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In response to pressure from President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a proposed a new rule which would regulate bump fire stocks like machine guns. That new rule is now open for public comment.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League sent out an email blast letting gun owners and anyone who cares about arbitrary regulation by government fiat know how to let their voices be heard. Here’s the text of their email:

The bump stock rule is now written and comments from citizens can be submitted. If implemented, this is a true ban, which classifies bump stocks as machine guns! No grandfathering of existing items. They must be destroyed or turned over to the police, with no compensation for the taking of your property that was lawful when you purchased it. The penalty is up to $10,000 and/or up to 10 years in jail.

Regardless of whether you own a bump stock or not, or whether you love them, hate them, or are indifferent toward them, we need to oppose this rule.

The government is not providing a valid reason to suddenly consider bump stocks as machine guns. Their reasoning is clearly political and nothing more, totally failing the smell test.

In the proposed rule, BATFE brushes off the idea that firing a semi-automatic rifle with a bump stock is no different than bump firing that same rifle using only one’s bare hands. (Video of me doing just that can be seen here:

Here’s what the BATFE writes about the supposed “differences” between firing with a bump stock vs bump firing with your bare hands:

“The relevant statutory question is whether a particular device causes a firearm to ‘shoot … automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.’ 26 U.S.C. 5845(b).”

“Bump firing and other techniques for increasing the rate of fire do not satisfy this definition because they do not produce an automatic firing sequence with a single pull of the trigger. Instead, bump firing without an assistive device requires the shooter to exert pressure with the trigger finger to re-engage the trigger for each round fired. [PVC: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” That’s exactly what a bump stock does. Pressure from the trigger finger engages the trigger after each shot to fire the next one. With either method my finger stays stationary, while the gun bumps the trigger into my trigger finger and fires again. Nice try, though, BATFE!]

“…the bump-stock-type devices at issue cause the trigger to “bump” into the finger, so that the shooter need not pull the trigger repeatedly to expel ammunition.” [PVC: Again, that is exactly how bump firing a gun with one’s bare hands works.]

“…Because these bump-stock-type devices allow multiple rounds to be fired when the shooter maintains pressure on the extension ledge of the device, ATF has determined that bump-stock-type devices are machinegun conversion devices, and therefore qualify as machineguns under the GCA and the NFA.” [PVC: It is still the trigger finger that activates the trigger, not any part of the bump stock. All that the extension ledge does is to hold your finger in a fixed position, same as if you hold it stiffly yourself when bump firing with your bare hands. BATFE hopes we are stupid enough not to see there is no difference in how bump firing works, with or without a bump fire stock.]


Click this link to get to the proposed bump stock ban rule:

You can read all the text of the proposed rule at this point, if you wish.

To enter a comment against the proposed rule, click on the blue “Comments Now!” button in the upper right corner of the page.

Suggested comments:

“I fully oppose this ruling. The shooter’s trigger finger is what activates the trigger, whether firing with a bump stock or with one’s bare hands. No part of the bump stock touches the trigger, only the shooter’s trigger finger. ATF’s insistence otherwise is merely playing politics and hurts their credibility.”

“I fully oppose this ruling. If the bump stock made a semi-automatic rifle fully automatic, then holding the gun with only the trigger-finger hand while squeezing and holding the trigger should cause the gun to repeatedly fire shots. It doesn’t do that and therefore the bump stock has clearly NOT converted a semi-automatic rifle into a machine gun.”

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  1. More government bull crap. They cant say a bump stock converts anything so they just want to ban it by fiat.
    If I owned one Id be keeping it period.

    • There are many people on TTAG who totally support a ban, it’s not just the NRA. But rich people with machine guns are not going to be told to turn in their MG collection.

      This is gun control by class status.
      The murderer in Las Vegas was a rich gambler. Rich people like him will not be required to turn in their private property. The rich machine gun owners in California, movie prop companies, will not have to destroy their property by government order. Dianne Feinstein will protect them.

      The High Point company takes a lot of abuse on this website. There are companies that make better guns than Hi Point. But the second amendment was not written for rich white people.

