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California Governor Jerry Brown signed a number of new gun control bills into law Friday before getting the hell out of Dodge for the holiday weekend. Among them, AB1135 and SB880 were designed to criminalize modern sporting rifles equipped with “bullet buttons” a work-around designed by Darin Prince the last time Sacramento tried to outlaw “assault weapons”.

Maybe when the Gov returns to the capital, someone will show him Prince’s latest opus designed to keep California’s AR owners legal.

As the Firearms Policy Coalition reports,

(Prince) just burned Brown by dropping a new device (the Bullet-Button Reloaded) onto the market that will make AR-15 & AR-10 platform firearms fully compliant with the new laws after January 1, 2017.

Firearms Policy Coalition will very soon be offering these devices for sale (and giving some away) at our Official FPC Gear store,

Check out the quick video Prince made demonstrating the installation and use of the new gizmo, above.

The moral of the story: there’s almost always a way, and some enterprising individual will find it. The Bullet-Button Reloaded is hardly ideal (neither was the original version before it). AR owners will have to release the rear pin on their rifle and tilt the upper receiver forward in order to drop the (10-round) magazine. But it’s at least an option for keeping and continuing to use your long gun legally.

This is a small ray of light in an otherwise bleak left coast landscape that now outlaws possession of existing mags holding more than ten rounds and requires background checks to buy ammunition, among other new joys. The Kevin de Leons and Governor Moonbeams of the world will continue to do what they can to make life as difficult as possible for gun-owning Golden Staters.

The fact of the matter, though, is legislators don’t know guns from Shinola, let alone how they operate. That ignorance is reflected in the laws they draft to “fix” perceived problems. And that’s precisely why — short of an outright ban of semi-automatic long guns — clever dudes like Prince will always come up with a way to broadcast the signal. Let’s hear it for the free enterprise system.


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    • I think he’s being sarcastic. I also think he said it with quotes around it, just like you did.

    • He’s not a clown, he knows EXACTLY what he’s talking about. Cali law requires weapons that have the characteristics that qualify them as “Assault Weapons” to be registered with the state. He is doing the modification to one of those weapons.

      Stop trying to vilify people who are on our team.

        • So I’m a POW because I chose to stay here and fight against the BS that has caused things like this to be required?
          Fine, I’ll be a POW and fight from within and do what Americanshe have always done; fight back against what’s wrong. You can stay on your high horse and complain about how bad this state is but what happens here has a solid track record for leaking to the rest of the country.

        • Gun owners who want to exercise their Second Amendment rights are on “our team’ no matter where they may live. Just because we are fortunate enough to live in free states doesn’t make us better than those owners who live in California. We need to support them, not ostracize them. Keep fighting, California gun openers. We’re on the same team..

        • If you live in a state that recognizes the constitution then you know nothing about fighting for it or losing your rights, and don’t get on your high horse about being in the Military or this or that. Some people simply can not move, clearly you’ve never heard of fathers with crazy ex wife’s and have to share custody and can’t just irresponsibly leave or people who can only fin work where they are at now, or people who have to care for extended family on a daily or weekly basis in state. If I had infinite money I would just buy an F-16, get trained and fly back and forth between whatever states I wanted, pay for my family to live where they wanted, whatever. In states like NY practically all of Upstate NY is pro-gun, how can you abandon essentially an entire state that is fighting and always will but is outvoted by New York City by 9.8 million+ low info voters? You don’t appreciate a right until it is lost or you gain it and I can tell you that as I leave this weekend from NYS to Wisconsin I can’t wait to just exercise my 2nd amendment right without fear of the state, kind of like the people I’ve met who moved from other countries (no not illegals), I’ve talked to people who moved from war zones in Africa, Socialist Euro countries and believe me they love America, many of them love guns because they can.

        • Watch as this legislation sets new legal precedence in the 9th circuit, and these laws spread to neighboring states. We’re not on “your side”? If you’re having a laugh about this and think CA isn’t your problem, you are the one not on the side of gun rights, not Californians trying to stick it out and push back. We deserve your support and help, not your snide comments on the internet. Thankfully we have the Calguns and 2nd Amendment Foundations, and thankfully they don’t think like you.

        • If Hillary wins the election, expect gun control even worse than this for the whole country. Savor whatever freedoms you have now; they are fleeting.

    • He really should not use the made-up term “Assault weapon”. But kudos for finding a way around the silly law.

