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It seems like every few months we repeat the same old process. California, New York or some other ballistic backwater decides that they need to “crack down” on the “scourge of assault rifles” and adds another item to the list of banned features. So far companies have been able to stay one step ahead of the laws and keep AR-15 rifles on the shelves. Now a company called ARES Defense Systems is debuting a new AR-esque rifle that’s designed from the ground up to be closer to the traditional rifle design than the AR-15. Gone is the pistol grip, bayonet lug, and the flash hider, and a Monte Carlo stock replaces the buffer tube in this new design. The rifle even uses a cross-bar safety instead of the more traditional selector switch. Make the jump for the press release, and watch for more info when we see it at the NRA meeting next week.

ARES Defense will roll out an all new rifle platform for the American sportsman at the NRA Show in Indianapolis, April 25-27 2014.

The innovative, patented ARES SCR (Sport Configurable Rifle) is the first of its class of firearms that is legal in all 50 states.

The ARES SCR blends strength, reliability, accuracy with the rugged all weather characteristics of America’s longest serving infantry rifle and the classic lines of an all-American sporter.

Lightweight, accurate and featuring a MIL-STD 1913 flat top upper receiver that accepts most modern optics, the ARES SCR is designed to perform under the most demanding field, competitive shooting or tactical conditions.  The multi-caliber, modular design permits the operator to instantly change calibers in the field by simply pressing two pins and exchanging one upper receiver assembly for another.

Designed for optimal configuration, the ARES SCR accepts most Modern Sporting Rifle accessories and parts including magazines, upper receivers, barrels, bolts, handguards and optics- so it can be easily and effectively reconfigured for each individual shooters’ style and activity.

Supported by a full line of performance accessories and manufactured of the highest quality aircraft grade alloys by American craftsmen, the weatherproof, dependable ARES SCR will provide a lifetime of accurate shooting pleasure for all Americans.  See the new, sleek, low profile ARES SCR™ at the NRA Show – Booth 7970.


  • Caliber- Available in .223/5.56mm, 7.62x39mm

  • Magazine Capacity- Comes with 5rd. (Can accept any AR15/M16 Magazine).

  • Weight- 5.7 Lbs.

  • OAL- Carbine: 37”  –   Rifle: 39”

  • Barrel Length- Carbine: 16.25” –  Rifle: 18” 1/9 Twist

  • Handguard – Magpul MOE handguard available in both Carbine and Rifle Lengths

  • Finish: MIL-Spec Black Hardcoat anodized finish

  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.

  • Patented Design with Additional Patents Pending

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    • Agreed to a point.

      As one who moved across the country from a bad situation…

      Moving is expensive. And that is without including travel to get a new place to live, etc.

      I mean, I will willing to live in a parking lot in a uhaul truck for the better part of a week while finding an apartement after driving through 7 states (which was also expensive), but people with families, a wife, kids, etc CANNOT DO THAT.

      So then you factor in hotels, or plane tickets to get a house/apt ahead of time… factor in food, the cost of the move itself (I moved myself and drove a Uhaul truck – cost me $2,000 just for that)…

      Most people have to find work immediately after moving or before – so that’s another consideration. Quite a few folks would be going in blind so they would have to budget expenses for a month or two while looking for work..

      So while I agree, I think some folks of the AI need to get just a tiny bit of compassion (especially if they themselves are not loaded) and realize some people would love to move, but may not have the $5,000 – $40,000 it may cost to move to another state.

      • Yeah, I hate it when people say ‘just move lol’ in response to not liking where they live, like we’re all independently wealthy and can just pick up and go at the drop of a hat.

    • As The Bear, points out, not everybody can just pick up and move. People have jobs, families, careers, etc…

        • There are no official compliant ARs right now, as the law is too ambiguous. Buying any such AR is a risk.

        • Where is the risk?

          The law isn’t TAT ambigious, at least not in CA…heck if I had a little more money, I would have bought a Colt m-4 at a gunshop in California just two weeks ago…no ambiguity there, just a bullet button. Annoying, but minimal change.

    • I love assholes like you. Yeah, just throw my stuff in a U-Haul and go. WHAT A PLAN!… that is utterly unrealistic for quite a number of us.

