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As part of the ever-expanding web of bans, regulations, restrictions, and fees imposed on firearms in California, Golden State owners of AR pattern rifles were required to register them last year. But just as with similar registration laws passed in states like New York and Connecticut, most California AR owners responded to the registration requirement with a firmly raised middle finger directed at Sacramento.

Gun owners are only too aware that registration is a first step toward eventual confiscation and millions of California gun owners apparently decided that they’d rather risk the consequences of violating the law than report their firearms to the state.

That means that there are literally millions of now-illegal “assault weapons” in California. On Wednesday a Sacramento rookie policewoman, officer Tara O’Sullivan, was shot and killed with one of those rifles while responding to a domestic dispute call.

The Sacramento Police Department released body cam footage of the shooting.


O’Sullivan was allegedly murdered by Adel Sambrano Ramos. Inside the home, they found a pistol, a shotgun and two AR pattern rifles. Not only were the two rifles he used against the cops unregistered, but one or both had either pistol grips, adjustable stocks and removable magazines as well, all features which have been outlawed in the state for years.

Here’s the Associated Press’s report:

By Don Thompson

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California prosecutors filed a murder charge Friday alleging that a Sacramento man was lying in wait when he used one of two illegal assault rifles to kill a rookie police officer this week.

The charges filed by the Sacramento County district attorney include special circumstances that could subject 45-year-old Adel Sambrano Ramos to the death penalty. However, that decision is months away and Gov. Gavin Newsom has imposed a moratorium on executions.

Sacramento police said they were helping a woman collect her belongings from a Sacramento home as part of a domestic violence call when Ramos opened fire Wednesday evening, mortally wounding Officer Tara O’Sullivan, 26.

Officer Tara O’ Sullivan. (Sacramento Police Department via AP)

They said he continued shooting for hours, pinning down officers until they could use an armored vehicle to move O’Sullivan 45 minutes later.

He’s also charged with the attempted murder of a second officer, Daniel Chipp. The standoff with police lasted eight hours, with five officers firing their weapons.

Public defender Norm Dawson said he met briefly with Ramos but can’t comment until he receives more details in the case. Ramos is set for his first court appearance on Monday.

Prosecutors allege that Ramos had two AR-15 style rifles assembled from parts to create assault weapons that are illegal in California. One had a pistol grip and telescoping stock, the other a non-fixed magazine and with a pistol grip, according the charges.

Law enforcement officials have said such so-called ghost guns are a particular problem because they cannot be easily traced.

The special circumstances in the case accuse Ramos of knowing O’Sullivan was a police officer performing her duties, and killing her “while lying in wait,” which generally means that he took her by surprise before she knew an attack was coming.

“This is an ongoing investigation and we anticipate that additional charges may be added in the future,” prosecutors said.

Adel Sambrano Ramos. (Sacramento Police Department via AP)

Court records show that Ramos has a history of domestic violence restraining orders. He was wanted on a bench warrant issued nine days before the shooting for failing to appear on a charge that he battered a young woman last year.

“It would be inappropriate for me to comment any further until I have a chance to review the materials,” said Dawson, a supervising public defender. “It will be several months before we entertain entering any plea.”

Ramos also has not responded to an interview request from The Associated Press

O’Sullivan is the first Sacramento police officer to be killed on the job in two decades.

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        • Ramos has been an American Citizen since the Mid 1970’s. Being born in the Philippine with a Spanish sounding Surname doesn’t make someone Illegal. Both my Parent’s were US Diplomats serving in Taiwan when I was born in 1950. I’m not by definition a Taiwanese Citizen or Chinese because I was born there…

        • Geoff. In my time we had an agreement with the PI. Philippinos could join and serve in the US military and get citizenship that way. Don’t know if that’s still in effect or what this dudes history is.

      • So that makes it OK for him to kill cops…
        Maybe you need to go to the Philippines and stay there.

        • As I recall, the Sicilians and Italians created the Mafia, which also Killed Cops. And how many of Them are being called Illegal Aliens. Or some Average Joe “Schmuck” trying to lead a Normal Life with an Arsenal in their homes, having occasional Gun Battles with the Police. How many of them are being called Illegal Aliens. Or is that Different because their Surnames are either Scandinavians, German, Irish or English in origin…

    • “…but one or both had either pistol grips, adjustable stocks and removable magazines as well, all features which have been outlawed in the state for years.”

