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The MCK TAC is an expansion to the lineup of CAA USA MCK/Micro Conversion Kits (like the one reviewed here a couple years ago). The MCK TAC is available in a wide range of colors, camouflage patterns, and “special” color schemes, and is compatible with more than 120 models of handgun.

CAA USA's MCK TAC PDW conversion kit

Unlike their the carbine conversion kit for GLOCKs from a few years back, the MCK TAC is one of the smallest “PDW conversion kits” (if not the smallest) available…at least among the more common ones in mass production anyway.

There is also an MCK TAC conversion kit available for those who want to retrofit a previous model of weapon and frame.

The MCK TAC is designed for close-in type defensive work (hence the specifically mentioned PDW/personal defense angle), including “close protection” (i.e. VIP/PSD uses), providing what is essentially an add-on shooting platform expansion. There is no stock on the MCK TAC as it is not intended to be shouldered.

Using sling tension to stabilize the MCC TAC from CAA USA.

Instead, it’s stabilized (insomuch as any weapon using sling tension can be stabilized) as described by the manufacturer below.

The MCK TAC ships with a special Bungee sling, sling swivel, and rail-mounted thumb rest for added stability when accuracy and control truly count.

The combination of the shooter’s arm at full extension and the resistance from the bungee-style sling creates a steady platform for added accuracy and control when shooting the MCK TAC.

Installation is fast, simple, and largely intuitive.

Assembling the MCK TAC for use

Assembling the MCK TAC for use

Assembling the MCK TAC for use

LTC. (Ret.) Mikey Hartman, CEO of CAA USA advises,

Born out of demand by private and military security firms, we put our engineering team to work on creating the most compact and discrete MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) to date. Presenting the MCK TAC. The TAC is suitable for all real-time scenarios in which concealment and speed are paramount. Taking cues from the shooting dynamics of firearms like the HK MP5K, the MCK TAC, with included bungee sling and swivel is the ultimate compact shooting solution. Not only are we releasing the MCK TAC, but we’ve also created a TAC upgrade KIT to retrofit any existing MCK to the new TAC configuration. The TAC rear compartment keeps you in the fight by adding storage for an additional CR123 battery for your weapon light or optic, up to four 9mm rounds or even hearing protection.

No Stock? Push the Sling

Some people refer to the “sling tension shooting” as the “SAS method.” It was first popularized by images of the British SAS Regiment using MP5s although other units and teams have used it, too.

Sling tension shooting is, as described above, a push/pull method. Here’s an explanation (albeit demonstrated on a different weapon system).


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  1. I tried one of these things, and IMHO I’ll never actually buy one. The only thing it offered was a slightly better sight picture due to the longer length, as well as the ability to perhaps add a larger light or optic, but it otherwise was inferior to classic handgun tactics. You can conceal (or OWB holster) a pistol, but this thing has to be slung and hung on your person.

    A cool gadget, and I recommend that everyone try one if you get the opportunity, but for me, nope. Just a novelty.

    • If you’re talking about the TAC specifically, I agree with you. I also understand you’re in the CSSR and don’t get the good stuff.

      If you’re talking about braces / MCKs in general, try the following experiment: Pick any organization’s pistol qual. Shoot it with with any MCK-compatible pistol the “right” way, followed by the MCK way. Cheating? Certainly. But 99% of shooters (everyone, except maybe a competitive pistol expert who never touches a rifle) will significantly outshoot their first scores. Even some people previously unable to qualify (maybe not that one guy in every non-infantry unit whose shakiness is on the Parkinson’s spectrum😉) will score “Expert”.

      Depending on clothes, it does reduce or prevent concealment. OTOH, for the many requirement sets (uniformed police, military support / staff personnel, home or back-country defense) where concealment is not a factor, I’d argue that the MCK is objectively superior to a conventional stand-alone pistol. Is it superior to a “real” rifle? No, but it also isn’t 3′ long, 6-9 pounds, or filling your house with muzzle blast.

  2. Haha “up to four 9mm rounds“

    Sure, let’s shove four loose rounds in a storage compartment to rattle around jusssssst in case.

    • “Sure, let’s shove four loose rounds in a storage compartment to rattle around jusssssst in case.”

      Well, the blonde keeps her vibrator batteries in there.

      I put a Magpul grip on my .22 charger pistol, and the little storage compartment in the grip is handy for chamber flags, barrel caps, etc…

      • I’ll send him to your mothers trailer. She’ll touch him for a six pack of Bud and a pack of camels. Problem solved.

      • JWM, if ever there was someone with extensive experience in knowing who has “never known the touch of a woman”, it’s my little troll.

        His obsession with that highlights his autism… 😉

      • Behold the acute attention Baaaaaaahahahahahaha is able to give to the needs of others. His compassion is legendary. If only we all possessed such ability to focus on a topic.