      I’ve got two young kids, a nice house, some really nice furniture, and an extensive collection of guns and ammo. The wife and I actually make good money and are at a stage in our lives where we’ve got to think hard about our professional goals and where we can accomplish them. We are doing some preliminary planning for a cross-country move next year or the year after, and I’m seeing something like $25k of moving expenses. Some of that might get paid for an employer and a lot of it will be replacing old stuff with better stuff (always nice!), but like $10k-$12k of that is just moving my stuff and family from one side of the country to the other.

      So, let’s be real: moving is an expensive option for some folks that takes years and years of savings and planning. Depending on their financial situation, it may literally be impossible. And if you’ve got really young kids, it may not be worth the hassle for a number of years.

      In those cases, a nice featureless gun like the Ares SCR might be the ticket to having an AR-like experience while stuck in a ban state. Heck, I’d still pick one up even in a non-ban state, if only because it looks like a really comfortable ranch-style rifle.

      • Wow, angry much? While he may indeed be one, I’m not as sure as you that the dude is an asshole based on the limited evidence available.

        • I don’t think he’s angry or an asshole. Like me, he’s tired of being condescended to with that attitude.

          Even blue collar, non-union workers have some degree of roots set that are difficult to tear up.
          Kids, family, job, the things you own, owning you, etc

          Then, as much as I bitch about CA and its laws and political climate, I have lived in several parts of the US (and outside of ‘murica) and I understand very well what makes this state so desirable to live in.

        • It’s beautiful, the weather is nice year-round, it has good career options, and its teeming with beautiful women.

          Then you have WV which is gun friendly, but pretty much the exact opposite of everything I mentioned above.

      • “I’ve got two young kids, a nice house, some really nice furniture, and an extensive collection of guns and ammo. The wife and I actually make good money and are at a stage in our lives where we’ve got to think hard about our professional goals and where we can accomplish them. ”

        I don’t agree with the “just move” line per se, but this statement here merely lays out your priorities.

        A nice house, furniture and professional goals seem to be your priorities over and above your ‘right’ to own whatever firearm you want to buy when you want to buy it.

        That’s your choice to make. I absolutely 100% believe that.

        But…let’s be realistic about this. There’s nothing that says you have the “right” to have everything you “want.”

        Where my point breaks down is one of the same places the OP above point breaks down. Ideally, you should not have to make that choice. 2A should be all over the US – any state.

        • Shouldn’t you be applauding that guy for staying in a (constitutional) shithole? I find the notion of moving because of that silly, it is a temporary solution, running only delays your problems. Sooner or later these problems catch up. What happened to standing your ground and fighting for your rights?

        • With all due respect, my life (and I suspect yours?) has multiple competing priorities. If you ever find your love of gun rights outweighing the priority of feeding and caring for your family properly, I’d suggest you need to rethink your priorities. I know that’s not popular to say around here, but it’s the truth for many of us. How many people have really decided to make the jump from comfortable upper-middle-class to poverty so they could get out of an AWB state? I’ll bet it’s zero people criticizing me.

          I also find the judgmental attitude mind-blowing. Wow, what a sin – I didn’t just throw my shit in a truck the second the ban passed in my state, so I must be not serious and committed to the 2A. Did you not catch that I’m making serious plans to move? The fact that I am planning and not moving blindly does not somehow make me less serious about my restoring my 2A rights. It means that I am trying to not have huge avoidable financial loss while restoring my rights, which seems kinda sensible to most of us with families.

          We need to stop bashing people on our side for insufficient commitment, and start dealing with the realities of the world. Reality: not everyone can move, and certainly not everyone can move quickly and easily.

        • Did either of you actually READ what I wrote, or just fire off knee-jerk emotional responses based on what you THINK I was saying?

          Yes, Boss…your life, your priorities. Which I actually wrote the first time.

          But that does not change the very simple fact that some folks place RKBA a higher priority than “nice house and nice furniture.” It’s also true that the decisions we make based on our priorities have consequences.

          You’ll should also take note that I said none of us should be having to make that particular choice.

        • @over-educated economist,

          I agree – moving across state lines is a tremendous hassle. It requires significant long term planning and risk.

