Attorney General William Barr
(AP Photo/Mike Balsamo)
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“Sorry sir, that won’t work on Nancy, you’ll need to throw water on her.”

Well we had some good efforts by people like edb10, The Blue Malarkey, Pm, Big V and C. Peter Orfe, but the winner is Pieslapper.


We’re now about four weeks from the election and voting your gun rights is more important than ever. So, thanks to our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the author of the best caption for this photo will win a #GUNVOTE hat and t-shirt.

Enter your caption(s) in the comments by midnight Sunday to be eligible. Good luck.



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  1. Gentlemen, win, lose or draw on election night, there will be no noncombatants, prepare to defend yourselves.

  2. There it is Biden/Harris poster, there not in the White House Yet, use the High Capacity Magazine!! BULLEYE great job!!

  3. The zombie hoard of Democrat politicians could be right there, you’ve got to learn to reload faster than that.

  4. I know what you’re thinkin’. “Did he fire 15, or only 14”? Well, to tell the truth, in all this fake news, I kinda lost track myself. So the question you gotta ask yourself is, “this guy just reloaded, didn’t he? Yup, crap. I shouldn’t have been distracted with the Dirty Harry routine.” Anyway, you’re under arrest Mrs. Clinton.

  5. Instructor to Barr-“now Mr. Barr, insert the magazine and” gestures to antifa* “we have a couple of targets setup over there”

  6. There’s the AP photographer Mr. Barr, please resist the urge to mag dump we’re still working on controlled pairs.

  7. So then I said, “Didn’t they get arrested once already?
    To which he said, “Yeah”.
    Then I said said, “Guess I’ll have to take care of this also…”

  8. “Clearing a tie jam is simple. first, attempt to put your fat thumb in your nose, then rack the mag into the pistol. We covered this in class.”

  9. “Goshdamnit, quit fcking around with that gunm, It’s right over there!,,, a large rat like creature, in the dogs food again, Shoot man Shoot!!!”

  10. i dont have a good caption so ill just say this:
    its nice to have an AG that plays the bagpipes and isnt afraid of guns
    >i feel like it kinda tends to disqualify him as a deep stater

  11. “Excellent, sir. Now the second target, with purpose and intent.” Says the range officer.
    “Got ya, Dan. Forthwith.” Says Mr. Barr.

    Nous Defions

  12. That guy right there doesn’t know ttag never paid out on the last caption contest. So shoot him before he figures it out.

  13. Even the federal law & order head honcho knows the practical limits of order the law provides, as he can be seen here practicing for beyond the limits.

  14. Now right over here Mr. Attorney General we have an example of one with the Thingy that goes up that holds one hundred clipazines.

  15. Look, just take your hand, point and go “PEW! PEW!”.
    “Careful. If you hold it that low you may get something important caught in the slide.”

  16. Sorry, but I’m having difficulty seeing anything funny, or pithy, or worthy of negative comment in this. Just positives.

    “AG knows how to load/reload semiautomatic handgun.”
    “AG is smart enough to choose a real Glock, and not a ‘Glockopy.'”
    “AG is not pointing muzzle at self, and has trigger finger indexed properly.”
    “AG’s worst sin is not having gun up in ‘work zone.'”
    “THIS AG is not a figure of fun.”

    Har, har. Yuk, yuk. Gimme a t-shirt. Keep the hat; I don’t play baseball, and am over 12 years old.

  17. Point it over there and pull on that ‘curvy thing’ that’s in the loop on the bottom. Be careful it doesn’t jump up and smack your noggin.

  18. You say” ban guns “. I say ” ban booze or autos”. They have killed more people in this country than guns.
    Thought that would shut you up. You can’t save your family with a martini glass, wine glass or beer bottle!
    Tread not on my constitutional rights!
    The right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed upon! PERIOD!

  19. “Diabetes and Heart disease? Those are the least of our problems! Now here’s how to protect yourself from a slow mugger with a knife…”

  20. Barr: What?!?!? Pelosi is prepping to assume the Presidency if Pense gets COVID as well?!?!?! I’LL FIX THAT!!!

  21. “If Tap, Rack and Bang doesn’t get you out of a jam, you can always just HURL it at the MF’er like THIS!”

  22. “Don’t stand there with that camera fool, Barr’s got a loaded mag in the gun and ya gotta watch out for slamfires.”


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