California DOJ Assault Weapons Registration
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Following the closure of the “assault weapon” registration period, NRA and CRPA received complaints from hundreds of individuals who were unable to register their firearms as required because CA DOJ’s online application system was unable to handle the amount of traffic it received. Constant crashes and errors plagued DOJ’s online registration system for weeks leading up to the registration deadline. Because DOJ only provided an electronic means of registration, it was impossible for those who faced these issues to register their firearms.

Another DOJ Data Breach

Possibly even more concerning with DOJ’s online registration system were the reports of the system’s improper disclosure of personal information to other users. There have been confirmed reports of individuals attempting to register their firearms who were improperly given access to the account information associated with another individual, due to a complete breakdown of CA DOJ’s registration application system. In some cases, the system allowed users to see all the personal information (including home address, telephone number, email, and Driver’s License number) for another user and all the information that user had submitted for registering their firearms as “assault weapons”—including the firearms make/model/serial number and all of the photos and attachments to the user’s registration application.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time CA DOJ has improperly disclosed the personal information of California gun owners. In 2016, CA DOJ admitted to releasing the name, date of birth, and California Driver’s License and/or Identification Card numbers of FSC instructors to a reporter for Southern California Public Radio. In response to that disclosure, CA DOJ offered a one-year membership of Experian’s® ProtectMyID® Alert. Whether CA DOJ will do the same for this blatantly improper disclosure remains to be seen.

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  1. “Impossibility can occasionally excuse noncompliance with a statute. But impossibility does not authorize a court to go beyond interpreting a statute and simply invalidate it.” – California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu in Calif. Supreme Court upholds law requiring bullet-tracing technology on guns

      • “So noncompliance is excused, right? Right?”

        Seriously? That would spoil all the fun.

    • Is there a civic duty to disobey laws that are impossible to obey? Asking for a certain Dr. MLK

      • “Is there a civic duty to disobey laws that are impossible to obey? Asking for a certain Dr. MLK.”

        Any law, no matter how ridiculous and obtuse can be disobeyed. Even if disobeying actually results in obeying.

        “The words mean what we say they mean; nothing more, nothing less.”

  2. Glad I didn’t grow up in that s***hole of a state. Makes my old state of Maryland seem sane by comparison.

    • Growing up there was great. I was born there in the 1960s and grew up in Ventura County.

      It’s living in the state now that’s the problem. And why I moved away several years ago.

      • Yeah, SoCal was a great place to grow up. But, I’m also glad I left there in 1980.

      • The 70’s were just a great time to grow up. Tons of freedom, everyone had chilled out about all the hippie stuff, TV still sucked so you were outside all the time, no cell phones so mom couldn’t summon you on a whim, teens were treated like young adults and expected to interact with adults in an adult manner, concerts and movies were easily affordable, you could ride your bike to the dump with your .22 (a whole gang of armed youths! The horror) and no one blinked an eye.

      • Please, that’s BS. California is still a great place to live. I know you want to cry about how evil it is because of gun control, and I’m against almost all forms of gun control, but don’t let it delude you to what’s it like to actually live here.

        • It’s not just the gun control.
          Local governments have ruined their own property rights situations (never mind the state and federal rules). Property values have gone far too high. In some areas, the lower classes can’t afford to live, so they just don’t live there. This makes the service sector have to pay more (raising costs even more) just to get them to commute.
          San Francisco has turned liberalism to an extreme lifestyle; anything goes. Want to dance naked in the streets? Fine on certain days(?). Of course, conventions (part of the lifeblood of any major city) are fewer now, because the rubes don’t want to pay good money to see that.
          California is fine, if you’re rich and a libertine. If, however, you’re working class, it’s a hard life.

        • Yeah, right. Guess you don’t get around much. Last time I spent a few months in CA was 1981. It sucked big time (visiting from Austin, TX), and news shows it has only gotten worse.

        • I was born in Burbank, Kalifornia. Went to school and lived mostly in the San Fernando Valley. Worked for 25 years in the City of LA. I watched the home turf turn into a cesspool. Got to the point you could not understand the person serving you at a restaurant or drive up window. Rampant crime all over the city, county and some surrounding community’s. The so called homeless camping and leaving their excrement and trash on the streets all over. Mariachi music blasting all the time. Time to get my family out in 93″. Sold our nice home and became equity refugees from LA Calif.. Moved to the mountains of Arizona. Wow, what a difference. A whole different culture and mind set here. One that sits well with us. Sorry, but So. Calif has turned into an overcrowded third world environment with Govt. crystal worshipers running the show city halls and Sacramento.