      Nope, this is misleading. My ARs have all three features, and are completely legal and not registered because the magazines are removed **through the topside after the upper is unpinned from the lower**. It’s a pain of a process when loading a fresh mag, but it’s legal.

      The author doesn’t know CA law.

      • Get a side loading magazine with a charging lever on it. Drop the lever down, pour in bullets, release, you are reloaded and ready to go..

        Or just go with the COTUS and ignore the unconstitutional non-laws. According to the supreme law, any weapon is legal.

        • Funny thing about CA’s constitution…Article 3 Section 1 consists of a single sentence:

          “The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.”

          I’m just not understanding how the Lefturds in Sacramento are getting away with so much blatantly unconstitutional crap.

          • The California Constitution was ratified in 1849, and of the 48 Delegates that signed it 10 came from New York, 6 were actually born in California, 19 lived in the Territory of California for less than 3 years and 9 had Latino Surnames…

        • Thank you HAZ. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one that read that. It’s obvious that our politicians here in Cal have never taken the time to read the documents that they have sworn to uphold. Both Federal and State.

        • In response to HAZ, many years prior to Heller and MacDonald, the California Supreme Court held that the California constitution does not guarantee a right to keep and bear arms. Moreover, the Second Amendment applied only to the United States government–a common construction of the time. No one has presented a 2A case to that court since.

        • True, and I know some who have, but I prefer to keep my AR in “full” condition so I can use it as intended when I travel to neighboring AZ or NV. These are not my MBR ARs, just my trainers.

        • Yeah, that’s why I have another pistol grip to install when I go to free states. The muzzle break and fixed stock aren’t deal breakers for me. The fin grip suck but Strike Industies makes one you can actually get a good grip on.

      • And of course these asswipes don’t know the definition of “Ghost Guns” because they said, “Law enforcement officials have said such so-called ghost guns are a particular problem because they cannot be easily traced.” If these were non-made from unserialized 80% lowers, they are not ghost guns! You can bet that this incident will be used to now demonize ghost guns even more than ever

        Notice how nothing is being said about whether he is legally in the country!

      • How do you figure? It’s all too true in California where they hide criminals out in Sanctuary Cities.

      • Maybe so…..But the Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and it wouldn’t be the first time that Mexifornia did it!

      • never lived in cali i bet???

        a FULL 100% LEGAL citizen and an illegal alien get pulled over doing the same thing in the same type of car…both do not have insurance or a drivers license

        citizen goes to jail, car is impounded for 30 days!

        Illegal alien…goes home that night and car is driven away by that one buddy they have with insurance and license

        tell us how that is fair….and yep its all true and has been for over a decade!

    • Didn’t they know his history going into this!? Shoot first then ask questions.
      This is what you’re get in a state run by socialist. I’m sorry….. is that not PC.
      I don’t give a shit when it comes to killing cops… peace.

    • Let’s see, he’s an illegal, and from past charges, a convicted criminal, unable to legally own any sort of firearm. So to put it into perspective, had he have been a lawful legal citizen, this would never had happened. So just more fodder for disarming lawful citizens……….. Shameful!!!!

      • “Let’s see, he’s an illegal, and from past charges, a convicted criminal, unable to legally own any sort of firearm. So to put it into perspective, had he have been a lawful legal citizen, this would never had happened.”

        In due time, nobody who wishes to remain a free individual will be a “law abiding citizen” in this country, so cut the crap.

        Don’t break into people’s homes and you won’t get shot for breaking into people’s homes. Play stupid tyrant games, win stupid tyrant prizes.

        “So just more fodder for disarming lawful citizens……….. Shameful!!!!”

        One excuse is just as good as another for tyrants. If not this, then that. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

        • “Don’t break into people’s homes and you won’t get shot for breaking into people’s homes. Play stupid tyrant games, win stupid tyrant prizes.”

          The dude had a bench warrant for failure to appear on an assault charge. Regardless of his citizenship status, he was a fugitive from justice. And from the shoot out, it appears it all enforcement concerns he was dangerous actually were true.

          So what’s with the tyrant comment? Are you suggesting that law-enforcement acted improperly by serving the bench warrant? Do you realize of course that’s all constitutionally mandated process?

    • The other cops should have shot him dead and solved our problems with him in our society!!! Why allow these kinds of criminal elements into our country?So the Dems can say the crime is so high they need to take our guns?Its all a laid out plan and we MUST stop their plans!Your 100% right if he claims he is illegally here they will let him go… sad what our country has come too!!!