      I’m glad ordinary people like the Deacons for Defense and Justice had machine guns and semi-automatic weapons to defend themselves against a corrupt government in the United States.
      I’m also glad that returning WW2 soldiers in Athens Tennessee had machine guns and other semi -automatic weapons to defend themselves and stop a corrupt government election. Unfortunately very few people in the United States know this history because nobody teaches it.

      But they will teach children how to put a condom on a cucumber.
      While in Russia children learn how to disassemble, assemble and function check an AK-47 in high school. And in Pakistan full auto weapons, grenade launchers, and rocket launchers are legally in the hands of ordinary citizens. There made locally and they can buy as many as they can pay for.

      “Open carry is practiced without restriction in rural Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa and Baluchistan.”

      “Gun laws in Pakistan allow for the wide ownership of firearms there. Only tribal areas of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa permits the ownership of heavy weaponry including the use of rocket-propelled grenades, short, medium, and long-range rockets, anti-aircraft guns, mortars, etc. These heavy weapons may be made in Pakistan.”

      • Well Chris, that’s because Afghanistan knows their fighting a War. It can’t happen here, so there is no reason to have an “assault” type weapon…… RIGHT

        • Well, because they don’t teach history in schools anymore it will be a BIG SURPRISE, when a civil war starts again, over “private property rights”!

        • Yep, there is a war in Afghanistan, but no war here . . . . YET! What is ironic at best is that you have no real idea why the ban is so important to those that are in power. It has nothing to do with “automatic” weapon classifications and everything to do with those in power knowing how far down the road we are where the can has come to rest and can not be kicked any further. Those in power NEED to remove an evenly distributed downrange suppression from the home front battlefield when it comes. Let’s say there is an economic collapse or a national emergency. The military powers under rule of the President, state governors and local SWAT commanders can command troops with fully AUTOMATIC weapons to keep the masses at local, state and federal jurisdictions in line. Fully Automatic weapons against single shot bolt action rifles or semi-automatic assault rifles are no match and a rebellion or revolt would be overwhelmed in a matter of minutes. However, enter the bump stock more than a decade ago. Yes, fun and expensive to operate due to the amount of ammo that can be expended in a short time, but I can guarantee you that in every patriot and/or veteran’s head when they purchased one or many of these items and that is for the sheer fact that it was as easy to operate and leveled the playing field if martial law or civil unrest was about to occur where gangs or large groups of people go around your neighborhood looting, rioting or in the extreme case, murdering for survival supplies or just to take your stuff since they did not get a job and feel entitled to take your property. The fact that the bumpstock could in essence place as many rounds down range as a fully automatic rifle to suppress an incoming group of bad people about to do bad things gave many that purchased the attachments peace of mind. So when the looters, rioters, murderers and powers that be come to take property or put them in prison or worse, the round to round ratio that could be exchanged between the patriots and the mindless zombie soldiers/looters etc., who think they are true Americans but who are actually foolish human drones working for tyrants would be an even exchange and the patriots would have a chance to repel a federal government after that government has gone rouge and tossed the 2nd amendment as well as the constitution into a burn can. THINK!

    • Let us say that the argument “It is still the trigger finger that activates the trigger” is valid.
      Is it a machine gun if your trigger finger does NOT activate the trigger? Yes or no?

      Slide Fire built versions were the shooters finger never touched the trigger, it is PROVEN to work. Modifying the stock to achieve this is fairly trivial. In some ways it is easier than converting an open bolt gun. At that point a very strong argument for easily convertible applies, like open bolt guns.

      But the argument that “It is still the trigger finger that activates the trigger” will not work, the original Akens Accelerator IS classified as a machine gun. The only deference is that the spring in the Akens is replaced by a forward pressure from the shooter.

      Also “tradition” bump firing is not in any way part of the intended design of the rifle. A slide fire stock is designed specifically to use the recoil energy of the rifle to assist with the operation of the trigger.
      And that’s the crux of the issue; the recoil energy is assisting in the operation of the trigger. Once you have energy OTHER than the muscle power of the shooter involved in manipulation of the trigger, you are getting into some very grey territory.

      I’m am not arguing for or against banning the SlideFire, but we need to look at the facts critically and understand exactly why you can shoot at more than 600 RMP out of a AR-15 before some idiot in Congress passes a law that bans all Semi Auto guns.