      • In California, it is no longer a made up term, back in the early 90s it took on a very specific legal definition. Any weapon meeting that definition had to be registered with the state at that time, no new weapons with those characteristics could be purchased. (There are even strict limits on transferring a Ca registered ‘assault weapon’ within the state.

        Now- that brings me to a question for you California folks. The definition of a registered ‘assault weapon’ specifies a detachable magazine can not be an a weapon having the other characteristics of an AW. The new law eliminates the bullet button meeting the definition of a fixed magazine. Now that they’ve eliminated the bullet button and requiring those to be registered, if you register a bullet button weapon as an AW can you now legally convert it to a detachable mag AW? I.E., I only skimmed the law but it didn’t appear to have two classifications/definitions of AWs based on the year they are registered.

        • I think they it was a unintentional bug, not a feature in the law. Now they just classified all these guns as AW’s there is no reason to keep the bullet buttons on the guns after registration. There is no classification of gun’s as AW with bullet buttons. Now the idiots will have 10,000’s true AW’s under their definition with readily releasable magazines.

        • Obviously untested legal waters, but a logical inference from the law as written. Many have asked that question, but of course there is no answer.As you said, once it is a “registered assault weapon”, which in California includes ARs banned by name back in 1989 as well as numerous fully automatic M-16s, there is no specific prohibition in either law to removing the button. That is of course if one decides to actually register the firearm with the state, as opposed to noncompliance. I suspect though that the police will not be amused if a bunch of people are running around with “registered assault weapons” with no bullet buttons. I have to wonder how many bullet buttoned rifles there are in California since the ban went into effect 27 years ago.

          This new work around is also in untested waters, but it does literally comply with the law, which requires that the action be “disassembled” for reloading. There is no ambiguity to this phrasing, because opening the action for reloading was legal under the original 1989 ban.

        • I suppose if you expressly state that the context of using the term “assault weapon” is within the state of california it might be a meaningful term. If not given the express context, the term will always be meaningless because it means whatever any asshole who calls him or herself a “politician” says it does.

      • He was using the term mockingly.

        And he’s a manufacturer helping Californians get around the batshit crazy gun laws, so you know he’s one of the good guys.

        • Not really. There are already registered “assault weapons” in California as a result of the 1989 assault weapons ban. Under the new law, the registry will be re-opened for what are now suddenly AWs that were not AWs before (the law being retroactive). Further, after the first of this year, the intent of the new law is to ban any sales of any (newly defined) “assault weapons.” And anyone who already owns a AW purchased after the 1989 are required to be registered by January 1, 2018. I think he is being careful, because once an AW, always an AW, even if changed to comply with current law. Theoretically, manufacturers could continue to sell EBRs with this device pre-installed (for which an opinion will be requested from the DOJ). Otherwise they will be limited to “featureless” rifles.

        • Mark N.-

          The Brits have ARs, but they are neutered into what is called a “straight pull” configuration, which eliminates the semi-auto part.

          Like this one below:

          The question I have is, would such a conversion be a legal and viable work-around in Cali?

        • Geoff,

          I think, to be an “assault weapon” in CA, it has to be a semi. The statutes specifically call out semiautomatic and centerfire. So a straight-pull conversion or something like the Troy “pump-action AR” should be legal there, unless I’m missing something.

        • Yeah, that Troy rifle is pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind having one, even though I don’t live in one of the stupid states where such workarounds are necessary. It’s a pretty cool design in its own right, and I’ve always liked manual-action rifles more than semi-autos anyway (not that I don’t have a few of the latter in my safe, of course).

        • The straight-pull AR-15s will NOT be legal under Hillary’s proposed Australian Style Gun Control because of the pistol grip and “military” appearance. Even pellet guns would have to be registered.
          All those Brits we have been feeling sorry for will be feeling sorry for us neutered folk in the US.
          Britain’s laws are unique and there is no magazine limit. With practice, those straight pulls are nearly as fast as semi-auto,

          Just wondering if Brexit passed because a lot of UK gun owners didn’t want any EU looming gun restrictions foisted upon them.

    • This new setup is not going to comply with the new law coming at us.
      It certainly meets the law that is currently being applied.
      The new definition says that the mag must not be removable without the action being first removed.
      With this new bullet button setup,the action is still in this gun, yet the mag can be removed.
      M 🙂

      • The new law says that the magazine has to be attached “in such a manner that the device cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.” It doesn’t say the action has to be “removed”, just “disassembled”. It would be hard to argue (though I won’t put it past California bureaucrats to do so) that popping apart the upper and lower receivers of an AR isn’t disassembling the action.