          Further, I will once again advocate fighting for the 2A wherever you are. I live in CA, and I fought against the magazine ban in Colorado. I gave financial support to Ken Cuccineli. I have also lent support to Rand Paul, Steve Stockman, Darrell Issa, and Ted Cruz. I continue to give local support to Ares Armor. Be an advocate wherever you are. There are some who are doing more than me, and I applaud their efforts. A school shooting or perhaps millions of dollars of dirty Bloomberg money might be targeting your state or politicians next. If that happens, freedom advocates like me will not turn their back on you with the “just move” line.

          When I eventually move to WI, I will continue to support pro-gun causes and politicians throughout the nation. Calling each other a$$holes is not helpful to the cause, although I’ve always found the “just move” types annoying and short-sighted.

        • Another good point made was that without people staying in anti-constitution states and fighting unjust laws, eventually all we’d have is unjust laws.

        • To – over-educated economist

          God – Life – Liberty – Country – Family – Friends

          We too had nice things and families we loved.
          Our Lives – Our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor
          Without one, the others soon cease to exist

      • Keep your miserable life and quit projecting. Youre just a typical


      • So you’re publicly outing yourself as a whore?

        That’s all you are, in actual fact. You are wiling to take money to let other people violate you. Don’t be so angry. It’s the life you have chosen. Take some pride, and be the best whore you can be.

        Just don’t expect any respect.

      • Well said. I hear so many “just move” comments. If I was single, a hammer swinger or wealthy beyond the need for my career, I would indeed move. Above all, you really have to question whether having a slightly more capable firearm is worth uprooting your life. If we were at war on US soil then yep…no question there. Move to where you can get an AR to defend your family. Otherwise, you move to Arizona and take solace in the fact that you get to dump a 30 round mag at the range with a flash hider and pistol grip. Then you pack it up and go home. Not really a huge motivator.

      • Maybe he should, before he wakes up with a tank barrel poking thru his door spraying flammable tear gas.

        Bundy chose his fight with Uncle Flamethrower. Everyman for himself.

      • You wanna catch a round over Bundys cattle? How many big internet militia types would really go that far? Hell, if moving the wife and kids is too much trouble, how many will gear up and start picking off tan pants goons?

        Bundy crystallized alot of anti big imposing govt sentiment, but when push comes to shove lets be real. From all accounts Bundy had a few dozen armed followers show up. Pretty slim turn out considering the millions of NRA members.

    • But it looks nicer than an AR. Especially if they make a factory wood stock/you end up being able to find one aftermarket. It’d make a hell of varminter, whitetail deer gun, and hog slayer.

  1. @Nick, please could you stop saying “make the jump”? Its so gay really. Everyone knows to click a link for further info…but first you have to provide one.

    Cool idea by Ares.

      • You think “make the jump” is homosexual? Try this: In my native language “peder” means “homosexual”, “peder” sounds pretty similar to “Peter”, add the fact that there are (many) people in Norway who are named “Peder Pedersen” and you get the reason why I often want to laugh uncontrollably.

  2. This will great for people like me here in NY, as they make “SAFE Act-compliant” AR-15s, but nobody really knows if they are compliant or not and it’s a risk. So for a .223 rifle, it’s either a Mini-14 or a Kel-Tec SU-16. I suppose also a plain .223 Kalashnikov. I was planning to purchase a SU-16, but think I may get this instead if a good-quality rifle.

      • Yeah, basically a Mini-14 that takes AR uppers, it what it seems like. Not a bad idea. I wonder what they use for a BCG or what other changes need to be made to the upper portion before mounting an upper.

        • Go over to The Firearm Blog for an article about this rifle. I believe in the comments someone posted the patent drawings. This rifle uses a custom BCG which is shortened and has a rod attached to it that extends down into the stock, where the buffer is located. .

        • A little more detail–all you need is their bolt carrier; it will accept a standard AR bolt. This product is not listed on their site, and I can’t find a price. Someone on TFB said $1200+, but I don’t know the source.

      • I think you misunderstood my writing. What I meant was that the options available for me right now are either a Mini-14, SU-16, or .223 plain Kalashnikov (no pistol grip or other “assault weapon” features). I didn’t mean that this rifle is the equivalent of either an Mini-14 or a SU-16.

    • It does look cool. I do have some concerns about recoil without the buffer, but the video didn’t seem to indicate a problem.