  1. Just a hard working immigrant committing the murders Americans won’t. We need to close the borders and deport anyone who is not a natural born US citizen.

    • When pro 2A people say absolutely stupid crap like you just did it makes our fight a whole lot harder.

      • It does make the fight for 2A harder. My parents were immigrants who leagally became US citizens. My dad retired from the USN, my mom was a nurse for over 30 years, they contributed to society and still vote Republican. I met a few of “Chris Mallorys” when I was in the military. But I know he does NOT represent all folks naturally born in the US. The focus must stay on fighting for and maintaining 2A.

      • “When pro 2A people say absolutely stupid crap like you just did it makes our fight a whole lot harder.”

        I don’t agree with Chris Mallory’s statement but yours is just as ridiculous.

        “Them poor old bosses need all the help they can get.”


    • People like you who do not believe all Americans have the same rights are the ones who need deported because it is you that blasphemes the very values America has always stood for. Immigrants made this country great and continue to do so to this very day. So if you do not like America the way it is get the hell out and make America a much better place for the rest of us to live in. I spit on people like you.

        • And ditto for the guy blaspheming George Washington’s name. Old George would have hung him.

      • Spitting on someone in the United States is considered an assault. Assaulting someone can get you shot. Live long and prosper.

  2. Start the drum beat, bum……bum……bum……..bum;
    More Assault weapon bans…bum…bum… Confiscations…….bum… flag……bum.
    Ghost guns…..bum….UBC’s….. Bum… Weapons of war……..bum.

  3. Dan-

    “Gun owners are only too aware that registration is a first step toward eventual confiscation and millions of California gun owners apparently decided that they’d rather risk the consequences of violating the law than report their firearms to the state.”

    I have to disagree with you on this point. Majority of owners just made them compliant configurations to stay off AW list. A very big difference.

    • I know, didn’t Gov. Newsome darn near garuntee that the recent laws would make California gun crime free?

  4. What? I thought we had laws about that! The ONLY good thing to come out of these atrocities, they prove our point. Over and over!

    • That’s a great idea, since people break the law we shouldn’t have any laws. Then we’d have no criminals, you are brilliant!

      I mean, I just saw a guy doing 90 on interstate, so clearly laws against speeding don’t work and we should abolish them all immediately as they interfere with our constitutional rights of free movement and association.

      The same for rape, pedophilia, murder, etc.

      Because criminals don’t follow laws, we shouldn’t have any, great thinking there.

      • Take a suck pill miner, the point was another dozen feel good laws will do absolutely nothing to alleviate the problem. How do you feel about capital punishment for capital crimes. Can you say, detterent?

        • State sanctioned killing in the form of capital punishment does not act as a deterrent for criminals, as you’ve pointed out, they don’t obey gun laws, why would they fear state imposed capital punishment?

          The real problem with America is toxic masculinity in the form of bullying, multi million dollar violent sports and the glorification of killing in movies and games. And how about the wacky worship and glorification of guns, do you have your bushmaster man card yet? Then obviously you’re a wimp if not.

          • Yup, got my Bushmaster card AND my man card! You, and all the delusional folks who think capital punishment is not a deterrent are fooling yourselves. If you’re a scumbag with a stolen gun thinking about popping a cop, and you know that IF you make it to the cop shop alive, chances are good that you’ll be acquiring room temperature with months, most with an IQ greater than their age probably wont do it. You were correct about one thing, Hollywood and the internet share a lot of blame for this bullshit!

        • No criminal commits a crime thinking he’ll be caught. This means no criminal believes he’ll ever suffer the death penalty because he doesn’t think he’ll be caught.

          Is that so hard to understand?

          No criminal picks up a gun and decides to shoot someone thinking that he will be apprehended by the police, stand trial and be convicted, and suffer the penalty.

          Criminals all believe they will not be caught because they’re smarter, faster, more accurate, then LEOs. Of course, most criminals are more stupid, slower and less adept at gun play then your average LEO. This is why our prisons are full of criminals who missed calculated the risk of getting caught.

          I can assure you no one on death row had any idea that they would be caught and sentenced to death. If they were capable of understanding the consequences to their actions, they would not of committed the crime in the first place but by definition, criminals make the mistake of thinking they won’t get caught.

          This includes murderers who commit homicides, so the death penalty clearly is no deterrent. It just makes people feel good to take a life, and we should avoid giving the state the power to take lives.

