March 2020 gun background check data FBI
Courtesy NSSF
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The FBI’s March NICS background data for march was released yesterday and it was every bit as horrific as the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex feared it would be.

The adjusted background check data quantified what we’ve all seen in the photos of Americans lining up — sometimes for hours — outside of gun stores all across the country.

As the NSSF’s Mark Oliva told us,

Retailers have been telling us that the overwhelming majority of those buying firearms over the last month have been first-time gun owners. This puts to rest America’s thoughts on gun control ideas. Americans across the country chose to exercise their right to lawfully purchase a gun when their safety became more than a rhetorical question.

Meanwhile, the gun control industry isn’t taking the news well.

American gun control advocates said they found the statistics on record-breaking numbers of firearms background checks concerning, and urged Americans to think twice before panic-buying a gun, particularly if they had never owned one before.

Concerns have also been raised about children sheltering at home in houses where they might have access to guns, as well as the risk of gun suicide, which amount to approximately two-thirds of US gun deaths each year.

“We need to prepare for the increased risk of more firearms in untrained hands,” David Chipman, a senior policy adviser at Giffords, a leading gun violence prevention expert, said in a statement. If you didn’t think you needed a gun prior to March of this year, you certainly don’t need to rush out and get one now.”

– Lois Beckett in Americans purchasing record-breaking numbers of guns amid coronavirus

And the Brady Bunch has found the gun buying surge educational, too! They seem to have discovered that buying a firearms isn’t a matter of walking in, plunking down your cash and walking out.

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  1. Poor poor mini mike bloomberg and his sicko Jim Crow Gun Control ilk. They are back to square one. Perhaps mini mike can make a fresh start by banning the guns of his 7 armed guards.

    • Debbie W.,

      Unfortunately, civilian disarmament proponents are NOT back to square one. Why? People who want to obtain a firearm still have to produce identification, pass a background check, have no criminal convictions, fill out forms, and pick up the firearm in person. And all of the impediments to owning suppressors, “short-barreled” rifles, “short-barreled” shotguns, and full auto firearms are still in place.

      For reference having to pass a background check AND having no criminal convictions are two separate hurdles. Of course you cannot have felony criminal convictions (even for non-violent crimes such as bouncing checks) and be “legally” qualified to acquire a firearm. And having no criminal convictions — having the proper criminal history to pass a background check — is of little comfort when the background check systems are unable to process you at this time.

      • “Unfortunately, civilian disarmament proponents are NOT back to square one. Why? People who want to obtain a firearm still have to produce identification, pass a background check, have no criminal convictions, fill out forms, and pick up the firearm in person. And all of the impediments to owning suppressors, “short-barreled” rifles, “short-barreled” shotguns, and full auto firearms are still in place.”

        OK, you may have a point, but I seriously doubt all your doom and gloom is keeping vast numbers of first-time gun owners from making their purchases. Going back over the disarmament project a lot of people started in this country over a century ago- possibly the greatest reason for it’s apparent success lay with the reality that fewer and fewer people were exercising their 2nd Amendment-acknowledged right, making it less difficult to continue chipping away at it. As 2A advocates, we should celebrate the fact that more and more Americans are now realizing the importance of this right and are choosing to participate. It’ll be our responsiblity to show why it should be less regulated and expanded and we must be careful not to alienate these newbies andcontiue the mistrust that the media and politicians have foisted upon those of us who have always enjoyed the liberty provided by our Founders. (And i know they did not actually “provide” RKBA, but without the acknowledgement in the Constitution we’d have never realized it…)

      • You are long on words and short on telling me something I don’t know already about firearm red tape.
        The fact is mini mike and his ilk are at Square One. He just lost half a billion dollars running for POTUS on a Gun Control platform. So it is back to square one for the Gun Control crowd to have a POTUS that will sign insane gun control legislation into law. That looks like, sounds like Square One.
        Some people nitpick and reply to the first post as a way to cut in line. Surely that’s not you.

        • Good reply.

          ONCE again American Citizens have voted with the only thing that really matters, THEIR WALLETS, for self determination and self defense.

          Many first time owners will now realize that the Leftist Gun Ban Globalist Stooges have been lying to them about how easy it is to obtain a firearm. Especially in CA, NY.

      • So, if 30,000 people die yearly due to gunshots, 66% are from suicides, right? Another 20% are inner-city gang-bangers fighting over drug territories and just hatred of OTHER gang members. Accidental death of adults AND children? 1 percent. So, what’s left is the actual mass shootings by mentally disturbed males who for SOME reason have ALL been either members of the democrat party or have voted democrat.

        Further, surveys from gun shop owners indicates that more than 60% of first-time handgun buyers are WOMEN now, and MOST of them are signing up for Concealed Carry Pistol classes and becoming Licensed To Carry

    • This is a reminder. It’s not about background checks or assault rifle bans. The gun control orgs are simply against civilian gun ownership (unless it’s by their security guards).

      • You’re right. It’s not about background checks, assault rifle bans or even what kinds of possessions people can own.
        It’s about people control.

    • Mikey needs to pour more of his money down the sewer and lil’ girlie boy Hogg needs to squeal louder. Not because that would work, but because I find it so damn amusing.

      • The situations in FL and VA are NOT amusing. Bloomberg failed for POTUS, but do not underestimate the damage he can do at lower levels of government.

    • “if you didn’t need a gun before…you certainly don’t need one now.”….what an utterly moronic statement…what planet do these people live on?

  2. I wonder how the correlation between gun ownership and suicide compares to losing your business and going bankrupt and suicide.

    • Depression and suicides increase when people face adversity. These blind ideologues will tell us it’s only because of guns and not losing your income, etc.