        • “It would be hard to argue (though I won’t put it past California bureaucrats to do so) that popping apart the upper and lower receivers”

          Oh I can easily see them make this argument; “all you do is push a pin and it flips open, that is not disassemble, simply an access method”. And I can easily see mechanically naive people agree with this.

          Many of their arguments make no sense anyway, there is nothing to stop them from making this argument.

        • “It would be hard to argue (though I won’t put it past California bureaucrats to do so) that popping apart the upper and lower receivers of an AR isn’t disassembling the action.”
          Yep, I think that the burden of convincing either the bureaucrats or the uneducated would be a pretty heavy lift.
          I stand corrected on dis-assembled vs removed, but in a court of law, I think the jury would see them both as being the same thing.

        • Oh, I have no doubt that they’ll try to make that argument. If the dumbass legislators involved knew the first thing about guns, I’d suspect the language is purposefully vague as to what qualifies as “disassembly” to give them as much wiggle room as possible. But since they’ve demonstrated time and again that they have no idea which end of a gun the bullets come out of, much less how easy virtually all modern firearms are to field-strip, I’d guess they think that disassembling a rifle takes four hours and requires a workbench, vise, three hammers, a full set of wrenches, a hammer drill, an angle grinder, a MIG welder, and three strong men and a boy.

      • It complies with the new law. You have to understand, this wasn’t created after these bills were passed or even introduced.
        California has been trying to ram home such unconstitutional laws for years. We’ve thus had years to prepare based on bills introduced in prior years.
        Even the authors of the bills are on record as indicating that using the take-down pin to open up the action qualifies under this new law.
        They don’t understand the ramifications of that, but they are on record acknowledging it. Just as they were on record about the bullet button prior to this.
        BTW, there are about a dozen other actions available to work around the law as well. Such as, bolt back on firing, so it’s not longer semi-auto, you have to use a BAD level to close the bolt.
        It’s this silly BTW, these laws apply to Centerfire only. My .22LR AR-15 isn’t subject to such rules. It’s a regular mag release, and because it’s a mil-spec lower, it would take all of 20 seconds to switch another upper to that lower. That would violate the law, but it’s not as if someone were going to murder people that the additional breaking of the law by mating an upper and lower would stop that person.

        • “Even the authors of the bills are on record as indicating that using the take-down pin to open up the action qualifies under this new law”

          The government also argued specifically that Obamacare was not a tax when they were working to get it passed. Then when it went to court it became a tax.

          How do these things happen?

    • Hi. I’d sure love to visit that rock you’ve been living under whenever you have a chance.

    • Darin is using the term the idiot legislature came up with. He identifies it as a “Registered Assault Weapon” to indicate it has a standard magazine release. If you knew the laws here you would understand the use of the term.

  1. I appreciate the ingenuity. But when you have to partially field strip a rifle to reload it, well … I think at this point we will see attrition through inconvenience.

    • I’m wondering about ranges will treat that mod. Right now, all the ones I’ve been to require removing the ‘fixed magazine’ from ‘bullet button’ weapons. Let’s face it, it’s safer to have it fully removed. Now with this mod requiring more work/effort will ranges treat it like a fixed mag and only require the charging handle back and chamber open.

  2. This seems to function the same as the ARMagLock which has been around for years. Maybe this thing will be less expensive.

  3. You are going to see a return to easy loading bolt action rifles for self defense. Rifles like the the Browning X-bolt or Ruger American with 4 and 5 round detachable magazines or modification packages that allow Mauser action rifles like the Winchester Model 70 to be reloaded with 5 round stripper clips.

    • Several companies offer replacement bottom metal packages for the Model 70 (and other makes/models) that can be installed relatively easily, or with a bit of minor gunsmithing, that will accommodate AICS magazines. Alternatively, something like the BLR might be an option – detachable magazine, uses modern spitzer-type cartridges, capable of decent precision, and faster ROF than a bolt action.

  4. Got to do what you got to do. I think the Reloaded will mainly just impact semiautomatic riflies after the bullet button ban goes into effect. Pre ban just has to be registered.

    • It may also be attractive to those who currently have a Bullet Button installed, who don’t want to register their “assault weapon”, and are willing to sacrifice functionality in order to avoid registration. They’ll replace their existing BB with the Reloaded version, will [once again] have a fixed magazine, and won’t have to register.

