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California State Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner has introduced California Assembly Bill AB-48. It’s now headed to committee. The bill attempts to close “loopholes” in the Golden State’s unconstitutionally restrictive firearms laws. For example, at the moment, a shooter can lend or borrow a 30-round magazine at a 3Gun competition—-so long as the other person is on site. Skinner’s skinned that cat . . .

Except as specified, existing law makes it a crime to manufacture, import, keep for sale, offer or expose for sale, or give or lend any large-capacity magazine, and makes a large-capacity magazine a nuisance. Existing law defines “large-capacity magazine” to mean any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds but excludes, in pertinent part, a feeding device that has been permanently altered so that the magazine cannot accommodate more than 10 rounds.

Then there’s the “issue” of shooters, dealers and other People of the Gun modifying non-California-legal magazines to California-legal 10-round magazine magazines (via a block, or something similar). This would be verboten under the new law, unless, maybe, you pin the magazine shut. Which of course makes it irreparable. Here’s the language:

This bill would make it a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 or imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed 6 months, or by both that fine and imprisonment, to knowingly manufacture, import, keep for sale, offer or expose for sale, or give or lend any device that is capable of converting an ammunition feeding device into a large-capacity magazine. The bill would revise the definition of “large-capacity magazine” to mean any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds, including a readily restorable, as defined, disassembled large-capacity magazine, and an oversize magazine body that appears to hold in excess of 10 rounds. The bill would make related, conforming changes. By creating a new crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

Here’s a new one: springs and ammunition magazines that look big would be illegal. The law prohibits . . .

. . . a readily restorable disassembled large-capacity magazine and an oversize magazine body that appears to hold in excess of 10 rounds. A magazine body is not a large-capacity magazine if it is only of sufficient size to accommodate no more than 10 rounds of ammunition and the internal working parts of the magazine, including the follower and spring.”

I guess they are scarier than small magazines? Parts kits are also now illegal, and well since you have to have a non serviceable magazine anyway, well you get the whole point.

(a) Anyone in this state, prior to selling, transferring, or otherwise furnishing ammunition to an individual or business entity in this state or any other state, shall do all of the following:
(1) Require proper identification from the purchaser in the form of a driver’s license or other photographic identification issued by a state or the federal government.
(2) Be an authorized firearms dealer, pursuant to Section 26500.
(3) Submit a report to the Department of Justice for all of the transactions, in a manner to be determined by the department.
(b) The Department of Justice shall alert local law enforcement entities in the community in which the purchaser resides if the purchaser obtains more than ____ rounds within a five-day period and the purchaser is an individual and not an authorized firearms dealer. The department is not required to alert local law enforcement of sales of ammunition made to peace officers.

So how many rounds do you reckon Californians will be compelled to report to the DOJ? One hundred? Fifty? Ten?

From the looks of it, if I were to go into the local gun store and buy one bullet, they need to inform the DOJ. Now what would the purpose be? Do they need to wait until they hear something back in order to actually process the order for my one bullet? If I provided false information then what? Does any of this make sense at all? I like the bit about allowing LEO’s to buy all the ammo they want. I guess they are special.

Skinner’s bill would also prohibit anyone other than an authorized firearms dealer from selling ammunition. They’d have to report the sales to the Department of Justice. If the authorized ammo dealer fails to make the required report or knowingly makes a report with false or fictitious information they’re guilty of a misdemeanor. By creating a new crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

The one upside to all this: I don’t see the original idea of making it illegal to sell ammunition online, although if the online dealer is not an FFL, and doesn’t follow procedure, then what? Are they going to charge out of state sellers with California state laws?

Never mind, ’cause . . .

“It shouldn’t be so easy to buy bullets, the very thing that makes a gun deadly,” Skinner told “While we have numerous safeguards in place to purchase a gun, it’s easier today to buy bullets than to buy alcohol, cigarettes or some cold medicines.”

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  1. Nancy Skinner just joined Leland “Goatfscker” Yee on AlphaGeek’s list of people who need to be permanently retired from public service ASAP.