      • Of course if you hang yourself or wash down a bottle of tranquilizers with a bottle of JD you don’t count.

        • Southern Comfort for those with a sweet tooth. And not that “Neutral Alcohol” as a base crap, only the original recipe using a good whiskey as a base.

    • Bernie Bros have a solution for that: ban private businesses and prosperity! Can’t lose what you didn’t have.

    • Many studies confirm that confiscating firearms from the suicidal only leads to them using a different method.

      Why people aren’t smart enough to understand the same about the homicidal and red flag laws is beyond my grasp.

      • Harvard school of public health:

        “Though guns are not the most common method by which people attempt suicide, they are the most lethal. About 85 percent of suicide attempts with a firearm end in death. (Drug overdose, the most widely used method in suicide attempts, is fatal in less than 3 percent of cases.) Moreover, guns are an irreversible solution to what is often a passing crisis. Suicidal individuals who take pills or inhale car exhaust or use razors have time to reconsider their actions or summon help. With a firearm, once the trigger is pulled, there’s no turning back.”

        • He, who really wants to end it all shoots himself.
          He, who wants to cry for help eats some pills and calls 911.
          How is this an argument against gun ownership again?

        • This, as we all know, is why the suicide rate in nearly gun free Japan and South Korea is so low.

          (Is a sarcasm tag really necessary?)

      • American public health association:

        “There is ample evidence that suicidality is transitory. Should a person survive a suicidal impulse, his or her prognosis is quite good. The results of a meta-analysis of nearly 100 studies of suicide attempters showed that 90% of attempters who survive do not go on to die by suicide.[14] In fact, many suicide attempts occur with little planning,[15,16] often in response to a short-term crisis.[17,18] However, if a person attempts suicide through a means that is highly lethal, such as a firearm, the odds of survival are quite low.[19]”

        • Does a person not have ownership of his or her body? Do they not have the right to decide what they can or can not do with it?

          An adult has the absolute right to end their own existence if they so choose. Are we not sovereigns of our own fate or do we belong to the state?

        • “Does a person not have ownership of his or her body? Do they not have the right to decide what they can or can not do with it?”

          “My body, my choice” in action…

        • “Does a person not have ownership of his or her body?”

          Yes, that’s why pregnancy termination is legal.

          But when a person is suffering from a diagnosable mental illness that causes suicide ideation, it’s our responsibility to help them receive treatment for their illness.

        • There’s a fundamental difference between suicide and abortion. With suicide you’re taking your own life, with abortion you’re taking the life of another human.

          Just thought I’d point out the obvious.

        • ‘Diagnosable mental illness’. So if we get enough doctors to declare voting for socialism to be a mental illness, and I believe we could, does that mean you’ll just submit to their treatment program?

        • “So if we get enough doctors to declare voting for socialism to be a mental illness, and I believe we could”

          If you truly believe this statement I have my concerns about your grasp of reality.

        • miner. It has been very easy for .govs to pervert the mental health argument to their own agendas. Now if you’re comfortable in allowing them that right do not be surprised when it is turned against you.

          A lot of my counter arguements to your statements are simply turning your own ideas and agendas against you. And you never seem to be able to grasp this.


        • So, Miner49er, let me get this straight:

          1. Suicide is a tragedy that must be prevented (and on that, I agree, BTW), so BECAUSE guns are a very effective method of suicide, we must ban them (notwithstanding the fact that the RKBA is actually a specific portion of the Bill of Rights); and

          2. Killing an innocent human life is a constitutional right (which it isn’t), so we must support ANY abortions at ANY time by ANY method, for ANYONE who wants them, and if they can’t afford it, the ‘taxpayers’ need to foot the bill.

          Is that about right, s***weasel??? FOAD.

        • Miner, since you support the right for a woman to take the life of another human via abortion, then by this analogy she also has the right to take your life! The woman’s body is her, but the life inside her is NOT hers to do with as she pleases including terminate it’s life. Now what is so hard for you to understand and accept about that simple fact?

        • Very few who hang themselves correctly survive the experience as their neck is snapped and spinal cord separation does the rest. Many who don’t hand themselves correctly “dance” for several minutes, just as those who “flinch” while using a firearm can suffer a frontal lobotomy and survive. As a Drill Instructor I once knew was wont to say…. “If you can’t get this right let me know…. I have a manual…..”. Get it? Got it! Good!

        • “guns are a very effective method of suicide, we must ban them”

          Never my claim or position, please cite where I suggested we should ”ban guns”.

          Regarding abortion, I believe the viability of the fetus is the question. I’m generally not in favor of abortion’s after the 20th week unless there’s compelling medical evidence the fetus is unviable or those mothers life is at risk.

          “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.“

          According to the KJV genesis 2:7 man does not become a living soul until he receives the breath of life. That’s good enough for the Christians, I won’t argue with that.

        • Socialism, communism, and progressivism (same same same) are all mental disorders. Take the guns from all the above and watch mass shootings drop to unseen lows.

        • If anything else is good enough for Christians do you always agree with it, or do you only agree with certain excerpts from the bible when it’s convenient for you?

          Regarding your arbitrary cutoff point where it’s either okay or not okay to have an abortion, was it possible seventy years ago to have a baby survive outside the womb at 22 weeks? According to your argument of viability, the point at which an abortion is okay depends on the level of technology and medical advancement. Continuing down this path means years from now maybe an eighteen week old baby could survive outside the womb. Please explain what the difference in the baby is. Is the baby less human depending on the level of current medical technology?

        • “Does a person not have ownership of his or her body? Do they not have the right to decide what they can or can not do with it?”

          According to statutory law or regulation, no.