          And how do we handle it when we learn an innocent man has been the victim of state sanctioned capital punishment? There’s no going back after the death penalty, no way to correct the mistake.

          Better 10 guilty man go free rather than one innocent man suffer, that’s what we call freedom in the USA.

          • Maybe you should try that out on the family of the dead officer! Let us know how it works.

  5. An assault rifle did the shooting and they arrest the guy? Makes no sense.

  6. That dude looks scarier than any firearm.

    45min to take out one jackass with a rifle? When you’re bleeding out, the police are only 45min away, apparently.

    • Exactly…. Why did they let her die while playing games with this Foreigner POS????

      • What nonsense! Token female officer? Never should have been an officer in the first place? What are you basing this claim on? The fact that she’s not immune to rifle bullets. News flash moron, men aren’t immune to rifle bullets either.

        • I noticed that you don’t read very well, where did George Washington say “Never should have been an officer in the first place?”

        • He meant that she shouldn’t have been there without backup, did you not read about his record. Fuck, he shouldn’t even have bern able to own a firearm. Man the FUDDS are out in force tonight.

        • “Fuck, he shouldn’t even have bern able to own a firearm.”

          Nice that you support gun control. Here’s your goat.

          “Man the FUDDS are out in force tonight.”

          If you mean Fudd… Look in the mirror. You are certainly one of the special ones.

      • To lead the story with illegal evil weapons creates a bias toward the event. It looks more like the rules of engagement got this Cop killed. They knew who this guy was and decided to go in politely; that sounds like a tactic that needs to change. It’s not a matter of going in heavy but of locking it down and controlling interactions.
        And thank god they engaged and bean bagged the fellow’s cameras. Wouldn’t want to hurt them.
        My old man was a counselor and said schizophrenia was like looking the wrong way through binoculars and thinking it was reality. California is the schizophrenic here.

      • According to the spokesperson police fired 100 rounds, big deal. Why did they not lay down some serious rifle fire. The building did not look like it could block much. Especially if they used their ar’s. They did everything to get this guy alive but the cop bled out. If that was my partner dying I would make more than a token effort like on site commander did. Waiting for him to run out of ammo is not a plan.

    • If the police kick down doors and use overwhelming force to put down a threat they’re militarized. But if they don’t have all that stuff ready to go they’re incompetent, right?


      • So you’re saying they didn’t have sufficiently overwhelming force to deal with one jackass with a semi-auto rifle?

        My beef with militarization is that it isn’t militarization at all; it’s a front for swelling budgets and police powers, as an excuse for tolerating incompetence in officers. Using gear and enforcement authority to paper over a lack of ability. Case in point, the tactical response time here, when we all know there were far more officers than the rifleman, with the same or better guns, with vehicles & comms, and yet they were unable to counter this guy effectively. You don’t need a bearcat or wiretap powers to suppress this guy & flank him, you need officers that are willing to deal with someone threatening the public like they swore to when they signed up. “Home safe” isn’t professional, nor is it why citizens empower officers with the authority & immunity they enjoy.

  7. Gee, if he had just registered his guns, this wouldn’t have happened. Just think how an “order of protection” also, would have prevented this violence ! O. of P. papers and registration papers have saved so many lives….sarc.

  8. Nobody wants a officer injured or kill, and also to avoid a confrontation with a possibility armed and aggressive suspect . My question would be the officers announced he as not in trouble, as not being arrested but yet had guns drawn. The two behaviors don’t align. I think the suspect was prepared, saw the drawn guns and reacted. The suspect had already assumed they cops were there to arrest him, by having guns drawn they just convinced him they were there to take him one way or the other. I never want to second guess the police but I can see how this was the result of dealing with a dangerous and agitated criminal who felt he had nothing to lose. The loss of this officer’s life is squarely on the suspect, but tactics sometimes inflame a situation. Just ask the Houston police

    • “Nobody wants a officer injured or kill,”

      Speak for yourself. I have no love of tyrants. If they are aiding tyranny, I don’t give one fuck about what happens to them.

      “My question would be the officers announced he as not in trouble, as not being arrested but yet had guns drawn. The two behaviors don’t align. I think the suspect was prepared, saw the drawn guns and reacted.”


