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I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. The Bundy Ranch’s beef with the Bureau of Land Management is not a perfect example of government overreach. The confrontation between Cliven Bundy and the BLM over grazing rights on federal land is a complicated, long-running affair informed by Mr. Bundy’s highly combative nature. That said, the rancher’s supporters seem determined not to let the perfect be the enemy of the bad. (As in bad Uncle Sam, bad!) Over at the New York Times, op-ed writer Timonthy Egan leads the left’s charge against the BLM’s antagonists, blasting Bundy and his band of Big Government bashers with both barrels. Check this out . . .

This phony event has brought out the worst of the gun-waving far right, and the national politicians who are barely one degree of separation from them. Hundreds of heavily armed, camouflaged supporters of the scofflaw turned out Saturday in Nevada, training their rifles on public employees who were trying to do their job. The outsiders looked like snipers ready to shoot the police. If you changed that picture to Black Panthers surrounding a lawful eviction in the inner city, do you think right-wing media would be there cheering the outlaws?

I don’t suppose Egan realizes that Ronald Reagan reacted to armed Black Panthers [legally] entering the State House by enacting California’s most draconian [up to that point] gun control law. If that open carry event was intentionally inflammatory – and it was – Egan’s writing is worse. Never mind the fact that the BLM had snipers trained on the demonstrators. Egan’s claim that the demonstrators “looked like snipers ready to shoot the police” is libel wrapped in a metaphor.

With their assault rifles and threats, the thugs in the desert forced federal officials with the Bureau of Land Management to back down from a court-ordered confiscation of Bundy’s cattle. One of the rancher’s supporters, Richard Mack, a Tea Party leader who is in the National Rifle Association’s Hall of Fame, said he planned to use women as human shields in a violent showdown with law enforcement.

“We were actually strategizing to put all the women up front,” Mack said in a radio interview. “If they were going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot.”

Notice how Egan sidesteps the fact that Richard Mack is Sheriff Richard Mack. As for the unfortunate quote, well, there it is. It’s just one arrow in a quiver of slurs, insults and mischaracterizations Egan brings to bear in his campaign to discredit Fox News, Senator Rand Paul, the Tea Party, the Drudge Report, militia “extremists” and “armed thugs.” In other words, conservatives.

Reading between the lines, Egan is setting-up justification for a violent crack down on armed Americans. It’s more subtle than Senator Reid’s claim that Bundy and his supporters are “domestic terrorists,” but make no mistake: battle lines are being drawn. I’m not the only one reading between the lines. Here’s a comment from Bohemienne underneath Egan’s Op Ed Deadbeat on the Range:

Well, the photo says a lot about what America has become. Some scruffy, bearded semi-literate Fox News cultist aiming an assault rifle at lawful representatives of the United States government, backed up by his woman and a bunch of yahoos capturing it all on cell phone cameras like it’s a shooting gallery at the local amusement park. “Love ma country but hate ma gubmint!” type who couldn’t actually read the Constitution if you had that rifle pointed at HIS head.

I hate to say it but I’d rather have seen another Waco than yet more caving by the Obama administration to the radical right-wing lunatic fringe.

And there you have it. Or, I pray, not. But if it does happen – if the federal government decides to take on armed Americans in some dusty party of Nevada or in a neighborhood of manicured lawns in Connecticut – they will get a lot more than they bargained for. Despite the murky morality of Bundy’s “cause” his crusade against Big Government resonates with tens of millions of armed Americans. And that’s the truth.

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  1. I’m not particularly happy with armed citizens forcing government officials to back down when the confrontation over the cattle at the end was due to a demand made by Bundy that was way over the top. I believe that the Fed has used their legal powers to overreach by regulating ranchers out of existence and by taking control of lands that should belong to private citizens or the state.

    I am taking note that a bunch of “cowboys” armed with “scary black rifles” were able to intimidate a bunch of SWAT wannabes into backing down because no one really wanted a shooting war to start (Aside from some sickos on each side wanting to live out some new civil war fantasy). This will drive the gun control statists into a frenzy now that we’ve demonstrated ordinary citizens tooling up are perceived as an equal threat to government forces despite the lack of access to armored vehicles or giggle switches on their guns.

    Unfortunately, proving that point may have some bad long term consequences. Maybe armed resistance will become necessary. However, I hope that it does not. I hope that regular citizens will prevail at the ballot box and that our system still functions.

    • “I believe that the Fed has used their legal powers to overreach by regulating ranchers out of existence and by taking control of lands that should belong to private citizens or the state.”

      Bingo! Here is the crux of the whole affair – that is lost in most all news and communication. Why isn’t someone reporting about the other 53 neighbor ranchers near Bundy that have already been pushed out of business by the BLM. Why are there no reports about the many other ranchers and farmers throughout the West that have been closed down, and pushed off land they actually owned, by the BLM?

      Bundy is being steam-rolled just like many other ranchers. The grazing fee issue is a cover for the BLM. The whole story is not so simple. The BLM came in and made demands of him that he could not comply with and stay in business. And the BLM knew it – that’s why they did it. They apparently jacked-up grazing fees to an intolerable level and limited his cattle population to 150 head. Sure wish someone would do an investigation and publication of the whole affair. Where is Paul Harvey? We need the rest of the story.

      • I, too, would like to know more about the grazing side of this story.

        However, here’s some information for what it’s worth: federal grazing fees for 2014 are $1.35/AUM (AUM = animal unit month = forage needed to sustain 1,000 pounds of animal biomass for one month = about 760 pounds air dry forage). Private-land grazing rates can be $30/AUM or more, so $1.35/AUM is hardly out of line. As to limiting his cattle numbers to 150 head, if that is in fact true, the landowner, be it public or private, has the duty, right and obligation to balance supply and demand so that rangelands retain their health and productivity over the long term. An entire branch of ecology, range management, has been working on how to do this for going on 100 years.

        An AUM’s worth of forage has nothing directly to do with acres. The number of acres needed to produce 1 AUM varies widely with the productivity of the rangeland system in question. In the Great Basin it amounts to “one whole hell of a lot,” especially given that much of the vegetation out there isn’t even used by cattle. The allotment in question has been cited as 600,000 acres. That sounds like a lot. However, it was supporting livestock that could be supported on a couple of sections in, say Iowa. Grazing in the Great Basin is especially difficult to do well, in that the ecosystems have no evolutionary history of grazing by herds of large herbivores (no buffalo). This is in contrast to the Great Plains, where most beef cow production takes place entirely on private lands.

        • Bundy isn’t claiming the fees are too much or even that he shouldn’t be paying them. It’s about the .gov not doing its job. His argument is that the BLM fees are for the BLM to assist in managing the land. They have certain responsibilities that have been outlined here before in other threads. Bundy’s claim is that the BLM stopped doing their management “work.” Ultimately what the BLM did with the money is to low-ball other ranchers and drive them out of business and purchase their land on the cheap. They tried to do that with Bundy and he refused to sell to them, so they reduced his cattle number, one can assume, in order to bankrupt him.

          There are competing interests here. The Center for Biodiversity threatened to sue the BLM over the desert tortoise, and some nearby land is slated for solar farms which hurt the tortoise. It’s a mess.

      • How does the BLM take land that they rightfully owned? I haven’t been following this enough to learn about that…eminent domain can’t be used to protect some stupid turtle…

        • Because the federal government has a virtually-unlimited supply of money and lawyers, while the people they’re oppressing have little of either.
          My family had a rock-solid 99-year lease, with renewal options written in the contract. Carter unilaterally voided it. And there wasn’t a danged thing we could do.

          In this case, the rancher only owned part of the land in question. He had grandfathered grazing rights to the rest, until the federal government decided he didn’t.

    • I don’t vote. It only encourages them. All the good candidates are weeded out by the end. Mass media makes sure of that. In the end you are left to vote between a carrot and a potato. Are they really that different? Are they going to vote for us (the little people) when the moment comes or are they going to vote for their campaign contributors? Where is my representation? The mass media pushed for canidates A and B over the others and the good candidates received no air time and now no one knows their names. Meanwhile, endless hoards of Ipod ear equipped, text messaging, facebooking people just returned from the ballot boxes cheerful and enthusiastic that they voted for Candidate A or B (the carrot or the potato) and how they did their part for America. God bless democracy.

    • One of the of the issue, among many, that started our own revolution against England was taxation without representation. The BLM management is an appointed body that then sets taxes and fees without the need to answer directly to the people they are taxing.

      From what I’ve seen so far, Bundy has a much clearer standing against the BLM and what looks like the Jack Booted Thuggery of BLM’s actions.

      From what is known so far, this is a very good example of the disease of big government and the arrogance and contempt that they have for the people.

      This action by the people standing up and facing down government thuggery is what the second amendment is all about. History, and the final victors, will determine if this was the actions of “domestic terrorists” or the actions of Patriotic Americans.

      Because this isn’t over, by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Do you not think that ‘the ballot box’ has gotten us ‘we the people’ in the dire shape this country is in…the elected politicians are so out of touch with what ‘their citizens ‘ are experiencing that the power they control now has a mind of its own…Power has corrupted our once proud nation…since the chains of our Constitution have been removed by the ‘ballot box’….imho

  2. You gotta love how this site shatters the stereotype:
    a pro-gun east-coast-born Jewish publisher (RF) writes in support of a Nevada rancher who is standing-up, along with hundreds(?) of American militia patriots, to the heavy handed tactics of the USG.

