‘The DOJ Reports to My Father!’ or It’s Good to Have a Biden Family Get Out of Jail Free Card

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  1. At one time it was the Mob that would threaten judges.Now, it is our own CIA operating within the USA.

      • jsled,

        The CIA killed the Kennedy brothers. You think they stopped there? You think they said “Maybe we went too far. Let’s dial it back a bit.”

        The CIA is actively engaged, influencing, manipulating, blackmailing, and threatening within the USA.

        Maybe you do not believe that and maybe you will have some bad things to say about those of us who see it. OK. That works for me.

    • j, it’s just a meme. Don’t get too wound up. Besides, I don’t understand why anyone is suprised, wound up, etc. The whole thing turned out about the way I expected it would.

    • jsled…Get off your inquisitive democRat butt and go lie and on 4473 then go throw the firearm in a dumpster, get caught and let us known what happens to you, azzhat.

    • One could wish.

      Even broken watches…

      Fact is that much of the mainstream media staff BEHIND THE CAMERA (and some in front) are former Military and Civilian Intel.

      It isn’t the Alphabets that threaten judges for the Executive branch.

      It’s the Internal Revenue Service.

      They instill more fear in our nation’s capitol than the Washington DC Parking Police!

      • “Fact is that much of the mainstream media staff BEHIND THE CAMERA (and some in front) are former Military and Civilian Intel“

        Totally hilarious, you know nothing about broadcast production.

        Sadly, you’re one of those folks who thinks your conspiracy-fueled ignorance equals another voters well reasoned and researched opinion.

        • Wow miner, we didn’t realize your dossier included the inside scoop on broadcast communication.
          Do tell, which Major Network Fairytale Spinning Service are you affiliated with? This answers SOOO many questions about your persona.

        • Hey, look!!

          It’s MajorLiar with another total self-awareness fail!! You make even more of an @$$ of yourself when you accuse others (ususally falsely) of the things we all actually see you doing on the daily.

        • Well thank goodness he/it is not going to pollute the Cottonwood River by dipping its toe in it.

    • Don’t you just hate it when a joke actually has an underlying truth… None of this matters, the DOJ laid out the minimum charges they could get away with (HINT: Just the tax felonies should have brought up to 20 years in a Federal Penn and the fucking 4473 “also a felony” was good for 10) and still look the public in the eye and tell them that “justice was served”… No jail time (Capone got 11 years), 4473 charge dropped, don’t think they ever charged him with prohibited person in possession of the firearm or improperly disposing of the firearm… Then there’s the hours of video of him in possession of AND using illegal drugs accompanied by statements about how he got so bad that he would get down and search in the carpet for crumbs… Truth aka FACTS suck don’t they?

      • “HINT: Just the tax felonies should have brought up to 20 years in a Federal Penn“

        Really? Ignoring the actual fact that these two charges were misdemeanors, what prison sentence do you think Trump co-conspirator Roger Stone and his wife should’ve received?

        The government sued Stone and his wife, Nydia, in April 2021 for nearly $2 million in back taxes, penalties and interest. For 15 years before that, during both Republican and Democratic administrations, the IRS had filed liens against the couple seeking to collect. And for years, Roger Stone kept dodging – offering vague answers to inquiries and failing to hand over financial records sought by the government, arguing the Justice Department’s tax lawyers already had obtained that information from his accountant.“


        Hunter Biden Only involved about five years of delay in pain, it was only about $200K.
        He was criminally prosecuted by the DOJ.

        On the other hand, Roger Stone dodged the IRS for 15 years and owed $2 million in taxes, yet he wasn’t criminally charged and was able to settle without agreeing to any plea bargain.

        It seems conducting a seditious conspiracy with Donald Trump gives you special privileges and immunity from prosecution.

        The very definition of a double standard.

        If it wasn’t for double standards, conservative Republicans would have no standards at all.

        “Truth aka FACTS suck don’t they?“

        • Supervisory IRS Agent Gary Shapley told Congress in bombshell testimony made public Thursday that federal agents had evidence Hunter Biden had failed to pay about $2.2 million in taxes dating to 2014 and planned to pursue multiple felonies before they were thwarted by political appointees of the Justice Department.
          justthenews(dot)com (The lame mod system here won’t let me post the link. You should be able to easily find it)

          You don’t care about corruption, justice, or tradition. You cheer on massive corruption at the highest levels, just like your cheer for authoritarianism, as long as it comes from your tribe (who doesn’t care about you).