      Of course, this only applies to semi-auto, centerfire rifles with “features” (flash suppressor, pistol grip, thumbhole stock, collapsible stock, etc.). Something like a Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle which has none of the evil features, still won’t require any BB or BBR. Same for someone’s “featureless” AR-15 build.

  5. Hahaha that didn’t take long. This looks even faster than an actual bullet button!

    • He probably been working on it for the past year because the bullet button ban has been brewing for at least a year.

    • This looks even faster than an actual bullet button!
      No, a bullet button is a fraction of a second longer than a regular mag release. There are even finger loops so you can use the bullet button without searching for a tool.

  6. See folks, the tide is a problem; but once we pass this new law outlawing it, the tide coming in and going out will never trouble us again! Think of your Children & grandchildren, growing up in a world free from the uncertainty of the tides, never knowing whether it’s high or low. Finally we will have consistency and safety!

  7. quit calling them assault weapons, there is no such thing….damn media and politicians… just encouraging more fear, it’s either a semi-automatic, automatic, bolt fed, revolver, lever fed….etc… even a bb gun can be used to assault a house…not real effect, but can be…assault is an action not a description…

    • Unfortunately in California, assault weapon has a legal definition, and in CA he’s using the term correctly,

  8. Good thing your top men have this problem resolved; how about more than fifty of you bother to show up to protest this idiocy, now?

  9. Love it, obviously not a perfect solution but allows you to keep your rifle in functioning condition and can be easily returned to proper function when the gun owners of Cali decide they’ve had enough.

    • Actually no, this can’t be reverted.
      You have to drive in a plug that covers the little nut. This is a permanent conversion.

      (Yes minor gunsmithing can remove it, but you’ll have destroyed the button in the process)

  10. M1A’s, M1 Garand’s and SKS type rifles loaded with stripper clips are going to be the thing in Comifornia. I’m sure there is a way to permanently attach an M1A mag. Too bad Mini14’s didn’t have a stripper clip guide it would work with that action and M1 carbines.

    • Not applicable to featureless rifles. You need to have one feature to require the “fixed” magazine. Not that I haven’t looked at ways to get around the day that they decide to ban everything with a detachable magazine. I keep on looking at getting one of my Garands converted to to a Mini G in 308:

        • Because a couple of years ago they had tired to get a law through to outlaw all detachable magazine fed rifles, whether “featured” or not. Just looking towards the future. They will never stop, unless the Supreme Court knocks them down. It is a chess game, you have to think 5 moves ahead and plan appropriately. It is my duty to attempt to keep the the most effective tools to defend my family and I. That is why you should have at least a decent capacity lever action or pump rifle in your inventory.

  11. While this, like the bullet button, is a stupid thing to have to add to a weapon, this just proves that inventors are far smarter than Democrats!

  12. I think mass non-compliance will be a better resolution to this issue.
    Of course that’s pretty easy to say from Virginia 😛

    • I would like to think that we will never have to deal with something like that in our state, but the blue bastion in the northern part of the state might say otherwise

    • Everyone says they will not comply until they see how many cops go to shooting ranges. The range staff and off-duty cops would very quickly report you.

      • “The range staff and off-duty cops would very quickly report you.”

        Depends on the range and the staff.

        And, there are ranges (here in the SE at least) that don’t have ‘staff’ at all.

        Is there some law in CA that target shooting HAS to be done at a ‘staffed’ range? That seems a little far-fetched.

        • I know of 2 unstaffed ramges within modest driving distance of Sacramento.
          I’m not talking some place where it is simply legal to discharge a weapon. I mean full on shooting lanes, tables, shade coverings, etc.

    • I agree, ROHC, but as the old saying goes: “You make it hard, I’ll make it easy.” 🙂

  13. Refuse to comply with unconstitutional “laws”, and shoot anyone that tries to harass you about it.

  14. For those of us in the Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia who have AK pattern rifles, your best bet is a featureless build. No flash hider, no folding or adjustable stock, and no pistol grip. If your AK has none of those features, you can use detachable magazines. For a standard AKM pattern with the fixed stock and slant brake, all you have to do is add a kydex wrap to the pistol grip, which prevents the user from fitting their thumb around it.

    This can also be done to ARs, but I bring up the AK specifically because there’s no way to fix the magazine to be in compliance with the new law.