          Unpasteurized milk brings out SWAT teams and experimental medications are routinely denied to the terminally ill. Discovering a previously undescribed mushroom peaks the interest of the DEA because it might, maybe contain a chemical you’re not allowed to injest and we gotta find out!

          Shit man, “It is illegal to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling” is all you need to know.

        • ‘Regarding abortion, I believe the viability of the fetus is the question.’ – So what exactly is ‘viability’. It’s the ability to live outside the life support system of the womb. So what about other humans temporarily on life support. Providing, as in the vast majority of cases, the human fetus is healthy, he or she WILL be born and live a long and healthy life. If an adolescent child is temporarily on life support due to an ailment he or she is virtually guaranteed to survive, is it OK for the mother of the child to remove the life support? How would that not be homicide? You support the intentional killing of the 13 week old child but I’d wager you’d reject the intentional ending of the life of a 13 year old child.

          ‘According to the KJV genesis 2:7 man does not become a living soul until he receives the breath of life.’ – God formed ‘man’ out of the dust and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. ‘Man’ not ‘men’. Man = Adam. Adam was not formed as zygote, embryo, fetus or infant but as a fully grown man. Adam wasn’t a living soul until he was made alive by God. The rest of us are made alive by God at conception.

    • It’s not just economic. 2 seniors at the Air Force Academy committed suicide after enduring “prison-like” social distancing rules, which have since been loosened.

      • Glad we found out about them now, I’m suspecting they would be very poor ICBM missile crewman.

        It is surprising that psychological profile testing had not discovered this issue. Isolated duty is never easy but it’s rather common place in the armed services.

        • ” It is surprising that psychological profile testing had not discovered this issue ”

          Not surprising at all. Psychology is not even close to being the hard science that the profession would like you to believe it is. In something like physics, you have a cause and it results in an effect. In psychology, you mostly have a guess that points to a possible result. This is the real demon packed in to red flag laws — psychology is totally unequipped to declare that someone is or is not a potential threat, so the whole damn thing is based on conjecture and whim. Most psychologists can’t do much more that give their patients a pill for some ginned-up diagnosis and send them home.

        • These are officers, they were in the Academy not basic training. They would never be in that position, let alone a crewman unless it was flying a plane. You fail again, reading comprehension really is not your thing.

        • Hillbilly. They are not officers until they graduate the academy. miner’s comment shows his usual lack of class. But they were not officers.

        • Do you really think that the United States Air Force is going to give the launch keys to enlisted men?

          They intentionally pick young bachelor officers because they have a higher probability of doing the deed.


          * Bachelor’s or master’s degree with science/technical/engineering/math disciplines
          * Completion of training specific to Nuclear and Missile Operations
          * Meet physical qualifications for Missile Operator duty
          * Succesfully screened for eligibility and meet requirements of the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP)
          * Completion of a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)
          * Completion of Officer Training School (OTS), Air Force Academy (AFA) or Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC)
          * Must be between the ages of 18 and 39

          Apparently, they’ve had some issues with readiness:

          “Minot’s crew are supposed to stand ready 24-hours a day to launch missiles on the president’s command. A crew member was disciplined in 2008 for falling asleep on duty, while watching nuclear launch-code components.
          The 17 officers were part of a team standing 24-hour watch over the Air Force’s most powerful nuclear missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that can strike targets across the globe. They were removed from duty in April. “You will be a bench warmer for at least 60 days,” Folds wrote.”

  3. Now do ya understand, we’re citizens, not subjects! You can take a knee if you want to, we refuse, and don’t bother coming to us begging for protection when the sh*t DOES hit the fan.

  4. “Bookmark this tweet. Save it and look at it when the @CDCgov releases data on 2020 gun fatalities number in December 2021/January 2022.

    This is a grotesque celebration of death.”

    Okay, the gauntlet has been thrown. Let’s figure out if violence is caused by the number of guns or just bad people. Why not start with the April 2020 numbers?

    • Since the roots of Gun Control are in Racism and Genocide sicko Gun Control Zealots quite obviously celebrate the torture and deaths of millions. What sicko filth.

      • .era ouy pointy the finger at the U S. government? They’re on side, it’s tuff fighting New World Order( Illuminati). If the government of this country did not want Us to have gunms , we wouldn’t. ,,

  5. Just got a nice delivery from Lucky Gunner yesterday. GTG. They had exactly what I needed and got it to me in two days!

    • Good on you, RidgeRunner, but . . . if y’all needed guns or ammunition, why the eff did you wait until now to pull the trigger (so to speak)? As much as I love guns, and subscribe to the theory that “there is no such thing as too much ammunition”, I haven’t even thought about hitting a gun store since this crap started. I was sittin’ fine. Now, when things calm down??? I’m guessing there will be more than a few FFLs that overstocked in response to this craziness, and there may be bargains to be found. I’ll certainly give it a look. Since my local range is closed down for the Chinese Lung Rot, I haven’t even been using my weekly allotment of practice ammo, so I’m feelin’ pretty comfortable, about now.

  6. When gun ownership passes the 50% mark then gun owners who vote will be taken just as seriously as women were when they started to vote. It’s so easy to marginalize a minority but when the minority becomes a simple majority then the game changes.

    Look at all the big cities. A minority nationwide became a huge majority locally and the governments of all the cities have become singularly one party rule for decades.

    • I wonder how close we really are to the 50% number.

      We all know gun sales have been brisk since before President Obama took office. At this point, we are probably well over 100 million new guns in the US. It is also fair to assume that one person, generally the male, in the home generally purchases most of the guns.

      Some observations and thoughts –

      Homes with guns in them have been measured in between 43 and 45 % for a few years now.

