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Threeper’s submitted pocket dumps before and does like to keep the black theme going. This time he has a new Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 chambered in .40 S&W. He says it’s so new he doesn’t even have a holster for it yet.

Full disclosure? Many years ago my first carry gun was a .40 S&W. The industry at large may be forgetting the .40 S&W, but it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

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  1. 40 S&W…45 ACP…9mm…10mm…357 Magnum…45 Colt…sooo many great choices why limit / restrict yourself to only one?

      • I am retired…to support my collecting and shooting, I work (part-time)…those earnings are dedicated solely to providing range time and ammo…Life is Good!

        Question for the Day: If the original Glock was marketed as “Perfection”…why are they up to Generation 5? Is there a term for more better perfect than “Perfection”?
        (yeah, I’m trolling the fanbois…disclaimer: I own a Glock 22 and find its performance “acceptable”).

    • I honestly shoot better with .40 than with 9. Maybe cuz my last 9 was a subcompact… even still, I like the ballistics. Next will be a .357.

  2. These EDC articles have become an obsession for some participants, rather than showing without the fluff what you truly EDC. Some of them must be spending an hour moving their stuff before taking a pic, everything has to match, and it is OCD more than EDC. It is laughable. Tacticool field notes but no holster? Who cares his holster may not be as “cool” or may not be the perfect match for the pic, show what you EDC period. And the same folks sending their “EDC” shuffling a few items for the pic and replacing the gun or knife, that’s what I am talking about when I say OCD. Who is so obsessed with their gear they need to be published 5 times, sometimes pretending they are a different person.

    • I carried the new m2.0 in my pack while my other Glock 43 was AIWB for the time being until I got my holster for the m2.0. And it’s a RITR notebook… lol.

      It takes 5 minutes to setup. I am OCD, so it makes it easy having a plan and being prepared. Clean yourself up and don’t be a dick.

  3. XDM in .40 was my first piece. I love it, because it was my first. I won’t ever buy another .40, but I won’t get rid of my first piece.

    • If it doesn’t knock you down when you shoot it, how is it supposed to knock the person you’re shooting down?

      Stop using that word. It’s not a real thing.

  4. I’ve never gotten the .40 S&W bug. Nothing wrong with it I’m just a .45acp guy. As far as recoil and all that I think,the 40 is about perfect for what you get, decent power, decent recoil, decent target acquisition on double taps. At least it starts with a 4

    • Most people out here in MT carry .45, or 10mm when they are trekking. I am looking to give .357 a shot next. I personally don’t like 9mm at all. And anything less than .40 or .357 to me is a waste. A buddy of mine actually carries his 10mm daily. Never know what you’ll encounter just fishing in those easy access spot up here in MT. Bears, Elk, a pissed off chipmunk, or crazy two legged drunken redneck idiots.

  5. Finally an edc that makes sense Im sick of seeing whats supposed to be an edc and its nothing but a metrosexual wardrobe or a 300 dollar useless watch and a fancy pair of sunglasses

    • LOL!

      This is my EDC. All I can say is I love you. I do have a holster, but when I carried this at the time of the picture it stayed in the truck while my Glock was on me AIWB. I have since sold the Glock because the S&W just has so much more to offer. I do plan on getting another in full size, and subcompact when they revamp their shield line-up to reflect the work they have done to this current m2.0.

    • LOL nice. I carried this in my truck while my Glock was AIWB at the time. I do have a holster now and OWB since it’s almost winter (northwest MT) and I can conceal that easily. When it warms up again I’ll invest in AIWB for it then retrain to familiarize for that carry. I sold the Glocks.

  6. Came across a fairly decent donation from an outdoor retailer and thought I’d share. I really hope other bigger name retailers would get involved with causes like this for our brothers and sisters in arms, but I guess we have to start somewhere.

    It looks like OpticsPlanet is donating a portion of each purchase to a charity that supports military vets and their families and their educational futures. This is something that is very close to my heart, so I thought I’d share:

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