        • Wow, are you serious? The collapsing infrastructure, the deluge of illegals and the resulting acceleration of the implosion of your social programs and vital services, the massive taxation, big government, bad government, Moonbeam Brown, the huge budget deficit, Hollywood, the amped up Agenda 21…what do you know that the hordes of middle class residents and businesses don’t know and who have bolted the state to go and live and prosper in the bordering country known as America?

    • Yeah, because all the amazing weather, and beautiful people, and good jobs suck. Don’t let the door hit you gun nuts on the way out. Yes, you are nuts trading in what? a thirty round mag for the quality of education for your kids. Great job einstein.

      • Indiana has great weather, you just have to wait for it; it will change.
        We have beautiful beaches, they are just on lakes, not oceans.
        We have beautiful German people.
        Jobs compared to cost of living and housing is better than Commiefornia.
        Don’t have all the trash, feces, and needles like California cities now have.
        We have gunz, gunz, and more gunz.
        School grading of California looks better because testing is only done on the elites, not general population as in Indiana.

      • California has good jobs and education? Ha!!! Not to mention all the exceptional taxes y’all pay.

        • Liberal internet trolls Hahha when redistribution Rodrigo shows up at your house I am Sure that begging and pleading will get so much understanding from him…. I hope you enjoy your sanctuary state taxes and the local hobos all come defecate on your doorstep…. Hahahaha quality education pleaseee feminist studies isn’t an education!!!

      • Quality of education? Dude, stick with bragging about the weather, because California always ranks in the bottom half of state rankings in education. When less than 30% of your eighth graders are considered proficient in reading and math, you ought not to be boasting about your schools.

        I suspect Californians might be willing to give up thirty-round magazines simply because the majority of California public school graduates can’t count that high.

        • Give him a break, it’s not people ‘like his kids’ that drag all those numbers down. The students in the segregated schools (i.e. the “good schools” these kind of folks always refer to) do just fine.

      • Too bad you didn’t take advantage of that superb Cali education. You may have learned to capitalize first words in a sentence and Einstein’s name.

      • remember stepping out on the street in san fran…and lighting up a cigarette…people just stopped and stared…so apparently not everything goes…[should have told ’em it was a roach]

      • The day I need my kid to be educated by a flamboyant drag queen on how to get a sex change operation to save Mother Earth I’ll send him to CA for some of that “quality education” you’re touting. But don’t hold your breath.

    • nothing could ever make maryland look sane.. im from california and live in maryland now. this state blows cock..

    • So, what sh**hole did you grow up in?

      I grew up in MA, MN, FL, and my home state of CA (4th generation), as well as overseas. I found something good and something bad about every place I have lived.

      There isn’t a thing wrong with the state. It’s beautiful and there are lot’s of things to do. Where else can you experience all 4 seasons on the same day? Or snow ski and surf on the same day? Experience the desert, ocean, mountains, forests in one place. Get a tan in the middle of winter without leaving the state.

      There are many good people here; from both the right and the left; people who are sick of the progressives, and we are doing all we can to fight them. My county rejected sanctuary status and vowed to comply with the laws of the United States. Our sheriff has openly stated that he will never support the violation of the 2nd amendment, and, if need be, he will deputize every pro-gun person in the county… and he was just elected to another term.

      There is everything wrong with the Progressive Party and the fact that they control the state in the same way Huey Long or George Wallace did in the South. They consider all conservatives and liberals who do not live in the major metropolitan zones as their (place N word here) regardless of their race.

      The state will never likely split for the same reason that the Progressive Party gets away with violating the rights of citizens, acts criminally by violating their oaths of office, and so much more.

      So, how about we all pull together as one voice supporting the Constitution rather than insulting each others’ states. We can win and safeguard our rights when we stand together. “A House divided can not stand” and that is one of the primary progressive tactics…. divide and conquer.

      • “Which is, of course, celebrating 606 days that Hillary is nacho President!”

        And may she have 2,314 additional days of not soiling the White House.

        Oh, some bad news for you – She’s likely running again in 2020 :

        “Is Hillary Clinton secretly planning to run in 2020?”