    • But we’re not talking much about the real issue, which is the millions of dollars Reid and his family expect to pocket in the corruption that has been driving that process. It is the exposure of a bit of that that seems to have caused Reid’s BLM to back off a bit. In a reasonable world, this should end Reid’s career.

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

    • Hmmm, RF seemed pretty neutral to me and explained how this is a complicated, not perfect example, etc. But you’re take on that was he is in full support. Interesting.

      • Exactly. RF is not supportive of either side, at least that’s not where my reading comprehension took me. RF is merely pointing out the ominous potential of the relationship between armed citizens and armed government. I think both sides could have handled themselves in a more constructive manner.

      • While he might not be headed to the ranch to show support he hasn’t called him a domestic terrorist, I figure that is a good start.

        • Bundy Ranch supporters are terrorists but the Ft. Hood shootings are workplace violence. Gotta love the media.

          You know, if they want to call them gun-toting whackos I can see the case being made. They haven’t terrorized anyone yet though.

    • unfortunately for him and his future tax filings, he doesn’t understand OPSEC. Needs more face cover, balaclava, shemagh, or just old fashioned cowboy/outlaw bandana and don’t tell the media your real name! This picture has inspired me to add a 308 AR to my arsenal, seems a little better for that application than a 223 Saiga with no optic. He was well positioned though.

      • I think he’s pretty covered. It would be very hard to recognize him face-to-face from that photo. Without the sunglasses and then shaving, how would anyone recognize him?

      • He was well positioned though.

        I don’t think that’s adequate cover from a drone…..and I bet dollars to donuts they were flying.

        If the media was doing its job they would have been asking questions like this…
        1) Are you flying drones over the protesters?
        2) Are the drones carrying any type of weaponry?

      • It’s a good use of the available cover, but if things had gone south that would have become a 360 degree engagement, and he has no cover for his flanks and no line of retreat. I’d rather be camoed up out in the scrub.

        Low crawling out of there with no elbow or knee pads wouldn’t be any fun.

      • Bill, if you like AKs are all, check out the currently available Zastava M77 .308. Around $500 for a .308 AK that has demonstrated solid 1-2MOA performance, can use slightly modified surplus M14 mags. What’s not to like?

  3. “I’d have rather seen another Waco.” Wow. What a psychopath. The militia there was the only thing that prevented “another Waco,”. I’m entirely convinced that if the militia had not been there, The entire Bundy family would be dead right now. Not to mention the “You better have funeral plans” statement. Battle lines are being drawn indeed. Right or wrong there’s two sides forming here in the United States, right now. The Loyalists to the State, and Patriots for the Constitution. Wars are never cut and dry affairs, there will be no “prefect” side. Only the better side. Make no mistake, the Government has made it clear for years, they don’t give a flying **** about your rights, any of them, and despise the 2A most of all.

    • You have been saying that for years, can’t you just get it over with? No matter how shitty your new government is going to be it can’t be as shitty as the one that is currently here (and murdering people in foreign countries).

      • I agree, I sure do wish we could “just get it over with.” Its been along time coming.

        • Yeah it’s coming and the Feds are going to do all they can to push it.. Over one million in grazing fees? That is a B.S. excuse. $900,000 and then some for some cowboy in their pocket to round up the cattle? Hell the feds could have called it a day and left. But lets get on video and inflame the public.
          Lets make sure they know there are snipers out there. Lets inflame the public more.
          Wait for it ,wait for it. Lets create a 1st Amendment area, as the only place free speech is allowed.
          Lets inflame the public more.
          OK time to draw down on them, see if someone will shoot. Guess it didn’t work,lets back off let them find the dead cows and destroyed property.
          Lets try and inflame the public.
          Still didn’t work(militia didn’t shoot). I know, I know lets get Harry Reid to call them domestic terrorists and see if that will inflame the public.

          Ask me the whole thing is a test to see how far the public as in WE THE PEOPLE will be pushed and what kind of response we will mount.
          Really? you don’t think the Feds have been buying billions of bullets for target practice. Assault rifles for deer hunting(actual assault rifles) MRAPs just so they look cool driving around.
          Arming the SS(Hmmm)HHS, Hell the Postal Service, HLS. You name it. Pulling Apache’s from the National Guard and swapping them with Black Hawks. It’s coming. NOT IF WHEN.

  4. Hate of the government is high and Obama administration with his class warfare a country divided message has not helped.

    Per the comment posted above from underneath the article, there are extremist on both sides. Those who are happy to be in shackles and love government control and at the same time preach equality and freedom of ideas. And then there are those who believe that no government is better than any government.

    The problem at the Bundy Ranch is there is a lot of misinformation and uninformed all around.

    Hopefully someone is working in the background to resolve the problem, politics aside.

    Regardless of what the Judge said, both sides are probably partly wrong in the whole situation and nobody wants to come to the middle.

    All that article in the post shows and that comment shows, is that people in NYC are so insular and brainwashed and have no clue how things are outside of their apartments.

    • A lot of those screeching for equality really just want everyone to be as shackled as they are.

      Some of us are not quite so ready to accept our chains. I’m not quick to call for violence but that doesn’t mean I feel a particular need for submission either.

    • As a life long NY’er who lives in CT now, I can say without question you are correct. Most people in NYC are some of the most dependent and quite frankly, clueless people you’ll ever meet. They have no idea how people live outside of a city “utopia”, nor could they manage it for very long

        • Voltaire didn’t coin that aphorism, which existed before him and in other languages (e.g. Russian). The faux-philosophe, in fact, rarely came up with an idea of his own.

        • “The enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan.”

          ― Carl von Clausewitz

          Perhaps von Clausewitz was quoting Voltaire, I really don’t know.

  5. Reading the comments from the NY Times article is an eye opener into the demented indoctrinated minds of the East.

    • Sad, isn’t it? And the writer of this op-ed piece openly saying he would like to see another Waco? as far as I am concerned, that puts him firmly in the lunatic fringe.

        • We need to start getting screen shots of this stuff, especially if it’s inflammatory like that kind of comment.

          • Some of you people aren’t reading with comprehension or are skimming over the post. That Waco comment was in a comment, not the original article, and that is stated above.

  6. This is not over. The U.S. government doesn’t back down. They’ll wait until the spotlight has faded away and then the Bundy’s will start having accidents.

  7. Aside from the Fox news reference, it’s really hard to tell who Egan is attempting to berate. Almost every bit of the NYT attack could be applied equally to the government employees. Pointing rifles, bearded, semi-literate, thugs, unable to read the Constitution, etc. Even the bit about “what America has become”. That’s the phrase that comes to mind when watching the BLM operating for the benefit of, not Americans, but Reid and family.

  8. “I hate to say it but I’d rather have seen another Waco than yet more caving by the Obama administration to the radical right-wing lunatic fringe”

    ….and who exactly is the radical lunatic extremist here??? He wants to see brutal violence and death, rather than his personal political opposition be ‘let go’? (psycho!)

    Man, I hate this whole sordid affair. These left wing lunatics want to lump everyone who are not them into to the Bundy clan for their own ideological goals.

    …and then have the Government gun them all down, so they can FEEL like they won something. And what that is, I’m not sure.

    • Yeah the past two years we’ve really, really, seen the crazies come out on the left. It’s pretty clear as day now who, and what they are. And what their ultimate goal is.

  9. It can’t happen here. Whatever “it” is.

    But the only reason is because there will be good people with guns to stop “it”.

  10. German nazi soldiers also were, “…just trying to do their jobs.”

    That line of thinking makes me laugh everytime.

  11. If I stop paying my property taxes can I expect a bunch of my Armed Intelligensia brethren to come over in battle-rattle, surround my house (facing outward) and keep the Revenoors(sp?) from siezing my house?

    • What is happening is a bite more complex than that. Try doing some research instead of reading the bullet notes in the media from either side.

    • Regardless of whether folks showed up to support you, you’d be completely morally justified in refusing to pay a property vig to the local mafia outfit.

      The way the system’s set up now, no one owns property… they merely rent it from the government. That must change!

    • Hmmm, taxes.

      -income tax
      -real estate tax
      -sales tax
      -property tax
      -gasoline tax
      -electricity tax
      -occupancy tax
      -capital gains tax
      -solar tax
      -vehicle registration
      -recycling tax
      -alcohol tax
      -tobacco tax
      -ammo tax
      -gun registration
      -gun permit tax
      -Obamacare taxes (23, I believe)
      -smog abatement

      That’s just a quick list, and there are many more. The government gets their action on virtually every transaction you make, and they still can’t balance the budget. Make no mistake – any one at any time can be accused of not paying their taxes.

      • Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table at which he’s fed.

        Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes are the rule.

        Tax his work, Tax his pay, He works for peanuts Anyway!

        Tax his cow, Tax his goat, Tax his pants, Tax his coat.

        Tax his ties, Tax his shirt, Tax his work, Tax his dirt.

        Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink, Tax him if he Tries to think.

        Tax his cigars, Tax his beers, If he cries Tax his tears.

        Tax his car, Tax his gas, Find other ways To tax his ass.

        Tax all he has Then let him know That you won’t be done Till he has no dough.

        When he screams and hollers; Then tax him some more,
        Tax him till He’s good and sore.

        Then tax his coffin, Tax his grave, Tax the sod in Which he’s laid.