      Next step in compliance – does anyone make a bolt-action upper to go on this bastardized lower?

  3. Here’s the deal. It’s Black. So it’s scary. So it’s a scary black assault rifle that looks like everyother scary black assault rifle to the people who cannot tell the difference. The Antis will vilify this one too.

    • No kidding. Look at that beast. It:

      1) Has a muzzle device
      2) Accepts magazines
      3) Has a handguard
      a) With rails
      4) Is black
      5) Fires bullets
      b) Like, high-powered ones

      It more than meets the criteria of an assault weapon. No civilian needs access to that kind of firepower. God forbid one of those weapons finds its way onto the street. For the children.

      • Nowhere on your list is “semiautomatic” which compounds the idiocy ten fold.

        It just makes no sense to ban an item based SOLELY on cosmetic features. Mind boggling that so many people fall for this, but I guess ignorance really is bliss.

        Maybe we should call for a ban of red cars since they earn more speeding tickets?

      • I hear you. I support the 2A, but I don’t think anybody really needs to climb Everest in order to hunt. If we had outlawed it just last week, think of the lives that would have been saved. And these men were professionals! What chance do the rest of us have against the government experts?

  4. This is a firearm built to get around (stupid) restrictions in some states…but at the same time, I do like the style of older semi-auto rifles, and this kinda fits into that pattern. I already have AR-15s, but if I saw this with a wood stock set I think I would have the urge to buy it. I’m intruiged by the modified bolt carrier mentioned and the angled buffer tube in the stock…I’d love to see how it works.

    The big killer may, of course, be price. Right now it seems like you can assemble a bare bones AR for about $600? At least it seems that way from browsing PSA and the like. Maybe in restricted states you don’t have that option, but I do, and I’d have a hard time justifying this as an extra toy if it was not in line with the cost of a bare bones AR…since that’s basically what it is.

    So yeah. MSRP $599 or less and we’ll talk…

    • Would be better if they sold the complete lower by itself for people who want to assemble their own upper (and save some coin).

      Besides isn’t 600 a bit low for a complete AR out of the box? You have to calculate assembly as well.

      • It is pretty low, but I was just pricing it off what I could get off Palmetto State Armory this morning. $450 rifle kit, $50 blem stripped lower, plus shipping, transfer at my LGS…probably around $600 or so, though that does require assembly. No frills but I expect an AR that goes “bang” for that.

        If ARES sold just the lower, well, that would be very interesting as well. The lower and the modified bolt carrier as a kit. I imagine they’d do it if it was financially viable to do so.

      • I’ll get emails for DPMS complete rifles under 600, M&P Sports for right around 600-650, Del-Ton, PSA, you can get uppers for around 350-400 and then either build or buy a lower for under 200 easy.

        • Pretty much. Cook County has a single feature test, so the muzzle device is problem number one. That can obviously be removed, but then we run up against the barrel shroud. During the last set of revisions to the AWB, Cook County removed the ambiguity surrounding that term by specifically defining it thusly:

          Barrel Shroud means a shroud that is attached to, or partially or completely encircles, the barrel of a firearm so that the shroud protects the user of the firearm from heat generated by the barrel. The term does not include (i) a slide that partially or completely encloses the barrel: or (ii) an extension of the stock along the bottom of the barrel which does not completely or substantially encircle the barrel.


        • Wait a minute–isn’t “barrel shroud” that shoulder thing that goes up? What are the solons of Cook County thinking?

        • Simple solution to that one:

          Have a tube that runs UNDER the the barrel, could be attahed to receiver in front of the magwell. OR make an one-piece stock for the rifle.

        • And as an additional kick to the groin, even if you can produce a legal semi-auto rifle that complies with the single-feature test set forth in the Cook County AWB, they’ll eventually just amend the ban to specifically prohibit the rifle by name. The Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 complied with the prior two-feature test, but they banned it by name anyways. They’re nuts.

        • Then I don’t know. Maybe napalm?

          NOTE: That is a joke, don’t fly over the Atlantic Ocean, break down my door and shoot my nonexistent dog before you put me in gitmo without a trial! Also don’t do the napalm thing.