      We don’t know how many homes have guns but refuse to participate in surveys like the one above. This unknown could swing the number of households up several points.

      We can assume that some of these households have at least one person who may have not be happy about there being a gun in the house. I am willing to bet a fair number of them have changed their minds now. Maybe some votes gathered here.

      We have a number of households that just purchased their first gun. I bet many now have multiple people happy they can defend themselves. Maybe a few points increase in households with a gun and votes here.

      We know many of these new gun owners, and many nongun owners who want one, just got a crash course on what you have to do to purchase a gun and the Lies that the Antis tell about how easy it is. This group gets larger as they are told police are not coming except for the most serious crimes. A few more votes here, and longer-term maybe even new household with a gun as people work there way through the hoops in restricted states.

      Some of the new owners will probably sell their gun after the crisis. we will lose from households, but I doubt we ever had their vote.

      So yeah, even if I am wrong on a few items, I would probably be concerned if I was an anti-gunner right now. There are far more compelling reasons for more gun ownership then for less.

      • “We don’t know how many homes have guns but refuse to participate in surveys like the one above. This unknown could swing the number of households up several points.”


        I am one of those people who (legally) has enough guns and ammo to literally arm my entire block, but as far as any agency is concerned, they see nothing on record. And I guarantee I’m not the only one. This weekend, I’ll be guiding a friend in his first P80 build. He was not able to buy a gun recently due to the run on gun stores, so he brought out his frame (which he legally serialized before the 2018 cutoff date but forgot in his closet) and will soon have his own gun on hand. And then we’ll have another gun owner off the radar.

        • LOL.
          You’re just a little further down the list (at best).
          I highly doubt that your internet tracks and credit card history don’t put you right amongst everybody else here.
          You can be darn sure that posting to this site bumps your target value and the algorithm understands perfectly the content you just wrote above.

      • How average are you? Me? In my home, I’m right there in the middle.

        In 2018, Small Arms Survey reported that there are over one billion small arms distributed globally, of which 857 million (about 85 percent) are in civilian hands. The Small Arms Survey stated that U.S. civilians alone account for 393 million (about 46 percent) of the worldwide total of civilian held firearms.
        (Gun ownership – Wikipedia)
        U.S. total population 2018 327.2 million
        Over the age of 17 ~76% = ~245.4 million adults (1.6 firearms per adult average)
        Number of households in millions ~127.59 in 2018 (3.08 firearms per household average) (50% of households would mean 6.16 firearms per household )
        If we take the 43% homes with guns average that would make the average home with guns having on average 7.16 firearms each

        I think we’re good to go.

    • @GS650G,

      I agree, but I’ll amend your comment to say that we’ll see a higher probability of change when the number of people who see gun ownership favorably reaches or surpasses 50%. Not just those who actually own a gun. How many non-owners wish they had one now, but can’t because of whatever reasons (such as everything being sold out, too many gun control hurdles, etc.).


  7. “David Chipman, a senior policy adviser at Giffords, a leading gun violence prevention expert”

    Ok, how much gun violence has he prevented?

    • i would say armed citizens represent a leading gun violence prevention organization that reduces the number of democrat voters.

  8. For years the Anti-gunners claimed that the high nics figures were only a handful of us buying lots of guns. That definitely is not the case now and they have to admit it.

  9. If this moron David Chipman wanted to prevent gun violence, he should advocate locking up the criminals – not letting them out. Lock up the scum, dirtbags, druggies, illegals, whatever you want to call them and they won’t be out on the streets to commit any crimes. I’m surprised the demotaters don’t want them locked up – I thought they did not like competition.

    • Kill the most violent ones quickly and publicly. Send a message there are consequences for being a douchebag.

      • Liberal don’t believe in killing murders,rapists or child molesters. Only UNborn babies.

        • Unfortunately neither do Conservatives all the whiners on TTAG about the death penalty. I am a firm believer in 3 strikes and your out of society permanently.

    • I agree that the baddies of society need to be identified, caught, arrested, and put where they CANNOT again commit crimes. Jail? Nah. Prison? Nah. DEVIL’S ISLAND would do it. Permanent banishment from the USA soil! Buy a BIG island in the South Pacific and empty all the prisons of all the worst of the worst, like France did with THEIR baddies. The Brits solved THEIR prison crowding by shipping the rotten core of society to Australia, and look at Australia today! If the bleeding heart, limp-wrist Liberals won’t allow KILLING murderers and rapists plus child molesters, ship them the Hell out, never, ever to return. Think about it: no TV, no Internet, no radio, no newspapers, no phones, no conjugal visits, no cigarettes, no drugs, no gender reassignment at taxpayer expense. Yup, give ’em a shovel, a rake, a saw, a pocket knife, some rope, a few dozen veggie seed packets, and drop ’em off, bidding farewell, dumbasses! Look at the HUNDREDS of billions of dollars saved to be used for GOOD purposes, instead of coddling them with the best food, the best medical, the best Internet, TV, radio, workout gymnasiums, etc.

  10. Libtards should not be allowed to buy guns, after harassing us conservatives having guns after all these years…

    I have three Libtards on the same street as I do: I am thinking about putting a big sign in my yard that reads:

    “God-fearing Conservative with a shotgun, pistol and carbine/rifle (and lots of ammo), one of which I have across my lap or beside my bed in my windowless inner bedroom at all times:

    My Liberal neighbors, who have lots of food and other things in their houses, don’t believe in owning guns!”

    When I hear them breaking in to my neighbors place, it will wake me up if I am asleep…

    • That sounds like a target me first sign. 4+ criminals armed with junk weapons might love a chance at becoming well armed criminals.

