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From Bushnell:

Bushnell, an industry leader in performance optics, announced today the RXS-250, a new red dot designed to offer class-leading performance and exceptional durability. The RXS-250 represents a new standard of high performing reflex slights with its MIL-STD-810F impact resistant design, user adjustable brightness settings and True Tone coatings that provide users with a vivid, clear view free of color distortion.

At the core of the new RXS-250 is a bright, clear reflex sight with industry leading battery life. A desirable option for pistols, rifles and shotguns, the new red dots work across all common red dot mounts with a DeltaPoint Pro footprint. The new RXS-250 utilizes an energy efficient point source LED to create a collimated beam for a clear, strong 4-MOA dot without wasting energy. This combination of features helps to extend battery life while offering high brightness settings for day-bright visibility.

For those seeking a true impact resistant red dot, the new RXS-250 is the perfect option. The RXS-250 has a rugged cast aluminum housing for protection of glass and electronic internal components, as well as an IP67 dust and waterproof rating, sealing off the electronics and allowing for the optic to be submerged without damage. Chamfered hood edges help prevent snags on clothing or objects in the environment. The RXS-250’s optimized hood geometry and reflector lens design provide a large field of view without sacrificing durability.

“The Bushnell RXS250 has not ceased to amaze me,” said World Champion Shooter and Bushnell Team member KC Eusebio. “I make a living using these tools and this optic can do it all. I’ve trained, competed, hunted, and carried this red dot and it excels in all areas of marksmanship. It withstands a drop from 5 feet which makes it extremely durable. The optic also has easy adjustments for intensity, windage, and elevation, along with a top load battery system for the rare occasion of changing your battery every five years! The RXS250 has glass with true tone clarity to help find your targets with ease, paired with a crisp clear 4 MOA dot, it’s perfect for your pistol, rifle, or shotguns needs.”

The RXS-250 provides 10 brightness settings to allow for clear daylight viewing and low settings for excellent nighttime visibility and pairing with night vision devices. The RXS-250 provides detented windage/elevation adjustments with 1 MOA per click. It has an easy-access, shrouded push-button design for brightness setting adjustments.

“The RXS250 is the answer to many requests from red dot users,” said World Title Holder and Bushnell Team member Jessies Harrison. “Its sturdy and durable design gives me the confidence that it can withstand any condition and its intensity adjustments can face any lighting condition. It transitions seamlessly from competitions, everyday carry and in the field.  If you’re in search of a versatile optic to fit your lifestyle, then the RXS250 is your choice.”

The new RXS-250 is fully multicoated with True Tone color that does not have a blue hue on the glass, which provides accurate color representation and high light transmission averaging 86 percent. The coating system also mitigates stray artifacts from secondary light sources.

The RXS-250 is compatible with multiple factory optics-ready pistols and aftermarket suppressor height sights and comes standard with a user-selectable 12-hour auto-off timer (can be disabled). Other items included with the red dot include basic mounting and adjustment tools, a protective form-fit cover, cleaning cloth and CR2032 battery.

The new Bushnell RXS-250 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $249.99. Addition information is available at

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  1. Thank you for writing about a product that a working person can get behind. I am not poor but not independently wealthy either and a MSRP of $249.99 for a quality red dot is a nice thing to read about. I have had nothing but good result out of my past Bushnell purchases. I will be getting one for my Berretta CX4 Storm PCC. I bet it will co-witness rather nicely with the iron sights.

    • Given the height should be about perfect. I think I had a smaller dot back when I could use the storm without leaving the state to rent it somewhere it was legal but it was always quick to point and fun for magdumps.

      • My CX4 is so reliable and accurate, I have not even thought about purchasing another PCC. The only PCC that, I am holding out for is the Ruger PCC when they decide to chamber one in 10mm. I think such a red dot as the Bushnell is great for a PCC or any other short to mid range shooting.

    • “I have had nothing but good result out of my past Bushnell purchases.”

      Old Bushnell was American-made, then Japan-made, wasn’t it?

      Is this iteration of the brand now Chinese?

    • Amen, at times it can appear that the market is only geared towards dentist, doctors, engineers, and IT pro’s and not your regular Joes out here. Give it up for good old Bushnell! A manufacture that is often forgotten about is Leaper’s UTG. They originally were meant for Airsoft; however, they make durable scopes for real weapons. My Ruger Gunsight Scout has been sporting one for over 5 years and lots of rounds and several hunts without a hiccup. I have put it through some abuse. I can be rough on things and I didn’t want to spend a butt load of $$ on a scope that I was going to beat the dog snot out of. It has paid me back with dividends.

  2. Bushnell…The Taurus of optics. Save up, and buy Leupold. Bushnell, like Taurus, has abysmal customer service. I got better treatment when I got off the bus at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Leupold Customer Service, on the other hand, is like a warm T-shirt fresh from the dryer on a fall morning.
    You only have to buy quality, once. Bushnell ain’t it.

    • I have Vortex, UTG, Redfield, Firefield, Bushnell, and Visionking , I am satisfied with all of them. And I beat the dog snot out of them when they are used.

  3. I owned a couple of Bushnell scopes years ago when money was tight. Every one of them, and I mean every one, had the crosshairs break.i remember an aquantantice who bought one. He started to tell me about it. Me, “The crosshair broke, didn’t it?” Him, “How did you know!?” Bushnell? Not even if they were free.

    • I’ve got 500rnds through a Weatherby.300 and the Bushnell scope hasnt broken yet. I use a one piece base screws extra tight and a tenant dab of locktite ,so that might help? Then again I might have just gotten lucky and I’ am careful about banging the gunm around, like I just don’t throw it in the back of the pickup and take off a hellin down a gravel road

  4. Sorry fellers, and Bushnell too,o n a handgunm, no matter how good they work I just can’t do the add on sights stuff, I like my hand gunms as sleek and low drag as I can get them. And here’s another deal, my youngest son who’s quite a marksmen( clay pigeons in flight with a Ruger 22/45, bells and whistles). I bet him no matter what within 25 ft any target we at lo ready I could beat him with a stock .410 single shot and bead front sight, pink slip for pink slip,I gave him his gunm back for his birthday.

    • “I like my hand gunms as sleek and low drag as I can get them.”

      Of course, Lady Possums don’t like anything to hang up when drawing from her pouch… 😉


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