    I’d course, if you’re an outlaw, you’ll just have your rifle in “Assault Weapon” configuration and give the finger to Sacramento.

  15. Just resort back to pistols people…

    Keep the ARs compliant in the safe

    Keep the non-compliant parts and tools away from the guns, hidden, but ready

    Have an SOP to convert the AR back to operational state with 2hr in case of SHTF

    And keep fighting the political war until violence is needed

    • As a former CA resident and former bullet button owner, I can tell you that it might take me 2 minutes to convert a CA-compliant AR15 back to full detachable-mag functionality if I was very drunk. The only way it would take 2 hours is if I was drunk enough to pass out for a spell and maybe knock a few small parts off the workbench just for good measure.*

      Also, the bullet button can be temporarily bypassed with another product called the “bullet button wrench”. It screws into the bullet button in seconds and then can be depressed to release the magazine, ie exactly the same functionality as a regular mag release. Suffice to say that one’s AR15 is no longer compliant with this additional device installed, but I imagine its use being reserved for extreme circumstances.

      My point though is that as I see it, the purpose of modifications such as the bullet button, armaglock, etc isn’t necessarily for self-defense or shtf. The purpose is so that one can legally own and familiarize oneself with a proper fighting rifle design, take it to the range, teach your kids to use it, and most importantly to stymie the efforts of our enemies to de-normalize its existence. Noncompliance with evil laws is all good and well, but that tends to mean that the noncompliant gun stays in the safe forevermore. If you have kids, they will grow up in the new normal, never having the opportunity to experience and understand that gun as “just a gun”. That is the ultimate purpose of such laws — we are fighting a war of generational attrition, and devices such as these help us hold that line while we fight to regain the ground our ancestors gave up without a fight over the past 80 years.


      *Nothing in this post should be interpreted as an endorsement of gunsmithing while intoxicated.

  16. So The People’s Republic of Kalifornia is forcing their citizens to use the leftist lexicon.

    How does the saying go?

    Without the second you can’t have the first…

    • So The People’s Republic of Kalifornia is forcing their citizens to use the leftist lexicon.

  17. There’s been the Million Man March, the Million Mom March, the Million Family March. Hell, even the Million Marijuana March.

    How many millions of lawful firearms are there in this country? How many millions of lawful gun owners? Why aren’t we joining forces, so to speak, and finally making our collective voice heard more loudly? How much more of these b.s. laws are we going to watch and read about. We have got to be at or near the very top of communities of like-mined Americans. Can you imagine the “Million Firearm March”? We very well could be the first million-whatever march to actually have a million participants. Or five million. Or 10 million.

    Or even more.

  18. I’m done with this state. Think this is bad? Just wait for Governor Newsom. It won’t just be gun rights that are gone; all civil liberties will be up for grabs at that point.

    Born here, raised here, dedicated my life to the healthcare of my fellow Californians, but apparently I’m not actually wanted here, so screw this place. Off to freedom.

  19. 24 hours and someone is already advertising a legal workaround.

    God the people in government are stupid.

  20. He posted this on a California gun forum within minutes of what Jerry Brown had signed became official. Was nice to know someone was prepared for this besides companies that designed something years ago that was a bigger hassle.

    My big concern is where was the NRA and the other non CA specific gun rights organizations…

  21. AR owners will have to release the rear pin on their rifle and tilt the upper receiver forward in order to drop the (10-round) magazine.

    The nefarious intent on harming the innocent are definitely going to follow this.

    Just like bernardino, they definitely had bullet buttons installed when they went on their carnage, right?

  22. Wow that is next level retarted. Whenever I see things like this or the ARs without pistol grips I always cringe and puke in my mouth. Seriously what is the point of owning that? Just realize you can’t own an AR and either move or suck it up and own a bolt action.

  23. There is compliance and then there is operating in the gray area. Here in NY I’m not saying I have or seen a standard AR-15 with all the evil features outfitted with a fixed magazine lock that can be easily removed and replaced with a standard mag release and instead of using a 10 rd mag a 50 Beowolf magazine (totally legal to buy and own in NY) loaded to capacity with .223. Then when done training/shooting simply revert back to the fixed magazine configuration for transport and storage. There are many ways to skin a cat

  24. Yay for bullet-button inventor.

    Of course the problem is that laws are quickly not mattering in this nation and soon they will nonetheless kill you to take that weapon away from you, complaint with the law or not.