  11. Eff the civilian disarmament proponents ,I see it a a increase of freedom and liberty or a least the opportunity to educate those who have lacked that opportunity.

  12. “We hope more people die so we can say “I told you so”.”
    Yet, people buying firearms for the first time because they’re worried that daddy gub’ment can’t or won’t protect them is a “gross celebration of death”?
    Seriously, f#ck Shannon, Mini Mike, and the rest of these people with a saguaro cactus.

  13. Even if all the new lefty gun owners don’t embrace the right this will still be a culture win.

    While accidental firearms related casualties are at record low the number of guns in the wild climbs to ever higher records and the disarmament group has to admit in digital ink that 75% of deaths involving a firearm are “my body my choice” and you can’t get a gun easier than any of the items they consistently claimed are easier to get.

    If this pace continues and the cost of this virus hasn’t turned us into a Mad Max dystopia I foresee these orgs adopting a more “training is important” message rather than the mish mash of ban this, ban that, ban those people, ban those other people nonsense they are known for.

    • And if they put their emphasis on training, I would at least tolerate, if not actively support, their efforts. I too believe that the first obligation of a gun owner is to know how to store, handle, clean and fire the thing safely and properly.

      My issue with that has always been that I CERTAINLY don’t consider the humming a competent definer/enforcer of “good training”. After all, the gummint controls and licenses drivers, and you NEVER drive anywhere and find yourself thinking “What IDIOT gave that moron a driver’s license???” Amirite??

      The answer is, as the NRA has been doing for years, offer good training, make it as cheap and local as possible, and talk it up among gun owners. We can do this, folks. If you know someone who is a new gun owner, POLITELY make it clear that they need to be trained, and offer to help.

  14. I think it’s going to have to get pretty bad before all these gunms come to bear. One thing is for certain the criminals know more humans have gunms now. I’m slightly fearful of new gunm owners, tempers flair and the “I’ve got a gunm” could be problematic

    • Possum- A main rule of carrying a gun is that you are not the only one carrying a gun. The low impulse control hot heads deserve to be shot, if they act evil with a gun. Then, comes the taboo subject that a gun is not a magic talisman, and requires the user to inflict superior violence on the threat. It is the person behind the gun, that is the weapon.

    • What you’re saying here possum is that you’re firmly in the camp of “I support 2a,but…..”

      • I support the two a, anyone can and should be armed. It’s just that I’ve seen so many times the ownership of a gunm suddenly makes them able to vaporize any grievance by ” blowing them away”, I said I was fearful, I didn’t say they can’t have one. It’s like someone switching from a Ford to a Chevy, all that power/ performance may go to their head. ,,,har har

    • Experienced gun owners dont have tempers?

      Watch your step on that slippery slope. Easy to slide – even with 4 feet and a tail.

      • Specialist, enlighten me . . . what is the rate of criminality among CCW holders????

        Oh, that’s right, LOWER than the rate of criminality among COPS, FFS!!!

        Please feel free to FOAD.

        • What’s the criminality of newbs with guns……its unknown as there is no history…..Einstein.

          Last I checked, people are innocent until its proven they did something illegal.

          My point went waaay over your head.

          Lamp of Diogenes Indeed…..more like a 3 watt light bulb in a bucket of mud.

          I prefer to keep living free.

      • We have learned to control our tempers, like mature adults have always done.

        My father (unfortunately anti-gun) has often said prisons are full of people who didn’t think before they act.

  15. I hope the NRA has the foresight to bookmark CSGV’s tweet and retweet it when 2020 data doesn’t show an increase in gun fatalities.

  16. Their rhetoric about training is meaningless as they are going to be all for shutting down shooting ranges. People can’t be trained if access to guns, ammo, and ranges are put out of reach.

  17. I bought 3 new pistols with part of my tax refund. Picking one up in next day or two. Others are back ordered, but I have plenty to tide me over. Got good prices, so worth the wait.

  18. I don’t doubt that with thousands of first-time buyers, there will be a correlating uptick in self-caused injury. Big number go up, other number go up. Especially when a lot of these buyers have remained willfully ignorant of the practical use, storage, maintenance, and safety of guns just on principle. But if there’s blood in the streets, it won’t be because of all these newly armed people losing control of their emotions with their brand new PMR-30 or 28″ Stoeger double-barrel.

  19. 👁 Two signs on my property, 1st one says,
    NO TRESPASSING. sweet & simple….
    100 ft away, 2nd sign,
    This combo of signs works really good, I’ve watched from my camp , people read the 1st one & keep on coming down the road & read the second one. They always turn around & leave. 👁

  20. Sorry Dems and lefties, your troops are deserting en masse! Many have now realized that you lied to them about how easy it is to obtain a gun, how gun owners are subhuman, how dedicated to safety the gun community is….

    Now that they have …a (1) gun, many will shop for another. We ALL hope that they’ll now GET SOME TRAINING and engage in the shooting sports …even if it’s only an occasional trip to the range (I have membership at a range but, I HATE shooting indoors).

    Once they have the guns, maybe they’ll vote to keep them!

    If you know a new gun owner, take them to the farm, loan ’em a shotgun, shoot some clays, shoot some steel with a handgun. Make it safe and make it fun!

    We, the “little people”, are the “front lines” of the gun rights movement and support of the 2A! We need the new gun owners more than the anti-gunners need us! Be more than nice!

    • Old guy, spend my formative youth on farms. Rode fence on a horse with a coil of barbed wire, wire stretcher, post hole digger and rifle. Hunted rabbits at dawn with a 1918 single shot .22. Have an ex-wife with a several million dollar interest in seeing me …dead and, a collection of sleazy boyfriends. IL FOID, CCL and, membership in NRA, ISRA and GOA. I give them each a little money every month. I don’t know exactly how many guns I have and reload for .380, .38spl, 9mm, .45ACP, .223, 300BLk and .308.
      This isn’t my first rodeo.