        I hope she is running. It won’t be a blowout, but she doesn’t have a chance against a *booming* economy and a long list of Trump campaign promises kept…

        • You fucking people are nuts. Get over hillary you retards.

          You gave us something worse with your ineptness.

          A fucking russian stooge racist rapist. God you people are morons.

        • We’d love to “get over Hillary.”

          But she won’t let us. She won’t go away and she won’t shut up.

        • Awww…forget about Hitlery, we now have the Communist Latino Cortez bitch to take her place. I just hope the Demoncraps get even more radical and show us their true colors.

        • Man those tears are salty!!!! Trump 2020, Cruz 2024. Hope you luberals stocked up on tissues!

        • @ me. i think you are looking in the mirror and seeing multiples mate. Under Killary the US would already have hit rock bottom with hyper infaltion etc much like venezuela is now and that cortez fruitcake would probably have it there in 6 months if she got in.

      • We won’t be safe from her until she occupies her eventual tomb at the Clinton Library (and massage parlor)…

      • Worry about your boy raping the economy and in bed with the russians you fucking cretin.

        not the idiot lady who didnt win. God you gun people are so fucking dumb, im embarrassed to own one now.

        • “…im embarrassed to own one now.”

          Have you considered attending a “buy back”? Or just selling your gun on Craig’s list so you can avoid the background check? Heck, just drop your embarrassment at the local leftist campaign headquarters, they will know what to do with it.

          Don’t feel you are obligated to remain a POTG just for our benefit.

        • I’ll take that embarrassing pea-shooter off your hands buttercup. I think a whistle is more your speed. Don’t worry, we’ll find one that’s not too loud or startling.

        • me…First you claim Kommiefornia is a great place to live and now you’re calling Hillary a lady. It must be true! The facts don’t matter to trolls and liberals!

        • Turn it in to your local law enforcement, pack your bags and actually do what so many of your leftist asswipes keep promising. Leave.

        • “Me” is a a tittie baby taken off mom’s teat at age 10, now mid-twenties, millennial, never had a real job, is an angry at the world misfit, who blames everything wrong in the world on normal masculine men, and probably owns an airgun, not a real gun. Buddy, stop getting your news from CNN and Facebook and get a job that requires you to lift and push heavy objects all day, that will increase your testosterone levels. Also, stop looking at pornography and get out and meet real people. There is hope for you, if you’re willing to get outside your present world and take a chance.

        • “Embarrassed to own one”, yep, true dat, I’d be embarrassed if I only owned one firearm also.

        • “God you gun people are so fucking dumb, im embarrassed to own one now.”

          Then use yours to blow your brains out, fvckwit…

        • I believe YOU are experiencing a Serious case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome!” It occurs when the person in question is an SJW infected with the Liberal Pathogen…There is NO cure…The patient is Terminal and NEEDS a “Safe Space ” to act out within it…Possibly a psychiatric doctor can write YOU prescription for medical marijuana card….

  3. “Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time CA DOJ has improperly disclosed the personal information of California gun owners.”

    That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


    War is peace, freedom is slavery, the drones are overhead for your protection and next, the RFID chips………

    • “That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


      Yep. It’s just like that Leftist township that published a map of where every registered gun was located in their town, and the excuse was “public safety”…

  4. So, this program prevented people from getting legal, creating criminals among people trying to be law-abiding. Meanwhile, it imposed costs, bother, data breach, and more, on the selected “legal” activities, and people who tried to comply.

    Well, that worked strictly according to their plan. Almost as if the point has nothing to do with safety of people living in the world, and everything to do with hijacking the mechanisms of law to impose costs on people they don’t like. It’s extortion. As they keep demonstrating. Almost as if they thought “those people” were “deplorable”, “irredeemable”, even, “bitterly clinging” to their guns, from psychological defect and revanchism. And were able to act, to impose costs, on those un-humans, using the machinery of law.

    Yeah, we should trust these people to … pack the supreme court, just picking an example for no particular reason.

  5. Time for a new California revolution. “New” Meh-he-co. And what actually happened to the non-compliant in NY? Anyone? Damned if you do comrade😩

    • Maybe because it’s better than any welfare queen redneck racist shithole state that you inbreds come from. Please leave my state so I dont have to worry about morons voting in it.

