I don’t know if that’s true. I have tried a large amount of other triggers though. What I can say from that is that the LaRue MBT is not near the top of two stage triggers. It exists in the middle somewhere.

    The first stage is long and a little heavy. A very defined wall is met and is not bad. The break is nice and crisp, but no better than any other quality trigger. There is overtravel. The reset is long weak and feels gritty almost sandpaper like. Reset itself is good and actually beats some of the other triggers. Construction and machine work are nice, but no better than any other quality company.

    Overall they were chunky and clunky. I had four MBT-2S triggers. I sold all of them off (glad they’re gone actually). Lost a little money since LaRue is now selling them for more what they might be worth. Two of mine were bought for $99, two for $125 making the loss not bad. Had I been a poor soul that paid the original price (what ever crazy couple hundred dollar price they had at its debut) for one, I’d not be too happy. The MBT is not a bad trigger, but it’s not great either. It’s a good middle of the road trigger. Using a car analogy, if you are looking for a performance car like Porsche or Ferrari get something other than the MBT. The MBT will be like getting a Camry.

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