      • Daniel (and the rest of the TTAG editorial staff):

        Can you please include a warning on all CA legislation stories to the effect that their legislative assistants DO read these discussions, and that volunteering information which helps them “improve” the bills is giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

        Otherwise I’m going to have to hijack one of the first comments on every CA legislation story with an off-topic reply warning people about this…

  2. This is ridonculous! The US Governmental needs to pass laws that supersede all the state laws and make everything uniform. Then I would be able to use my CCW permit from my home state anywhere I travel. California and New York are sinking in to an abyss.

  3. so what’s a 458 socom shooter to do? damn, my 10 round mag just happens to be indistinguishable from a standard 30 round pmag.

    • In all seriousness, it’s been suggested that one decent answer is to stencil

      .458 SOCOM
      10 round capacity

      on both sides of each magazine in permanent lettering and ensure that you always have at least one round of .458 loaded before putting the magazines back in your range bag. (And, obviously, never ever ever load a 5.56 or 300BLK round into one of your SOCOM mags when you’re in CA…)

  4. I always thought that it was as hard to buy ammo as it is to buy alcohol and cigarettes. In Texas I often get carded when buying ammo, and you usually have to check the box saying you’re old enough when ordering online.

    • Here in South Carolina it’s just as easy to buy ammo (if you can find it) as it is to buy alcohol or cigarettes. You pick out what you want, show your ID, pay for your purchase and walk out.

  5. Information Only: Anti-gun supporters frequently scan these types of sites to look for ways people plan on challenging/getting around the laws that are proposed.

    DO NOT post ways the law can be circumvented, how certain items would make it unconstitutional, etc.

    This has happened previously with SB 249 (Yee, bullet button ban). See Calguns for more information.

    Please, do not help these people. Let them drown on their own.


    • This. Pointing out flaws and loopholes is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. I’m pretty sure that’s defined as ‘treason’.

    • How about if we improve on their dumba$$ ideas by showing how they can be eliminated altogether? Like the Gun Free School Zone.

      • A motion to repeal or reduce idiotic legislation is ALWAYS in order.

        Does CA have a GFSZ statute which mirrors or expands on the Federal law?

        • Yes, it mirrors the federal law. There was a proposal last year to extend the limit to 1500′ from school property that failed in committee.

  6. The black helipcopters need to be flying to Ms. Skinner’s residence, not the streets of Miami.

  7. “There once was a man named Skinner, who took his girlfriend to dinner. They started to dine at a quarter till nine; by a quarter to ten it was in her. Not Skinner, the dinner. Skinner was in her before dinner.”
    If that’s Mrs. Skinner, I don’t blame him for having a girlfriend. What a maroon.

  8. we as californians KNEW this was going to happen, yet gave the left a super majority in the legislature.

    For shame, people, for shame.

  9. How is it easier to buy ammo than alcohol or tobacco? I live in AZ, am 28 years old, and am still often carded when buying ammo of either rifle or pistol caliber.

  10. ” it’s easier today to buy bullets than to buy alcohol, cigarettes or some cold medicines.”

    Because a bullet is a hunk of lead and copper. Cartridges on the other hand…

  11. PORAC (Peace Officers’ Research Association of California) yes,the same folks that helped make California open carry free ;had their board meeting on Friday, 2013 January 25. AB-48 was agenda item with the board to determine wether to oppose or support.Being in contact with Skinner’s people,once the board was assured of the cutouts favoring(exempting) active and retired LEOs they agreed to sign off(support) on AB-48.Once again, PORAC and by extention its 60,000 +- members have demostrated their concern for the safety of those they are sworn to maintain as sheep.Seemingly, many have it in their heads that they, unlike the sheeple they are serving are something other than civilians and they conduct themselves accordingly.We’ve got ours ,pull the rope.

    • That’s an amazingly powerful indictment of the two-tiered class system created by firearms laws with LEO/LEA exemptions. I’m disappointed but not surprised that they were bribed by exemption.