        Put these words Upon his tomb, ‘Taxes drove me to my doom…’

        When he’s gone, Do not relax, Its time to apply The inheritance tax.

    • …except the Bundys have apparently never stopped paying taxes.

      A more comparable situation is if the federal government started levying a surcharge on all of your state vehicle registrations, under the claim that you are occasionally traveling on federal highways, and subsequently they proceed to jack up the fees by hundreds of dollars every few years to offset various questionable “environmental impacts” of your vehicles, such as the potential for running over an endangered turtle that sometimes crosses the highway. Eventually not only are your fees sky-high, but now you can no longer drive on the highway, because you might run over a turtle – a turtle that had never been a problem before, and which is killed off in droves while in federal veterinary protective centers.

      That is still way too oversimplified, but man, this is nowhere near comparable to tax evasion.

  12. I’ve always been of the opinion, that local/ state goverments need to stop supporting/ assisting unpopular federal agencies. Shut the water/ sewage off at the local BLM office; inform them that fire/ ems will NOT be available . Don’t challenge the authority, just don’t support it.

  13. There are two ginormous problems at play here. First and foremost, a bunch of armed people went to the Bundy ranch because most people no longer trust our government! This is not a crisis of rouge people running around with rifles. This is a crisis of government legitimacy.

    Second, it is almost impossible for good willed people to know all the facts of a case before acting. Rather than succumb to “analysis paralysis”, a bunch of people showed up based on the plain facts at hand. And the plain facts at hand were that the feds announced that We the People only had 1st Amendment rights in a tiny location and the feds started manhandling visitors. That was enough to get people on scene.

    Combine these two points and outside observers arrived to ensure that another Waco did not happen.

    • This is at the root, U_S, There are comments further down this post where there is simply an accepted truth. That these Government enforcers will gun down women and children, let alone male adults, without a second thought.

      There is complete and utter faith, (Based on past behavior) that our government will act in the most brutal and murderous way if we the people cross them in any way, even when they are the ones violating the law and the constitution.

      And this is not just a radical few, many polls have shown for a number of years that a great majority of the American people have no faith that their representatives actually represent the people.

      A society can not survive intact without a trust of the “social contract.” That the system will in the end, defend the people from basic injustice and systemic abuse. That trust is gone. What will come out of this, historically, is civil war.

        • Yeah it’s coming and the Feds are going to do all they can to push it.. Over one million in grazing fees? That is a B.S. excuse. 900,000 and some for some cowboy in their pocket to round up the cattle? Hell the feds could have called it a day and left. But lets get on video and inflame the public.
          Lets make sure they know there are snipers out there. Lets inflame the public more.
          Wait for it ,wait for it. Lets create a 1st Amendment area, as the only place free speech is allowed.
          Lets inflame the public more.
          OK time to draw down on them, see if someone will shoot. Guess it didn’t work,lets back off let them find the dead cows and destroyed property.
          Lets try and inflame the public.
          Still didn’t work(militia didn’t shoot). I know, I know lets get Harry Reid to call them domestic terrorists and see if that will inflame the public.

          Ask me the whole thing is a test to see how far the public as in WE THE PEOPLE will be pushed and what kind of response we will mount.
          Really? you don’t think the Feds have been buying billions of bullets for target practice. Assault rifles for deer hunting(actual assault rifles) MRAPs just so they look cool driving around.
          Arming the SS(Hmmm)HHS, Hell the Postal Service, HLS. You name it. Pulling Apache’s from the National Guard and swapping them with Black Hawks. It’s coming. NOT IF WHEN.

  14. Don’t forget the Obama administration basically weaponizing the IRS and DOJ against the citizenry. Locally, the message has gone out and Democrats are in a win no matter what mode that is ending the rule of law and beginning a rule of man. In Madison, WI, the DA is so hyper political, there is no reason to trust he’d enforce the law in good faith. I really believe he’d spike a murder case if the victim was a known conservative. Milwaukee is not much better. One side has to surrender to avoid bloodshed and I don’t see the liberals backing down, despite the Bundy situation.

  15. I know some people out there now. A friend is emailing me updates and pics. Word is there are supposed to be a lot of people showing up today and this weekend. Watch the news.

  16. Timothy Eagan should make a search back into history to see what happened to others of his ilk like “Lord Haw Haw” William Joyce and “Tokyo Rose” Iva Toguri that spread their lies through the media as he is doing. There will be an accounting for those that are trying to destroy the heart of America with misinformation. They are just as dangerous as those that wield a weapon against freedom!!!

  17. right, because having camo dressed PEACE OFFICERS with sniper rifles, automatic weapons, and armor (did I forget the attack helicopter) is exactly the type of scenario the Chinese government wants portrayed as it wages war on the American people. Did I say Chinese? oh my bad…. slip of the tongue.

    • “…the Chinese government wants portrayed as it wages economic war on the American people.”

      Fixed for accuracy.

      • Is this anything like the tanks in china, hmmm, keep loaded out there, be careful, very careful.

  18. In a nutshell – Mr. Cliven is acting against the law based on a law that should not have been made legal in the first place.

    The federal government should never own land. It is a clear conflict of interest.

    • Did you omit that the ‘law’ was made by the BLM…and not the elected representatives of this Republic….imho

  19. Lets see what happens when we remove all the epithets…

    “The residents in the desert forced federal officials with the Bureau of Land Management to back down from a court-ordered confiscation of Bundy’s cattle. One of the rancher’s supporters, Sheriff Richard Mack, said he planned to use women as human shields in a violent showdown with law enforcement.”

    Hmmm….. just as informative, but not as emotionally charged.

    The irony? The reduced version I just posted actually makes Sheriff Mack look like a monster. The original text with the name calling just makes the author look like a talent-less whiner… I mean writer.

    • One thing we shouldn’t forget about Mack’s comments is that none of the women “human shields” would be there against their will. He’s not advocating FORCING them to the front. He’s saying it’s a tactic to AVOID bloodshed.

      Although, I think he’s relying too heavily on the humanity of the enforcers… as if they’d hesitate to shoot women and children.

      • The only casualties on the Weaver side at Ruby Ridge were women and children.
        Women and children made up a considerable percentage of the casualties at Waco.

        • Only women that would have went to the front would have doing so willingly, and there would have been a lot of willing going on.

      • They will not hesitate aka Ruby Ridge and Waco. Anybody that thinks they ( Govt ) will is in delusion mode…….

  20. Go read the comments on the NYT website. Hate to break the news but “We The People” are outnumbered by the media bias. If anyone needs to be taken out at the knees its those morons. Once they are cleaned up and the new media does its job, reporting on ACTUAL government violations then we can start to talk about where to go next but until then? Its ON, media.

    By the way, some of the commenters over there are “Occupy Wall Street” types supporting the Government in this situation. Tells you what they are really up to now doesnt it?

    • A lot on the political Left can’t stand any kind of grassroots movement on the Right (or that is perceived by them to be rightwing) that is standing up to the government. If this was a group of hippies trying to stand up to the government under the Bush administration, they would be being hailed as heroes and patriots. But because they are seen as right-wingers who DARE to stand up to the Big Gov, they are viscerally hated. Same as the left-wing opinion of the Tea Party.

    • It is hard to care about what is being written or commented on in the New York Times. In the end most of their readership has already voluntarily given up many of their rights. The important thing to learn from Bundy ranch is that the government can be forced to back down. The government is weak outside of the slave states. Americans can still have self determination if they don’t give up their guns and stop the state from militarizing.

    • Hopefully the mainstream press will be the ones following the laywers and politicians at the pock marked wall.

  21. It was never about any of the reasons being told, not even the “solar plan”. The “Bundy Ranch Standoff” served a dual purpose. This fits in with the UN Agenda 21 plan for depopulation, cutting off the food sources is one of the first steps. It was also meant to draw out the patriots who are willing to fight for their rights. The feds now have photos and /or video of everyone who showed up for this “showdown”. Rest assured they are running them through facial recognition software connected to public info databases like the DMV to identify everyone involved. They will use the new Patriot Act (Aptly named since it was designed to target patriots) to target every one of them as domestic terrorists. Do NOT be deceived by this plan, Cliven Bundy is NOT the innocent victim he is being portrayed as. He is actually a player in this scheme. Bundy is one of the original 13 “royal bloodlines” of the Illuminati. This is all part of the plan, didn’t anyone wonder why Bundy was so quick to specifically call for the militias to come out and support them?

  22. The supporters of Bundy are doing far more harm to RKBA than Bloomberg’s cronies ever will. Why do you all hate 2A so much? Kiss it goodbye once the shooting starts; the repercussions will be nationwide.

    • Maybe, maybe not. If the people are willing to fight over land, you think the government is going to be able to ban guns? People are tired of government bullying. That’s why this whole thing blew up the way it did in the first place.

      • Go tell the Militia to hand over their guns then, what?You would rather not on account you would be shot.

        • What does that have to do with anything? This is still not an RKBA issue. If the .gov starts confiscating guns and turns it into one, that’s different.

    • The RKBA doesn’t exist independently of some goal, some purpose, namely the protection of freedom from tyranny. I personally define tyranny as inclusive of my personal defense and, thankfully, that is all it means for most Americans. But tyranny of government – via non-Constitutional overreach, via lack of accountability/requirement to obey the same laws as the people, via direction-setting to make this country into a lesser Sweden – is becoming a very real threat.