  25. Did the San Bernardino killer have a bullet button? Why no he didn’t! So exactly what does this stupid law accomplish from a public safety standpoint which I’m sure is worded info the law as the reason it exists? If in my twisted mind I was going to kill as many people as possible to please my maker would I care what the law is? Considering I already decided to comment murder do these idiot politicians think I wouldn’t be using a weapon converted to select fire with multiple 30-40 round magazines? The people who dream these laws up are far to stupid to be making decisions for themselves, much less anyone else. I wonder who ties their shoes in the morning?

  26. It’s just like when the Dems outlawed such silly things as flash suppressors, bayonet lugs and grenade launcher mounts . . . not to mention collapsible stocks all because they thought in their supreme ignorance that those things made a rifle somehow more dangerous.

    Typical ignorant liberal thinking. They have no clue and they don;t want one.

  27. So, the consensus is you could buy this device, install it in place of your “bullet button” and not have to register the rifle under the new law, and that new AR 15s could be sold with a magazine lock installed by the OEM. Or you can register the rifle(s) and install a regular magazine release, or not comply at all and hope you can find a place to shoot your AR or AK, or let them languish in your gun locker. You just kind of have to make a choice from a bunch of bad options.
    The California BLM has several Public Shooting Areas that you can find on the Internet. There’s a large one north of Barstow off Ft. Irwin Road. Poor road best to take 4-wheel drive out there. Can be very hot, take plenty of water.

  28. M1 Garand is looking good compared to this crap. So is an Ithaca 37.
    It never rains in California, but girl don’t they warn ya, it pours, man it pours.

  29. In my opinion, the solution to this isn’t twisting yourself in knots to comply with the law, it’s massive civil disobedience.

  30. Dear burglars, scoundrels and thieves. Don’t attemp to rob my California house.

    If you do you will be dead.

    You see, I’ll have to hide all of my noncompliant magazines and unregistered ARs before calling 911, so even if I don’t kill you out right, you’ll likely bleed to death.

    Oh well, sucks to be you.

    Governor Jerry Brown and the Democrats preemptively apologize to your family for your untimely death. ?

  31. So after reading all these comments and what is considered an “assault weapon” I am guessing a mini 14 ranch rifle or a ruger 10-22 don’t qualify as an assault weapon because they are featureless and don’t meet the criteria even thou they have a detachable mag. Am I correct in thinking this? If not please explain.

      • My mini 14 does not have “any of the following” extras. It does not have a threaded barrel or flash suppressor. Has original wood stock, no pistol grip, no colapsable stock, no “evil features”. So i am guessing I don’t have to register it as an assault weapon but have yet to get a clear answer.

        • Sounds like you are in good shape with the Mini 14, but I agree we need more clarification to be certain beyond us laymen reading the Law and hoping we understand it correctly. Thank goodness there is some time before we have to make any serious decisions.

  32. So after reading all these comments and what is considered an “assault weapon” I am guessing a mini 14 ranch rifle or a ruger 10-22 don’t qualify as an assault weapon because they are featureless and don’t meet the criteria even thou they have a detachable mag. There fir no registration needed. Am I correct in thinking this? If not please explain.

  33. These legislators are dumb as a truckload of fence post holes. But then again, that’s why they’re legislators – they’re incompetent in the private sector, so they become tax-funded porcine grifters.

    Anyway, the long-term response to this is to develop new rifles that comply with the law, but reload quickly. So, let’s go to an action that borrows from the AR and the M-14, but with a fixed (even blind) magazine. Feed it with stripper clips (“chargers”) and ta-da, compliant and fast is the name of the game.

    Maybe I oughta come up with a M14/AR miscegenation design that uses some ideas off the AR-15, some off the M-14, some off the charger-fed rifles from 100 years ago. Hmmm. Keep the barrel extension, the castellated nut, and the gas system. Maybe put a short-stroke piston in front of the receiver… Use the same trigger group as the AR, with a different bolt & carrier. Get rid of the pistol grip, put the spring and buffer in the shroud around the barrel. Use two, not one, op-rods. But for the kicker, how about we use a magazine that a) allows you to recharge it, even if there’s a scope on top of the action, and b) allows you to top off the magazine?

    Two ideas worth re-examining would be from the .30-40 Krag and the Johnson rifle. Both would allow you to top up the magazine, even with the bolt closed. Both would reload without needing to tip off the scope. Another idea would be a tubular magazine in the buttstock of a rifle. Last idea would be the H&K idea they had for the caseless ammo rifle they were working on in the 90’s.