          *I will post another comment with two links for your reading pleasure. It will have to be approved by moderation, so you may have to check back later.

        • Dude, thanks for your reply!

          Yes, I’ve seen those allegations, but I have yet to see any sort of documentary evidence or any corroborating testimony. But I have seen this:

          “But even as he is poised to testify before the House panel, the 14-year IRS veteran has now cut off communication with the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees the Internal Revenue Service, after his attorney met with committee representatives.

          Mr Shapley has also cancelled a scheduled interview with that committee, which is led by Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon.“

          I’m wondering why he’s avoiding questioning by the Senate.

          But why should Hunter Biden be charged for not paying his taxes, even if it was $2million, Roger Stone wasn’t even charged much less forced into a plea bargain.

          Why do you want prison for Hunter Biden but you won’t even comment about Roger Stone getting a free ride from his pals at the DOJ?

          Dude, why the different standard for Roger stone as opposed to Hunter Biden?

        • “I’m wondering why he’s avoiding questioning by the Senate.”

          Who knows. We do know that this administration, Obama’s administration, and the bureaucracy during Trump’s administration has a documented history of using the power of the state to pursue, spy on, and intimidate their political opposition. We also know that the DOJ has a documented history of corruption at the highest levels since Obama was in office. Maybe the whistleblower made everything up? Or maybe the Biden admin is lying. Again. Maybe they’re trying to cover up for the Bidens. Again. Occam’s razor.

          It’s very interesting how the media and the Left practically worshiped whistleblowers when it suited them a few years ago. They didn’t question their honesty. They protected them at all costs. Do you notice the inconsistency? Of course you do. You don’t care as long as it helps your tribe.

          “Dude, why the different standard…”

          What different standard? You’re putting words in my mouth.

        • Dude, you can make all sorts of unsubstantiated assertions about government, but it just shows you do not understand Occam‘s razor.

          You make all these claims that the administrations have been corrupt and weaponized, and then based on those faulty premises you conclude that there is some sort of hanky-panky.

          You have too many unproven claims in your argument to fit Occam’s razor:

          ”The principle gives precedence to simplicity: of two competing theories, the simpler explanation of an entity is to be preferred. The principle is also expressed as “Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity.”

          Positing a decades long Byzantine conspiracy to protect the Biden family is certainly not the simplest explanation.

          But I digress, the subject is Hunter Biden and the question still remains:

          Why should Hunter Biden be charged for not paying his taxes, even if it was $2million, Roger Stone wasn’t even charged much less forced into a plea bargain.

        • “Dude, you can make all sorts of unsubstantiated assertions about government”

          I’m not doing that though. I’ve been through some of this with you before. You cover your ears and put your head in the sand when confronted with actual government corruption. That’s on you if you choose to ignore it. Besides, I was initially replying to you saying that Hunter only owed $200k in back taxes.

          If this allegation is true, then this is another massive case of government corruption. Charging Hunter is beside the point. Whether intentional or not, you’re missing the forest for the trees. The point is the coverup.

        • “If this allegation is true… “

          Just like Rudy Giuliani, “We have plenty of theories but no evidence… “

        • “We have plenty of theories but no evidence…”

          Just like “Russia collusion” and the “Russia disinformation campaign.” You bought those hook, line, and sinker. You still defend it to this day after it came out that both of those were hoaxes. You probably thought Christine Blasey Ford was a credible witness. That’s why Dems ran the “believe all women” campaign. You’re a regime drone eager to please your masters (who don’t care about you).

          You said Biden wouldn’t open the southern border. You asked me to bet on it. Then you claimed he never opened the border by playing a semantics game even though I said he would change policies to allow illegals to flood the country. I actually saw an article the other day showing Border Protection literally opening up a fenced off section of the border to allow illegals to pour in. So yes, Biden has opened the border in every sense of the meaning. You choose to live in alternate reality where the Bidens, Clintons, DOJ, and the media are looking out for everyone’s best interest.

          Those links survived moderation, and finally got posted above.

      • Maxine, I have provided a detailed reply to your comment which is awaiting moderation.

        While we wait, I offer two words for your consideration:

        Roger Stone

  2. This is funny. The reason is that Hunter didn’t have to say a word or drop a note. The judge already knew that. Just like when Barrack’s Uncle was here overstaying his visa, no one had to tell the INS not to mess with or deport him, they already knew what would happen if they did.

    • the word has been out for a while
      Nobody Fucks With A Biden.
      it must be true, I saw it on the internet?