      Hate the RKBA? Far from it. My question to you, Bill, is why do you hate Freedom so much?

    • So no one should use the 2A for what it was intended for because if we do they’ll take it away which is precisely what it was intended for. Got it.

    • Damn Bill, I’m kind of surprised you can generate the strength to type out a comment with those limp wrists.

  23. At the end of the day, and all days actually, the ultimate question is very simple: Is Government the servant of the people or the master? Sure, there’s lots of nuance in the details – and opportunities for meaningful discussion around those details – but are we servants of a Government or vice versa?

    Federal – and some state – bureaucracies are simply out of control. Many of these acronym-defined agencies from ATF to BLM to EPA were chartered to “do something” by Congress. The area of impact was defined, e.g., “land management”, but there has never been any clearly defined scope or boundaries. Ultimately the problem is that we the people – via majority votes for representatives in Congress – have willingly ceded power to the government that it should not have. We the people have created a monster and we are suffering from it’s overreach.

    Sadly, getting control of that monster again is no easy nor painless matter. I fear that blood will be involved. What else can we the people do when the monster turns to strike at any one of us? I am unaware of ANY significant reduction in ANY government bureaucracy ANYWHERE, EVER. I prefer meaningful public discourse around what role said governments should play in our lives, but how the hell can you do that in a nation of over 300 million people, especially when the media plays only the role of parroting what the government tells them? I don’t know the answer.

    Personally – and possibly sadly – I think the only reality is to tool up, prepare, and hope for the best. Each person must define what their limit is and then hope for the best while preparing for the worst. I am not an extremist in any way in my life. I am boringly “normal”, yet my greatest fears are of the death of a thousands cuts from a government that exists to “help” or “save” me. We are very far from the Constitutional foundation of our great nation.

    All I’ll say is this: as for me and mine, molon labe.

    • +1, The New York Times is the state’s mouthpiece equivalent to Putin’s Russia Today. Sorry but the days of blindingly believing the Federal government represents collective will of the American people are gone. When the call went out citizens trusted their fellow citizen rather than the state. I wonder if this is the first standoff off many to come. To invoke an overused meme, perhaps this is the beginning of an “American Spring?”

  24. Boy, does this hack underestimate the intelligence of the disgruntled. Couldn’t read the Constitution with guns pointed at their heads? This bleating tool should find his ways to blogs like this one, and hundreds of others, where a great bulk of contributors understand the intended workings of government better than most. Egan strikes me as yet another mindless drone who lacks the intellect to see the bigger picture that’s emerging by the day. Government is always righteous in the minds of these dimwits.

  25. An Enemy of my ‘Enemy’ does not always mean that they are my friend. I think some people on both sides are obviously getting confused based on their ideology, not the facts of this situation.

    …and this guy manages to take it to a whole new level. In his psychotic, extremist, lunatic mind, he’d rather see everyone gunned down and burned alive rather than his perceived ideological foe be let go.

    I will not be a part of this and do not think this issue (as I’ve said before) should be linked to our cause of RKBA.

  26. “I hate to say it but I’d rather have seen another Waco than yet more caving by the Obama administration to the radical right-wing lunatic fringe.”

    There you have the precise level of ethics/morality practiced by the “progressives”. They would prefer the government burned another 20+ children to death than back off from a confrontation with the “right-wing lunatic fringe”. And note, no one got killed at the Nevada confrontation. But the left would prefer to see dead children over a loss of “face”.

    Scum. Absolute, low-life, despicable scum.

    • The Left CAN’T STAND right-wing (or what they perceive as right-wing) grassroots protesters. Same with their hatred of the Tea Party.

    • It is rather fascinating that as much as we on the right “dislike” Obumer and his gang of thieves as many libtards on the progressive left have come to dislike/distrust the twit due to his lack of “progress” towards the Marxist nirva they seek. Hard to see where a middle ground between these idiot hive dwellers and the Constitutionalists might be. Doubtful that our nation has been as divided since 1859.

    • …and you can be darn sure that the author firmly believes that there is no such thing conversely as radical left-wing. Radicals to them only exist on the right.

      A leftist is fully capable of living in the leftist cocoon of our culture today and avoid zero contact with and thinking of a conservative culture. To hear views of a conservative nature, leftists have to active SEEK out these views in a few select places like the WSJ, Fox, and some churches.

      In contrast, conservatives are BARRAGED with leftist ideas and viewpoints that is essentially impossible to avoid. Their kids primary schools, their kids universities, movies, art, essentially every major newspaper, essentially every TV channel, and finally the message from our government. A conservatives ideas are challenged, questioned, and mocked 24/7 so it has forced us to really think through our ideas.

      That’s why when you talk to a leftist, they are almost universally really incapable of justifying their ideas. They can live their whole life without really having to think through their ideas and to discover how stupid they are.

      • I like your comment, doesky2, and I have taken the liberty of quoting it (with attribution) in a post scheduled for Monday. It will be entitled “Soaking In It” — because you’re correct, the pervasion of culture in the US is decidedly lopsided, and inescapable.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  27. F*ck the New York Times and Egan.

    These people live in a completely different country. I’ve grown up and lived my entire life in the PNW and mountain west. It’s no longer the same America as what people in places like NYC and Chicago live in.

    They don’t understand it, they never will, and frankly we do not give a sh1t about their opinions on matters such as the Bundy issue.

  28. It was a disturbing video I saw with unarmed reporters and producers, along with women and children, all unarmed, approaching the assault armored with loaded M-16s law enforcement, inquiring what they were going to do, were they going to shoot the Bundy’s and their supporters, and one law enforcement officer said their orders were to “Shoot!” The only brutality I saw were the BLM party tazing the Bundy son 3 times, knocking down Bundy’s sisters and hiring snipers to man the ridge of the butte.

    Knowing several ranchers along the U.S.- Mexico border, they tell me that the Department of Interior owns a huge amount of property there. It is ground zero for the invasion of illegal invaders into the U.S. They have never seen the BLM with M-16s manning the border, pointing the M-16s at drug pushers and runners, criminals, and illegal invaders, yet they would point their loaded weapons at unarmed good American citizens.

    It opens my eyes as to what we can expect from our government in the future and informs me what I should go to prepare for it.

  29. “I don’t suppose Egan realizes that Ronald Reagan reacted to armed Black Panthers [legally] entering the State House by enacting California’s most draconian [up to that point] gun control law.”

    Republican state administration reacts to Black Panthers by enacting gun control. Seems like history is agreeing with the op-ed, on this one point at least; gun control has been very racist in its implementation, or at least interpretation, for quite some time.

  30. I agree, both sides handled the argument poorly but in the aftermath it’s clear the left is attempting to frame things in anticipation of a full scale operation ( While some of what you write is correct, you dissect the clearly Progressive slant of the NYT article very well. Unfortunately Sheriff Mack, just like the Bundy family and their somewhat overinflated cries of tyranny, didn’t help ( This was then flamed by outlets on both the left and right, as we clearly saw on InfoWars, Fox News, MSNBC, and now the NYT article. I hope for a peaceful resolution but with neither side interested in compromise it’s only a matter of time.

  31. Armed confrontation is ridiculous and never needed. The way I see it is one side wants to be left alone and the other wants fanatical control of the masses. The far left are vicious control freaks with deep psychological issues and irrational fears. We are the land of the free. This country was founded to get away from socialism that has historically never worked. Delusional heartless liberals need to study a little history along with some counseling sessions. I do not necessarily agree with Bundy and their actions but as a people we need to resist driving people over the edge.

    • “Armed confrontation is ridiculous and never needed. The way I see it is one side wants to be left alone and the other wants fanatical control of the masses.”

      In a philosophical sense, it seems to me that the only way to be left alone by an entity that wants “fanatical control of the masses” may be through armed confrontation.

    • Follow the money: there are some power hungry control hungry billionaires out there who are happy to see events like the Bundy affair occur, and since they (Bloomy and friends) can control the narrative through the friendly lefty mainstream press, they are glad to see these kinds of incidents occur as it helps them further their control goals particularly re: gun confiscation.

      As much as school shootings serve their purposes to that end, incidents like the BLM/Bundy event are preferred because if the shooting does start, it’ll be the recalcitrant resisting citizens who will suffer casualties rather than the usual school kid pawns.

  32. From the article:
    “I hate to say it but I’d rather have seen another Waco than yet more caving by the Obama administration to the radical right-wing lunatic fringe.”

    Which translated means:
    “I was hoping they’d gun down those citizens, and would shouted yesssss! if they did”.

    The open call for government to murder citizens over taxes/fees/fines is not far behind.

  33. Right or wrong, there is a clear message to the feds here and it comes after the continued heavy handed abuses handed to Americans, namely Ruby Ridge and Waco. Perhaps it was the wrong incident to flex muscles in, but as I see it, there comes a point that a single person or a people must defend their individual or collective principals or honor.

    That message is crystal clear now. We are through with big government heavy handed, do what we want when we want, violate any laws and rules as we want, because we are the government tactics.

    It makes no difference if it was right or wrong, we pushed back, point made.