  5. Why is this a “sport configurable rifle,” can’t I use a regular AR-15 for sporting purposes? While I appreciate the effort by gun companies to make creatively compliant versions of guns for places where they would be otherwise illegal, I think we need to make an effort to push against their word games.

    • I dunno, seems like they are trying to push against the antis’ “word games”…not sure that’s a bad thing.

  6. I noted that it came with a 5 round mag that was flush with the mag well. Then the videos showed normal cap mags. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t CA mandate that the mags couldn’t be detachable? I can see the fevered minds of the CA and NY dem/prog/lib/traitor politicians rushing to ban this one right away.

    • No. Only if the rifle is centerfire and has a “evil feature” like a pistol grip, folding stock, etc does it need a bullet button and an attachable magazine.

      Semi autos with no evil features can use any magazines they want, even pre ban 30+ rounds.

  7. I’m in a Free State, and I actually think this thing is actually pretty cool. (Guess that’s because I like traditional rifle stocks too)

  8. Honestly I think this is very cool. I am a big fan of full battle rifles like the M14/M1A and Garand but the price tag attached to them is often far out of my range. If this comes in competitive with the AR/AK market, I just might get one.

  9. Rifles like this are a great resource for us in conversations about gun control. When I talk to people who are pro-assault weapons ban but are not militantly anti-gun, showing them a picture of a “compliant” AR-15 and a normal AR-15 usually convinces them that the ban is absurd.

      • And uses standard mags. If they can beat Ruger on the price, that puts me solidly in the “interested” group.

        I don’t think pistol grips are evil, but I do think they’re ugly. Semiauto, configurable, standard mags, traditional stock? Yeah, definitely interested.

        • I prefer pistol grips for comfort or at least a vertical “traditional” stock, like the ones found on target rifles.

          Though I will readily admit that a “traditional” stock is way more classy.

  10. OK, just started looking at the vid, I’m with nick, looks kind of bastardized to me. But I actually like the way the gun co’s are making end runs around the ridiculous cosmetic-feature bans out there. It does kind of show that the “it’s functionally the same as any other semi-auto” argument has a bit of a double edge, tho, no?

  11. Why “Just Move Out” is a poor statement.

    Here’s the thing. Gun law should be based on one thing:what the Constitution says.

    Realistically, however, there are places in America where that’s not the case. Even assuming the SCOTUS decrees tomorrow that anti gun laws are illegal, it will be YEARS before the Man On The Ground in MD, NY, CA and elsewhere actually can realize it. It took Chicago 9 years to go from “Alderman ,police, and Political Machine Carry Only” to “For Real, CCW is Legal”.

    So, what’s the solution in the meantime? Moving ain’t it. Some people don’t have a choice. If my mom in Chicago gets sick , I’m selling my AR tomorrow and going back for the duration. I’m sure there’s people out there who value their ARs over their family, but I wouldn’t want to meet them.

    Likewise: what right does a spouse have to dictate to the other “we must move, for I cannot own a Noveske “. You know what I’d tell my girfriend if she came in one day and said “ST, I like weed, so we’re moving to CA.”?

    I’d tell her to go ahead, and take her stuff and selfish attitude with her. If you’re invested in your family to the point that you have one at all, then their interests come first. Not your gun collection.I’d hope that all of us would value our families over our gun bucket list.

    Next, for all the hype about regulations and antis, let’s be intellectually honest here. How many of us really, honestly, need an AR15 to survive? About the same number who need an iPhone 5s or a closet full of shoes.Note that I’m not talking about the right to own one, but of need.Stats show few defensive incidents ever progress to live fire, and the ones which do don’t go past 6 rounds. That’s usually the point where the bad guy figures out he needs to be elsewhere. YouTube aside, no thug is going to risk a Call of Duty reenactment over your home theater system. A 12 gauge shotgun will get the job done, and NOT set the homeowner back $1200 to replace when it gets seized for evidence.

    I say “need” because when deciding to uproot ones family, career, and way of life, need is a very important criterion. That’s assuming one even has the option to move. Some jobs are located in anti gun areas no matter what you do. Want to work in the film business? You’re not doing it in Montana.

    The Second Amendment is a vital cornerstone of our nation’s ethos and is a right afforded to all people. We should ensure every American can exercise it, instead of wasting energy trying to jeer our less fortunate countrymen in Blue America.