      Just as a side note, a Chauchat shoots at 240 RMP and that is most certainly a machine gun. Most anyone can shoot an AR-15 faster than that, see how a bad law can F*%@ us all.

  2. Not to be cynical, but I expect the comments will have exactly the same impact they did last time. That is, zero.

    Better to spend the energy writing one’s senators and congressperson. In my case they’re all three dyed in the wool liberal progressive gun grabbers, but still. At least I can still make the argument with them about the usurpation of Congress’s prerogatives and intents.

    • Correct. The GOP leadership has mandated an accessory ban. Overnight, pieces of plastic will be declared to be machine guns by Fatwah. This will be called conservative. “At least it’s not Hillary”. The GOP will then say they will save us from their own controls and the controls of the Democrats. Rinse and repeat. The exciting thing about this Fatwah is that it moves us closer to the only hope the right to bear arms has: mass civil disobedience or civil war.

      Absent a fatwah, we just die a slow death by attrition and grandfather clauses. The next Democrat President will use the Trump Fatwah precedent to ban semi auto’s after a future mass shooting overnight. This will not go over well and may lead to a revolt. So far, only the potheads have had the courage to protect their rights. An overnight ban of popular stuff is our only hope, otherwise we’ll just go the way of California and New York.

    • No, they were going to ban m855 a few years ago on the grounds that it was “armor piercing pistol ammunition” but they backed off when we flooded them with comments.

      • Yes – they already were flooded with comments about bump stock bans, and here we are staring at regulation anyway.

        • Trump ordered it, they couldn’t just ignore that. The comments may still get them to do the right thing again.

    • Congresscritters don’t really care about emails or letters.. As they never see them.
      The staff just sends back a form reply. That is so vague it answers both sides saying NOTHING.
      I should know. That’s all Ive ever gotten back from anyone even as low as the Town Clerk.

    • ” Public comment on the ANPRM concluded on January 25, 2018. While ATF received over 115,000 comments, the vast majority of these comments were not responsive to the ANPRM.”

      translation – we can ignore whatever you say by deciding it doesn’t fit our agenda. this case is ripe for challenge on constitutional grounds

    • If we can get a very large number (>100,000,000) of individual comments against the regulation, we might be able to additionally advance a claim of a violation of the 10th Amendment.

  3. Is there a professional military organization anywhere, that uses bump stocks? I mean that, also issues things like boots?

  4. Below is the comment I posted. While any posts opposing this are a benefit. I feel a little originality in each comment draws more attention than just a cut and paste

    I oppose this regulation 100%. A bump stock does not modify a semi automatic rifle into an automatic rifle (machine gun) in accordance with 26 U.S.C. 5845 (b). A single action of the trigger is still required to facilitate operation of the firing mechanism.

    Additionally this ruling is unconstitutional per Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution. While not legislation this regulation would criminalize previous ownership of one of these devices without registration. That is not currently required and is considered Ex Post Facto.

    For the reasons stated above I again express my unwavering objection to this regulation

    • Don’t forget this part of the 5th Amendment:
      nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law

      By requiring that the device be destroyed or turned in, this is depriving property, without any due process.

    • I just read the proposed ‘rule’ and their background for it. It contains this gem:

      Finally, it is reasonable to conclude, based on these interpretations, that the term “machinegun” includes a device that allows a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single pull of the trigger by harnessing the recoil energy of the semiautomatic firearm to which it is affixed so that the trigger resets and continues firing without additional physical manipulation of the trigger by the shooter.

      A bump fire stock works by disengaging the finger from the trigger, causing it to reset. It is the shooter’s finger, and thus the shooter, which re-engages the trigger and physically manipulates it to cause the firearm to shoot again.

  5. This is a grand plan by the NRA to repeal 922(o) and open the machine gun registry.

    First, they ban all bump stocks with no grandfathering, which gives the gun grabbers the idea that they can also confiscate all ARs with no grandfathering. So redneck gun owners turn in their ARs, with no compensation after the next AWB. Finally, after about 100 million ARs are turned in, the NRA finally finds a sympathetic plaintiff in the form of a hot 25 year old skinny female, who actually owns an AR rifle.