    • I think it’s about more than Ruby Ridge and Waco. I think it’s also about
      – The proliferation of no-knock raids
      – The overuse of SWAT teams
      – The CBP “Constitution-Free Zone” within 100 miles from the border and at every CBP checkpoint at every international airport
      – The CBP road checkpoints in the Southern half of the US
      – The TSA groping necessary to get on an airplane
      – The MRAPs and heavy weapons being given to every police department in the country
      – Stop and Frisk
      – Having to show a driver’s license to get cold medicine
      – “You name it” police checkpoints on the highways
      – High taxes for us, low taxes for millionaires, no taxes for corporations
      – Endless wars in countries nobody has ever heard of
      – “Police Riots” with no accountability
      – “Revolving door” courts and commercially-run jails
      – Etc., etc.

      People, average people, are fed up.

  34. the author does not get the point. the BLM land grab is about the land and not about cows and desert tortises….. WTF. AL sharpton owes more in taxes then bundy-go surround his house. the BLM brought the weapons and had snipers in place. and what for? bundys land is what they want to take…..gee imagine if the GOV put this sort of effort into protecting the border and enforcing immigration law.

  35. This paints conservatives in very broad strokes. What percentage of principled fiscal conservatives around the United States support these people? I’d bet a minority. What significance is it that Mack is a sheriff? I’m not really sure. That comment he made makes it clear he doesn’t care very much about the safety of innocent bystanders. Not exactly an exemplary public servant. “snipers ready to shoot the police” as libel wrapped in metaphor? Libel has to be false. They had rifles trained on police. Pretty sure that precludes defamation here. And the outrage that the authorities had the audacity to bring weapons? There were standing threats from these people. They had publicized that they would bring arms to oppose the BLM. How is that not an appropriate response from law enforcement?

  36. Ruby Ridge happened in Aug, 1992 – the Feds learned . . . .too many people lived. Clinton did not like that.
    So when Waco started in Feb, 1993, they decided the bad press of survivors would not do . . . . Everyone inside HAD to die, that way the government could write the story.

    Bundy et al will die as the gallant 300 heavily armed PEACE officers had to protect their lives by killing everything in site, dogs and cows included.

    This will then be used as an excuse for more gun control – to prevent further deaths. . . It’s for the children. At Ruby Ridge as Weavers 14 year old son was running away after a firefight with US marshals. . . .as he ran away, after they killed his dog, they shot him in the back, killing him. . . . .

    Waco was a travesty, they could have waited but Reno wanted blood, so did the federal guys. There was no forensic inspection of the site, it was demolished. . . . .go figure.

    If any of you are inclined, read the info that the lawyer who defended Weaver wrote. At first he thought Weaver was a right wing nut. . . .

    Harris, the guy who killed a US marshal was found not guilty. Weaver and family were eventually awarded $3.1 million for their losses.

    They will kill the Bundys, it’s what the Feds want as proof to disarm all of us.

    Do you posters really believe the Feds don’t already know everything about you?

    • Exactly. There’s a lot of people in here with the “Well, when the shooting starts I’m going to…..” (insert cowardly behavior here). When the shooting starts your going to have two options, shoot back, or die. Look at it this way, your already an enemy of the state, If you own a gun, oppose the government in anyway, and happen to like the 1st amendment. They’re going to be merciless in their purge in the name of safety and security. Full government annihilation of the Bill of Rights in order to “Never let anything like this happen ever again!”- “So this is how Liberty dies, with thunderous applause.” Yes, I did just quote Star Wars.

    • Sure they do. They have my picture and my smiling face in a red shirt and an AK47 and you know what, I don’t give a rats ass. We all have to die someday.

  37. It looks to me like Harry Reid is putting out bait, hoping somebody on the Bundy side fires the first shot. If that happens (or it looks like that’s what happened), the ultimate outcome will not be good for the country or gun rights. My fear here is that well-intentioned folks are being tricked into working their own undoing. Take a good hard look at how things are playing out here, and tell me whether it’s starting to look like a trap. Regardless of the righteousness of the cause, only a fool walks into a trap.

    • I had this very thought. Reid sounds like a cranky old goat just spouting off because he didn’t get what he wanted. But is it that simple? Something about the whole damn thing feels orchestrated. I think it would be a mistake to underestimate the intelligence of government. It’s nice to view them as just a bunch of knuckle dragging bullies, but you know the people giving the orders are well-practiced in matters such as these. It’s a full-contact chess match.

  38. It’s all about letting the illeagls and the cartel have an open lane into our country
    Polititions spend 30 million to win a 150000 a year job so they can become rich from drug money

  39. If the Bundy supporters were a bunch of leftist loons occupying a small park in New York City, Timothy Egan and his ilk would be down on their knees preparing to fellate them (metaphorically speaking, I hope).

  40. Thanks Robert. Ironic, isnt it, that a little ole’ gun blog, filled with all sorts of diverse 2A rights enthusiasts, cranky and troll-infested as we might be, can STILL see the gray areas and do their homework, and debate the complicated issues more clearly than the StateRunMedia,

    including this NYT nitwit, which clearly has gotten the Talking Points Memo on the Bundy matter- and reducing it to “domestic terrorism” …

    If anyone is responsible for a tragedy starting, its not the Sheriff, or the ranchers, or the ordinary Americans who object to this kind of demonization – its the Progtards, and their allies in the StateRunMedia…

    No coincidence that more thoughtful writers, like John Fund, at WSJ, are pointing out what TTAG has been onto for months – the uparmoring of local PDs and militarization of FedGov agencies-

    Question for the POTG-
    any more info on who that bearded SWATTIE was at the cattle pen barrier…
    guy seemed to be a pro, and level-headed, a good guy in a bad position…
    I bet it must suck to work jobs like that, as the paid stooges for Dirty Harry’s lobbyist/staff puke, now director of BLM.

    Any LEO or ret MIL with contacts in the contractor community? I bet those guys and the blm rangers from out of area really hated what they saw, and have a story or two to tell,
    from being on that side of the fence, having to explain to the ranchers and citizens, pregnant ladies, the kids…why they were stealing their cattle and destroying pipes, water tanks, years of work…

  41. I just perused to comments section over at the NYT on this editorial. There’s a lot of talk about how we must all “obey the rule of law,” and the usual bigotry and stereotyping of “white, right wing extremists.”

    Isn’t it curious that when it comes to things like the preservation of desert turtles we little people have got to dot every “i” and cross every “t” in regulations that were promulgated by unelected bureaucrats acting with the force of law, but the ruling class (liberal politicians, bureaucrats, the media, judges) get to decide which actual laws (like Obamacare, immigration, the IRS, marriage, the Constitution) they will modify at will, or obey, or enforce? We have a president and and attorney general who both pick and choose which laws to apply or enforce, most often based on whether or not you are a political supporter – or if you share their skin color.

    The United States really has become Orwell’s Animal Farm. People like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Buffet, Soros, et al, see themselves as apart from the rest of us. They are led by their own wisdom and, in the spirit of noblesse oblige, feel duty bound to rule over us for our own protection. Those who dissent are by definition evil and must be crushed for the greater good. How did this happen?

    Demonstrably, the present day United States is less free, less fair, more highly taxed, and more thoroughly regulated than we were as British colonies. For God’s sake, the Founders staged a revolution, in part, over a tax of 3 cents per pound of tea! And after serving 10 years on active duty and another 15 years in the Guard, I qualified last year to start collecting my military retirement. Well guess what? I had to pay every stinking dime and then some back to Uncle Sam because of increased taxes!

    Since the sixties, the far left has been chipping away at all the things that made this country unique and great. We’ve gone from a decentralized, locally and state controlled government to a highly centralized model where the federal government treats the states like mere counties. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches don’t recognize any Constitutional limits on their powers, The governmental bureaucracies are all controlled by the democrat party. The press is controlled by people who want to further the philosophical aspirations of the left.

    And the commenters over at the NYT, and Reid and his buddies bray at us that we must OBEY their “rule of law.”

  42. PS: thanks also to the many here who didnt get sucked into the mass paranoia and over the top language all too common elsewhere- if I hear another hoarse scream from Alex Jones I am going to puke,..

    Remember that it was PEACEFUL, PASSIVE, CITIZEN demonstrations, informed by principled repitition of facts, armed by NOT GUNs, but with a moral narrative, that got the news, and forced the FEDS to back down.

    Keep it chilly, POTG… keep it chilly…use the Ben Shaprio approach- that causes the progtards to absolutely lose their $hit, and that behavior exposes them for the tyrants they are…to all the folks in the independent middle, who are waking up to the “culture war” in America, between “The Elites Who Know Whats Best For All the Little People” and all the rest of us…2A rights are just the canary in the coal mine…

    • + 1

      Some folks on both sides want to turn this into a Proxy battlefield, so they can finally get a shot at the other, but that will bring ‘victory’ to neither side, IMO.

  43. “I hate to say it but I’d rather have seen another Waco than yet more caving by the Obama administration to the radical right-wing lunatic fringe”

    I hope this lunatic knows that if and when that happens, blood will be on HIS hands – for publicly calling for a Waco-style massacre.

  44. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

    These days, American’s liberty tree is looking gaunt unto death.

  45. If there is any blood shed over this matter, it will be because of corrupt politicians and the Supreme Court still trying to dodge the bullet of responsibility. Had these people been more concerned with doing their jobs instead of padding their nests, we would NEVER have come anywhere close to this.

  46. Simple question, that no one has been able to answer. If Cliven Bundy is in violation of the law and has an excessive level of unpaid fees, why has he not been arrested? He’s not in hiding, is not sequestered on his ranch, has been in town on numerous occasions, and this has been ongoing for 20 years. So why haven’t BLM agents just walked up and cuffed him? I think the answer to this question resolves all of the issues created in the past few weeks.