    After hunting season, I might just sit down with Solidworks and get to scheming.

  34. “But kudos for finding a way around the silly law.”

    He hasn’t gotten around anything. It’s fully compliant with the law. The law says a magazine can’t be removable unless the action is broken open, and he’s created a lock so the magazine isn’t removable unless the action is broken open. In no way does this circumvent or provide an alternative to the law. It meets and follows the law. Joy.

  35. A problem is, even in this video, people keep referring to a rifle as an assault weapon, which it IS Not an assault weapon. Don’t make it out to be what it’s not

    • Take a closer look at the lower he haves a auto sear my friend got to be visual especially being a cop.

  36. Why aren’t we gun owners not protesting this shit at the Capitol if blacks lives matter and trump protesters raise hell why shouldn’t we I think this has gone to damn far if we don’t stand up to these libtards now the rest of the USA will suffer the same fate california is the tsunami wave going east it’s gonna wipe away your 2A rights away you chickens fleeing California just remember you can run but you can hide for long they are coming for you eventually.

  37. The problem with the bullet button ban is no different than the problem with the “non-fixed magazine” ban, and all the “evil features” bans…it’s all just window dressing….”sows ears” draped over “silk purses” because the CORE of the rifle is unchanged!

    As a result, the ONLY people who will be in compliance will be those at point of sale, those showing up at ranges that monitor such tripe, or those who simply lack the personal ability and knowledge to realize that ANY “compliance device” rifle is but a few minutes work away from being “the real thing”…as evidenced by those two TERRORISTS in San Bernadino who purchased “bullet button” equipped rifles and proceeded to remove them! Though I’ve heard they were far less industrious when it came to magazines and ended up using 10 rounders…don’t know for sure, but I think I read that somewhere.

    Also, there is nothing preventing ANYONE from buying an AR or other “evil feature” rifle in another State and bringing it to California to commit mayhem and madness….IF they are of a criminal mind! So at the end of all this, there will still be tens of millions of unregistered, completely functional AR-15’s INSIDE California, with generous supplies of 30, 40, 60, 100, and even BELT FED ammunition feed devices that are simply removed or not used whenever said rifles are taken out in public.

    It’s a good thing that all the “law abiding” citizens of California have not yet decided to use all of this hardware to toss out that cabal of criminals nesting in the State Capitol, but if looking around at current world events is any indication, that day may be coming…

    I doubt anyone wants things to go that way which is why everyone not hell-bent on active criminal endeavor “complies” with these BS anti-gun laws, but still, people around the world are getting fed up with governments ignoring the will of the people.

  38. And when ALL guns are banned and nobody is able to kill more than one person at a time….there will be incidents like this: The “Bath School disaster” of 1927 in which a man used explosives to kill 45 and wound 58, and MOST of the victims were between 7-12 years old!

    It’s time to stop blaming the “tools” used to kill and start exploring solutions to preventing the HUMAN from killing, but in the meantime, every citizen who CHOOSES to do so, should be not simply “allowed,” but encouraged to go armed, and to use said weapon(s) to protect lives as the situation arises! One solid way to do that is for States to enact legislation preventing wrongful death/injury law suits by criminals or the families of criminals. Some States already have such laws, but all need them!

  39. Correct me if I am wrong. But, I had thought the scary black AR weapon is considered as it was when purchased and not what you do now to make it legal to the laws that are stated currently or as of 2017. Fixed stock, A2 flash hider, revised mag release, pistol grip, etc. I would like to pin my stock, Install the new mag release and a muzzle break, kydex the pistol grip,

  40. O.K.
    Let’s get it straight. “Assault Weapon” IS a real, legitimate term. My reading is that it was coined by hitler, after his generals dis-obeyed him and developed it.

    It is PROPERLY defined (by DOJ and FBI) as a medium caliber, shoulder-fired weapon that is capable of FULLY AUTOMATIC FIRE.

    The fascist left ( in order to vilify the weapon, to warp the brain-dead libs and brain-wash those weak-minded conservatives who are willing to surrender their God-given sovereignty in an effort to “go along to get along”) have been bastardizing the term for their own evil ends.

    It is past time for us to shovel these cesspool sludge out and replace them with people who will take the oath of office “…without mental reservation or purpose of evasion…” instead of committing perjury,
    by planning to subvert the Constitution for their own ends.

    God bless y’all & God bless America (without the “k”.


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