      • @John Well you must be a real fun guy to be around. This guy was a dirtbag criminal. I feel for her family, and the other officers. She obviously did not belong there in the first place, she may not have been properly trained and their approach was flawed. You wait until the guy leaves the home, but that takes resources, most big city police are overwhelmed. I don’t know the solution, but sending officers (brave or stupid) to die is just wrong. Wishing them to die is just as evil. I hope you never need the police for whatever reason.

        • “I feel for her family, and the other officers.”

          I feel for her family.

          “She obviously did not belong there in the first place, she may not have been properly trained and their approach was flawed.”

          She shouldn’t have chosen to be a pig. Play stupid tyrant games, win stupid tyrant prizes.

          “You wait until the guy leaves the home, but that takes resources, most big city police are overwhelmed. I don’t know the solution, but sending officers (brave or stupid) to die is just wrong.”

          They ought not be pushing their snouts into someone’s home telling him that he’s not under arrest and not in trouble WITH guns drawn. That’s a screwed up mixed message right there. He was probably a shithead but I won’t take the side of agents of a tyrannical government when they are carrying out government orders.

          “Wishing them to die is just as evil.”

          I never wished for them to die. I wish for them to quit or at least be intentionally very ineffective at the job. If they remain and die for it, that’s on them and I won’t shed one fucking tear over it.

          “I hope you never need the police for whatever reason.”

          I agree. The few cops I keep as friends know exactly how I feel and think about the matter. They know I will cover their non-government asses but when it comes to duty work, they are on their own. When on the job they leave me alone and I leave them alone. It works for us. If they were true believer, Blue Isis jackwagons, we couldn’t be friends.

          Allow me to repeat, I do not wish for any loss of life. I do wish that the smart ones will stop doing tyrants’ bidding. Government has become tyrannical at almost all levels. Being an agent of that government means one condones that tyranny. For those that persist to be a willing tool of tyrannical government and get killed for it; too bad, so sad.

        • Ah, I re-read my initial comment and your included quote and I can see where I wasn’t clearly expressing my full opinion. I do sincerely apologize.

          (TL;DR: I am saddened that a young lady lost her life. I am not saddened in the least that an officer stopped being a tool of a tyrannical government.)

          The quote was ““Nobody wants a officer injured or kill,”” and I responded with “speak for yourself.” I did not mean to imply that I want to see anyone killed or injured. I believe in the sanctity of all life. However, I was getting ahead of myself. Since all tyranny to be imposed by the ever-tyrannical government of this country will be enforced/carried out/initiated in the meat space by law enforcement, I recognize that cops are going to get injured and die. When acting under tyrannical orders and/or in a tyrannical way, I would rather the cop get injured or killed than the aggrieved party. That doesn’t mean I relish the thought of a human being ceasing to exist. When forced to choose between an agent of government and a non-agent, I will side against the agent of a tyrannical government when they are carrying out government duties. I can shed a tear for loss of life and not shed a tear for loss of a cop.

          I am sorry to see a young woman’s life snuffed out. I am not sorry to see another officer stop doing the work of a tyrannical government. I say a prayer for their souls when I hear of it.

          The confusion was all on me. I certainly did not complete my thoughts when responding initially.


  9. God bless the officer’s family in their time of great sadness. I’m glad I left Sacramento for good many years ago. My home town as well as California itself, have changed greatly from the quiet place it was back in the 1970s.

    • It’s like joining the Amy. You know the risks. You’re always at death’s door. Some people like the adrenaline rush of certain jobs. Others become accountants and landscapers.

      • You probably should break things off with The Amy. Any chick calling herself The Amy is bound to boil bunnies sooner or later.

        Protip: NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER stick your pecker in crazy. Just ask Mr. Bobbitt how that ends up or read many of the fine news stories that start with the words “Florida Couple”.

      • I did both. I fellow CPA used to patrol the DMZ at the North and South Korean border. Your stereotypes are aged past their sell-by dates..

  10. He had a ghost gun that is hard to track. That is the story they are after. Not the fact that he killed a police officer or should have already been in jail for previous crimes. He really looks like a upstanding citizen.

    • I know that “Mark Malkowski” of Stag Arms produced more than 3,000 Ghost Receivers in 2014! But how many Stag Arms receivers were ever recovered…

      • This is just another instance where these leftist bureaucraps misidentify a weapon as a ghost gun so they can push their agenda. None of these were ghost guns, they were just unregistered. A ghost gun comes from drilling out the remaining 20% of an 80% lower receiver and then completely assembling it — does this guy look like he did any of that? Those guns were likely bought off the street (stolen), or they were brought in from out of state, or he’s had them since before the illegal laws were enacted.