    SAF and NRA ILA sues and all gun control is overturned, including NFA, GCA of 68, and FOPA/Hughes.

    Turn in those bump stocks for cheap machine guns later!

    • Quite frankly, I think Sessions, et. al. wrote this regulation in a way that guarantees failure in the courts on purpose.

      • Even if it was intentionally written with that objective in mind, there’s no guarantee that will be the outcome.

        Putting your faith in men and women in dressed in black robes to do the right thing and follow the law is putting it in the wrong place. It didn’t work with Obamacare where Justice Roberts effectively re-wrote it, it didn’t work for McCain-Feingold which was upheld for years.

        • Your only choices seem to be putting faith in backstabbing politicians that don’t keep their oath to defend the Constitution or the black-robed jostices of the SCOTUS.

          The only other alternatives are to give up or start shooting. I don’t recommend either of these until faith in the black robes is completely extinguished.

      • It seems to be pretty easily attacked on multiple Constitional grounds. Regulations are usually carefully crafted to withstand judicial scrutiny. This one has so many possibilities that the justices could use to strike it down, it is almost like it was done on purpose.

        I think the “takings” clause will bring this one down and Congress simply won’t appropriate the hunreds of millions of dollars needed for the buy back.

        • For justices to declare unconstitutionality, they need to first wish to look it over. Having no desire to be a smurf, I won’t hold my breath.

        • “This is a grand plan by the NRA to repeal 922(o) and open the machine gun registry.” 😀

          Please notice the level of my initial reply. It was a comment on the OP.

        • As to your reply… A court that invested itself with the power of Judicial Review without constitutional authority and cannot understand “shall not be infringed” doesn’t reassure me one bit. Then there is the whole MIller decision about military use even though it was in use, and Heller with in common use. Each unconstitutional Judicial Review is another wriggle towards tyranny.

    • This is a grand plan by the NRA to repeal 922.

      NEVER going to happen. Look at what one person with bunch of slide fire stocks did, now imagine he has a REAL light machine gun shooting .308, not some automatic rifle. The NRA is never going to let it happen.

      If they ever opened the NFA you would have MILLIONS of new machine guns on the market. I would personally register 10 -20 lowers in a heartbeat. I bet the cost on a new lower will be $200 the day they announced them opening it. I bet you could not buy a semi auto AR-15 for a year afterwards. But you can dream. Hay, at least you will not be talking about bump-stocks anymore.

      On another note, I think someone did make a “bump fire” device back before the Hughes Amendment as a way to avoid paying for the Tax Stamp. Does anyone remember what I’m taking about?

    • posted:

      “OPPOSED. Vehemently. And for the following reasons:

      1. Technical: A bump stock does not “convert” anything to a machine gun. The weapon still fires one shot per each trigger pull. Bump stocks simply allow the user to “bump” the trigger with one’s finger at a faster rate. No mechanical change to the gun occurs. ATF previously ruled it could not regulate bump stocks because they did not meat the definition of a machine gun.

      2. Private property: The regulation as written would instantly declare thousands of citizens to be felons if they don’t destroy or hand over their personal property that was legal when it was purchased. There would be no compensation for said property. This is unacceptable and a violation of the 4th Amendment to the constitution.

      3. Effect on violent crime: This regulation will have none. This proposed rule is being considered for solely political purposes.

      4. Separation of powers: All of this sheds light on a much larger issue plaguing our government in this day and age. The executive branch of the federal government DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE LAWS. All arbitrary regulation, such as this proposed rule on bump stocks,that carry the force of law, create felons out of law abiding citizens overnight, put companies out of business, confiscate private property, are all entirely unconstitutional.

      Again, I oppose this proposed regulation whole-heartedly. If implemented, the BATFE can expect mass non-compliance, and no noticeable effect on crime whatsoever.”

    • We simply can’t get tired. The preservation of liberty and the rule of law depends on our (gun owners and all other Patriots) our eternal vigilance.