    • So pay the taxes, obey the mindboggling array of laws and regulations, and dont complain about your “rights” being abridged. SOMEBODY voted for the leftists who control half the states, they just didnt wander in and take over.

      The slave state people whine and complain about their state govt and when you point out the obvious solution they whine and complain that moving is too much trouble. As if undoing decades of leftist destruction is easier.

      Tough. Suck it up and enjoy your 7 bullets. Pay your crushing taxes. Enjoy your feudal status, fancy furniture, mausoleum house, cheating wife and drugged up kids. Y’know, priorities. If you are making so much money you have to be in LA or NYC you can afford the loopholes to get any guns you want anyway.

    • You had me right up until the “need” of an AR-15. I currently need the spare tire in my trunk because I just got a flat. Up until that point, my spare was superfluous. Worse, it added extra weight to my car. I did not in fact need it up until now. So I had the spare when I didn’t need it, and it is available for me now when I do need it.

      I have a substantial first aid kit in the trunk of my car. As of this writing, I am exceptionally healthy. I have a few miscellaneous cuts (which tends to always be the case), but other than that I’m the picture of health. I hope I don’t need my first aid kit, but I might.

      I have an AR patrol rifle in my patrol car. It’s come in very handy during felony stops, chasing carjacking suspects, and searching for armed robbers. I’ve carried it loaded and ready to go on a number of occasions. I didn’t “need” it, but it was definitely the best tool for the job at those times. The 12-gauge stayed in the car. The spread rate of our departmental 00 buckshot load makes the shotgun problematic for precision shots past 15 yards. On a “normal” stop, I don’t need my AR, but if things get ugly I’ll be very happy that I have it.

      In the event of a home invasion robbery or civil unrest, my ARs will again be the ideal tool. I don’t absolutely need them at the time of this writing, but they are the best tool for the job in many tactical situations. One could also argue for an AR-type SCAR, Aug, or similar platform of course.

      The next major event in SoCal could be yet another earthquake. The last one caused thousands of dollars of damage to our home, and may have even cracked the foundation of the house. A more significant quake could cause a tsunami or freeway collapse. That would be chaos. If there is again widespread looting, an AR would be the ideal firearm to defend a home against multiple attackers.

      So the “need” for an AR-15 (or similar) is a very situational thing, and could change in a moment’s notice. I chose to have one (or a bunch of them), and use it responsibly. I support and encourage the right of others to own one. I also support this company for filling a market segment to give more ownership opportunity for an AR-style rifle without running afoul of the idiotic gun laws in the slave states of our nation.

      • Let’s break out a can of good ol’ critical thinking.

        If there’s a crew of people out to assault your home, and they’re determined enough to ensure you don’t survive, you’re screwed no matter what guns you have. See the example of South African racial cleansing – just because it’s white farmers being laid siege by black thugs doesn’t make it any less of an act, even if the media disagrees. When a team of criminal jerkwads wants your stuff bad enough, sticking around to defend the premesis is a bad call unless you know backup is coming. During normal times, that would be 911- which, even hours later, would eventually arrive. Even then, your ammo might not last that long, and if the cops are on the side of your attackers…..

        In the event of an earthquake, assuming your dwelling isn’t structurally compromised, there’s no assures your neighbors building fared so well. Add in the fact that LE will be busy and transportation via vehicle will be impossible or difficult, sticking around is a REALLY bad idea. I won’t say that one shouldn’t defend their home and family, but sometimes you gotta know when to fold em. Playing “Omega Man” in a ruined city with leaky gas mains and destroyed buildings of questionable integrity, populated by scum , would seem to be an inferior plan to “Getting the F###k Out Of Dodge.”

        If you want an AR, fine. Need doesn’t even matter in terms of that.

        But it DOES matter when tens of thousands of dollars and the future of your family are on the line .

  12. For myself, being in CA, I love this idea. Hopefully they sell just the lower.

    Question for the experts….Has there ever been a study or analysis of tactical shooting (meaning shooting technique that is taught in most AR carbine classes) with a “traditional” stock like this versus an AR pattern rifle?

    Is the only advantage of an AR the fact that it has adjustable stock and a grip? It looks to me that with a railed handguard, I can still reach lights etc and it additional looks like mag changes are not hard with a stock like this.