      • Your state is it? You must be one of those rich eletists to own your own state. There are already too many “moron” leftists voting in all the states!
        You are just another anti-gun emotionalist who claims to uphold the second amendment. You rank right up there with the KKK for fearing something that you don’t like. Anti-gunners are the mentally unstable ones, not the supporters of gun rights.

        • That 30 percent figure is accurate but misleading. What matters is how much a place puts into the tax coffers and how much it takes out. By and large, Los Angeles and its neighbors are the only places that suck out more than they contribute; the rest of the state is effectively paying for LA’s welfare, but California may divorce itself from LA with the plan on the ballot to split into 3 states.

          • “..but California may divorce itself from LA with the plan on the ballot to split into 3 states.”

            Resulting in four more Dimowit senate seats.

        • Two of the three proposed states may actually be conservative. There is a history of Northern California being irate with liberal lunacy of SoCal. Progressives in general probably didn’t know this or care and didn’t vote the issue.

          • “Two of the three proposed states may actually be conservative. ”

            Take another look at the proposed boundaries. All three “states” are anchored by liberal big cities (SD, LA, SF), populations outweighing the rural populations (as is the case today).

      • “Please leave my state so I dont have to worry about morons voting in it.”
        Look around numbnuts, all those Mexicans are voting right now.

      • Hate to break it to you but you are completely wrong. I’m a non-Christian transwomen in Mississippi and I feel safer here than California. I have the right to defense here and at least the government only picks on it’s citizens occasionally rather than constantly.

    • Because some of us left for other states like Texas but quickly quickly realized that The cheap home prices in Texas don’t make up for the meager wages and few other places in the world let you get barreled on a wave in the morning and buried in ski powder the same day.
      Prop 13 and the 2/3 required for taxes still makes California affordable outside of the Bay Area or LA

      • Surf & ski, huh? Must be rich or retired, right? Because the average commute is insanely bad over there, as are housing & every measure of cost of living. Pollution’s awful in most places, civic infrastructure is in even greater disrepair, and the state’s governance is so jacked up that practically no civic issues will be getting addressed properly for the foreseeable future. Texas has a higher quality of life to look forward to, California has an accelerating decline on the horizon. Probably punctuated by a major natural disaster finally knocking the wheels off.

  6. Anyone who is surprised by this has been smoking weed long before it was legal in CA. Many jurisdictions always treated bullet buttons as illegal; only a matter of time before a judge/AG letter/lawsuit made the bulletbutton an illegal assault weapon. Don’t buy anything that is an assault weapon or can possibly be interpreted to be an assault weapon in the future until Trump’s next SCOTUS overturns current regulations.
    Otherwise, expect CA to leak info, harass you at the range or when you are driving, and share that information with anyone doing a background check; good luck getting hired by any company with Federal contracts, OSHPD, FDA drug/pharma, military, police, etc.
    Just wait until the Supreme Court changes things.

  7. put a kali key on it and you aint gotta register it

    problem solved

    and your ar 15 wont look gay either

    keep a standard bch and charging handle in your bag of tricks for a day “when it may just come in handy”

    the way things are going that may be sooner rather than later

  8. I think it’s possible for most people to actually move out of California if they set their minds to it. There are plenty of gun friendly cities and states with jobs and lower priced housing and gas than California has. I’ve lived all over the US and am quite happy in Alaska where we can own practically any gun, NFA items are readily available in at least four stores close to me including a Sportsman’s Wharehouse.
    Our local range allows select fire, drawing from a holster, shooting steel, Tannerite and bump sticks. They just want you to be careful and obey all the rules. A friend of mine has a Russian Descka (sp?) full auto belt fed which was originally chambered larger than .50 cal so it has been rebarreled and chambered in 50 BMG and runs more than fine.
    I own a few select fire keepers and many suppressors and have a nice M-2 carbine select fire on the way…
    Food for thought and the winters are not really that bad, about like the Northern Midwest or Canada…

    • lol as much as i would love the gun freedom there, in winter i half freeze here in alice springs in the center of australia where during the day it rarely gets below 18C (what it was today). i would go well in the southern parts of the US not so well in the north. my partners dad on the other hand would love it up there as at the temps we have here at the moment he would still be running around in shorts and tshirt

  9. That is right – just alienate gun owners that do not agree with you……. We need ALL gun owners to stand together against gun grabbers. Many dems owns guns, just as many reps want to round them up(at least from people that are not like them).
    We have to stay together.