      • Not a redneck. University of Illinois, software developer… medical systems for ophthalmology and U.S. Military.

        • I have some observations on I.Q.’s in America. I.Q. is not an accurate estimate of intelligence but, it’s depressing. By definition, half of the population is below the average I.Q. (100) which can be classified as “not particularly bright”. …the left is heavy with the sub-100 I.Q.’s That’s HALF the population. Don’t get arrogant, we have our share!

          Who is mislead by the mainstream media (MSM)? How do we deal with this? The left is driven by MSM and emotion.

          How do we deal with this? We welcome them. We teach them.

          It’s up to us!

        • “the left is heavy with the sub-100 I.Q.’s”

          Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent
          Satoshi Kanazawa
          London School of Economics and Political Science
          University College London
          Birkbeck College University of London

          American Sociology Association › …Why Liberals and Atheists are More Intelligent | American Sociological …

        • Oh, Miner, you’re not going to trot THAT weak s*** out, are you????? Not only have both of those statements been THOROUGHLY debunked, but you’re actually going to cite Satoshi Kanozawa????

          Please, in the immortal words of the great Bill Russell, “Don’t be comin’ in here with that weak s***!”

          Miner, you are almost a parody of a liberal idiot. Are you SURE you’re not a moby???????

        • Lamprey, are you honestly citing a website called duck duck go?

          Perhaps you could find a scholarly paper, peer reviewed, by a recognized researcher that refutes the paper I cited?

          Or, like most on this forum, you can make empty assertions with no substantiation.

        • Yes, and I must say, search engine results of opinion pieces offer an unassailable academic response.

          Of course, one would actually hope for a peer reviewed research paper, but it seems there are none that support your position, else you would have posted them.

        • Must be frustrating, miner. You think of yourself as a superior intellect and those of your kind are naturally smarter than us drones.

          Yet your religion, socialism, is swirling the drain and about to head for the sanitation plant. All your superior IQ’s and the best you can do is bernie and old joe? 2 old white wealthy dudes.

          You do know what comes next, what with your superior IQ, right? When the rank and file figure out just how bad the losses are this november? Purges.

          I’ve asked before. You do have an exit plan for getting out of the country, right?

        • “You think of yourself as a superior intellect”

          Wow, you know what I’m thinking? You should claim that million dollar prize from the James Randi foundation, your mind reading ability is phenomenal!

          In reality, my strategy is to ascertain with the really smart people are thinking, gather what information I can and form a conclusion.

        • Hey Miner:
          Being credentialed is not the same thing as being intelligent. Intelligence is being able to think your way through a problem. Credentialed means that you were able to regurgitate what the teacher told you. I have known several highly educated persons with lots of education that can not add 2 plus 2 and come up with 4.

    • a lot of people buying guns now still don’t like them…but feel they need one…they’ll never share your passion for firearms….

    • I hate to burst everyone’s bubble here but in truth I believe the new gun owners, in order to remain part of the cool group will claim they purchased the gun to protect themselves from gun owners when/if things got really bad. So, if no one had guns they wouldn’t have felt they needed one and then they will press even harder for confiscation.

      It’s just how the game is played.

  21. Let’s put up a Fantasy Scenario. The gun controllers are aghast, absolutely horrified at all the new guns being sold. bernie, hillary, kapo bloomberg and now our very own possum are afraid of all those gun owners.

    But what if….. Trump decides to take more than eight years in office at the point of a gun. Do you think those gun control moguls will be screaming for armed Americans, the very same Americans they have tried to disarm, to drive Trump the First out?

    • They’ll just be screaming for the “Highly Trained (and highly armed) Professionals” to do it for them.

      • One would hope that these ‘highly trained professionals’ are sworn officers and soldiers who would be patriots and support the constitution of the United States of America.

        History shows that’s not necessarily the case, just look at how many oathbreakers there were who ignored the constitution and engaged in an armed insurrection against a duly constituted government of the United States of America during the Civil War.

        Republican president Abraham Lincoln could’ve had them all hung for treason but he was magnanimous and pardoned them so that America could heal.

        In return, they blew his brains out at Ford’s theater.

        • Note to self: “Add historical ignorance to the (already too long) list of things which make Miner49er a totally inept and useless person. Make a note to ignore any further posts by this halfwit.”

          Have a nice day, twatwaffle.

        • Lamprey, I am amused by your ad hominem attack.

          Do you actually have some content to refute my post or do you just have these empty personal attacks?

        • Miner, considering the countless examples where you fail to respond to the legitimate point someone makes. And generally wherein your inept arguments are pummeled, insults seem to work best on trolls like yourself.

        • You make a claim of “historical ignorance” yet offer no particulars.

          Pray tell, was republican president Abraham Lincoln not assassinated in Fords theater by a conspiracy of Confederate agents?

          Did not Robert E Lee engage in an armed insurrection against the United States of America in violation of the oath he first swore when he attended West Point?

        • And when those officers and soldiers side with Trump? Will you attempt to rally armed citizens to your cause? The same citizens you’ve fought to disarm?

          Do you have an actual answer?

        • “And when those officers and soldiers side with Trump?”

          I will mourn for our Republic.

  22. Welcome new comers to realaty. Now that you realize you are responsible for your own safety and protection, please find some training and be safe and well.