  6. I did a lengthy one.

    I think the following is a real stretch:

    Ҥ 479.11 Meaning of terms.
    * * * * *
    Machine gun.
    * * * For purposes of this definition, the term ‘‘automatically’’ as it modifies ‘‘shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot,’’ means functioning as the result of a self-acting or self-regulating mechanism that allows the firing of multiple rounds through a single function of the trigger; and ‘‘single function of the trigger’’ means a single pull of the trigger. The term ‘‘machine gun’’ includes bump-stocktype devices, i.e., devices that allow a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single pull of the trigger by harnessing the recoil energy of the semiautomatic firearm to which it is affixed so that the trigger resets and continues firing without additional physical manipulation of the trigger by the shooter.”

    The shooter certainly is “physically manipulating” the trigger by having a finger on it. The bump stock won’t do anything without a finger on the trigger.

    Further, they are altering a definition that was enacted by Congress in 1934 in the NFA (and as modified). This definition was created by an act of Congress and requires another act of Congress to change; otherwise, the DOJ and ATF just became legislators unconstitutionally.

    Once litigated, the result will prove whether the courts actually uphold, or don’t uphold, the constitution. If the courts fail, we will have completely become a banana republic.

    • I noted that above. I also sent a lengthy response with 7 specific, different points. Feel free to reuse:

      (1) Ex post facto law since the ATF previously ruled these were not machine guns
      (2) Violation of 5th Amendment (deprived of property without due process)
      (3) The above (machine gun is a device which uses the recoil energy to reset and fire and continues firing without additional manipulation of the trigger by the shooter). Since the shooter’s finger (thus the shooter) re-engages and manipulates the trigger, it fails the 2nd portion of the statement. This is also VCDL’s point).
      (4) A person not destroying or forfeiting their property becomes a felon. The same thing occurred when the NFA was passed, and it was found to be in violation of the 5th Amendment (as registration was effectively a self-indictment). Since this rule does not utilize the GCA’s amnesty period, it COULD violate that portion of the 5th Amendment
      (5) Since the ATF has ruled that these items are not MGs, banning these devices requires legislation, not rule or interpretation changes
      (6) This rule allows other forms of bump-fire, and is thus inconsistent. Law must be precise, and if not, then the individual cannot be held accountable. Since this is a ruling affecting law, it needs to have the same level of consistency.
      (7) This appears to be a knee-jerk political response to a one-off event, rather than any actual, meaningful attempt to curtail violent crime, and in so doing, only affects law-abiding citizens.

      • Two big problems with all the arguments. The original Akens Accelerator was reclassified as a machine gun. And if you don’t think the AFT can screw up, the Sig Brace. And lets be truthful about that one.

        Second of all, the worse case the government pays for all the purchased slide fires. I hope you kept your receipt. Best bet, class action and quick pay out. Someone posted the numbers purchased, they are not that high.

  7. Does any one know…..has a bump stock been used criminally. Was it ever confirmed the Vegas shooter used one?

    • That is one of the objections that I entered in my comment. I haven’t seen any official report or documentation of the Vegas shooting. Just a bunch of comments in the media by “officials”.

      Where is the evidence that a large number of people have been injured or killed by the use of bump stocks?

      Where is the proof that banning bump stocks provides for enhanced public safety?

      • I would say that Vegas is confirmed. I don’t know of any others.

        I would also say banning bump stocks after one crime makes no sense. We’re pressure cookers banned after Boston.

      • I would want to see all (or all technically feasible) “hits” traced back to specific firearms to establish how many hits were with bump stock-equipped weapons.

  8. Moltar has commented and proposed a trade! They can have their bumpstock ban if they bring me the Space Ghost and put Space Ghost Coast to Coast back on air.

    Brilliant strategy they’ll never go for that and they technically cannot bring me a fictional character so I win no ban!

  9. May the shitstorm begin. And may it be the shittiest of them all. These freedom-hating bureaucrats shall drown in our shit!

  10. The other day, I overheard on the TV a Democrat being interviewed on Fox. I couldn’t tell you who, I was out of the room, but he claimed he spoke to Trump. Trump allegedly told him “We’ve got to do something about these guns!” And he’s wanting to partner with Dems to do it.