  10. Sam I Am: Mike in Ohio is right if we use 2016 Presidetial polling data.
    – California is anchored by LA, Ventura and Santa Barbara, so you probably never saw a MAGA hat there and it is so dark blue that it is a black hole of taxes.
    -Northern California would be within less than 2% and turnout would be more important. Even the Bay Area votes conservative a lot of times when taxes are involved (SF, SC, Oakland, Berkeley, and Palo Alto excluded – they just vote for the most radical Dem) when you consider Mountain View, Santa Clara, Fremont, Dublin, etc where the vote was close
    -SD is deep blue, but the suburbs are not. East County and Temecula are red and represented by Duncan Hunter Jr who does not get any more conservative. North County (Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Fallbrook, etc) lean red and are represented by Darryl Issa. OC is also blue in Newport and Santa Ana but Irvine, Lake Forest, Tustin, etc are red. It would be a Florida style recount in Southern California in 2016 and turnout would determine things.
    Research things and you might be surprised

    • The only way the rurals would have power is if the border was along the coastal cities, with the agriculture zone east. Two states instead of three. That there is a proposal for three states dominated by urban voters looks like the leftists hijacked the original cocept of secession from Californication, and designed it to increase the blue power. If the partition succeeds, and Congress creates two new states, the leftists win. If the partition fails, or if Congress refuses to create two new states, the leftists win.

      It is all about vote count, and the rural areas of each proposed new state cannot match the voting population of the big cities.

      • You do know that the Sierras are blue and North County SD and South OC coastal are burgundy (purple but consistently vote red because of turnout). The main thing is to get away from LA and its dirty influences.

        • “Purple” is blue with a conflicted confidence.

          Point remains that the “new” senators will be deep blue in all three states.

          Liberals are not defeated with small “pockets” of red; need overwhelming force to corral them.

  11. Everyone expects Cali to screw up. Lived here my whole life and it’s happened time and time again. However, I’m not worried about gun laws here, even as they’re entirely counter productive. Also, I’m entirely okay if people want to leave the state, it makes for less people on the freeway, and more delicious wine for me.

    I always encourage people to leave, and occasionally troll sites telling people how awful it is here… I do this for two reasons: One, it helps to convince them to leave, and two, I don’t want them moving here from some low-brow state east of the California border. I figure they’ll just bring their pregnant sister wife with them, and make more dufuses.

    Admittedly I love articles like this because it does some of my work for me. 😀

    So, please, if you live here, move elsewhere post haste. If you don’t live here, remember that should you decide to darken Cali dirt with your shadow, everyone in California wants to steal your money, then turn you into an uber cuck that wears unfashionable duds, who drives a lifted truck to hide a wavering masculinity. Also, remember that crying at slam poetry sessions goes too far, and even the hippiest hipsters will beat you. Your free state funded monthly report will also outline how, all your state taxes go to helping illegal aliens steal CEO jobs in Silicon Valley.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t want any of you competing for spots where I hunt for wild game. So scram. Get out. Vamoose!

    Thanks kindly,


    • “Also, I’m entirely okay if people want to leave the state, it makes for less people on the freeway, and more delicious wine for me.”

      Good on ya’. Smaller tax base is always good for providing services to the taxpayer.

  12. “Possibly even more concerning with DOJ’s online registration system were the reports of the system’s improper disclosure of personal information to other users.”

    California bureaucracy engaged in another cock-up?

    This is my surprised face – *8|

  13. Well, they can’t register their firearms now because of the time limit. They also can’t register their firearms because they are felons for owning an unregistered firearm, and registering their firearm now would be a violation of their 5th amendment rights because felons aren’t supposed to be able to legally own firearms.

  14. Perhaps, once the SCOTUS is reliably conservative and with constitutionalist Justices, all the gun laws since 1934 can be overturned and anti-gun State Laws ruled invalid.
    Although the prohibition against persons convicted of a violent felony possessing firearms should remain.
    Not that it does any good now.
    Since the SCOTUS ruled that the 2nd. Amendment applies to the States, “shall not be infringed” applies to the States as well as to the Federal Government.

  15. Perhaps it’s time for gun friendly towns and counties to set up “Sanctuary Cities” for gun owners and completely ignore what ever laws CA comes up with. California seems to recognize sanctuary cities for illegal alien felons, right?

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