        • The comment about the “ghost gun” is ridiculous… what does it matter at this point where it came from? It apparently had features on it that deemed it an “assault weapon” according to CA Law and it was obviously not registered as an “assault weapon” in violation* of CA law. It was probably stolen as is most guns owned by those who are illegal possessors. And even if it had a serial number at one point, how difficult is it to take a dremel tool and grind it off? Not difficult at all. So whether the lower receiver was “finished” by the guy or not is of no relevance. The only thing relevant about a firearm in CA that is not registered is CA wants them all registered so that if and when it comes time, they can confiscate them more easily and more surely… at least assuming Californians obey the law and register their unregistered firearms.

          *Speaking of violating CA law… it seems to me law breakers will break the law and that laws cannot keep a law breaker from breaking the law. Here is one such example. A guy willing to harm people in violation of the law will do so by any means they have at their disposal which means doing so with a firearm is of little consequence, i.e. murder by one’s hands versus murder using a gun is still murder as the primary charge… adding illegal use of a firearm is of little additional consequence. From this we know that the only reason for a law is to punish a law breaker after they broke the law. But the supposed purpose of CA gun laws is to prevent law breakers from breaking the law but in reality the only purpose despite what is said about the purpose is to make owning a firearm difficult so it is penalizing law abiding citizens for what is a right that is supposed to be protected by these people in office.

    • Other than for confiscation purposes, what is the value of a firearm that is easy to track. These socialist politicians and others of their ilk are the reason that people are assembling their own so they cannot be ‘” tracked “. Guess if this weapon did not have all these ” scary ” things like a pistol grip or detachable magazine then this would have never happened. When things like this happen, the focus goes to the type of firearm used. Surely there’s not an agenda here.

      • Yep. And for the same reason people turned to bathtub gin and bootleg whisky. But, like prohibitionists, gun-controllers won’t care about people making their own untraceable guns just so long as the laws reflecting their values remain on the books.

  11. I saw a standoff happen in California. It lasted hours.

    A man shot at someone and was chased by police but got away. Days later he went to his family’s home and scared his family enough for them to call the cops. When the cops came they had a shootout. The police then called the Sheriff’s office to deal with the situation. They shutdown the freeway, evacuated the people and closed off the neighborhood. The gunmen set two homes on fire and shot at deputies. He lit fireworks and ran around the property. He found a long gun in a second home; when he came outside to use it he was shot dead.

    This happened in an Asian area, however, the man wasn’t an east Asian. It isn’t normal cultural behavior for Asian-Americans. So the event was very abnormal for that part of California. Those east Asian people tend to like having weapons, but the California government doesn’t like them to own or carry them, even when Mexicans run around shooting up their neighborhood and committing other crimes.

    By the way, I heard the Mexican nationals living in that area have more car accidents than the Asian people. They also commit more hit and runs compared to others. I wouldn’t be surprised if the insurance in that area is higher because of Mexican drivers not Asian Americans. I doubt there is any accurate statistics to compare the two because Democrat politics.

    • Maybe if his wife/girlfriend broke into his home and took/stole his “illegal” guns then gave them to the police a woman wouldn’t have been shot dead?

      I’m sure the wife/girlfriend was just making up domestic violence stories to get the poor innocent guy in trouble. She didn’t need any protection. She’s just a crazy bitch lying to get back at the man. There is no way he would ever lay a hand on a woman, he definitely wouldn’t shoot one.

      Oh, wait, he was brown…

      • There are no illegal guns. They’re just undocumented refuges from confiscation.

        • Black guns don’t have any institutional power. Only white people can be racist against black guns. Black guns should be given reparations for all the bad things white people have done to them through using government.

          Black firepower!

  12. Ya’ know when I bought my latest rifle I was right next to my pawn guy. Heard his whole conversation with the background check person. At NO time was my AR identified as such. Just a generic “rifle”. If and when ILLinois bans AR’s good luck identifying all of us owner’s!😏

  13. Wow, so now the news cycle is going to be the endless News reports about “unregistered assault weapons”, as nearly nobody has complied with the latest lunacy out of Sacramento.

    ….who knew….

  14. 45 minutes to get her out? You are on your own when the shtf, even the cops couldn’t protect each other.