    This is what we were warning about during the Primaries: this is not a man of honest convictions. He was never truly our ally and he will turn on us. New York values…

    • Trump was never a guy about deeply held conservative principles. He’s a bit of a populist who follows his gut to get things done. His gut tends to be pretty conservative because liberal solutions generally don’t work and Trump seems to instinctively know that, but he doesn’t approach a situation and analyze it from a set of deeply held conservative principles and values and find “conservative” solutions. Trump see the problem of school shootings and he’s determined to find a solution to it. Since he doesn’t have a firm set of conservative principles and values that’s how you get stuff like this.

      He thinks the different ideas he’s throwing out are solutions to the problem and he’s not wrapped around the axle about whether they’re “conservative” or not because in his mind the problem needs to be solved. He doesn’t look at the situation and see it as dangerous liberty vs. safe tyranny.

  11. …Better yet….The Agency known as the BATFE is a waste of tax payers money, is an unconstitutional government operation, is politically hostile to liberty/freedom/life, and this government agency should be disbanded and shutdown….End of commenting period….

    • That’s the best comment.

      Turn BATFE into a convenience store chain. Then it would be doing something useful. Better Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives… one stop shopping. 🙂

  12. When you write, be polite and please use proper grammar and punctuation. Also do not use anything canned.

  13. Anyone else see that it shows 0 comments submitted when you go to view the comments?

    • Those are updated daily. It currently shows 1864 comments…:

      Scraped from the website:

      Comments Received*

      * This count refers to the total comment/submissions received on this document, as of 11:59 PM yesterday.

  14. ….. “Those damned pesky American patriots and their Constitution, are just fucking up our NEW WORLD ORDER, you’ve got to do something about that number 9”

  15. Comment period. Ha what a joke. They throw all the comments in file 9 because they have already announced what they are going to do so why bother? Why pretend its a democracy.

  16. Just did my survey, hope everyone else does… too bad Trump didn’t wait until the study and conclusions from the first ATF proposal that we already commented on were released before he had Sessions jump the gun with something that is probably illegal. Trump… what a lying piece of shit. No HPA or 50 state carry reciprocity within the first 200 days… and he is fucking up the Republican party so bad that he and other R’s are voting knee jerk anti-gun now with absolutely no attention to the criminals behind the inanimate things.
    Looks like Diane Feinstein or Maxine Waters will be the next president at this rate.

  17. The first thing that needs to change is for the ATF not to publicly release the name and physical address of everyone responding to rulings. This is like awhile pack when newspapers where publishing the names and addresses of everyone with a concealed carry permit. It is an announcement of where criminals can find firearms and where the increasingly militant, anti-gun nazies that don’t know they are oxy-morons can go to create problems. This effectively suppresses speech and the ability to petition your government when you have to consider the safety of your family and home before providing a public statement for all to see.

  18. Unarmed victims are an assault to my sense of justice .
    I demand a requirement for an ‘ Unarmed Permit ‘ by state law, that non gun owners must have . costing 12$ a year.
    exemptions ;
    1. if allready a gunowner in the state.
    2. under 21


  19. Machine guns and military grade arms should be legal. That is the purposeful result of the 2nd Amendment, which is at its core, about self defense. The right of self defense (life, liberty, and property), against any tyranny, of any measure, is a basic, natural human right. It stands up to reason that the use of any weapon sufficient to execute such defense is also a human right.

  20. Typed my comment, only 3 pages.

    Quoted Madison, Jefferson, the constitution twice, explained my interpretation of the second and fifth, called them out 2 quotes on things DOJ present as factual in their summary. Referenced the formation of The DOJ July, 1, 1870 and their mission.

    Talked about 3d printing, probable compliance rates (thanks ttag for the cbs story after the MA state ban) ruby ridge Waco ok city (made or implied no threats)

    Invited them to my place to use my bump stock one handed to demonstrate this single push/pull of trigger firing off multiple rounds, and threw down a challenge for their best shooter to use a bump stock to hit the target more times in a given amount of time than my best shooter with semi (hope I can get Mikulec in the unlikely event they take me up on it.) lol

    But you don’t got to write all that. Just get on there and comment
    “This is a bad idea, I don’t like it.” That’s enough

    • “hope I can get Mikulec (sic) in the unlikely event they take me up on it”


      Jerry Miculek already beat Eric’s bump stock on the IV8888 channel (get it while you can), same time and better accuracy.

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