    • Because he is not in violation of CRIMINAL law, he is in violation of statutory civil law. The legitimacy of that law can be debated.

      • He has had suit filed against him by the government. This would seem to exceed a civil violation. Regardless, the BLM has had 20 years to redress the situation. Instead, they do nothing and then suddenly initiate an extreme threat of force. There have been no liens against property and the seizure of cows was half-assed, at best. The BLM has had ample opportunity to move against Bundy, either physically, through detainment, or financially through seizure of property or monies. Yet they have not do that at any point. So I appreciate your reply, but my question still stands.

  47. Robert, your following statement is completely disappointing, and indicates that you have not done the necessary due-diligence before coming to your conclusions:

    I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. The Bundy Ranch’s beef with the Bureau of Land Management is not a perfect example of government overreach. The confrontation between Cliven Bundy and the BLM over grazing rights on federal land is a complicated, long-running affair informed by Mr. Bundy’s highly combative nature.

    On the contrary: the Bundy case IS the very definition of “government overreach.” And come on, if that’s your idea of “combative,” you’ve never met my ex Puerto Rican girlfriend. LOL.

    Seeing as how you just moved to Texas, you should already know the difference between surface, mineral, land, resource usage vs traditional property/deed rights in the typical residential or even basic commercial real estate property.

    If not, you should familiarize yourself with the particulars of former Western Territories that constitutionally officiated into full state status under the Equal Footing Clause, and the particulars of ranching laws that really are only familiar to those who actually do ranch: Doctrine of the Equality of States

    The Doctrine of the Equality of States, (also called Equal Footing), is based on Article IV, Section 3, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution, which says:

    “New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.”

    Additionally, since the admission of Tennessee in 1796, Congress has included in each State’s act of admission a clause providing that the State enters the Union “on an equal footing with the original States in all respects whatever.”[2]

    Farago, you don’t get to pick and choose your revolutions. If you’re not seeing the bigger picture as to WHY so many… up to 1500+ armed Americans felt compelled to come to the Bundys’ aid, you’re not seeing it, at all.

    Please read some of the following; it may change your mind, if not, it should:

    Nevada ranch standoff could leave dirt on Harry Reid’s reputation
    Longtime aide of senator is new at helm of Bureau of Land Management
    By Valerie Richardson
    The Washington Times
    Sunday, April 13, 2014

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said little as federal agents seized and then released cattle last week from the Bundy ranch, but there is little doubt that the highly charged episode was threatening to become a political headache for the Nevada Democrat.

    The Bureau of Land Management is headed by former longtime Reid aide Neil Kornze, who was confirmed by the Senate as BLM director on Tuesday, just as federal authorities descended on the cattle ranch outside Mesquite, Nev.

    Harry Reid Labels Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists” Amidst Questions of Cronyism & Complicity in Bundy Ranch Seige
    By: Jay Syrmopoulos Apr 18, 2014

    Las Vegas, Nev., April 18, 2014- In a sensationalist move Senator Harry Reid has labeled supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists” during an event held in Las Vegas on Thursday.

    While speaking at the ‘Hashtags & Headlines’ event, Reid called Bundy supporters:

    “Nothing more than domestic terrorists” saying,

    “I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism.”

    He accused the Bundy supporters of inciting violence claiming, “There were hundreds, hundreds of people from around the country that came there,” adding, “They had sniper rifles in the freeway. They had weapons, automatic weapons. They had children lined up. They wanted to make sure they got hurt first … What if others tried the same thing?”

    These claims were made in reference to the standoff, reported on by us last week, in Clarke County, Nevada at the Bundy Ranch, in which the feds brought in over 200 armed agents with sniper teams to confiscate cattle, allegedly due to unpaid grazing fees. Perhaps Senator Reid had forgotten that the only violence that commenced during the standoff was when BLM agents tazed Bundy supporters, threw a 57-year-old woman recovering from cancer to the ground, and attempted to allow a dog to attack a pregnant woman.

    But here’s the really important part, in that article in context of BLM’s own formerly public, now purged from Google cache (gee…why would they do that, if they have nothing to hide??) that cite the Bundys and their cattle by name because it gets in the way of “mitigation area” which were to be set aside for where the “endangered species” maybe moved to, when the series of very publicly admitted, planned energy projects, last count 50 around the Bundys cattle grazing/foraging/water area:

    Many news outlets have attempted to mitigate the situation by claiming the Chinese owned ENN solar deal, brokered by Reid’s son Rory, was shelved, thus laying the issue to rest. This is disingenuous to the facts, as the BLM has attempted to cover up by deleting documents from its website that shed light on the agency’s “Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone.”

    In a BLM press release on March 14, it was announced that “The BLM’s current action builds on the Western Solar Energy Plan, a two-year planning effort conducted on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Energy to expand domestic energy production and spur development of solar energy on public lands in six western states,” adding, “The Western Solar Energy Plan provides a blueprint for utility-scale solar energy permitting in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah by establishing Solar Energy Zones with access to existing or planned transmission, incentives for development within those Solar Energy Zones, and a process through which to consider additional Solar Energy Zones and solar projects.” It goes on to state, “The Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone is the first of several pilot plans to be developed by the BLM.”

    Although the current Moapa Solar Project is 35 miles away, the BLM, acting under Sen. Reid’s interests, want Bundy off the 600,000 acre Gold Butte area so they can use the land for future projects. As more facts come to light, it sounds less like the Bundy supporters are “domestic terrorists,” and are much more readily described as concerned citizens waging a protest against a Senator’s corrupt interests and crony capitalism.

    Yes, Harry Reid, his son, his former aide, BLM, domestic and foreign energy, mineral, mfg. interests WANT the Bundys outta there, just as ANY crooked statist corporate welfarist real estate developer coming in, buying off local politicians to declare a century old generational property as blighted, to leverage eminent domain to boot them out: Kelo vs City of New London [,Connecticut] ring a bell?

    Plus, with Western ranchers, legally (not that these fuckers give a fuck) the BLM cannot ‘sell off rights’ to various commercial interests to build on those lands, unless the likes of Bundys sell off their generational preemptive & prescriptive usage/grazing/foraging rights. That, is WHY they’re so eager to push the Bundys out. And why, systematically they’ve already been able to push out the Bundys 52 other neighboring ranchers.

    You’d think that all of this blatantly obvious z-grade govt terrorist scheister-ism would be obvious to the “armed intelligentsia.”

    Apparently, not.

    To simplify, the BLM was ‘sold’/advertised to the public as essentially a property manager, who were paid by the Apt. complex owners to manage the property. Yet, they used the management fees amassed over the years to buy off the property, to kick them out, with full assumed right to change the original employer-employee-for-hire contract on the fly, then to flipping it, where the employee-for-hire, is now dictating to the lawful property owner what the new terms are, and will be.

    As <A href=";Marbury v. Madison re-affirms, UnConstitutioanl laws aren’t laws at all:

    Thus, the particular phraseology of the Constitution of the United States confirms and strengthens the principle, supposed to be essential to all written Constitutions, that a law repugnant to the Constitution is void, and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.

    So, even with a distinct shift to more centralization post-1864 Lincoln/AnteBellum South, with corrupt statists in govt, the Federal govt, under the Enclave Clause, within Article I, Section 8 of explicitly limited enumerated powers, except for Washington DC & US territories, along with Fed Govt buildings founded for Const. functions, ie. Post office, and defense assets, the Federal Govt cannot own ANY land or property, period!

    The BLM (and the Fed. Govt as a whole) is acting no differently than a deluded secretary whom, after working for the CEO and managing his schedule for decades, starts telling everyone that she owns the company herself, and believes it, worse: acts on it.

    Property ownership is strictly reserved to the People, and the States, as per the 9th and 10th Amendments guarantees and affirmations, regardless of what a guild of delusional secretaries claim to have the ‘right’ to own the company, repeated, perpetually: Article I, Section 8. of the Constitution for the United States of America

    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;


    To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings;

    Like the gun debate, the particulars of the Western ranching laws, are really only familiar to those who are interested in the subject matter, or bothered to look into it, or grew up around it.

    Yet, ironically, the supposed Tea Partiers like Glenn ‘Crybaby’ Beck, and other prominent individuals of similar political and philosophical leanings are making the same arrogant, misinformed, uninformed emotive ‘arguments’/BS-rationale deployed by hoplophobes!

    Here’s a similar case just last year, of another NV rancher, E. Wayne Hage, in which the residing Federal Judge, not a Nevada State judge stated, explicitly that the local, state, Fed govt/BLM “entered into…a literal, intentional conspiracy, to deprive” the rancher of his rights!

    Judge Blasts Federal Conspiracy; Ranch Family Vindicated — Again!
    Written by William F. Jasper
    Monday, 19 November 2012 00:00

    “So I’m finding and concluding as a matter of law,” said the judge, “that the government and the agents of the government in that locale, sometime in the ’70s and ’80s, entered into a conspiracy, a literal, intentional conspiracy, to deprive the Hages of not only their permit grazing rights, for whatever reason, but also to deprive them of their vested property rights under the takings clause, and I find that that’s a sufficient basis to hold that there is irreparable harm if I don’t — and it’s in the public interest, if I don’t restrain the government from continuing in that conduct.”