    • Cops are afraid of people that can fight back and they tend to run away from long guns. There are bodycams out there of cops seeing an AR then running the other way. They were tough badasses up until that point.

      • Cops aren’t equipped or trained as a typical infantryman. Most have soft body armor, lack suppressive firepower, and don’t operate in numbers unless they’re SWAT or entry teams … but that’s Captain Obvious talking.
        What bothers me is the leadership policy that put an officer’s life at risk and how poorly prepared the police were to extract a critically wounded cop when things deteriorated against one guy. Funny how politicians can rant about disarming everyone while giving border jumpers sanctuary and taxpayer-funded medical care – then can’t find money for a damned BearCat or smoke grenades.
        I blame policy and priorities, again.

  15. The type of gunm had nothing to do with the person deciding to shootzing a cop. More restrictions on the way, maybe even outright bans. Banning all gunms, yup, that’ll fix all the problems from sea to shining sea.

  16. Anyone else think it’s weird a criminal broke some new gun laws?

    Come on California!! Get working on more gun laws … obviously the last set of laws are not effective on criminals. Maybe use smaller words next time?

  17. Couple of questions regarding this shooting.

    1. Was the weapon used Selective Fire Capable? If it was not so capable, it is not an “assault rifle” California hogwash aside.
    2. How come the alleged shooter was walking around in this country, him being an “illegal alien”, with outstanding charges against him.
    3. When, if ever, will the law in California be applied to illegal aliens, as opposed to attacking the law biding? By the way, I’m not holding my breath while I wait for the above mentioned, though Iam curious.

    • He came from the Philippines. I don’t think he is an illegal resident. He has a Spanish name because of the Spanish empire and their colonization.

        • He has been a US citizen longer than most of you have been alive. This is America, the land of opportunity. Anyone can come here legally, become a REAL citizen, and then become a criminal. We do NOT restrict criminality based on race, creed, color, nationality, or IQ. Last name don’t mean squat!

    • No, it wasn’t an “assault rifle,” it was an “assault weapon,” an entirely different animal that is purely a product of legislative enactment and specifically defined (by features) in a statute.

    • Why don’t you provide a link so we know WHICH ruling you’re talking about! You really don’t believe that Commiefornia accepts anything that the SCOTUS hands down do you?

  18. Too bad the cop died but many more will die as long as the politicians continue this nonsense

    • “many more will die as long as the politicians continue this nonsense”

      Yep and the tyrants WILL continue, so you already know what the future holds; more dead cops.

      Tyranny ain’t stoppin’ on its own. It always takes a people determined to be free. Today it might be fringe sorts but eventually, it will be the guy next door.

  19. Problem is not the guns, it’s the criminals…We need criminal control. Time to quit blaming tools.

  20. I can think of about 200 different ways to effectively remove a guy like this from the house and no one would have been hurt. BTW, none of the plans I can think of involve counting the number of rounds the gunman fired and the time he fired them and none of my plans involve sending a rookie female cop to the door.
    Absolute idiots.

    • The cops were escorting a woman through the property so she could get her stuff. While they were at the back house the man started shooting from the front house. The female cop was standing in the yard out in the open. They were attacked from behind.

      The man had cameras on the main house and about 4 guns in the main house and other guns in the other houses. He ran through the house and shot at police. He shot at SWAT when they tried to remove the body of the female cop and their armored vehicle got stuck/disabled (or something). They shot out the cameras to stop him from being able to see where the police were trying to attack from.

      The police thought it was wise to take the female cop to the hospital via a police car instead of bringing an ambulance in to do that. Can’t expect much out of police these days. They did run away instead of help their fellow officer, then waited for the SWAT to arrive. They often do that for dangerous situations were their life is threatened (like school shootings).

  21. Clearly this is the fault of the bog standard ar pattern rifle and not the fault of a criminal.

  22. FN disgusting in so many of the usual ways. BL, so much more fodder for the LEGAL gun owners subjected to the cali-dummy guvmnt.
    Maybe those free MRAP could have ended this ill-fought “gun battle” in minutes and possibly saved her life..but NO….WE COMMIEFORNIANS CAN’T USE MRAP at may send the wrong message….FN DISGUSTING.

    • One of her wounds was reported as nonsurivable, otherwise unspecified, which I take it to mean it hit her heart or a major blood vessel (aorta).

