.40 Smith & Wesson? Yes Please!

David Tong [via ammoland.com] writes: There’ve long been questions regarding the reason the .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge has been losing popularity, even though as of as late as 2011, some 65 percent of American law enforcement was carrying a pistol chambered in the round. Its gestation has been so oft-repeated (Miami 1986 FBI shootout, […]

Calibers for Beginners: The Controversial .40 Smith & Wesson

There have been many, many good ideas and innovations that have to the world of cartridges and guns in the last few decades and the .40 S&W was certainly one of the most well-intentioned. I’ve already covered the ever-popular 9mm, a great beginner’s caliber, and the .45 ACP, a not-so-great option for the newbie, but […]