    Federal Judge Rules for Property Rights, Smacks Down Abusive Feds
    Written by William F. Jasper
    Monday, 03 June 2013 16:06

    In an historic 104-page ruling, Chief Judge Robert C. Jones of the Federal District Court of Nevada has struck a major blow for property rights and, at the same time, has smacked down federal agencies that have been riding roughshod over Western ranchers and property owners. The long-awaited ruling, which had been expected before the end of last year, was finally issued at the end of May. The court case, U.S. v. Hage, has been keenly watched by legal analysts and constitutional scholars — but has been completely ignored by the major media.

    Government’s Shocking Interference in Rancher’s Life
    Hans von Spakovsky
    June 11, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    A startling decision on government wrongdoing by a federal court in U.S. v. Estate of E. Wayne Hage gives credence to those who say that the federal government is engaging in a “war on the West” that is hurting rural communities. It is a stark reminder of how powerful our federal government is today and how it can ruin the lives and businesses of American citizens.

    The 104-page opinion by U.S. District Court Judge Robert C. Jones on May 23 in Nevada tells a sordid and infuriating tale of a two-decades-long conspiracy among federal employees of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) of the Department of the Interior to deny the grazing rights of a Nevada ranching family, interfere with their water rights, and destroy their cattle business by scaring away their customers.

    The case has long, complicated procedural history, but in essence, the federal government in 1991 refused to renew a grazing permit that the Hage ranch had held on federal lands for a very long time. The government also interfered with the Hage family’s water rights, which pre-dated the implementation of the grazing permit system in 1934, by restricting their access to various streams and wells. The BLM seized the Hages’ cattle and filed a civil trespass action against Hage, at one point even building fences around waterways to keep thirsty cattle from getting water, a scene right out of a 1930s Western movie.

    And now, the uber Christian libertarian analysis of the situation:

    Ranchers vs. Regulators: The Clark County Range War

    Thursday, April 17, 2014

    Bunkerville, Nevada – War came to the Western Range that April, a conflict pitting the forces of order and respectability against a restive band of extremists accused of cheating the government of what it was due. The prohibitively stronger side consisted of regulatory agencies allied with powerful non-governmental organizations determined to control the land and expel small private interests who made productive use of it. The unyielding demands of the political elite were met with the unflinching defiance of rural ranchers, leading to talk of a “range war.”

    Eventually the ranchers exhausted the patience of the government, which deployed dozens of heavily armed Regulators to the county under orders to put down the rebellion. This would mean arresting – or shooting – anybody who resisted. Rather than submitting, the rebels – with the support of the county sheriff and the aid of several veterans of the most recent war – mobilized to confront the threat. Citizens coalesced into a militia and rode out on horseback to confront the invaders at their staging area.

    This is what Govt terrorists do: Did BLM Bury Bundy Cattle In Mass Grave? WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES

    By: Annabelle Bamforth Apr 17, 2014

    Bunkerville, NEVADA, April 16, 2014– Ben Swann interviewed Ryan Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy, on his radio program Wednesday. Bundy spoke about the continuing battle over the grazing land, the next steps federal agents may take, and what has already taken place on the property so far.

    Bundy told Swann that federal agents have fled the area and left a great deal of gear and equipment and that they aren’t likely to return any time soon for it. He also said that federal agents destroyed much of the grazing infrastructure on the land, including water lines, water tanks, troughs, corrals, and fences.

    The damage didn’t stop at just destroying infrastructure: Bundy revealed that their cattle, about 40 or so, had been killed by federal agents and thrown into a mass grave.

    • ADDENDUM: a few additional articles and vids that may clarify what it’s about

      Directly off the Bundys’ YouTube: The Truth

      The following viral, open letter by a rancher Kena Lytle Gloeckner, crystalizes why other fellow ranchers and farmers, who know all too well the Fed. Govt’s calculated terrorism against the producers (not just the current Obama admin, but the entire unconstitutional bureaucratic superstructures), felt compelled to come to the aid of the Bundys, and further explains the particulars of Western ranching laws/contracts/arrangements, and what BLM actually does, vs. advertised:

      Fellow rancher’s viral letter explains so much about why ranchers support ‘hero’ Bundy
      April 16, 2014 by Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

      There have been a lot of people criticizing Clive Bundy because he did not pay his grazing fees for 20 years. The public is also probably wondering why so many other cowboys are supporting Mr. Bundy even though they paid their fees and Clive did not.

      What you people probably do not realize is that on every rancher’s grazing permit it says the following:

      “You are authorized to make grazing use of the lands, under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management and covered by this grazing permit, upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this grazing permit and payment of grazing fees when due.”

      The “mandatory” terms and conditions go on to list the allotment, the number and kind of livestock to be grazed, when the permit begins and ends, the number of active or suspended AUMs (animal units per month), etc. The terms and conditions also list specific requirements such as where salt or mineral supplements can be located, maximum allowable use of forage levels (40% of annual growth), etc., and include a lot more stringent policies that must be adhered to. Every rancher must sign this “contract” agreeing to abide by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS before he or she can make payment.

      In the early 90s, the BLM went on a frenzy and drastically cut almost every rancher’s permit because of this desert tortoise issue, even though all of us ranchers knew that cow and desert tortoise had co-existed for a hundred+ years.

      As an example, a family friend had his permit cut by 90%.

      For those of you who are non-ranchers, that would be equated to getting your paycheck cut 90%. In 1976 there were approximately 52 ranching permittees in this area of Nevada. Presently, there are 3. Most of these people lost their livelihoods because of the actions of the BLM. Clive Bundy was one of these people who received extremely unfair and unreasonable TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

      Keep in mind that Mr. Bundy was required to sign this contract before he was allowed to pay.

      Had Clive signed on the dotted line, he would have, in essence, signed his very livelihood away. And so Mr. Bundy took a stand, not only for himself, but for all of us. He refused to be destroyed by a tyrannical federal entity and to have his American liberties and freedoms taken away.

      Also keep in mind that all ranchers financially paid dearly for the forage rights those permits allow – – not rights to the land, but rights to use the forage that grows on that land.

      Many of these AUMS are water based, meaning that the rancher also has a vested right (state owned, not federal) to the waters that adjoin the lands and allow the livestock to drink. These water rights were also purchased at a great price.

      If a rancher cannot show beneficial use of the water (he must have the appropriate number of livestock that drinks and uses that water), then he loses that water right. Usually water rights and forage rights go hand in hand. Contrary to what the BLM is telling you, they NEVER compensate a rancher for the AUMs they take away. Most times, they tell ranchers that their AUMS are “suspended,” but not removed.

      Unfortunately, my family has thousands of “suspended” AUMs that will probably never be returned. And so, even though these ranchers throughout the course of a hundred years invested thousands(and perhaps millions) of dollars and sacrificed along the way to obtain these rights through purchase from others, at a whim the government can take everything away with the stroke of a pen. This is the very thing that Clive Bundy singlehandedly took a stand against.

      Thank you, Clive, from a rancher who considers you a hero.

      Much more BLM legalese; if anyone actually reads through the BLM and other govt documents linked in the following, one would literally have to be naive, and political reality-clueless, to NOT think that Harry Reid has personal stake, in the outcome of the Bundys’ case: The BLM Impoundment Plan, Who Prepared It, and Their Scrubbed Contact Information

      Oh, just in case some of y’all may not have noticed? Yes, Harry Reid is one dirty motherfucker: Indicted Businessman Names Harry Reid as Alleged Recipient of Massive Bribe

      Indicted businessman: Utah A.G. tied to alleged scheme
      By Tom Harvey And Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune
      Published January 12, 2013 10:10 pm

      Embattled St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson says new Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped broker a deal in 2010 in which Johnson believed he was to pay Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid $600,000 to make a federal investigation into Johnson’s company go away.

      But when the federal government filed a lawsuit Johnson thought he had paid to quash, he demanded Swallow return some of the $250,000 initial payment. Then, just days before the Nov. 6 election, Johnson engaged in a frenetic but unsuccessful effort to get Swallow to drop out of the race, saying information about what Johnson called a “bribe” would come out and force the Republican’s resignation if he became attorney general.

      Johnson’s allegations come less than a week after Swallow took the oath of office. Federal agents have interviewed several Utahns about Johnson’s relationship with Swallow, among other issues, according to those interviewed. The FBI would not comment.

      Sheriff Richard Mack clarifies the “women and children” – line, and calls out Glenn ‘Cry on Cue’ Beck:

      BUNDY RANCH: Sheriff Mack Calls out Glenn Beck!
      Published on Apr 18, 2014

      This just in… Sheriff Richard Mack Calls out Glenn Beck over his handling of Bundy Ranch.

      Your own TX Congressional Rep. Steve Stockman is on the case:

      Stockman: Obama’s Actions at Bundy Ranch Illegal
      Published on Apr 18, 2014

      After Reid declared Bundy supporters as Domestic Terrorists, Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas is now accusing President Obama of illegal actions in the wake of the standoff at the Bundy Ranch.

      Just In: Obama Accused By Congressman Of Illegal Action At Bundy Ranch
      He cites a severe violation of U.S. Code — 43 U.S.C. Section 1733, Subsection C
      B. Christopher Agee — April 18, 2014

      He cited the limited powers granted to the federal government, noting the bureau has no “right to assume preemptory police powers, that role being reserved to the States,” and explained “many federal laws require the federal government to seek assistance from local law enforcement whenever the use of force may become necessary.”