  12. I was born and raised in California, what a hell hole it’s become.
    I live in New Mexico now, I can OC with out a license, CC an unloaded weapon with a mag on my belt without a license or CC a loaded weapon WITH a license.

    I can buy a Personal Defense Weapon with standard capacity mags without a license or registration and I can buy a weapon from another citizen without a back ground check,; (we dodged a bullet from guess who?, a demoncrat, trying to make a background check for everyone mandatory this last monday).

    For now, NM is the land of the almost free and home of the brave; unless the parasites in congress pass some more government rape of our G-d given rights.

    • Hi Thomas and welcome to New Mexico. I was born and raised here. I am glad to hear you are enjoying our lax gun laws (lets hope they continue to stay that way).

      I hope people have been treating you good. I have heard of Californians not being treated too well due to the past experience we have had with them. They claim they moved here to get away from all the idiocy that is rampant all over California, yet they bring their extreme liberal ideology with them. We would prefer for new residents to embrace our culture instead of trying to make it like the place they wanted so badly to get away from.

      Again, welcome to New Mexico. I hope you have a positive experience here. BTW where have you been going to get practice in? I think Calibers is a little too expensive, I sometimes go to the outdoor range on the West Side. I know of a great spot that is just outside the city limits and it’s free. The cops are aware but they don’t care. In fact I have seen a cop out there shooting when he was off duty. There is also a private club I have been thinking about joining that has some great benefits.

  13. “…it’s easier today to buy bullets than to buy alcohol, cigarettes or some cold medicines.”

    Speak for yourself, buddy, I have to wait for the show to come around or buy online… Oh wait you must mean cartridges!

  14. Did anyone else notice that 30301(a)(2) requires that Anyone in this state, prior to selling, transferring, or otherwise furnishing ammunition to an individual or business entity in this state or any other state, shall Be an authorized firearms dealer, pursuant to Section 26500. This section would appear to require ANYONE wishing to shoot guns for ANY reason to obtain the ammo they will use through a licensed dealer and not allow them to give away any excess ammo unless they happen to be a licensed dealer themselves.

    • It’s clear that my multiple trips per year to the Reno/Tahoe area will have to include a side trip to one or more supply stores. Not that it doesn’t already, but now I’ll be looking for friends on the NV side who can accept and hold deliveries for me…

  15. I should buy a storefront off of I-5 just north of the Oregon border and sell nothing but ammo. No sales tax, no paperwork, no checks or plastic accepted.

  16. It’s maddening to live in the state that is responsible for all this nonsense. We already have laws on the books, and frankly, the whole 10/30s look scary so lets ban them, is once again, undedicated morons making laws for the sake of making laws.

    My state is responsible for the AWB, and various laws further eroding our right to keep and bear arms. We have bullet buttons, 2 part ID’s for “AWs”, 10 round limits, no open carry, no LTC in major metro areas, a May Issue status, and yet no one wants to acknowledge the fact that these laws have been around since 1994, and maintained after the AWB was lifted. I am 100% possitive that the majority of the shooting here in Los Angeles are perpetraited by A) criminals, B) Do not involve the mythical “standard capacity” magazines, C) more often than not involve unregistered or stolen firearms, D) involve some kind of gang rivalry. Sure there are people with guns who use them for other crimes like intimidation, robbery etc, but at the end of the day, the majority of these crimes are committed by felons with stolen or modified weapons that dont meet the California AWB criteria. Show me a single case where an automatic AK47 was found at a crime scene with e bullet button, or hell.. A semi-auto AK, AR, or AOW that had a bullet button… Why would any criminal not take the 5 minutes it takes to replace the magazine release? I do it every god damn time I leave the state. It’s a simple, easy process any joe schmoe with a little mechanical intuition can figure out how to do on their own.

    They are gunning for NO GUNS ALLOWED, but know that wont happen with that kind of title, so instead they are slowly erroding what little we have left, all the while lumping law abiding citizens right in with the rampent gun crime perpetrated by gangs, felons, drug dealers, and scum bags.

