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“For me this is a taxpayer’s rights issue,” Dave Min, a state senate hopeful, told the Guardian this week. “These family-friendly venues are funded and owned by the taxpayer. I have a philosophical problem with my tax dollars being used to make it easier to have guns in our society.”

Min is currently a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, and after back-to-back mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas he announced an initiative to ban gun shows at the Orange County Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa, California. Min acknowledged that this ban won’t completely end gun violence, but believes it’s a necessary public policy that can keep firearms away from potentially dangerous people.

“We have to start one step at a time. This is a small step, but it is a step forward,” Min says.

– Abené Clayton in Crossroads of the West: inside the last gun show in San Francisco


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      • That’s a feature, not a bug. Why teach the truth and let people form their own opinion when *GASP* that means they might form opinions that are different than yours? It’s a lot easier just to mold people to march in lock-step in your world view.

    • Agreed ..Min is the shining example of whats wrong with the school system’s. Min should be teaching why were not bowing to the British, Japanese, & Germans. Why & how we remain a free Country. Simply put Min is an educated idiot, a fool, an insult to prior, today’s, & future men & women in uniform.

    • Forgive me if I’m wrong, but crossroads gun shows are privately funded events and not funded by tax dollars. In any case, this “law professor” doesn’t know that purchasing a gun at a gun show in CA still requires a background check and 10 day wait. So how would banning a gun show make it harder for someone to obtain a gun?

      I used to live in CA so I know the gun laws, but even if I didn’t, a simple 5 minute Google search would debunk his argument. It’s unfortunate that he’s a professor and able to influence others.

      • Well, seems to me he’s talking about the venue, ignoring the facts that 1) the gun shows pay rent for use of the facility, and 2) people buying guns are also taxpayers. Clearly a moron.

    • I have a problem with my tax dollars funding almost everything that the idiots in our government push down our throats for our own good.

    • End ALL government subsidies and crackdown on fake charities. When the government gets to hand out large sums of money to a select few, corruption ensues. We need an audit showing all subsidies and funds paid to non-government entities.

      • I especially have a problem with the individual income tax and the presumption of guilt. The average employee shouldn’t have to file a return. Scrap the whole system and replace it with a VAT and give everyone an annual refund to replace the $12,000 standard deduction. Only problem with that is that stupid people will think they’re getting free money from the government.

        • That sounds like a winning campaign tactic to me.

          But it’s reasonable and solves a problem, so nevermind

        • The problem with VAT taxes is that everywhere they’ve been implemented it’s been in ADDITION to income taxes rather than replacing them. Which is why RHINO Mitt caught so much flack for admitting he was open to replacing the current system with a VAT in 2012. But if it truly replaced the income tax it would be a good thing. Not only would the vast majority of taxpayers no longer have to file a return at all, but we’d be taxing consumerism instead of hard work and investment, which should be encouraged, not discouraged.

          That said, the real enemy of the taxpayer is the spending not the method of taxation.

        • Skip the $12,000 refund, everybody pays for every government program, nobody rides free. Then watch the programs disappear.

        • Sorry Gov, but I am dead set against a VAT tax since it gets applied and then pulled out at each step of the manufacturing process. This generates a mountain of data for the feds to sift through along with plenty of choke points for them to raise or lower it of decide to put disfavored companies at a disadvantage.

          Now a simple retail sales tax of whatever percent I would support. You could even give each citizen a rebate or maybe a pre-rebate based on the idea of taking the tax off the minimum needed for someone to live. Rich people buy more, live in bigger houses, spend more on the latest tech or latest car so even taxing at the same rate they would self select to pay more. With the rebate only going to citizens illegals would pay more and would be unable to dodge taxes like they do now.

    • “I have a philosophical problem with my tax dollars being used to fund Planned Parenthood.”

      I don’t.

      That’s hundreds of thousands fewer likely-Democrat voters each year…

      • Even Demoncrats don’t deserve to die before they’ve even had a chance to vote.

        Now after they’ve voted that’s a different story…

  1. you evidently don’t have an idea of what a right is. But since you brought it up, is it legitimate for me to say I have a philosophical problem with my tax dollars being used to fund the murder of innocent babies? What about the rights of the baby? I could go on and on about where my tax dollars go to fulfill social experiments that ultimately wasted. You might want to disarm us, but it is silly to use taxes as a way to implement it.

    • +1000

      That’s been my same comeback whenever someone starts in on an anti-2A slant during a conversation.

      “You want to save the children? How about we start with the elephant in the room first instead of ignoring it and talking about muh little guns that have never harmed anyone?”

  2. When Tom Metzger, a Self described national socialist, demanded access to taxpayer funded local TV, the government ended all funding for the TV broadcasts. And they closed down the Government TV outlet.

    The same should apply. End all funding for the Cow Palace. Close it down completely. Bulldoze the building. Turn the property into cow pasture land.

    Now where is the 1st amendment crowd on the Cow Palace issue??? Are those hypocrite pigs on this issue as well?
    I Know they went to court to support a national socialist.