      • Or a Clinton. Where are the reprisals from the failed Clinton Foundation? Or Epstein Island Slick Willy? Or Bill Gates? Even a prince of the realm gets a mere slap on the wrist(one wonders what dirt king Charlie has on him???)🙄🙃

        • Doesn’t matter how powerful someone is. Nobody gets out alive. Everyone meets the Conqueror Worm.

        • “Where are the reprisals from the failed Clinton Foundation?“

          Reprisals? And in what way has the Clinton foundation failed?

        • Let’s see if this gets past the right wing biased moderation on TTAG:

          “A New York judge has signed off on a deal to shut down Donald Trump’s personal charity after a lawsuit exposed a “shocking pattern of illegality”.
          Justice Saliann Scarpulla approved the deal to close the Trump Foundation and split its remaining $1.7m funds between other charities.
          New York’s attorney general and lawyers for the Trump Foundation will have 30 days to provide Scarpulla with a list of organisations and the attorney general’s office will have the right to reject ones it deems unfit.

          Trump had used the charity to pay off legal settlements within his business and even to buy a painting of himself to hang in one of his golf clubs.“

  3. The Biden Crime Family has a Friends and Family Program with the DOJ that the Mafia could only dream of.

  4. Any judge with a spine (and no short term career aspirations) could have rejected the “deal”, and all Brandon’s horses and all his men couldn’t do a thing about it. It’s too bad the case could not have come before Roger Benitez.

  5. From now on any drug user can and should buy firearms without any worries. That law no longer applies to anyone.

  6. But, But, Trump!! And why to wall to wall coverage on the false coup in Russia?
    And now the DOD and State have made noises of dropping sanctions against Wagner Group to not appear to help Putin.
    News media ignoring the majority of Bidens bribery scams, soft peddles Hunters actual crimes, and no one has bothered to as just what goods, services of products were the Biden family members being paid millions of dollars for.
    Time to fire anyone above GSG8 or O5 in the military.
    Why do we have 15 intel agencies? We could eliminate a full 50% of the federal government and most federal regulations and the country would run as well or better than it has in decades.


  8. Anyone purchasing a gunm should have to submit to a drug test after they fill out the 4463 form.

  9. Anyone purchasing a gunm should have to submit to a drug test after they fill out the 4473 form.

  10. The Case That Could Crush Assault Weapon Bans Before Judge Benitez Ever Gets to Rule.

    • Like lots of stuff from this guy, this video is just clickbait. (Recall he was also the guy who initially denigrated the theory I and others raised — that individual members of FPC could be protected by the pistol brace injunction. He changed his tune after several other courts also found that associational standing was indeed a thing.)

      OK, so the summary judgment in Rupp will be argued July 29. The chances of a federal court — especially an Obama appointee with a hard left reputation — ruling from the bench at the hearing to declare the California AWB unconstitutional is basically nil. It’ll likely take several weeks or months before we see a written opinion on it, and she’ll tie herself into all sorts of knots not to rule for the plaintiff. (Recall too that it’s not error to deny a summary judgment, a fact that she is no doubt aware of.)

      In contrast, the Miller v. Bonta cake’s already baked, and the decision could come at any time. Benitez has had it fully briefed since mid-March (really, since December), and we know how he ruled before.

      Now, like many of you I’m puzzled as to why St. Benitez has suddenly gone silent on this case after being on top of it in the wake of it coming back from the Ninth. But the idea that there’s any serious chance that a motion in Rupp that hasn’t even been argued, and is before a hostile court is going to beat Miller v. Bonta to the punch is unsound at best.

    • Interesting case, the conservative Supreme Court forces Americans to stay in prison even if they committed no crimes, how very fascist of them:

      “WASHINGTON – Today, in Jones v. Hendrix, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority ruled that federally incarcerated people who are actually innocent – because a prior decision of the Supreme Court declared the conduct for which they were convicted was not criminalized by Congress – can be held in prison with no opportunity to petition the courts to be released. This denial of a day in court for individuals imprisoned for conduct that is not a crime is a major blow to fairness and justice nationwide. As Justice Jackson wrote in her dissent, “forever slamming the courtroom doors to a possibly innocent person who has never had a meaningful opportunity to get a new and retroactively applicable claim for release reviewed on the merits raises serious constitutional concerns.”

      https://www.aclu.org/press-releases/aclu-comment-on-supreme-courts-decision-in-jones-v-hendrix#:~:text=WASHINGTON – Today, in Jones v,held in prison with no

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