      The letter included a section of the U.S. Code — 43 U.S.C. Section 1733, Subsection C — stating exactly that point. [Emphasis Stockman’s]

      “When the Secretary determines that assistance is necessary in enforcing Federal laws and regulations relating to the public lands or their resources he shall offer a contract to appropriate local officials having law enforcement authority within their respective jurisdictions with the view of achieving maximum feasible reliance upon local law enforcement officials in enforcing such laws and regulations.”

      In the case of the Bundy Ranch, he continued, “the relevant local law enforcement officials appear to be the Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada, Douglas C. Gillespie.”

      Gillespie, however, conspicuously took a back seat to BLM forces during the standoff.


      More in-depth background info on the planned developments in the area:

      BLM Whistleblower: Reid Bunkerville and the Military Industrial Complex at Bundy Ranch
      Published on Apr 17, 2014

      BUNDY RANCH | You saw his proof. Now meet BLM Whistleblower Rusty Hill who uncovered the corporations and shady land deals connected to Reid Bunkerville LLC, Zion Bank Corp, and BLM lands surrounding the Bundy properties.

      Bundy Ranch: The Land and its Masters Revealed (sync fixed)
      Published on Apr 16, 2014

      Since the Bundy Ranch story broke last week and culminated in a tense standoff with Federal agents on Saturday resulting in the release of the Bundy Ranch cattle we have been following the money. On the 10th we reported the Militia arrived in the area and cited a former BLM volunteer and Nevada Land Broker who revealed to us the true value of the land and the parties interested in it. In our on-going investigation into the money behind the Bundy Ranch Land Grab we present former BLM Volunteer Rusty Hill’s Records Research detailing his first hand experience in the Bunkerville area, its value to the Military Industrial complex – and most notably the corporations that bear Harry Reid’s own name in Bunkerville,- bordering USA lands and the Bundy Ranch.

      So why do they want this land? Water, access to land, privacy and mineral rights – notably Magnesium Dolomite with one of its military applications as solid rocket fuel found in Tomahawk cruise missiles – friends it is much more than Chinese solar power.

      In this investigation we provide the historical context to the lands around the Bundy Ranch, the mineral value of the land and it’s application in weapons manufacturing.

      But here is where it get’s interesting. Using the public records from Clark County we disclose irregularities and anomalies in the public record of the sale prices of land surrounding the Bundy Ranch owned by the BLM, Cedar Development Corp, Zion Bank Corp, Bunkerville Compound LLC, AND Reid Bunkerville LLC who you will discover “paid nothing for the land”

      This research reveals the highly suspicious activity surrounding the Bureau of land management, Cedar Development Corp, Zion Bank Corp and Reid Bunkerville LLC.

      Due to the use of government force to remove Bundy “trespass cattle” and the lands that Reid Bunkerville LLC received at ZERO cost we can draw a line to their desire to run him off his land for their own gain – an American whose family settled that land over 100 years ago.

      It’s time for a congressional investigation.

      Gary Franchi reporting for the Next News Network.


      Indeed: there is a War on Western Ranchers, by the Feds.

      Interestingly, there was a case few years ago where the ACLU actually sued on behalf of an illegal alien, vs. an Arizonan rancher. Now, they’re suing the Feds, on behalf of an AZ rancher: Living Under Surveillance at the Border – for What?
      By John Ladd at 2:38pm

      As a fourth-generation Arizona rancher I have a strong attachment to the land my great grandfather homesteaded back in 1896. But ever since the US government built the border fence and sent thousands of Border Patrol agents to the Southwest, my property rights are violated every day.

      Ranchers Under 24-Hour Surveillance…for What??

      Our ranch has 14,000 acres of cattle land that stretches some ten miles along the U.S.-Mexico border. When I was a kid the border wasn’t a big deal. The U.S. and Mexican ranchers on either side would help each other out. Then in the 1990’s the Border Patrol showed up to close down the border, and ever since that’s dominated my livelihood and my life.

      At first I wanted to cooperate with the Border Patrol. Then the agents started racing their vehicles through my property, busting through our fences, tearing up roads, and running down cattle. When other ranchers and I met with border officials in Tucson to explain the problem, they refused to pay for the damages.

      I’ve come to realize that the Border Patrol simply has no respect or understanding for our way of life here at the border. I spend most of the day mending fences they’ve damaged, and every time one of their vehicles hits one of my animals, I have to absorb the cost. My cattle are worth up to $1,800 a head, and I’ve lost eight of them. All the ranchers around here have the same problem.

      I’ve also discovered that the Border Patrol doesn’t have to respect our constitutional right of private property, something this country was built on. There’s a federal rule that within 25 miles of the border US agents have the authority to come onto anyone’s land, without permission, whenever they want. That’s what they do, and I can’t stop them.

      Hope that clarifies a bit more, to those who maybe open-minded and interested in learning more about the Bundys, what this has to do with 2A, and the overall direction of America.

        • Guess you missed the self-evident proviso; seeing as how it was the last paragraph, don’t see how you could’ve missed it:

          Hope that clarifies a bit more, to those who maybe open-minded and interested in learning more about the Bundys, what this has to do with 2A, and the overall direction of America.

          If that was Too Long for you to not want to read, then don’t.

          But, for those of you here who are interested in it, like any subject matter you may not initially be familiar with, unless you work in the said field and learn it on the job, the only other way to learn about it, is by spending the time, to read about it from multiple primary & secondary sources. There’s no other way around it.

          Goes without saying, in general terms, it’d be presumptuous to form opinions on matters one is not familiar with, worse, be adamantly, vociferously boisterous about it.

          Then again, people being people: some are always gonna be loud with uninformed/misinformed opinions, and the Bundy situation doesn’t seem to be the exemption. C’est la vie.

  48. I’ve been getting continual reports from the ground for a couple of days. People are pouring in now. Lots of families with kids, too. I’ve got a number of pics. They are setting up for a concert as we speak.

    I’m sure you can expect lots of news coverage this weekend. Future domestic terrorists:

  49. Follow the money! Believe it or not, the BLM has something else in the background. If you can justify scoping out our citizens, then i’m prepared to defend myself from excessive controls. This in no different than sum 200 plus years ago. The government actions proove that they are on the edge to punish us. This has nothing to do with turtles, it’s the money, solar, chinese. They are trying to stuff their pockets. Remember, why this country got started. Getting close to hiding, hmmm, h. reid ( the biggest thief in our house) says what he thinks of us. We are dirt to that phonie.

  50. One small thing that everyone seems to have missed:
    Just what exactly was the LVPD MRAP and SWAT doing standing by there?
    Bunkerville does not appear to be within the Las Vegas city limits.

    I think I may have unwittingly stumbled upon the answer to the question of why the Feds are so eager to offer heavy weaponry and Infantry training to the local gendarmerie.

  51. They can’t shoot everybody , since it is not a clan, it is our citizens. It is shameful that our country sees fit to putting rifle scopes on us. We are dangerously close to loosing it. May God watch over use and may he give us his might to stop this invasion on us. Try to keep cool, but do not let our forefathers to have died for nothing. Keep our flag waving upright forever.

  52. Is this what you call a fair news media? We need another 5000 people out there and really give those jack boots something to think about! And put this thing to an end, forever! Oops wait a minute I have to have another day to suit up! Keep to the high country.

  53. It’s about the money, the border hasn’t got the money, get a grip. Harry has no resources there.

  54. Problem with the whole Bundy ranch story is that he is the only rancher out there. It would be different if there were a significant number of people affected by this. The whole thing could easily just be a whipped up provocation. It is interesting to see such a mustering of armed men for one dusty Mormon ranch.

    I’m not necessarily saying the conflict isn’t real, I don’t know… but who benefits from all these photos of “militia” pointing rifles at BLM agents? Of course the first thing we’re told is “Harry Reid wants to sell the land to the Chinese.” Yeah, OK, it is a patch of desert and they want to put some solar panels there, is this supposed to make me freak out? The whole thing stinks to high heaven, looks and sounds like a bunch of made up bull.

    • Fug, about that “dusty Mormon ranch”: has anyone heard more about that part of the conflict with Harry Reid and the LDS Church is that the Bundy family are pro-plural marriage Mormon fundamentalists? It sounds like their battles with the Fed didn’t just start with grazing rights. It also explains why so many of his neighbors aren’t sympathetic.

  55. This article attempts to “debunk” the Bundy situation, defending Harry Reid. For example, it says that Reid’s former advisor could not have had anything to do with the BLM attack that began April 5, because he was not confirmed as director until days later. It does not mention that he’d been acting director of the BLM for the previous thirteen months. And so on.

    The very first comment contains a video that carefully takes apart (in a reasonably non-partisan approach) the article’s narrative, as well as some of the wilder conspiracy theories out there. What remains is still massive political corruption:

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  56. While I applaud Mr. Bridge overwatch guy’s pluck. Maybe there’s a better piece of hardware to be doing this with than an 8moa open sighted AK. Maybe we can have a raffle to buy him an AR10?

  57. Here we have a group of patriots who have done what so many have wished and advocated for; they have stood rifle to rifle with the feds, and come away alive and victorious.

    This might be a model for the future, forcing the issue. All the (oft unlawful) federal edicts might fade considerably if large groups of people mounted armed resistance to them. It’s a very dangerous game (even to talk about it in fact) but then again it might be the vehicle which begins to restore our rights.

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