      • My little troll said :

        “If only we all possessed such ability to focus on a topic.”

        Every time you comment you demonstrate an autistic’s deranged obsession with someone.

        Get help. Seriously, get the help you need. Barring that, commit suicide. I promise, all the voices in what little’s in your head will stop if you do… 🙂

      • All jokes aside thats what it appears they were going for. You can hear the buzzing after the screen fades to black.This has to be the damn dumbest gun infomercial i have ever seen. Ill stick with my glocks and sigs for carry and any of my carbines for really serious stuff. Watching this just makes me want a Sig rattler or mcx even more.

  3. I don’t “get” it. My lowly but terrific Taurus G3 will take a 30(32?)round Sig 226 mag. My LGS has ’em. But hey its yer $ if you want this.

    • So you own a Taurus? In what other ways do you let the world know you’ve given up on your hopes and dreams?

      • “In what other ways do you let the world know you’ve given up on your hopes and dreams?”

        You apparently do so by incompetently trolling gun blogs… 😉

        • Wearing an NAA Mini Revolver on a lanyard around your chubby neck is an unmistakable sign you’re resigned to a life of involuntary celibacy…

        • Chubby neck? I just measured it, 13.5 inches is not a ‘chubby neck’ for someone who stands 6 feet, little boy.

          (Very little boy, if you know what I mean… 🙂 )

        • Wow, he had no response when I mock the size of his non-existent ‘boy-hood’.

          Man, it must really suck being you, the disappointment every time you look in the mirror and realize your pathetic life will never improve… 🙂

  4. While they’re interesting, I think they shot themselves in the foot with their own ad, saying it’s just like an Mp5k. Why would any self respecting security personnel, hi speed/low drag type use something like this when the Mp5k, p90, mp7, micro Uzi, and rifle caliber guns like the SIG Rattler and others are available?

  5. Off topic. But why can’t anybody make a pistol caliber carbine in 9mm that weighs no more than 5 pounds?

    All the ones that I’ve seen are heavy enough you might as well go with a rifle round.

    • Something like the Henry .22lr takedown ‘Survival Rifle’ up-sized to 9mm might be interesting…

      • Still can’t site a single example of my ‘stolen valor’? Which makes you a liar. But we already knew that.

    • Look at MechTech’s complete uppers.

      BTW, anyone else notice that about 1/4 of all the comments on this page that were here last night are now gone, including a couple of my own?

  6. I have an MCK and love it, but agree that it needs to be downsized. Unfortunately, the TAC is a step in exactly the wrong direction.

    The rubberized and ergonomic brace is the best part of the MCK: unbelievably comfortable, more so than many stocks.

    Where the MCK really needs to lose weight and bulk is everywhere else. If they could combine a lean chassis along the lines of the Flux (minimal rails from the pistol’s Pic rail back, with a small optics bridge above and behind the slide) with their brace, THAT would be a perfect combination.

  7. I remember that years ago there was an accessory that allowed you to hang a magazine from the front rail of a pistol and the ATF declared it an AOW. How are they getting away with this?

  8. It is illegal to have a vertical foregrip on a pistol. ATF decided (or, more precisely, geometry decided and ATF acknowledged😉) that the MCK does not hold the magazine vertically and is therefore not an AOW.

  9. I personally am of the opinion that it’s because most PCCs use blow back. To do blow back well you really need something in the ballpark of 24oz of weight for the bolt based on what I’ve seen/my experiences anyways. The C9 is 18.5oz according to a quick look and even that’d be pretty high slide velocity I’d think. It’s a full 1/2 lb more than a Glock slide too.

    A lot of PCCs being built off an AR platform doesn’t help. The overall length of the frame and upper are based on an 5.56 OAL, not a 9mm OAL. It could be 1-2oz just shortening it.

    Besides this even I’d have a modular rail system for the top and get rid of the vast majority of the railing on such a gun except enough for some sort of flash light and optic (Aimpoint or EOTech.) Mbus and Keymod are nice in that they add holes which lighten stuff instead of rails that add weight.

    It may be plausible to reduce some weight at the barrel interface into the receiver as well, I’d think that having the barrel nut area be the size of full blown barrel extension is wholly unnecessary and probably adds a decent amount of weight. A 9mm 10.5″ Uzi Barrel from Green Mountain is 4.8oz lighter than a Faxon 10.5″ AR9 barrel in what I wouldn’t consider a “super heavy” profile.

    Another thing that probably doesn’t help is the barrel its self. Having a 16″ barrel means you’re talking 1lb to 20oz for a 9mm ar barrel. That’s a decent bit of weight honestly. I’m not sure how much you could take off without affecting the accuracy, but it’s a good chunk of weight. Even going more to a 9mm optimal ~12″ 9mm barrel is probably a few oz.


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