    I hate this state almost as much as I hate New York and Chicago

  17. Last time I checked a liquor store they were all stocked up. Last time I tried to by a pack of smokes there was no shortage. Last time I went to Walmart for some ammo…

    Also I’ve been IDed every time for the ammo I purchase. Can’t say the same for the other two. So no, it’s not easier. But I’ll tell you what, I’m starting to wish it was.

  18. Buying cigarettes and alcohol in California is just as easy as buying ammunition. Most places don’t even bother carding you if you look over 25.

  19. Breaking News!
    California has decended from the 13th largest economy on the planet to a failed socialist state in 40 years, but don’t worry banning Optimal Capacity Magazines will surely save them!
    I hope you folks in Kali have your bug-out bags packed.
    BTW my 20 ac. mini farm is for sale for the same price as the average LA home

  20. Well, the way she sees it, the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms–but doesn’t say anything about ammunition!
    What’s worse is that this is not the only bill being proposed concerning ammo. One proposes an i.d. system requiring a permit to purchase. One is a rewrite of a previously invalidated handgun ammo law (that now applies to all kinds of ammo), requiring a thumbprint, photo ID and reporting tot he State. It is an all out press this year–maybe they think this is the last best chance and are running scared? (Fingers crossed.)

  21. How much is the fee going to be for the DOJ reporting? Currently a CA FFL collects a $25 fee for the DROS (dealers record of sale) with every firearm transfer. Is there going to be a $10 or $15 DOJ fee to buy ammo? I sure wouldnt want to buy 1 box of 9mm if the fee doubled the price. I’d buy 20 boxes to spread the impact of the fee, but buying 1,000 rounds would surely lead to a knock on my door and circling black helicopters. This law is only intended to inconvenience law abiding gun owners and will have no effect on criminals.

  22. And yet, how will this be enforced? I don’t buy ammo locally and haven’t for years. The internet is convenient, but if it is made unavailable, I drive to Nevada regularly. I can buy what I want in any quantity I can afford at stores happy to get my business. Registration? Never have, never will. This is an abuse of the law. When government does that, and demands compliance, it breeds resentment and defiance. They should tread carefully.

  23. This is all great and makes the zombie politicians happy that they’re making it impossible for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves as provided for in our Constitution. I always ask… many criminals will obey these laws??? Will it stop even ONE criminal??? The answer is obvious, but libs don’t get it.

  24. This is a “Backdoor” gun grab. This ammo shortage is Government created. In the early 70’s the big deal was to get money from the Feds via Federal Grants for Law Enforcement. It was plentiful, easy to graft off, and not hard to get. It came at a price though. You must abide by the guidelines or pay it back. Within a couple of years most agencies had taken so much they could never repay it. Most departments have people who do nothing but write and apply for grants.
    Now the latest trend is “Homeland Security Money” same concept different name. Did you notice in Boston all the armored vehicles in use during the bombings. How often would a small town say the size of 20,000 population need something like that or afford them ? They have them. It looked like Boston was heading for the front lines during WWII. According to a National broadcast program it showed a Boston Helicopter equipted with a camera that can see a cigarette but on the sidewalk from one mile up and had infrared and heat sensing abilities. The suspect was located and seen in the boat by this technoligy. IT then looked like a Chineese fire drill. A shot was fired by someone, no one knows who for sure as stated on the show. All hell then broke loose with Police firing over 300 rounds and ended up taking the suspect alive with non life threating injuries. They did kill the BOAT.
    Now with Homeland Security having ordered several million rounds of ammo, it would appear that they would issue a few truck loads to the Boston Police and train a few of them in the art of shooting. How they avoided dozens of “Friendly Fire” Casualities is a Gift from God. Now ask yourself if a incident like this might occur once in a lifetime why would you need so much crowd control and armored military equipment. Times and situations have not changed all that much since WWII, the only thing changed is the reporting of these incidents. We at current levels of Government control will in just a few short years be living in a Police State all because nobody will stand up and VOTE.

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