  23. How sad that the propaganda of the extreme right is now affecting the general public just like a virus. Gun control advocates speak the truth when they voice their concerns over the increased risk of violence in the home. Children will be in particular danger because of this gun buying surge by people who have been provoked by the fear tactics of the right. Our hope lies with president Joe Biden and gun czar Beto O’Rourke to put and end to this madness.

    • It’s not propaganda. Here in Colorado they are clearing out the prisons. How long until those guys start making the wrong sort of noise? On top of that shelves are empty, people are stressed. Maybe for the first time in their life they realize that big daddy government can’t take care of them. A firearm is a tool like any other. If you misuse a number of tools the consequences can be death or dismemberment.
      I don’t leave power-saws plugged in around little kids, nor would I do the same with a firearm.
      Just stop with the hyperbolic nonsense.

    • Where does one access this propaganda? For it to be so effective there must be NRA fear mongering ads all over TV and radio, right? Giant billboards everywhere? Amazon and Twitter running their ads?

      Besides, I thought the right wing was guilty of down playing the virus and not taking it seriously.

    • Wow, did you and Miner49er get together and parcel out the really stoopid “hot takes”, and you got stuck with this one????

      Pro tips:

      1. The Constitution does not GIVE us any rights; the rights are inherent, and were ours before the Constitution was a gleam in James Madison’s eye; and

      2. While I am firm in my respect for the Constitution, the political and legal PHILOSOPHY of our country’s founding is contained in one document – the Declaration of Independence. Remember that whole thing about “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights”???

      You really don’t belong in a country founded on a philosophy of individual liberty. I suspect you’d be happen in one of the “enlightened” European “democracies” . . . or, perhaps, the “enlightened” state of Cuba, which has great health care and a high literacy rate.

  24. NSSF needs to find an “national emergency” clause allowing Trump to waive the BS NICS. Everything else is in such existing legislation. If this is an emergency then it’s to important to delay a sale.

  25. Cuba, which has LOTS of totalitarian gun control, the people have
    used various methods of suicide that the liberals/democrats/socialists/communists might find more acceptable. These include hanging (mainly men) and gasoline based self-immolation (mainly women). I’ve run across suicide several times based on my previous work experience. People who intend on killing themselves will eventually be successful regardless if they have access to firearms. Mental health/illness is a real problem for some people, but the left continues to obsess on collective punishment and hatred for gun owners. Even in a leftist “utopia”, such as Cuba, people will find ways to commit suicide. Firearms suicides is the ultimate false flag operation for leftists. The left is losing the “gun control” and bogus “gun safety” argument and they know it and it terrifies them.

    • Hegemon summed up the left with few words as possible while putting forth an excellent description when he stated: ” the left continues to obsess on collective punishment and hatred for gun owners. Even in a leftist “utopia”, such as Cuba, people will find ways to commit suicide.”
      Collective punishment and hatred for gun owners is exactly how the left feels about the POTG………….Vote!

    • You would be surprised what people will use for self-defense. In Jamaica, where completely outlawing firearms only dropped the murder rate for the first six months, you will see plastic buckets on every porch. Those buckets contain acid.

    • Japan is a great example of gun bans and suicide rates. Lack of firearms does not seem to slow down the number of suicides in that little island nation.

  26. “If you didn’t think you needed a gun prior to March of this year, you certainly don’t need to rush out and get one now.”

    Let me correct that for sanity:

    “If you need to rush out and get a gun now, you should have thought to get one prior to March.”

  27. Irrespective of new gun owners, suicide numbers ARE going to go up as a result of lock-downs, business loss, and unemployment.

  28. At times, we here, many of whom are long-term firearms people, fall into the same nasty trap that the anti-gun Disarmists are mired in, and that is to think the very worst about the rest of our countrymen who are NOT ‘firearms people,’ and who are just now coming to the frightened realization that civilization CAN collapse at any time, even on a small scale, and that having an effective means of defense can be just as important as having a roll of toilet paper.

    For example, the Disarmists are convinced that new, panic-buying gun owners are more likely to shoot themselves or a family member than ever before, and that it will be more likely that a new gun gets used for suicide than for defense. They are concerned that new buyers will be too stupid to read the owners’ manuals, and will fail to secure their new guns properly, thus allowing thieves, children, and minorities to misuse them. They bemoan that these new owners will not be sufficiently ‘trained’ in the proper use of their new guns, and that some will not completely understand all 22,000 firearms laws extant enough to avoid breaking one and getting into legal trouble.

    Strikingly, I’ve seen every one of these arguments HERE, on a site that allegedly SUPPORTS firearm ownership for everyone mentally competent to own one (I didn’t say ‘legally allowed,’ because that’s a completely different argument altogether–and don’t call me ‘Shirley’). I’ve EVEN read someone here whinging about how buying a Glock is a virtual invitation to self-destruction, as the Devil’s Pistols have no safeties. . .

    How about cutting everyone some slack, and waiting to see how things turn out? I’m betting that virtually NOTHING is going to happen–simply because, after each Big Thing in the firearms world that the Disarmists and Naysayers claim will result in the Streets Running With Blood/Gutters Overflowing/Gunfights On Every Corner/Babies, Puppies, and Minorities Gunned Down Wholesale, such as Open Carry, or Shall Issue, or Constitutional Carry, or Expiration of the AWB, nothing HAS happened. The Sun still rises early in the day, and generally on your left if you’re facing south. Water flows downhill (except in Australia, where it goes the other way). Hip boots are not necessary to traverse gutters. And so on.

    I think that we’re going to be pleasantly surprised. If I’m wrong, the worst that can happen (aside from a few statistically-insignificant ‘blips’ of mayhem here and there) is that, in a few years’ time, many heirs are going to be pleasantly surprised by the number of vintage, NIB guns found in their deceased parents’ dresser drawers.