    • The so-called ‘experts’ that have testified in favor of ‘Assault Weapons Bans’ always state that a pistol grip on a rifle facilitates that mass killing of people because it allows for ‘spraying bullets from the hip’. They never cite any actual studies proving that assertion, but the anti-gun courts (like the Appeals court in Drake) take their word for it. I would really like to see a video of a controlled experiment testing this idea. I suspect the traditional rifle configuration would actually make it easier to ‘spray bullets from the hip’. Not that ‘spraying bullets from the hip’ actually is a good idea in any case.

  13. Please stop using language like:
    – stay one step ahead of the laws
    – get around restrictions
    – making end runs around

    That sort of language, and its corresponding thinking, leads to anti-rights politicians introducing bills to “close the loopholes.”

    Instead, please use language like:
    – fully compliant with the law
    – legal in all 50 states
    – for all Americans

    As a lawful, responsible gun owner, I have no interest in skirting the law, living on the edge, seeing what I can get away with, finding and exploiting the loopholes. Yes, I communicate with my legislators while bills are being considered, and I donate funds to the worthy organizations who campaign against bad bills, and who bring the lawsuits that get the bad laws removed. But while a law is in effect, I am assiduously careful to stay entirely within its boundaries. No hanging my toes over the edge, no wondering whether I’ll get caught or how I might answer certain uncomfortable questions.

    • Except the “laws” in question regarding AR15 configurations in states like NY, CA , etc are illegal . You cannot subvert a regulation which has no legitimacy.

      The only reason we have to use the word “end run” is because lately our courts can’t tell the difference between a just law, and an illegal ordnance.

    • +1. We can kvetch and correctly point out that the law is bad, broken, immoral, blah blah- and be right about that, and still honorably obey the law, while working to fix it. Thats not being a FUDD, pawn, slave or any of the other troll slurs too easily flung from behind an anonymous nick…thats called being an adult, and a good example, while doing the WORK to fix it- not hype revolution and blah blah blah- lots of other places to go nutty- remember- TTAG = “clean well lit space” – Hemingway.

      (ok, sorry- the speech nanny has to get back to work…:)

    • OK, I actually like the way the gun co’s are managing to build fully compliant arms even within the ridiculous cosmetic-feature bans out there. Somehow I think the Michael Bloombergs of the world won’t be fooled–or shall we say influenced– by the change in my language tho.

  14. “Like An AR-15 Had a One Night Stand with a Remington 700”

    If it was a 700 with an X-Mark Pro trigger, it probably went off prematurely.

  15. Delbert sounds like a troll- he’ll be moving to whatever state has a basement in his mom’s house, is my guess, but hey ok- even trolls can speak here. Good for clicks, I guess.

    I’m staying, and fighting legally for my 2A rights. You can see its working slowly but surely, in CA, and CO, and IL, where the tyrrany has been in place longest. And NY and CT will go thru the same experience, as regular folks see whats been done to them, get outraged, get organized, and make changes.

    It just takes a longer time than the average ADD teen-ager attention span, Del, and a bit more work than snarky comments in a blog- so I know theres no point in telling you to be patient and do the work.

    But let me preach to the choir, including the many many lurkers who already get it.

    Vote, Get out the Vote, spread the word, walk your neighborhood for the 2014 elections. Educate your neighbors, take someone to the range. Give money if you cant give time, to NRA, SAF, GOA, your local state org, the Senate candidate in ANOTHER key state, if your state is hopeless Democorrupted for now. Take the Senate now, take the WH in 2016. Keep your eyes on the ball. Never ever give up.

    Thats what works- its slow and not perfect, but like Churchill said, Democracy is the worst form of government known to man, until you compare it to the rest.

  16. I wish somebody would make just a stock that was like this but allowed for the buffer tube and kept the buttstock end high so the recoil path continued to be straight back. Going ‘monte carlo’ with the stock negates one of the chief advantages (IMO) of the AR platform, recoil going straight back reduces muzzle lift.