  3. Death by overregulation is not a new thing for California. They just want to divert attention a way from the more important stuff.

  4. Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    I travel the world and the seven seas
    Everybody’s looking for something

    Some of them want to use you
    Some of them want to get used by you
    Some of them want to abuse you
    Some of them want to be abused

    • You can see them in public with their leather BDSM outfits, as they pleasure each other in the gay pride parades.
      And no its not being judgemental. It’s just stating a fact of what goes on in public.

        • No, 25 years ago it was still beautiful, and CA was still a purple state. But the problems began in the ’60s with nearby Berkeley and were still spreading, so the storm could be seen approaching on the horizon.

          NOW it’s a dump.

      • To southern Cross
        San Francisco was a great place to visit when I was a little boy. My grandmother and I went there many times over the years. Riding the cable cars, the restaurants, visiting museums. The Amusement park rides were wonderful at the Embarcadero at the Port of San Francisco.

        Now most of that is gone. And what is left has been destroyed by the sexually liberated.

  5. Curious, does that mean that the vendors and patrons do not pay for the use of the facility?

    If they do pay, then it’s not a taxpayer venue. Taxes may have been used to BUILD the facility, but fair use suggests that if the users are not conducting illegal business, and they are paying for the use, then FOAD..

    Also, would he suggest that churches stop using public schools buildings on Sundays? Because those are taxpayer funded buildings as well…

    • “Also, would he suggest that churches stop using public schools buildings on Sundays?”
      That’s a silly question, of course he would. Commies gotta be commies.

  6. Last time I checked, I’m sure all of those gunowners are taxpayers too.

    But I guess only YOUR opinion counts.

    Typical politician.

    Disarm the citizens because criminals need to eat too!

    • “… I’m sure all of those gunowners are taxpayers too…
      And they also paid to gain admission to the show …
      And the exhibitors paid to use the public funded facilities…
      And don’t hurt yourself when you fall off your high horse Ms. Clayton.

    • Gun owners are clearly tax payers by a large majority. However they are not the folks who will vote for this idiot. Many of the folks who will vote for this idiot do not pay taxes, they live off the tax payer.

  7. You know, conceptually I don’t disagree with him; taxpayers should be able to determine how taxpayer money is spent.

    Is that what’s really happening here, though?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you put on a gun show, or another event at one of these venues, the organizer pays the venue a significant sum of money to use that venue. That’s not taxpayer money being spent to put on a gun show, that gun show organizers donating money to the taxpayer. Sure, taxpayer money may still technically be used to pay the building’s utility bills and pay their janitorial staff, (and I’m not 100% sure that’s even the case, most of those funds probably come from the venue’s profits, in most cases) but I think it’s safe to say that the amount they pay those sources in a single weekend is far lower than the amount they get in from the gun show renting their space. That’s the whole point of maintaining venues like this. They’re not charities.

    • It may be an issue of who is paying more? The venue organizers or the Orange County taxpayers? I can see the Min guy bending the truth and making general sweeping claims. There was some journalists years ago that did an experiment by creating a fake research paper that was approved as “factual” becuse it came from a university. Take all university backed research or professor claims with a grain in of salt.
      BTW, Orange County, which university of Irvine resides in, has improved the CCW approval times. Around 2016 it took a year, in 2018 it was a 3 month wait. These folks are pushing for gun rights.

  8. I visited Comrade Min’s website for his Senate race. Turns out he is not only a first generation Korean-American (perhaps I have a philosophical taxpayer problem about my tax dollars funding the defense of his fatherland??) but he was a financial policy advisor to our friend Chuck Schumer. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about his philosophy on firearms.

    • What does being a first generation immigrant have to do with any of this?

      My wife’s first-generation Korean-American, (though she prefers to just call herself “an American”) and and if this guy talked like this in front of her she’d probably have to restrain herself so as to not end up kicking him the balls before giving him a civics lesson.

      It’s the being an adviser to Schumer that’s the giveaway here.

  9. I’ll guess they’ll just have to go to a gun store to buy their guns then. Nothings being accomplished with this pointless virtue signaling.

  10. Meh. Everyone can find something they don’t approve of their tax dollars paying for.

    While I can find loads of things I’d rather my tax money didn’t pay for the one thing I find absolutely abhorrent is the idea that my tax dollars should be used to deprive another person of their rights and in the bigger scheme that’s what matters.

    So, even if I don’t approve of the way every penny they take off me is used, I’ll still pay my taxes with a smile as long as everyone’s civil rights are respected.

    • strych – “as long as everyone’s civil rights are respected” therein lies the rub – everyone’s civil rights are NOT being respected. In fact, the people who should be doing that are using any and all means to DISRESPECT the rights of Law Abiding Gun Owners.

      • Actually I was referring specifically to the “I have a philosophical problem with my tax dollars being used…” statement and the fact that this sentence fragment causes me to reject the entire argument right off the bat.