    Wait and see.

    • And I am in vehement agreement with almost all of what you wrote. A slight correction? POTG are mostly steeped in the mantra of REAL “gun safety” – is there anyone on this blog that couldn’t cite Saint Jeff’s “Four Rules” off the top of their head? And most of us at least try to practice them.

      For gun noobs, who are NOT steeped in the culture of the gun, what they know about guns is what they learned from cop TV shows and “John Wick”. They have no concept of the amount of work and training that goes into handling firearms competently and safely. I certainly don’t trust the government to define/determine what “necessary” or “appropriate” gun training is.

      The job falls to us. We need to reach out to gun noobs, politely, of course, and try to educate them to the need for training, and help them get it. TAKE A NOOB TO YOUR LOCAL RANGE. Introduce them to your favoriate firearms instructor(s). Offer to take them plinking, and watch and GENTLY correct the noob mistakes you know they will make. And, BTW, if you think (a) reading the manual is sufficient, and (b) that most people will BOTHER to read the manual . . . I have this nifty bridge for sale.

      We can, if we approach this intelligently, make REAL converts to the Culture of the Gun. At least that’s my suggestion.

      • At my range we encourage new shooters to ask questions, no matter how silly they think they are. Much better to clear something up early before a safety issue happens. We tell them we’ve probably already heard the questions many times before and they should take advantage of the other members knowledge and experience.

    • New Leftist gun owner who accidently shoots themself…..I’m going to chalk that up as win for our side.

      I’m not counting on a significant percentage of Leftists who buy gus for the first time on changing their voting patterns. Their whole existentence revolves around cognitive dissonance so buying guns and voting for Biden would pobably still make sense to them.

    • Last weekend my son asked me for a copy of my state’s Firearms Safety Awareness handbook to read during the week. I printed him a copy. He knows the test questions are from the book.

  29. Remember this for the next time they claim they’re not against civilians owning guns, that they just want extra hoops to jump through to keep guns out of “the wrong hands”. Whenever people start actually jumping through their hoops, they freak out and start trying to set up smaller, higher hoops. Those hoops were never meant to be jumped through. They were always a cheap merkin for civilian disarmament.

  30. “If you didn’t think you needed a gun prior to March of this year, you certainly don’t need to rush out and get one now.”

    In other circumstances…

    “If you didn’t think you needed to put on a life vest before we hit that iceberg, you certainly don’t need to rush and put one on now.”

  31. We should be careful patting ourselves on the back for all the new gun owners. We’re all aware of “fudds” who support gun control that doesn’t effect the guns they care about. I suspect the majority of these first time buyers will fall into that category.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure we’ll get some converts to the cause, but I doubt it will be a groundswell of support. I know a couple people that own one gun “for protection” and still support any gun control short of the gov coming and taking that one gun away from them. We’re going to get a lot more of those.

    • Disagree. This is an opportunity that may not happen again in 100 years. Many of these people are legitimately seeing that they have no way to defend themselves if the big dance gets started. They are thinking outside the box. I know two personally who just bought rifles for the first time.
      This mythical “Fudd” people keep talking about is about as common anymore as Jackalopes. I know the owner of Dick’s is one and I for one wont shop there.
      Keep educating them, teaching them gun safety and responsibility and teach them the truth about guns.

      • Oh, I hope I’m wrong, but am pretty sure I will not be. Certainly some people will discover the joy of shooting sports because this was their nudge to buy a gun. But, it’s not realistic to expect many who had no interest in firearms before all this to be converts. For the vast majority, their new gun, like their new generator and canned food stockpile is a situational requirement and will be put away and forgotten when the crisis has passed. As others have posted, we’ll be enjoyed private sales of NIB weapons for years to come as they divest themselves of this unneeded property.

        Regarding fudds; never underestimate cognitive dissonance in people. I personally know people who have pistols and carry permits but have proudly supported magazine limits and “assault weapons” bans because “I OnLY hAVe A reVOLveR” and “NobOdY NeEDs a MaCHiNe GuN.”

        New gun owners like this will happily buy their one pistol or shotgun and continue to vote for people that openly want to take every other type of gun away from everyone else: “F___ it, I got mine. And why do you need a 30 rd magazine/AR anyway?” Only when their one gun is the target can we count on them, and maybe not even then. You’ve seen people on public assistance proudly voting for candidates that said people on welfare were parasites? That’s cognitive dissonance: “He doesn’t mean me.”

        Point being- don’t break out the party hats and champagne because these sales prove Americans don’t support gun control. While there’s no bad side to this buying surge for us, at best we probably picked up a few new allies along with a bunch of fairweather friends who will melt away when they no longer feel they need a gun.

  32. “We need to prepare for the increased risk of more firearms in untrained hands,” David Chipman, a senior policy adviser at Giffords, a leading gun violence prevention expert, said in a statement. “If you didn’t think you needed a gun prior to March of this year, you certainly don’t need to rush out and get one now.”

    I and my family prefer to prepare for the increased risk of firearms in the trained or untrained hands to asshats, also known as criminals.

    Lets see…less police on the street as many are sick, delayed response times, so called non-violent criminals being released, potential for supply chain breakdown leading to societal issues, blah blah.

    Stupid is as stupid says and Mr Chipman fits the bill.

  33. It seems the people without money ran to the store to buy toilet paper. Whereas the people with money ran to the gun shop for guns and ammo first.

  34. Just what in the blue f*** is a “Gun Violence Prevention Expert” !?

    “If you didn’t think you needed a gun prior to March of this year, you certainly don’t need to rush out and get one now.”

    The stupid is strong in this one.

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