      • Actually, if you took that and filled in all of the empty space (maybe with less thickness than the ‘grip’) you would have what I have in mind. It would probably still look a little ‘odd’ because of the flat(ish) top, but the bottom would have the same ‘monte carlo’ type profile. It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult. The reason the buffer tube doesn’t go all the way back on THAT particular set up is because then it would be a ‘thumbhole’ stock, which is also an ‘evil feature’. What I am talking about is basically extending the buffer back to the shoulder rest, and filling in all the empty space so it is not a ‘thumbhole’ stock. Maybe putting an adjustable cheek rest in there for good measure. Or at least a pad. Maybe an adjustable air pad (okay, that last bit is slightly silly).

  17. Hey, American ingenuity- cool. Even though it has that third-cousin of a saudi prince look to it…
    my question is- can it shoot?

  18. I actually love this. I prefer the traditional rifle grip to the pistol grip. For some reason, after a while, pistol grip aggravates my wrist while the traditional grip doesn’t. I’ve always been partial to rifles like the Mini-14, KelTec SU16 or even the Saiga sporting rifles. I think they look pretty neat with rails and accessories you find on your typical AR set up.

    And as for all the “pack up and move” comments. How realistic is that? I would never leave California. Yeah, its expensive, run by over-sensitive, misinformed, out of touch liberals but I have roots here that I care about. It would be like asking any American to leave their country because they don’t like the way things are shaping up.

  19. Cook county guy, you know that the Cook county AWB only applies to unincorporated areas and townships that are not home rule and do not have a AWB. this is perfectly legal for anyone to own even in super anti gun oak park (but then again the local AWB doesn’t apply to anyone who gives a copy of their 03 FFL to the CLEO) An even better bet is Berwyn which has a real AWB, i.e. you can’t posess NFA machine guns.

  20. Actually it is more of an offspring from an AR-15, remington 1100 shotgun, rem 7600 and a Fn-Fal.
    The fcg & recoil system is a clone of the 1100 sgn while using ar uppers with a proprietary bolt carrier similar to a fn-fal crossed with the 1100 carrier tail. The complete rifle they offer uses a piston gas system rather than direct gas which keeps the receiver cleaner and cooler while the shortened bolt carrier and recoil system eliminates the bolt carrier tilt problem that piston operated AR’s suffer with.
    For those who are more of a traditionalist when it comes to long guns such as the Garands, M1 carbines, M1a’s, Ruger mini-14/30’s, SU-16’s, SKS’s and Mas 49’s to name a few, this lets you maintain that degree of the comfort / familiarity with these rifle patterns while taking advantage of the flexibility that AR uppers can provide.
    Making a version scaled for Stoner-Knight-dpms uppers would greatly enhance the desirability of this design.
    On another note, I never cared for bayonet drills with the AR as compared to the M-1/14 rifles. Taking one’s hand from direct and immediate control of the trigger can be hazardous to ones health.
    However, the benefits of such items as pistol grips (front and rear) and folding/collapsible stocks to the increased control and maneuverability of the rifles during CQB cannot be overlooked.
    Seeing the pros and cons of both types of rifles, my choice would be to own both of them and carry/use whichever would seem appropriate for whatever action one might expect to be in.
    If quality control is kept high, I would expect the SCR to be more durable than the rugers or keltecs.
    And where some have choice been denied a choice, the SCR would avoid blatantly unconstitutional AW bans.
    I do not see this as capitulating to gun grabbers but rather sound business sense in offering a viable choice to those seeking utilitarian arms suitable for defensive uses.

  21. I thought it was interesting when he threw the 9″ upper on there…

    Without registering the lower as an SBR! Whoooooops.

    There’s a felony lol.

  22. You know it under the right light it looks nice, has a certain asthetic to it.

    Hope they can make a dedicated 22lr version, short barrel 22 with 22lr AR mags = fun time.

  23. CA is Nasty….That being said you live there and that is that. It is tough to move but there it is. Make the most of it. Sounds like those who live there are very materialistic and care more about money, lots of money than anything. The SCR however is a great weapon no matter what or where you live. Its an option that I will be getting.

  24. I like this because it shows someone has carefully read the laws and developed something people want to buy in response/rely to those laws (like the special AR stocks and the bullet button). I’m sure that someone will condemn this, too, as exploiting a loophole, but as I always say, a loophole means someone has better reading comprehension than you do, and is able to do something you missed. No wonder then, the anti-liberty crowd hates “loopholes”.

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