        That’s because it’s a bullshit statement since everyone can find something to make that statement about and if we’re to take the statement seriously then there’s almost nothing we can use tax money for because someone will lodge a “philosophical objection” which in this case is a codeword for “feelz” rather than an actual philosophical position. Further, even if was an actual philosophical position, that is something dealing with fundamental truths about right and wrong, our existence, absolute truth, reason, logic etc, it would still fail to provide a structure for which a country could actually be run due to my first objection.

        Therefore even if I was to accept that his argument is in good faith, which in this case I question, I would still reject the argument in it’s entirety, before ever getting to a civil rights discussion, because the argument is based on the flawed premise that a society can be run in such a way that takes into account every single individuals feelings on every single conceivable topic that might be tied to a government expenditure.

        This guy can take whatever “philosophical position” *cough* he wants but that doesn’t make him Plato, Socrates, Kant or Descartes. He’s a jerk trying to win a political argument by playing Scrabble to sound educated and profound.

    • “… the one thing I find absolutely abhorrent is the idea that my tax dollars should be used to deprive another person of their rights and in the bigger scheme that’s what matters.”

      There’s the rub – The Leftists don’t consider the 2A to be a legitimate right, like free speech. (And even there they have serious problems, especially when it comes to conservative free speech. Note their efforts to label conservative free speech as “hate speech”, and therefore moral to deny.) So, any efforts to impede the 2A they consider to be moral…

  11. Does this dummy realize how many cops attend gun shows? If they are like I was before I retired as a director of security they can recognize a miscreant from across a room and the miscreants know it. They seldom attend gun shows. This weasel is more interested in controlling honest people otherwise he’d be sponsoring raids in Oakland. Let’s see a law that if you a gang banger caught with a gun it’s 25 years, no parole.

  12. Gun owners vote! We have this Second Amendment that says our government SHALL NOT INFRINGE on our right to bear arms – that means they need to step aside and leave us all alone. NO RESTRICTIONS FOR LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS – That means NONE! You already have laws that prevent ALL criminals from possessing ANY weapon and it gives mandatory long term add on sentences to the criminal if they us any gun in their crimes. Also all ILLEGAL ALIENS cannot posses any weapon! Also International Terrorists cannot be in the USA and can never possess ANY Weapons for any reason. Gang Bangers are prohibited from possession of any weapons as well. So what is going on. Just enforce the laws, arrest all felons, illegals, terrorists in possession of any weapon and just execute them in a public hanging or firing squad. No big Deal and not impacting any Law Abiding US Citizens in their quest to protect themselves, their families, friends and neighbors!

  13. If I recall correctly, this past year, the California Legislature voted to ban gun shows at the Cow Palace and at another venue in SoCal. So this is nothing new. One would think that people buying guns at these shows did not have to pass background checks when purchasing firearms, ignoring that California has a universal background check law. No, what this is all about is simply limiting the outlets where guns are sold, just like Seattle and Tacoma have done by passing egregious tax laws, and which was a huge issue for years in the Nordyke case when Alameda tried to shut down the gun show at its venue. Zoning laws have been passed to keep out any new gun stores, and there was even a case where a new store had passed through all of the hoops when the application was sabotaged by the City’s City Council at the last minute.

    This is California. Expect more of same. Heck, even Orange County, a Republican stronghold for decades, has a Democratic Party majority.

    • “Zoning laws have been passed to keep out any new gun stores, and there was even a case where a new store had passed through all of the hoops when the application was sabotaged by the City’s City Council at the last minute.”

      Are there any efforts to contest those laws in Cali? Those, and the new efforts to tax seem ripe to being attacked as a modern “Poll tax”.

      And in the unlikely event of the 2A being declared as strict scrutiny in the ‘NY Pistol’ case, would those laws evaporate, or would each and every one need to challenged in court?

      • Best to plan on challenging every one, although common sense says that the legislative bodies will repeal them rather than paying for legal services which will definitely fail. Witness, though, Virginia, which refused to repeal its law against radar detectors after the SCOTUS forced them to return some guy’s detector, saying that anybody else who wanted to get his confiscated $200 detector back was free to spend the $100,000 that he did. I think they are STILL confiscating radar detectors, though I don’t really follow that hole any more.

  14. It’s not a “small step” as the professor describes it, it’s a large step, and an unquestionably dumb step in addition to the possibility of being an illegal step. In any event, exactly how his proposal might actually “reduce violence” is something the professor needs to explain, but hasn’t, so far as is discrenable.With respect to individual rights, California has become a wasteland.

  15. If it keeps the politicians distracted and gives them something to yack about then fine, the term “gun show” is an oxymoron here in California because you can’t buy a gun there. You can’t even buy ammo, it’s just overpriced beer, beef jerky and tazers. Any good deals have already disappeared long before you paid $20 to park and another $20 to get in the door. The only people who profit from California crossroads are the organizers and promoters, that’s why they keep having them.

  16. Any child, going to a public school now, is screwed. Since even my grand kids are grown, I haven’t followed school curriculums. Just learned yesterday they don’t teach cursive reading or writing. If you don’t know what that is, it’s already too late fer ya. I now wonder if they teach math, or just how to use a calculator. Not surprised a college professor don’t know shit about anything.


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