    • “so much more fodder for the LEGAL gun owners”

      Don’t worry, there won’t be ANY of those in time. Tyrants need to disarm the people. Tyrants always find excuses. Just cut the “law abiding gun owner” crapola already. The hour is late.

  23. Are the cops going out of their way to paint this guy as one evil badass? I’d like to see her bodycam footage. If they knew his background, or were aware of the circumstances, did they enter the house with bad tactics? Would the registration of the guns mattered? Were they ever illegally acquired? Why did it take 45 mins, or was it apparent she took some fatal hits? Didn’t they have rifles, and where were the SWAT guys – kicking in doors serving a no-knock warrant?

  24. “…was shot and killed with one of those [unregistered] rifles ”

    So she wouldn’t be dead now if the rifles *were* registered?

    • That was my first thought; it’s as if they really think that this could have been prevented by a registration law.

  25. Was she wearing a soft vest or did she have plates?

    just wondering where she got hit at.

    • Most likely soft armor.
      Like weapons issue the armor is subject to budgetary choices. Plates can be heavy and expensive.
      Unfortunately, most soft armor doesn’t cover certain vital spots besides the torso and a critical hit in one of those places can cause you to bleed out in minutes. This is why, as a cop, you need reliable backup and a quick reaction time for them.
      So what’s the value of a cop’s life or a lawful citizen, for that matter? If it was valuable as it seems the idiot politicians in Kook Land would be budgeting dollars for cop safety and citizens, not medical care for border jumpers.

  26. I would like to thank the proud white homosexuals both in the public eye or elected to high office and those hidden in the halls of power in the state of California. They have led the fight to disarm the citizens, the law-abiding people of the State of California. Tom Ammiano and the people who vote for him and the people who clap and cheer for him at gay pride parades have all helped to take away, the human rights of law-abiding citizens of the State of California.

    Because homosexuals are socialist Progressive in their political orientation who have never believed in the American Bill of Rights.

    You can prove me wrong by providing links to individuals, open homosexuals elected to office who at least have an “A” rating by the NRA, as if that means anything in 2019. Or who have voted for gun rights. Or spoke up for gun rights and its importance in any legislative recorded hearing.


      Chris T in KY, having satisfied ALL the requirements for entry into the 2019 RHSBS Awards, AND topped it off with an abject disregard of all things logical and rational, AND shown an utter disregard for intelligence, we are closing the competition early.
      Yes, Chris T in KY, you win the highly un-coveted RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, SEXIST, BS AWARD FOR 2019.
      Now, there is no need to reply. The look on your fece is thanks enough!

      Your award will be delivered by WHITE MALE, as soon as we get your mother’s basement address.

    • 1. Believes that all homosexuals are Progressives and anti 2A so he wont’ vote for them.
      2. Cites lack of openly homosexual pro 2A candidates as evidence.
      3. Fails to see the stupidity of his own circular, self fulfilling prophecy.

      And no, NRA A ratings mean nothing, and they always have. But the NRA hired openly gay Chris Cheng, the winner of “Top Shot” to be a news commentator.

  27. This is a tragedy and I pray for the family of the Police officer. This article, however, is nothing but a bunch of gun control propaganda. The whole story is about the guns he had the guns he used and under California law were illegal. There is only a short sentence about his past criminal behavior if any investigative reporting was done it may have found more. Second There was not mention or back story of the reason for escalation.

  28. Just another shooting between two violent sociopaths. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  29. Another example of why the restrictions do not work on enterprising criminals. The only recourse California officials have is too separate the state from the union, declare it a republic and go full fascist on its citizens and go door to door search and confiscate any weapon found. With 40 million inhabitants in California and tens of millions of dwellings that is a lead balloon. Enact common sense laws and stream line the system so that it will not take years to prosecute a murderer. Right now California law enforcement is so marred in bureaucratic procedure, political correctness and the creation of new laws to curtail freedoms that is useless and ineffective for all intents and purposes. Where is Dirty Harry when you need him? One more, let Mr Ramos out on bail so that cops can kill him (if they have the guts) and serve real justice to that rookie cop.

  30. So tracing these ILLEGAL “assault rifles” in the possession of a felon, that is prohibited from owning, would have stopped him??????

  31. Since when is an AR-15 a “high powered rifle.” The police video keeps mentioning the phrase ad nauseum…

    • I suspect it depends on what kind of ammunition the shooter as using, or who telling the story for the local press, and which way they lean politically as being Pro or Anti Gun ownership…

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